tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJenny and Jack Pt. 02

Jenny and Jack Pt. 02


Chapter 8


When I was at school I was always very keen on drawing and painting. Recently I had decided to re-kindle my interest and so I enrolled at an art evening class at my local college. The pressure at work was becoming a problem but I found that I could lose my self completely when attending the art classes and soon re-discovered my artistic talent. It also helped me cope with missing Jack and the wonderful fleeting moments we had together.

At my first art class evening I was surprised to discover that the class was quite small, only five others and all older men. I felt a little uncomfortable at first but they soon made me feel welcome and were very friendly. During the first few weeks the teacher concentrated on drawing techniques, both pencil sketching and painting. We started with flowers and bowls of fruit. After a few weeks the teacher said he was very pleased with the progress being made by us and asked if we would like to try sketching each other. We took turns sitting in front of the class whilst the others did sketches. Finally it was my turn to be the model. I took my place on a chair in front of the men. I felt flattered as one of them commented light heartedly, "It makes a pleasant change to be sketching someone attractive." The rest of the men agreed with him and I felt my self blushing as I sat and posed. Jack had always commented how he liked my posture. He often commented light heartedly about his golden rule, 'shoulders back, stomach in, tits out!'

I was remembering his comments now as I sat in a chair obeying the rules as the men in the class ran their eyes over me and busily sketched.

After the class the teacher showed all of the sketches to the class. I felt quite flattered by all of the different ways the men had sketched me. Not all of them were particularly accurate but they all made me look attractive.

The teacher said he thought we were all ready to try some more advanced drawing and would discus it with us the following week.

At the end of the class, as we were all leaving the teacher said, "Jenny, would you mind staying back for a minute, I need to check something with you.

I waited as the rest of the class filed past and left the room. The teacher, whose name was Tom, then came over and said, "Jenny, I want to invite a lady to our class next week to pose for our class. Before I make the arrangement I wanted to check if you had any objections."

"Why would I object?" I asked.

"The lady will be posing without her clothes so that we can appreciate the subtleties of drawing the human body. If you feel that, as the only woman in the class, it might embarrass you then I will make other plans."

I laughed as I replied, "Thanks for asking, but it's not a problem, please go ahead and arrange it." I then added with a grin, but blushed as I said, "perhaps we could try to draw a naked man at some stage!"

Tom grinned saying, "Yes why not, I'll see what I can do. Oh, and thanks for agreeing to the lady model next week, I'm sure you will enjoy the challenge of drawing the naked female form."

I wished him a good night and then left for home.

From the first day in his class I had a feeling I had met Tom before but could not quite remember. Eventually I decided that he must just have a familiar face.

It was quite late when I returned home. I looked in on the kids and then got ready for bed. I then quickly wrote an email to Jack and told him about the art class.

I went to work the next day and when I had time, checked my emails. I chuckled to my self as I read Jack's reply. His immediate response was that I should be the one posing for the men in the art class. I felt very flattered as I read his words; "Jenny you have a very nice figure and just imagining you posing naked for a group of men is giving me an erection!"

I quickly sent a reply thanking him for his flattery but also telling him how I did not have the courage to pose naked in front of the class.

Jack had the ability to plant ideas in my mind and for the next week I could not get the idea out of my head of how it might feel posing naked in the class. I kept telling my self how ridiculous it was and that I would never have the courage but the idea kept nagging at the back of my head. I remembered the feeling of posing fully clothed and had to admit to my self that having the men in the class running their eyes over me and appraising me as they made their sketches had ignited a spark of arousal.

On the night before the art class I lay in bed feeling aroused. I started to caress my breasts and felt them tingling and sensitive as images of my male class mates checking me out filled my mind. In my imagination I could see the appreciation and arousal in their collective gazes as I sat naked in front of the class. I let my hand wander down between my legs and felt my wetness. How could Jack plant this idea in my head? Could I possibly find the courage to do as he suggested?

