It Was the End of Summer


Christian paused a moment, then said, "Maybe... uh... well your nipples were poking out a bit."

Alyson gasped and pulled back. "They were?"

"I barely noticed at first, but by the end... they were epic. They still are."

Alyson clapped her hands over her tits and moaned, feeling how hard they were through her thin bra and tee shirt. "Oh that's just great! Fuck! I shoulda worn my sports bra."

"I don't think the kids minded. It's not the first time they've seen your... I mean... so what? Everyone was watching you twirl, not watching your..." Christian heard the chapel door open behind him. Alyson dropped her hands from her tits, embarrassed to be caught holding them. Maybe she should have kept holding them though, because her nipples were poking out more dramatically than ever.

Then Christian heard a man say, "Ah, I thought you'd be in here."

Christian turned and saw the most handsome man in Florida walk into the chapel. Pastor Scott. Sigh. He was six foot two, and built like a lumberjack, with hairy, muscular arms, a barrel chest, and shapely, tree trunk legs. He was in his late thirties, but his face was tanned dark and ruggedly creased from the many years he'd spent in the sun. He still had a strong head of dark black, wavy hair, with only a little bit of gray in it, but his moustache was a beautiful salt-and-pepper mix, and he kept it immaculately trimmed. Pastor Scott's best feature, though, was his eyes. They were a deep, reddish brown, and when you looked into them, it was like you were looking into the earth itself. All the girls in camp were totally gaga over him.

Alyson stammered, "I... I'm sorry... sorry Pastor Scott...about the... uh..." She crossed her hands over her chest.

"Oh don't worry about it, Alyson. Your performance was amazing. Unfortunately for you, the Wiltons are incredible prudes. It was ridiculous to punish you for something like that, something that happens naturally. Just stupid. Heavenly Father gave us these bodies. We can't help that we have nipples. We can't help that we have... uh..." He looked away, blushing a bit.

"Wait... there's something else?"

Pastor Scott, cleared his throat, and said, "Well... uh... maybe you should have worn a looser pair of shorts today. Those are a little... uh... tight."

Christian looked at Alyson's crotch. "Oh crud. Camel toe."

Alyson blushed beet red and put her hand over her crotch. "Oh no! Oh no!! How bad was it?"

Pastor Scott shrugged, "Well... uh... I was in the back row, and I could see... uh... your... you know... anatomy... pretty well. The judges were in the front row so they had a much better view..."

Alyson pulled the crotch of her tight shorts down and hissed at Christian, "I thought you had my back!"

"Sorry, Alyson! I didn't notice!"

She sat on a pew, and buried her face in her hands and started to cry. Or so it seemed at first. But then Christian and Pastor Scott realized she was laughing. Then Christian joined, in, and soon all three of them were chuckling hysterically.

After their laughing fit began to pass, Pastor Scott said, "I'm gonna talk to the deacon, and explain..."

She waved him off, "No please don't make a stink. It's fine. I already got what I wanted. Applause. So what if half of it was based on my... you know."

Christian sat next to her and hugged her. "They loved you! And it wasn't your pokies or your pussy. You were incredible. Astounding. You really should have won!"

Alyson blushed. "No, it's just a stupid trophy. Please, Pastor Scott. Don't say anything. I don't want them to take anybody's trophy away. That would be terrible."

Pastor Scott nodded, "You really are amazing, Alyson. You just earned the greatest trophy of all. The love of the Lord." The sound of distant singing could be heard, "Oh, I guess they're on to the sing-along now. They'll be starting the bonfire soon. We should join them."

Alyson shook her head, "No. I really can't face everyone right now."

"Okay... but... uh... we need both you kids out there."

Christian said, "Why?"

"Well, it was supposed to be a surprise. But, I was going to announce that you guys have been chosen to join the staff next summer!"

Christian gasped happily, "Really?" He jumped up and gave Pastor Scott a big hug. The moment his arms were wrapped around that amazing man, tingles began to spark throughout his entire body. Pastor Scott hugged him back, but he had to back off a bit sooner than he would have liked, to prevent Pastor Scott from noticing his sudden erection. He sat down again and clapped happily. "That's so awesome! Oh yes! I definitely accept!!"

Then Christian turned to Alyson and saw the passive expression on her face. Applying had really been his idea. It made it possible for his father to let him stay the extra two weeks with Alyson, which was required for all the applicants so they could be trained. Unlike Alyson, his parents were poor, so paying for the extra two weeks was really a hardship for them, but they'd done it to help him get the job, which they thought might open doors to a future in ministry.

