tagMind ControlJoan Ch. 15

Joan Ch. 15



That was what Joan was now. On her back, legs spread and fucked out of her wits by Claude, the strong grip of his hand on her vulnerable throat while her big breasts bounced to the rhythm of the hard slams he gave her. The redheaded slut loved it. It was early morning and it was Joan's last day in Vel Corte before being smuggled north and sold. Claude wanted to get in one last turn with her before putting her on the train. Joan came. Not done with her yet, he rolled the whore over and fucked her ass.

Joan gripped the sheets of her bed while her ass was drilled, grunting and groaning. Her breasts pressed into the mattress and the headboard slammed into the wall. The more she was fucked, used and discarded, the more she needed it again. It was a spiral of depravity that she was beginning to understand had no bottom. Joan wondered just what sort of depravity awaited her in Stormwraith. How would her whorish body be used there? As a whore? Someone's personal cumslut? Perhaps they'd keep her bound and gagged in some dungeon and use her as a painslut. As long as it served men, Joan would embrace any fate.

Soon, Joan was on her knees on the floor, with her mouth hanging open and looking like the world's dumbest slut. It was a look that she had been practicing in the mirror, making her eyes look vacant, as though a serious thought had never passed through her little cumslut head. Her arms were behind her back, ready to suck his cock.

Claude stood over her and said, "you remember what time you are supposed to be at the train tonight?"

"Yes, master."

Claude gave Joan a light slap on her face. "You better, slut. Sluts as dumb as you are always a problem. Don't make me come find you. You better be at the train, on time."

"Yes, master."


He grabbed her head and shoved his cock into her mouth. Joan sucked it greedily. Her green eyes looked up at him as her mouth did the only work it was good for. Claude quickly came in her mouth. Joan swallowed it like the good cumslut that she was desperate to be.

~ o ~

Joan didn't have much time for herself in her preparations for being sold, but what little time she had she spent reading her latest little, red book with black lettering, "Cumslut." It was instructive, told in plain language about expectations of her in Stormwraith. It recommended that she be dumb, with few to none thoughts of her own. That would have been easier if the reformation of her mind hadn't been interrupted by Laura's meddling. Joan hoped that bitch was choking on cock right then and for the rest of time. Turning her was a tremendous thrill and adventure.

Joan looked at herself in the mirror and practiced her dumb whore stare some more. "I'm a dumb whore," she chanted to herself. "A mindless piece of pussy whose sole purpose is to be used by men. An empty-headed slut and fuck-toy. It's all that I am and all I want to be. I am a dumb whore."

She dressed in her best purple dress, wore a feathered hat with it and set off to complete her final task in Vel Corte. Joan barely noticed the city. It used fill her with such energy and life, but now it offered her nothing. Instead of shopping for books, she now shopped for jewelry. Once cultured and independent, Joan was now base and desperate for male attention. As she took the trolley, it occurred to her how much she had been transformed. Joan wondered how Stormwraith would transform her. The trolley stopped and she got off, walking to the building where she worked for one final humiliation in Vel Corte.

~ o ~

"A second northern rail?"

Mr. Pryce looked up at the map in astonishment. He stood in his office with a cigar in his hand and Mr. Faust standing next to him. Mr. Faust ran his hand over the map to indicate where the railroad would run.

"Into Rhydon," Mr. Faust explained, "on the border of Stormwraith. Dark Hollows sits just on that very border, near the mountains where silver was discovered. The ownership of the mines themselves have been locked in place, but the railroad needs investors."

"I see," Mr. Pryce said. "It would be a good investment for a man who knew the railroad business. Alas, Mr. Faust, I do not."

Mr. Pryce turned and walked away from the map. Mr. Faust followed. He said, "you would only be a minor investor, sir. A small sum from Stock & Pryce for an unimaginable profit."

Mr. Pryce laughed. "Profit. There is more to life than just profit, Mr. Faust. Have you invested in this second northern rail?"