I dismissed the idea as being silly because a professional model would be doing it and nobody would be asking me. However I still could not shake the idea from my head as my fingers dipped into the wetness between my legs and I was soon writhing on my bed in ecstasy as my body trembled with pleasure.

After work the following evening I left earlier than usual and then made my way to the art class.

I felt a buzz of expectation as I entered the room and took my seat. I was the last and concluded that the men had all got there early, eager to see the model.

The teacher, Tom, had set up a small stage at the front of the class. It was just a plain platform covered with a carpet and a low couch with an arm at one end which I seemed to remember was called a chaise-lounge.

We all waited expectantly as the Tom appeared. He walked up to me and said very quietly, "Jenny, can I have a quick word outside?"

I wondered what he wanted but stood up and followed him outside the class room.

"I don't know how to ask this so I shall just come right out with it. Jenny, the lady I had booked for tonight has let me down." He paused, looking awkward and hesitant as he then blurted out, "Jenny, I was wondering if you would possibly consider standing in for the model. I fully understand that it is asking a lot of you and am expecting you to refuse but;" He stopped abruptly as I heard my self say, "Yes, OK, I'll do it."

I don't know who was more surprised, him or me. Jack had sown the seed of the idea a week ago and here I was, wondering what on earth I was doing, agreeing to pose naked in front of my male class mates. Almost as soon as the words left my mouth I felt I wanted to retract them but realised that Jack's gradual liberation of my sexuality had made me much more confident and curious.

Tom looked both shocked and relieved as he said, "Thank you so much Jenny. I have prepared a small changing area at the back of the class behind the stage. You will find a long length of fine white silk hanging up. I thought it would look artistic to have my lady model drape the silk over her naked body. The silk is very thin and translucent but hopefully it will preserve some of your modesty. If you go now and get ready I will prepare the rest of the class."

I nodded, my legs trembling a little as I walked back into the class and into the small changing room behind the stage.

I light heartedly blamed Jack for somehow liberating a previously hidden side to my personality as I started to undress. I neatly folded my clothes in one corner and then stood nervously in front of a full length mirror that Tom had placed in the changing room. Ever since that first time with Jack I had regularly had my pubic hair waxed knowing how much he liked my labia to be smooth and fully visible. Now as I stood completely naked in front of the mirror I realised that it was possible that my male class mates might soon be sharing my little secret.

I found the length of very fine silk and draped it around my neck. It was long enough to fall over my breasts and reach down to my knees. I experimented with the silk in front of the mirror noticing how it gave me a small amount of cover and modesty by giving the impression of covering me but at the same time clinging revealingly to every curve of my body.

I listened nervously as I head Tom address the class. "Gentlemen, this week I promised I would arrange a lady model for you. Unfortunately she has let me down at the last minute." There were instant sounds of disappointment from my male class mates which stopped as Tom continued, "However, I hope you will all appreciate the fact that, with no prior warning, Jenny has agreed to be your model this evening."

I felt butterflies in my stomach and my legs were shaking as I heard one of my classmates ask, "Our Jenny?"

"Yes," replied Tom, our Jenny has agreed to pose for you."

I heard the men exclaiming "wow!" and "probably much better looking than the original model anyway!"

I felt flattered but very nervous as I prepared to leave the changing room and take my place on the stage.

I held the silk against strategic parts of my body, took a deep breath and, with stomach in, shoulders back and tits out I walked out onto the stage.

Tom the teacher looked across at me and smiled warmly as I made my way nervously to the chaise-lounge. I sat carefully against the single arm rest at one end and then lifted both legs up; all the time ensuring that the silk covered my breasts and between my legs.

Tom walked over to me and helped me to get comfortable and looking relaxed. The chaise-lounge was placed at an angle to the class so my feet were nearest the men as I reclined back against the arm rest and the upholstered corner.

The silk fabric was very thin, clingy and translucent and did nothing to hide my breasts as it clung to their curves and my big nipples.