Pastor Scott said, "Alyson, considering what happened today, I won't be surprised if you turn the job down. I just want you to know that you'd both be working for me, not the Wiltons. I handle training for all the new recruits. So... well... just consider it. No rush, but I need an answer by morning, so we can offer the job to one of the other applicants, if you turn it down."

Alyson nodded quietly, "Thanks. I'll think about it. But... why me?"

"Why not you? You're smart and talented. And I saw you helping out those tumblers. Nobody asked you to do that. You're just a natural teacher. Both of you, actually. It's amazing what you were able to accomplish this summer, all the while wrestling with your own demons."

Alyson said, "Uh... demons?"

Pastor Scott laughed. "Oh, you might have everyone else fooled, but I know what you two are up to. Hugging, kissing, walking everywhere hand in hand... You're trying to change your nature, but I know you're both gay."

Christian felt light headed. Oh no. He knows! He knows! I'm so dead! When dad finds out, he'll tan my hide! Oh shit, shit, shit...

Alyson started to panic, "What are you talking about? We're not... gay!"

Pastor Scott waved his hands calmingly, "Oh, don't worry about it. I'll never tell a soul. Never in a million years. You see, I know what it's like to struggle with that particular demon."

Alyson said, "What do you mean?"

"Well... Uh..." Pastor Scott's face became intensely thoughtful, and he started pacing about the chapel, rubbing his chiseled chin with one of his huge hands. "Darn... I probably shouldn't have said that. Darn. Well... cat's out of the bag I guess... Okay kids. I'll tell you my secret. But you need to promise to keep it private, just like I'm keeping yours."

Christian nodded and Alyson said, "We're pretty good at keeping secrets."

Pastor Scott laughed. "Yeah. I guess you are. Okay. Well... when I was younger... before I was saved, I was sorta... homosexual. Bisexual actually. At first I was promiscuous with women, but then... I... discovered that my desires were not entirely normal."

Christian could barely speak. He squeaked, "Really? You're... you're gay?"

"Oh, not now, of course. Heavenly Father's plan for me appears to be celibacy. But yes, I enjoyed many carnal encounters in my youth... with both men and women. Usually separately, but sometimes together... sometimes in large groups..." He had a faraway look in his eye as his voice trailed off into a wistful silence.

Alyson and Christian looked at Pastor Scott in amazement. Neither of them would have guessed in a million years. There was nothing remotely gay about him. He was a totally manly man. An expert outdoorsman, he excelled at making fires, chopping down trees and paddling a canoe, and he dominated at all the sporting events around camp, when he wasn't coaching them. There was simply nothing gay about him. Nothing at all.

Pastor Scott saw the incredulity on their faces. "Surprised? Well, I've been working hard for the last few years to suppress my... uh... sinful nature. Not just around boys, but girls too. You see, before I found the Lord, I was a bit of a sex addict. Out of control. Hopping willy-nilly from bed to bed. It was a hollow, desperate existence. Fun, certainly... but empty. I wasn't raised in the church, so I had no idea that lust was a sin and homosexuality was an abomination unto the Lord. I didn't even believe in God back then. I thought it was nothing but fairy tales and superstition."

Christian asked, "Did you... did you always know you... liked boys?"

Pastor Scott shook his head. "No. I was crazy for girls. And I guess I had a way with them, because I lost my virginity early. By the time I was your age, I already had a ton of girlfriends, but I was always looking for more. At school, on the street, in stores... everywhere. I did okay, particularly with the older ladies. Moms and such. But then one night, drunk off my ass, I blundered into a gay bar and before I knew it, I was having a gay orgy right there in the bathroom..." Pastor Scott caught himself. He blushed, saying, "Uh... I guess I shouldn't be telling you this stuff. I just wanted you to know that I understand how difficult it is to change your nature, even with the aid of Heavenly Father."

Christian and Alyson stared at him, both of them bursting with questions, but Pastor Scott was clearly embarrassed at having said more than he'd intended to say. Alyson broke the silence. "Pastor Scott, uh... I didn't have any lunch. I was planning to swing by the barbecue pit after the talent show and see if there were any leftovers. I'm starving... but I just don't want to go out there now."

Pastor Scott smiled, "Hey, why don't I fetch you some food? How 'bout you Christian? You hungry too?"

