tagIncest/TabooI'm in Love with my Hot Biker Mom!

I'm in Love with my Hot Biker Mom!


The idea for this story was stuck in my head and I just had to write it, this time it's a standalone story instead of a series.

The first part is from the son's personal perspective, the rest of the story is in third person.

I hope you like reading it. Sit back, relax and enjoy!


"My mother has always been a special woman, a woman that knew pain and regret but also happiness and love. She had always been a rebel, that was how she grew up and how her life took turn in her teenage years."

"My mother, Madeline 'Maddy' Kleiner was born thirty-seven years ago after Albert Kleiner, a German motorcycle enthusiast and Sofia Clarck met on a big motorcycle event close to Sofia's home town. It was love at first sight and their relationship led to their first, and only child after a few months. Albert stayed with Sofia, got married and settled down with her in the same home town where Sofia had lived all of her life."

"The first fifteen or so years of my mother's life were that of a perfect picture book family, she was social, smart and surprisingly handy with her hands. Just like her parents she developed a love for motorcycles at an early age, she always went with her parents on trips on the back of one and loved the feeling of freedom she felt while the wind blew through her hair. She was happy at that time and without a care in the world."

"Her later teenage years were a totally different story, her parents had a falling out between each other which often resulted into fights. The reason for that was because her father had the habit to drink, to drink a lot. She never understood what triggered her father to become like that, the man she once knew was totally... Gone. Her father blamed her and my grandmother for almost everything that went wrong. My mother was often caught in between the crossfire of her parents fighting, with her choosing her mother's side to prevent her from getting hurt."

"My grandmother and mother always had a loving relationship and the two were inseparable, even more so after her husband started drinking. My mother did everything she could to help my grandmother, even going so far to take the beatings after her father came back drunk from a night at the pub. They were mentally and physically abused by this man that was once such a loving and kind person."

"Not only did their home situation change but also my mother's other priorities. Her grades started to drop in school, she started to hang out with the wrong people and even started drinking herself at her young age of sixteen."

"One particular night changed everything when her father came home drunk as a skunk from another night at the pub. He tried to provoke a fight with my grandmother as he usually did when he came home, only this time my mother stood between them. He told her that he wished that her mother rather had swallowed her on the day she became pregnant. This was the final straw and she gave him a beating of a lifetime, my grandmother had to literally tear my mother off her father because she would have killed him if given the chance."

"My grandfather left and never came back to them after that night, he had left my grandmother and mother on their own."

"They managed to sell the house and moved into a smaller apartment together, my grandmother worked around the clock to provide for the both of them, the only problem was that the damage had already been done to my mother."

"She kept skipping school to hang out with the wrong people I told you about earlier, also the drinking was still a problem. My grandmother tried everything to change her mindset, to get her little girl back to how she was before. She was afraid that her daughter would go the same way her late husband did. My mother would never hurt my grandmother but she kept on ignoring her outreach towards her, until a drastic night changed everything for her."

"In her late sixteen's she got pregnant with me after having sex with her then current boyfriend. She was shocked when he came inside of her while he promised to pull out, her boyfriend was as equally shocked and demanded her to take an abortion. My mother refused and told him that if he was man enough to make a baby then he should be man enough to raise it as well. Of course this was against his better judgement and he quickly separated himself from my mother and moved away. My mother was furious at the cowardly way that he chose to leave her, she then told herself that she would do anything in her power to raise her child up healthy and loved. Later that night she had a long, long talk with my grandmother and accepted her offer to change her life drastically."

"The following eight months my mother focused on bettering herself and to prepare for the day that she would give birth to me. She stopped drinking, cleared off the ties with her so called 'friends' and picked up the tight bond with my grandmother again."

"Instead of going back to school she reached out to Benedict Kowalski. Benedict was the owner of a local garage that specialized in motorcycles, for my mother he was like her second grandfather. As a young child she had spent hours upon hours in his garage, Benedict was fond of the little girl because she had such a big interest for the same passion that he had. He taught her everything about motorcycles, he also knew that the little girl was talented and had a pair of golden hands."