As Tom stood back I heard an appreciative gasp from my class mates as they all gazed at my naked body flimsily disguised under the fine silk.

My nervousness started to fade and I relaxed some more as the men busily looked at me and sketched. I still could not quite believe that I was really doing it but as I watched the expressions of delight on the men's faces as they ran their eyes over me I started to feel attractive and sexy. I suppressed a small chuckle as I imagined what my husband would make of this. The husband who said I was not sexy and useless in bed.

I watched Tom slowly walking around the class checking each of the men's sketches.

He looked thoughtful as he walked toward me, leaned toward me and said quietly, "Jenny, how do you fell about showing a little more flesh?"

"What do you mean Tom?"

"At the moment the silk is covering everything except your arms and lower legs. Perhaps if you pull the length of silk nearest the class from between your legs you could let it fall away to expose more of your thighs."

I felt uncertain as to exactly what he wanted but reached down and tentatively pulled one of the ends out from between my legs making sure that the remaining end was still trapped between my thighs. I then said to Tom, "maybe you can arrange the silk as you want it."

I could sense he was nervous but at the same time keen to see more of me exposed to his own gaze as well as that of the class.

He gripped the free end of the silk and slowly pulled it from my body. Gradually he exposed one of my thighs and then as he let the end fall to the floor one side of my torso was completely revealed. In fact the only thing that seemed to prevent the silk from falling away completely on that side of my body was the way it clung to my nipple.

Our eyes met and I knew the question without him having to ask. I just nodded almost imperceptibly, felt my cheeks flush, and then felt the silk slide away to reveal one of my breasts.

He stood back and I heard muffled sounds of approval as I was revealed more fully to the class.

One of Jack's first compliments when we had first made love was how much he liked my nipples. They are quite large and very responsive. Now as I reclined on the chaise-lounge I could feel them, stiff and tingling. Only a short time ago I was feeling nervous and apprehensive now, posing in front of my male classmates with one of my breasts exposed I realised I was getting aroused.

Their eyes roaming over my exposed body felt like physical caresses. I could feel a damp patch between my thighs and hoped it would not stain the silk.

After an hour Tom came back to the front of the stage and said, "Class, I think we should all show our appreciation to Jenny for standing in at short notice for our absent model and being so brave."

I blushed as someone shouted out, "brave and with a very lovely figure!"

The men then applauded enthusiastically including Tom the teacher.

I then pulled the silk back over my exposed breast and quickly made my way to the changing room.

While I was getting dressed I could hear the men leaving. Finally I opened the door and found Tom the teacher waiting outside. As I stepped out from the changing room Tom said, "I hope you don't mind my asking you Jenny but I wondered how you might feel about posing for me privately so I can paint a portrait of you."

"What kind of portrait," I asked; already sure I knew the answer.

"A naked portrait Jenny," he replied, "You have a lovely figure and I would love to paint you."

I already knew that Tom was quite a renowned artist locally with pictures in some of the local area galleries. I felt flattered as I replied, "Tom, you are flattering me. I'm not sure if I have the confidence to do it though."

I could see his eyes roaming over me as he said, "Jenny, you just posed in front of a class of men. OK, you were not fully naked but very close. Think it over and let me know. There's no pressure but I would consider it a great pleasure to be able to paint such a lovely woman as you."

I looked down at my feet, my cheeks flushing and slightly embarrassed by his compliments as I said, "OK Tom I'll think about it and let you know. I left the building and set off for home. It was late and I had had a long day.

Before climbing into bed I checked my emails. Jack had obviously been in a horny mood when he had written earlier while I was out. He was already having fantasies of me posing naked for my art class and the possible consequences.

I replied, excitedly telling him how I had just got back from art class and had actually been posing for the men. I told him how it was him that had convinced me to go ahead when asked by Tom the teacher. I described the way I had posed and the silk sheet. I also added how, after overcoming the initial shyness, the experience of being almost naked in front of my male class mates had actually turned me on.