"I have, Mr. Pryce. Myself and several colleagues from University in fact. It's something of a passion for us." He went back to the map and pointed to three locations. "Dark Hollows. Pendragon Manor. Black Lake Chateaux. My more wealthier colleagues have secured those three properties. They will ensure the success of this venture."

"Black Lake and Pendragon Manor are rather notorious places, Mr. Faust. What would a decent gentleman like me associate with them for?"

Mr. Faust sighed. "I suppose you are right. A man such as you would not have any kind of association with any of those places. But I thought the silver mines opening to the north of Black Lake would. Pure silver being carried down on a rail that you have invested in."

"Still," Mr. Pryce said, "I'd rather not be part of any sordid sort of business."

"Mr. Pryce, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Please consider it seriously. It's all I ask."

"Of course," Mr. Pryce said. "I suppose I owe that much."

There was a soft knock on the door. "Come in," Mr Pryce called. The door opened and Joan came in nervously. Her green eyes glanced around the room, seeing Mr. Faust in the office with Mr. Pryce. She nodded to him and then looked at Mr. Pryce.

"Good afternoon, sir. I came to see you about the missing money," she said.

Mr. Pryce raised an eyebrow at her. "Oh?"

"Yes," she continued, "I have a confession to make. Several confessions in fact." She glanced at Mr. Faust briefly before returning her gaze to Mr. Pryce. "I took the money, sir. I took it and spent it on pornographic literature. All of it. I'm addicted to it, sir. I've been whoring myself to the clerks in the basement of your building. I lied to you about Mr. Puddle forcing himself on me. In truth, he was my pimp. I'm a filthy, lying whore."

Mr. Pryce was astonished by what he heard. "I don't believe it," he quietly said.

"I'll do anything you want, Mr. Pryce. I'll suck your cock. You can whore me to friends and business partners if you like. I'll swallow your cum every morning if you wish."

Joan lifted the skirt and showed Mr. Pryce her pussy. "It's a worthless pussy I know, sir. It's been used and pounded by so many men, but it can be yours for nothing. Use it and sell it as you like. I'm a good, obedient whore, sir. I'll be your obedient whore if you wish."

Mr. Pryce was enraged. "Get out," he shouted at her. "Get out and never come back! Out!"

Joan rushed out of the room. Her face as red as her hair. She left the building for the last time and quickly went home. After that madness, Joan desperately wanted to leave Vel Corte forever. A new life as a whore awaited her soon enough.

Back in Mr. Pryce's office, Mr. Pryce stood aghast at what he had just seen and heard. "The girl has lost her mind," he said to Mr. Faust. "She's out of her senses. She must go to the institution though the scandal may ruin this company."

"That might not be necessary, sir," Mr. Faust said. "I can have her discreetly sent out of Vel Corte somewhere far away. North, in fact. You need not ruin yourself because of the actions of some wild whore."

"I see," Mr. Pryce said. "For the price of a rail no doubt. The price of a rail is the fork in the road you have brought me to. Ruin or obscene wealth is what you have purposely left me with. Very well, have your rail and be rid of her."

Mr. Faust nodded and went to leave. Mr. Pryce stopped him with another word. "I believe you to be the devil, Mr. Faust. I trust with this deal that you will be of independent means and now longer need employment in my company?"

"My affairs are set to that end, Mr. Pryce."

"Good," Mr. Pryce said. "Take care that I see as little of you as possible."

"Of course. Enjoy your profits, Mr. Pryce."

With that Mr. Faust left, never to return to that building either. He never said a word no cleared out his desk. He simply walked out and vanished into the crowd.

~ o ~

Joan arrived in time for the train with only a single bag of luggage, a few dresses and other things. There was a whole group of young women like her, hapless victims mindfucked into whoring. The train door opened and several men hopped out. Joan spotted Claude at the other end of the train talking with someone. The man paid him a large stack of money. Joan watched Claude walk off and disappear back into the city.