"Benedict was overjoyed when my mother asked him if he would take her under his wings so she could learn, work and specialize herself in the same field of work that he did. After she told him the full story of everything that happened he embraced her even more so than he already would have done. And so my mother started working at Benedict's garage at the young age of sixteen. She didn't receive a warm welcome from the other mechanics in the beginning, they thought that Benedict was crazy, why would a young teenage girl at her age be interested in the work they did? But boy did she show them how much of an asset she was, she gained instant respect when the crew learned how knowledgeable and handy my mother was. My rebellious, loud-mouth Mom became the loved and cherished 'daughter' of the Kowalski family."

"And then she gave birth to her son, me, Luke Kleiner, at the age of seventeen. I was born five weeks prematurely and my tiny body had to fight to stay alive. My mother was devastated but deep down she knew and could feel that her little boy would survive. I laid in an incubator for weeks, all kinds of different machines supporting me. My mother always stood by my side, before work she would be with me and after work as well, even the weekends she spent by my side, watching over me like a guardian angel."

"In the end I recovered to full strength which was a huge relief for my mother, the only thing that affected me because of my premature birth was that my eyes gained sight problems, I would be needing the aid of glasses for the rest of my life."

"My childhood was a great time, my mother cherished me, loved me and would do anything in her might to see me happy. Over the years our bond together grew stronger and stronger each day. Just like she and my grandmother, we became inseparable, we did everything together. When she didn't have to work she would pick me up with her bike after school so we could go off to somewhere, just the two of us. I had my fair share of friends but I never had as much fun as I did when we two were together."

"Mom kept working at Kowalski's garage and was appointed as one of the head mechanics by Benedict himself after he decided to turn it down a notch. Over the years she gained all kinds of certificates and had even won prizes because of her outstanding work. I was proud of her and proud of what she had reached after having a though and difficult childhood as a teen mom."

"The only thing she despised were relationships, even after all these years she still wouldn't trust any man at her side. My mother always told me that she already had the perfect man in her life, hinting at me of course. I would blush every time she brought it up and deep down I was glad that Mom stayed single because over the years my feelings for her developed stronger and stronger, up to the point that crossing a certain line was on my mind. I felt something more for my Mom than just love between a mother and son, a love that I shouldn't have for her. But she was so perfect, mentally and physically, for me she had it all. I came to the conclusion that I was in love with her, I was in love with my mother."

"Before we begin our story I will tell you a little something about myself, I just reached the age of twenty years old. I'm a relatively normal guy, my Mom is about the same height as me at 5'9. I got short black hair and the same bright piercing green eyes as my mother, only mine are hidden behind a pair of glasses. I like to keep myself fit so I consider my body to lean more to the athletic side, that body comes with a modest seven-inch cock that's about seven-and-a-half inches long when erect. I did some sexual stuff before but never went 'all the way', call me an old timer but I liked to share that special moment with someone I truly loved. At the moment I was not in a relationship with anyone."

"I attended my local university and studied robotic engineering and I did pretty good if I say so myself, guess I got that love for making things from my Mom."

"Speaking of Mom, I never really described how she looked like, did I? Well let me tell you, she did not dress like most of the mothers I knew. She stayed true to herself and I admired that, she was not afraid to show herself how she was, she still had that rebel and though-gal feeling and look, and to be honest, it suited her damn fine."

"Like I said my mother was about the same height as me at 5'9, the only difference was that she had a killer female body to booth. My mother was curved at all the right places, especially her well-endowed chest and tight ass. Her breasts were pretty huge to be honest, she was close to an E-cup and that combined with no sag you had two perfectly, firm globes that stood proud on her chest. The same could be said for her delicious tasty looking ass, perfectly round and plump at all the right spots. The rest of her body had an equally perfect look, a cute and beautiful face, a fit trained waist, juicy thighs followed by her long legs and cute little feet."

"Now you know why I was attracted to her, mentally as physically."