Christian didn't hear the question, he was staring at the slight bulge in Pastor Scott's crotch. Alyson elbowed him in the ribs, and he looked up. "Sorry. What?"

Pastor Scott asked again, "Are you hungry, Christian?"

The first thought that passed through Christian's mind was, God yes. I'd love to gobble your big fat cock. Oh no... what am I thinking? He's a pastor. Satan truly has a grip on my soul. "Uh... sure. I helped Alyson practice through lunch. So yeah, I guess I am hungry." Christian started to move toward the door.

"No, you stay here, Christian. I'll do it. If the kids saw you out there, they might follow you back here." He turned to Alyson, "You sure you want to stay in hiding?"

"Absolutely. And I'm not going to the bonfire either. No way. In fact... do you think it's possible for me to sleep in here tonight? I can't face the girls in my cabin. Cathy Bruner is such a bitch. She'll make fun of me, and the others will defend me. It'll just end up a big fat fight. This isn't how I wanted my summer to end."

Pastor Scott kneeled in front of her and took his hand in hers. "I understand. Tell you what... I'll go tell Deacon Wilton that I'm taking you two on an overnight camp-out, to convince you to take the counselor jobs. I've done it before."

Alyson smiled, "That's sweet. But I'd rather not go camping. Bugs. Ecch."

"No, you can stay here. Both of you. Nobody will be using the chapel tonight or tomorrow. Morning service is going to be at the amphitheater."

Alyson squeezed his hand. "Cool. We'll all have a sleepover! That'll be so fun!"

"Uh... not me. Just you two. I'll go camping alone."

Alyson pouted, "Why not just stay with us? There's plenty of room. We can read from the bible and sing songs. It'll be just like camping out, but without the bugs! Plus if someone catches me and Christian here without a chaperone, they'll think we've been... you know... fornicating before marriage... and tell our parents. That would be awful."

Pastor Scott thought about it for a few seconds. Something about it just seemed a little weird... sleeping in the same room with a couple of teenagers. Three years ago he would have seen something like that as an invitation to seduction, but it wasn't as if Alyson was on the make. She was a lesbian after all. So even though he thought Christian was awful cute, he was sure Alyson's presence would prevent any sort of temptation. "Yeah. I guess you're right. It does sound fun. Anyway, you must be starving. I'll be back with food in a jiff."

After Pastor Scott left, Christian looked at Alyson incredulously. "What are you up to? Cathy Bruner's not a bitch! She's your number one fan!"

Alyson smiled and put her hand on his cheek. "Christian... we've both been raised to believe homosexuality is a sin. But I don't believe that anymore. Or if it is a sin, it's not a very bad one. Certainly not deserving of wholesale hatred, and shame. It's who I am. It's who you are. And don't get all preachy on me. I know you agree."

Christian sighed and looked at the floor, "I guess so."

Alyson cupped his handsome face in her hands, and brought his eyes back up to hers. "I love you, Christian. I want to help you out."

"Help me out? How?"

Alyson giggled. "You need to get laid. And now I know just the man for the job."

Christian gasped with realization. "Oh... no."

Alyson kissed him lightly on the lips, then said, "Oh, yes."


Keith Tilton set his suitcase and his dad's old army issue duffle bag on the side walk in front of Gillette House and firmly slammed shut the cargo door of his parent's blue Explorer. His dad extended his hand and firmly gripped his son's as he said, "We're proud of you, son. We'll always be proud."

"Thanks, Dad," Keith said as his father released his hand and stepped back into the Explorer without saying another word.

Keith's mother stood next to the bags with tears running down her cheeks. "Are you sure you don't want me to go up with you and help you set up your room? I could make your bed at least."

"Mom," Keith said. "You promised. Now let me do this."

"I'm just so worried about you. You're so thin already. How are you going to manage on this cafeteria food?"

Good grief. I'm five-eight and weigh 150. I might not be buff, but I'm hardly a concentration camp victim. "Mom," Keith said as he patted his stomach. "I'll be fine. Now get going. It's almost 5:00. You and Dad have a long drive back to West Virginia."

She sniffed as she fought back more tears, "I don't see why you couldn't have gone to Marshall so you could live at home."

"Come on, Mom," he said as he looked around. When it appeared as if no one was paying attention to them, he gave her a hug and patted her back. "This is Vanderbilt, Mom. Marshall blows."

