tagRomanceJen's Night

Jen's Night


Jen and I drove up the California coast to the small bed and breakfast where we would be spending the night. The occasional breaks in the conversation seemed more dramatic given the fact that Jen and I would be making love for the first time tonight. There is the added tension that we never really said we would be having sex, just that in talking about the trip it seemed pretty clear. Even though we had spent the night together in each others beds before tonight was going to be different. Jen was now describing this trip as sleeping together. What made it ever more interesting is that despite being 27 years old Jen was still a virgin.

I had been dating Jennifer for about five months. Jen was from small town on the Oregon coast but had been living in San Francisco for many years before I met her. She is tall and slim with big bright blue puppy dog eyes and blond hair that curls slightly as it reached her shoulders. Jen has a very attractive body, average hight with a slightly skinny and somewhat delicate look and has kind of shy awkwardness about her.

We drove up the gravel road to the bed and breakfast. The building which had the typical quaint sea side cottage look you would expect looked like it could have been a large home at one time and sat on a hillside over looking the ocean.

We got out of the car and stretched a little as we admired the view before going inside. I admired the view of the ocean as well as the view of Jen's body as she stretched her arms behind her which pulled the material of her shirt tight against her pear sized breast. I took her by the hand as we walked inside.

The reception area/ breakfast room of the inn hand a number of tables by a window over looking the woods nearby , a large fire place with a small fire crackling away and a small reception desk behind which one of the inn keepers was sitting. The woman looked up from what she was doing and warmly greeted us.

"You must be Tom," she said.

"Yes," I replied a little surprise that she know who I was since I made the reservation via email. But she explained that only three of the five rooms in the inn were booked for that night and the other two guess had already checked in.

After checking us in she showed us to our room which was at the end of a short hallway right off the main room. Siskiyou the sign on the door read. With only five rooms I guess there is no need for numbers. The room was large and very nicely decorated in northwest lodge type fashion, There was a king sized four poster bed, a coffee table, love seat and a couple of chairs as well as French doors leading out to a small balcony over looking the Pacific Ocean. The bathroom was equally large with everything you would expect in a nice bed and breakfast with the addition of a large whirlpool tub set into a bay window which opened on to the same view of the ocean.

As we walked into the bathroom Jen gave my hand a squeezes as she excitedly notice the tub. "Ooh look at that tub. You did not mention that," Jen said.

"Well just wait there are more surprise yet to come," I told her as we followed the inn keeper back in to the bed room.

"And in here there is a TV and VCR," The middle aged inn keeper told us as she open a cabinet. "But like most of our guest I would not imagine you will be watching any television here," she said with a slight smile as she handed me the room key. "If you need anything else just ask," she continued as she closed the door on her way out leaving Jen and I alone.

Still holding Jen's hand I turned and pulled her to me. Wrapping our arms tightly around one another I ask her, "So what do you think of the place?" as I kiss her gently on the lips.

"Its wonderful and so are you," she says as she reached up to kiss me again. This time our lips parted and our tongues found one another. As my tongues gently slid along hers I explore her mouth. I remember what great kisser Jen is and how I love the taste of her mouth.

As we were locked in our embrace I ran my hands up and down her back letting them fall to rest cupping her firm little butt in my hands. I pulled her even more tightly to me and slide my tongues as far in to her mouth as I could. Feeling my rapidly enlarging dick squeezed between us Jen lets out a little moan as she responds by squeezing me tighter and reaching her tongues deeper in to my mouth as well.

As we passionately made out I lost all sense of time, not noticing anything other then the feel of Jen's body against mine. The taste of her mouth and the sound of her breathing. Breaking off our kiss we stood looking in to each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity. looking in to her eyes, which were so wide open that there was hardly any of the bright blue remaining. That along with the nerves excitement in her breathing told me for sure what I had hope her willingness to spend the night away with me and her subtitle hits had lead me to believe. At that moment, I knew for sure that Jennifer and I would will be make love together that night.

Not wanting to waste what daylight remained we left the hotel for a long walk on the beach before having a romantic dinner. It was after dark when we returned to the hotel. A heavy rain had begun to fall. The isolated location of the bed and breakfast coupled with the dark rainy night made it seem as though the small hotel were a island in a sea of darkness.

We raced from the car to the door of the B&B. The lobby was now dim with only a few lights one, the fire had died down to just a few glowing embers. The inn keeper who had check us in had gone home and none of the other guests seemed to be around. Safe from the cold and the rain in the warm dark lobby I took Jen in my arms. Kissing her I remembered what we had come here for so taking her by the hand I lead her back to our room.

Closing the door behind us, Jen turned to me, " Well here we are," she said waiting for me to take the lead. I walked to her and once again put my arms around her. Kissing her, I could fell she was wet and cold form the rain out side.

"We have that nice big tub. Maybe we should get you out of these wet things and in to a warm tub," I told her as I began to lead her towards the bathroom. With out saying a word Jen followed me on to the bathroom.

I turned on the hot water which began to fill the large two person tub. Turning back to Jen, she came to my open embrace and I once again found myself enjoying the feeling and taste of her mouth as we kissed. As we continued to kissed I slowly ran my hands up and down her body, her damp blouse clung to the small of her back. Up and down till finally moving forward to her hips and up her sides until my hands came to rest on the top button of her white blouse.

I continued to kiss her as I undid the top button pausing for any objection, there wasn't any. Making my way down I undid all of the buttons until her shirt hung open reviling to me her flat stomach and small firm breast held only by a white lace bra. I continued by undoing the top button of her khaki shorts followed by the zipper. A small wiggle of Jen's hips and they dropped to the floor.

Jen now took her turn. Breaking our kiss only long enough to pull my shirt up over my head before she began to work on my belt and undoing my pants which she pushed down and I promptly kicked them away. Leaving us standing there, me in only my underwear and Jen in her open blouse and white satin bra and panties.

Wrapping my arms around Jen I slide my hands inside her shirt running my hands up her back to her bra to undo it. The hook quickly gave way. Moving my hands to her shoulders I slid the blouse the rest of the way off followed immediately by her bra.

Jen now stood before me covered by only a pair of white string panties. Those wonderful breast which I have dreamed, fantasized and yes even masturbated to, which up till now I had only been allowed to handle from the outside of a shirt or dress were now bare before me.

Lost in the sight of Jen's near naked body and the delight of holding her pert little breast in my hands after so long I and hardly notice her attention as well as her hands had shifted to the large bulge in my underwear.

I decided the next step should be mine. I slid my underwear down allowing my now very hard dick to spring out for her inspection. Standing totally naked I waited for Jen take the next step. She placed her hands on my chest and slowly made her way down my stomach until she cautiously took my dick in her hand. Genteelly I placed my hands on her shoulders as she began to more confidently explore and stroke her new toy I had offered for her inspection.

The tub now nearly full was ready for us. I turned off the water and stepped in. Reaching my hand out to her, "It feels wonderful. Do you want to come and enjoy it with me?" I asked her.

With out any hesitation Jen inched her panties down her legs to the floor reveling her full naked body to me. She left her white panties where they fell on the floor and and stepped in to the tub with me. I put my arms around her and kissed her as our naked bodies slowly eased into the warm tub together.

End of part 1.

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