"Her hair was shoulder length and dyed dark purple with red streaks in it, she rocked quite a few tattoos and had piercings in her right brow, tongue and navel. Her usual casual attire was a tight tank top combined with a short denim vest, tight denim jeans and heeled knee length boots."

"Not to be rude to her, but she was classy and slutty at the same time, she knew how to get men to turn their heads. If not for her unique 'rebel' look then her perfectly shaped body would bring her the attention. I didn't complain, like I said, I thought it was cool that she was so herself and expressing how she felt instead of covering it up. Even better was that I got to see her when we were alone and let me tell you, she wasn't shy around me."

"So now that you know a little bit more about us, how about we start this story? A story how me and my Mom grew closer together, and eventually crossing that forbidden line..."


"Hey Maddy! Your intern has arrived!"

Madeline looked up from her working place after she heard her colleague James shouting from across the garage.

"Alright! I'm over here! Next to Ben's office! Send him over!" She shouted in return.

"You heard her kid, just walk straight till the end of the garage and you will see her." James patted him on the back with a grin on his face.

"Her?" Asked the young man as he looked back at James with a confused look.

He shrugged his shoulders and walked to the location the voice came from, his eyes widened when he got a good look at his upcoming mentor.

Madeline was wearing her full body overall but that didn't stop her curves from showing.

"Holy shit! It really is a chick! And I was thinking the guys in my class were fucking around!" Blurted out the amazed youngster.

Madeline turned around and gave him a big smile. "Hi there Mr. Horndog! I hope your big words are as good your skills, otherwise this 'chick' will have to teach you some manners!"

His head turned red as a tomato and he started to stammer. "S-sorry m-ma'am!"

Madeline's colleagues started to laugh hard, it was always fun to see how a new intern would react to her as most people wouldn't expect an attractive woman working here.

"It's alright sweetie, just ignore the boys." She said with a comforting smile as she stuck out her hand. "And please call me Maddy, ma'am sounds like I'm some old fossil."

The young man shook her hand and nervously mumbled out his name. "H-hi I'm Ronald, but I guess you can call me Ronny like everyone does."

"Well nice to meet you Ronny! I hope you are as excited about motorcycles as I am, I think we will get along pretty good if that's the case."

Ronny quickly relaxed and felt instantly comfortable around Madeline, she always had this effect on people.

"Yes I am! That's why I asked Benedict if I could be an intern here, I heard a lot of stories from people about a special mechanic here and I guess they meant you?"

Madeline started to giggle. "Special eh? I'm just a lady that loves motorcycles, but I do have some extended knowledge about the subject yes. Say, you called Benedict by his name, do you know him from somewhere?"

Ronny nodded. "Yeah, my father has been a frequent client of his garage, I often met him when I came together with my Dad to pick up his bike. I wonder why I had never spotted you here."

"That's because I don't work the front shop where clients are received, this here is my own little paradise, and guess what? It's going to be yours too for a while. IF we can get along, but I don't think that will be any problem." She said with a smile.

"No problem at all ma'a- Uh... Maddy! I came here to learn and I'm excited to start!"

Madeline gave Ronny a pat on his back. "Good to hear! Now why don't we start right away? I was busy fixing up this old timer here so why don't you help me with it? Feel free to ask anything if you have questions while I fix her up. After this one is done we can look over some bikes with minor problems, I think that will be the best way for you to start out and I will help you along."

And so Madeline and Ronny worked together for a few hours, Madeline guided him where he needed but most of the time Ronny had no problems at all. She could see that the boy was just as an enthusiast about motorcycles like she was at his age, and he was also handy just like she was.

Just before their lunch break she was stopped by Benedict. "Maddy, it's your son for you on the phone in my office."

"Oh okay, thanks, I will get to it in a second. Ronny why don't you go along with the boys and get yourself some lunch, you deserve it." She said while giving a thumbs-up.

"Okay Maddy, see you in a bit!" Answered Ronny before walking towards the canteen.

Madeline put away her tools and went to Benedict's office.