"Don't talk nasty like that," she said between sniffs, but she secretly relished his hug no matter what kind of language he used.

"I'm sorry, Mom," he said as he continued to hug her and pat her back.

Surprisingly, she broke the hug and put her hands on his shoulders and said, "I want you to promise me..."

"Mom. I've already promised you a hundred times."

"You hush," she said firmly. "Promise me you won't drink or do drugs and you'll study hard. You want to be a doctor, you have to study. And only date nice girls."

I'll be happy to find any girl at all to date me. "Mom," he said. "I don't drink or do drugs. You know that. And I've always studied hard. And girls. Well, you know you're my only girl."

She giggled between sniffs and said, "Nonsense. I've found your magazines."

Keith blushed and said, "I, uh, I."

"Shhh," she said as she touched her finger to his lips and then kissed his forehead. "I love you."

"I love you too, Mom."

Before turning away, she looked down at his bags and said, "Uh oh. Where's your clarinet?"

"In the duffle bag, Mom," he said with a sigh.

"And your PS3?"

"In the duffle bag. Mom. You have to go. Now."

"Yes, sir. Captain Tilton. Sir," she said as she gave him a playful salute.

Keith looked around again and then gave her one more quick kiss before he gently pushed her in the direction of the Explorer. Then he turned and hoisted the duffle bag over his shoulder and gripped the handle of his suitcase with his right hand as he made his march to the Gillette House. His new home.

After checking in with the pretty redhead at the front desk, Keith took the elevator to the fifth floor and walked carrying his bags to one end of the hallway. When he finally reached the stairs and still hadn't found the room, he stopped and readjusted the duffle bag. "Shit. Where's 505?"

Then he turned and walked to the other end of the hall, past the elevator, until he finally saw the room with 505 posted across the door. With a big sigh, he said, "Finally." The girl at the desk told me my roommate was already here. I wonder why. He can't be in the band like me, that would be too cool. I just hope he's not a jock. I want someone that can speak in real sentences, not just grunts. I've never had a roommate before. I just hope he likes me.

"What the fuck?" Keith said aloud. "This is my room. Why am I scared to go inside?" He turned the knob and pushed open the door. As soon as he stepped inside he wanted to leave, except he was frozen in shock. Laying on one of the foldout beds was a six foot tall black kid with the most clearly defined muscles Keith had ever seen on another boy. He reminded Keith of the Thoroughbreds on his cousin's ranch in Kentucky . The boy was completely naked and his cock pointed straight to the ceiling. It was so long and so thick, Keith thought there was a black snake standing up from between the boy's legs. Oh my god.

As soon as the boy realized Keith had entered the room, he sat up and said, "What up, player? You must be Keith. I didn't realize you were moving in today." Then he stood and extended his fist and said, "I'm Rashawne."

As if on autopilot, Keith lowered his suitcase to the floor and softly bumped his fist against Rashawne's, but he could not take his eyes off of the nine inch cock that was pointing directly at him. Oh my god. He's going to think I'm some kind of fag. I'm not. But, fuck, that's a beautiful cock.

Before either of them could say anything else, the bathroom door opened and two of the hottest chicks Keith had ever seen stepped out. Neither had anything on save for the matching diamonds dangling from their navels. They were sniffing and wiping their noses, as if they had colds. They made quite a pair. They were both short and blonde, with tight abs and muscular limbs. The younger one was probably Keith's age, and barely five feet tall, with perhaps the darkest tan he'd ever seen. She had a more muscular physique than her friend, and her tits were a little smaller, but nice. More than a handful. The older girl appeared to be in her early or mid thirties. Her breasts, which were a couple of cup sizes larger than her friend's, swung from side to side as she moved. She was an inch or two taller, and several shades paler. She also wore glasses. Best of all, they had the prettiest hands and feet. Keith had always been hung up on hands and feet. Especially feet. Wow fucking wow. I can't even get one plain looking girl naked, and this guy has the two most gorgeous girls I've ever met and they're naked at the same time.

Before they noticed Keith was in the room, the woman with the glasses said, "That's some good shit Katie sold us, Rashawne. You should try it at least once."

Rashawne cleared his throat and said, "We've got company."

Amy and Gina both turned from Rashawne to see a slender, handsome boy with curly dark hair standing just inside the doorway from the hall. "Is this your roommate?" Amy said as she stepped to Keith and gave him a big hug, pressing her pointy nipples into his chest.

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