I read some more of Jacks email where he had fantasized yet again about watching me having sex with another man. As usual I did not fully understand this desire because it seemed to contradict the fact that he said he loved me but at the same time yearned to watch me being penetrated or to be made to orgasm by another man.

Eventually I accepted that he did love me and appreciated that he also had these wild sexual fantasies about me.

As I replied to Jack's email I added at the end, making it sound like an afterthought, how Tom had asked me if I would pose privately for him. Just writing the email made me re-live the earlier experience of being near naked in front of my male class mates. I remembered how they had all looked at me as they sat busily sketching. I could tell by the expressions on most of their faces that art was not the only thing on their minds. I felt a new feeling of confidence about my self and had to admit that I enjoyed being the centre of the male class's attention.

As I expected, Jack replied quickly to my email by the morning. I could sense his excitement, as he said I should definitely pose for Tom and then tell him all about it. It always seemed strange to me how he encouraged me to be bolder with other men but at the same time profess his love for me.

Jenny and Jack

Chapter 9


When the idea was suggested during my art class that all of the college art faculty should have a fun weekend I thought it might be enjoyable.

The venue was a spa hotel with many sports and water based fun activities.

We all drove there one Friday evening after work and so far we had enjoyed a table tennis competition. I had just finished an early evening meal and drunk perhaps a little too much wine before thinking about the next fun activity which was to be in the pool area.

I was back in my room and already feeling nervous as I started to undress ready to change into my swimming costume before we all met down in the swimming pool area. It was not so much the fact that I would be wearing a swimming costume it was more the fact that after the meal we all agreed it would be great fun to walk through the main hotel reception area on our way to the pool dressed only in our swimming costumes! It sounded like a fun idea at the time, probably helped by the effect of the wine, but now I was not so sure.

The person who had originally suggested it was Tom, the art class teacher. He insisted that it would be great fun. I suspected that his real reasons were to see me and the other women from other classes, most of them my age or younger, walking around in their swimming costumes. As we left the restaurant Tom was walking next to me. I turned to him and said, "I'm already feeling shy at the thought of walking down through the main hotel reception to the pool area in just my swimming costume." He put his arm around my shoulder in a friendly way as we walked and said, "It will be OK. Anyway, everyone else will be doing the same."

He paused for a moment while we walked and then, giving my shoulder a friendly squeeze said, "Actually Jenny, I am looking forward to seeing you in your swimming costume!"

I glanced across and saw that he was now blushing. I giggled and said, "I'll take that as a compliment then, but you haven't seen this thirty something mum in her costume yet!"

He seemed to ignore my last comment and then said, "No, but I've seen you almost naked in my class!" Now it was my turn to blush. Tom then said, "I tell you what, if it will make you feel more confident I will come and call for you and we can walk down to the pool together."

"OK," I said, "come and call for me at about 7:00 and we'll go down together.

So there I was, still a little drunk maybe, getting undressed in my room.

Like most women I suppose, I felt as though I would be checked out by my class mates when we all gathered by the pool later. I definitely knew that Tom would be checking me over because of his earlier comment.

As I finally removed my bra and knickers I stood in front of the wardrobe mirror and looked at the reflection of my naked body. I turned at different angles and checked my self out. I realised that I was feeling horny. Maybe it was the effect of the wine. Maybe it was Tom's comment earlier. I had never really looked on Tom before as anything other that a nice guy who made me laugh and taught me how to draw. He was always quite touchy and feely but I just assumed that was just in his nature. It felt good as I cupped one of my breasts and replayed Tom's comment in my mind; "I am looking forward to seeing you in your swimming costume!" he had said.

I knew it was just flattery from Tom because he and my other class mates had already seen me when I posed for them. However, although not wanting to admit it I really did feel very flattered.

There was something a little mysterious about Tom. I remembered the first time I attended his art class he asked if we had met before. Although I thought that he did look slightly familiar I dismissed it and told him no.

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