She picked up the phone and answered the call. "Hi baby! Benedict told me that you wanted to speak to me?"

"Hi Mom, and yes, I just wanted to remind you that you would pick me up at the university for my eye check. My classes are done in about twenty minutes, so I will see you in a bit?" Answered her son.

"Oh shit! I almost forgot, thanks for calling sweetie! I will cleanup my workplace and be on my way, see you in a bit!"

Luke could hear from his mother's voice that she had been busy. "Rough day today or something Mom?" He asked.

"No not really, the new intern started today so I got caught up working together with him, sorry that I almost forgot about your appointment."

"Don't be sorry, everything's cool. I will see you in a bit, ride safe Mom."

"I will baby, see you soon."

Madeline ended the call and placed the phone back on the counter. "It's that time of the month again?" Asked Benedict from behind his bureau.

"Yes, and I almost forgot about it... You don't mind, do you Ben?"

"Honey, we have known each other for over thirty years now, if you need to help your son then go."

"I know Ben, but what about Robby? I don't want to bail on the kid all of a sudden."

"Oh don't worry about that. This old timer still has the knowledge in his noggin, dementia hasn't got to me yet so I will help him for the rest of the day. You help Luke and take the rest of the day off, after all that hard work from last week you deserve some downtime."

Madeline started to laugh and gave Benedict a kiss on his cheek. "Thanks Ben, will see you tomorrow then?"

"Aye, go on and enjoy the rest of your day." Responded Benedict.

She gave him another peck on the cheek before returning to her workplace. She cleaned it up and changed out of her overall's. She wasn't wearing anything special today, just a black tank top, a pair of light blue denim's and her old trusty sneakers.

She then quickly said goodbye to the boys and Ronny before going straight to her own bike.

When going to her work she always went on her custom Kawasaki Ninja 300, it was fast and reliable and also a two-seater so she could pick up Luke if he ever needed a ride.

Her newest addition at home was a brand new 2018 Harley Davidson Street Rod, also customized by herself. She would be using it for longer trips together with Luke on the weekends and for attending motorcycle shows.

Madeline equipped her helmet and before she knew it she was on her way to her son's university.


"So four-eyes, time for your usual checkup of the month right?" Asked Luke's friend Tyler.

"Yup, nothing new there." Sighed Luke as he answered Tyler's question.

"Dude, if you don't mind me asking, how come you have to get your eyes checked once a month?" Asked Steven who was a new student in their class, he joined up with Luke and Tyler after moving to his new university, the three of them quickly becoming friends.

"I was born prematurely, fucked up my eyes a little bit in the process. That's why I'm always wearing my glasses or lenses. Nothing too special, but my doc at the hospital likes to check up on me once in a while."

"Well shit... Good luck then I guess... Four-eyes!" Luke could take a joke and the three of them started to laugh before walking outside of the building.

Outside Steven spotted a good looking woman next to a bike waving towards them.

"Uh... Guys, some chick is waving over to us."

Luke looked in the direction where Steven was looking at and a big smile appeared on his face. "Oh, that's my mom. She came to pick me up today so I could be on time for my appointment."

Steven's jaw dropped as he watched Luke with disbelieve. "Dude, if that's your mom then I'm the goddamn Dalai Lama, it's not cool to call some random hottie your mother, bro."

Tyler started to laugh before talking. "I'm afraid he is right Steve, that's Luke's mom and she's a top tier grade MILF!"

Luke punched his friend's arm. "Don't call her that, asswipe."

"Ouch! Just speaking the truth my friend, though I can't blame you for being such a mama's boy. I would probably have done the same in your situation." Answered Tyler while rubbing his arm.

"So do I... Look Luke, no offense but she is one fine looking woman. You're lucky to live around such a beautiful creature!" Added an overly excited Steven.

"Yeah... I guess I do..." Luke felt his heart bumping harder as he watched his mother waving to him with one of her big smiles. " Look, I gotta go guys. I'll see you all tomorrow."

"Alright bro, have fun at the hospital... And spending time with your Mom." Said Tyler.

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