"Let's go, slut," one of the men said while grabbing her by the arm. She was roughly pulled onto the train. The man tossed her bag out. Joan protested but the man told her, "shut the fuck up, whore. Get over there. Stand there you dumb bitch."

Confused, Joan stood where the man indicated. The door slid shut and it was dark. The train started to move and the men lit some gas lanterns. Joan and the other sluts were stripped naked. Their clothes and belongings were thrown away. A man walked up to her and said, "on your knees, whore."

Joan went down to her knees and opened her mouth submissively. The man stuffed his cock into it. Joan sucked him while the other sluts on the train were put to the same use. The sounds of their mouths slurping and their throats gagging filled the car. Joan swallowed his cum and another came up and took his place. Joan sucked his cock and swallowed his cum as well.

After a while, she was put on her hands and knees and fucked in both ends, pussy and mouth. She didn't know how many men were on the train, but one of them assured her of the long journey. There was plenty of time for all of the sluts to be well used before crossing the border. And well used they were. Joan was fucked in the ass by a line of men for over an hour. After that she was put on her back and fucked long and hard by several more. There seemed to be no end. A train full of northern men fucked those sluts in every hole and left them filled and covered with cum.

A whistle blew. They had crossed the border. The sluts were fed and bathed in the railcar. They were given tiny, black dresses to wear. Joan's was so small and tight that the little skirt didn't cover the bottom of her ass. The low cut top of the dress pressed Joan's big breasts into a fountain of cleavage bursting out of the top. They put on black high heeled shoes and as soon as the train stopped and the door slid open, were herded off the train and through the back door of a building like cattle.

It was bitterly cold and they had to walk a little in the snow. The inside of the building was thankfully warm. The rough hand of a large man took Joan by the back of the neck and walked her down a long and dark hallway. "In here, whore," the man told her as she was shoved through a door. Another man grabbed her by the back of the neck and forcefully walked her to a row of vanity tables. Joan was sat down at one and a woman quickly started applying makeup to Joan's face. The other sluts were getting the same.

When her makeup was done, the man lifted her out of the chair by the arm and walked her down another long and dark hallway. She was put in a line with the other sluts in some dark room.

Joan had no idea where she was or what was happening. Everything seemed to have moved so fast. She stood in her line of pussy confused and baffled by what was happening around her. Her ass, throat and pussy were still sore from the hours long gangbang that she endured on the train here. She had been stuffed and pounded in every direction for so long that her scattered mind barely knew which way was up anymore. One by one the sluts were taken through a curtain and Joan moved up in the line a little.

She had been mindfucked into submission. Her mind had been shattered and reformed into that of an obedient whore. Her pussy and ass had been fucked worthless since and she sucked more cocks than she could possibly count. It wasn't even the beginning yet. All of it was overture to what was to come on the other side of the curtain. How many more cocks would she suck? What punishment would her ass and pussy endure further? Was she already fucked out? Was she to be discarded? Joan's nerves were wrought with anxiety as she got closer and closer to the mirror. This what she had become, what those little red books turned her into. She felt tears in her green eyes as she neared the curtain closer yet. Suddenly, she was reluctant again and yet closer and closer she got. This was it, the end of who she once was to be replaced with an already overused whore. Nothing but dumb slut good for only having cum pumped into her. It was now her turn. She was taken by the back of the neck and walked through the curtain.

End of Part One.

Part Two - Bought and Whored - coming soon.

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Would love to read more

Really enjoyed your novella, I'd love to read more. Waiting eagerly for the stories you already mentioned!

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Great job; I would love to read this as a novella/novel! I cannot wait to read more!

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Keep writing!

Just loved this whole world you created. I want to live there! I've had my cunt read it as well. Great work!

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Quite a journey

So, our young Joan is heading for her auction. I've loved this ride, reading of Joan's subjugation. Looking forward to what awaits her now in the north. Hard to believe it could be any worse, but Imore...

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