Jo's Valentine's Salsa Surprise

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A teasingly sexy dance leads to a sudden surprise.
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Summary: A sexily dressed wife's dance lesson leads to a sudden surprise. Be warned, this is a short short story!

Keywords: Cuckold, salsa dance, Latina MILF, Valentine's Day surprise.

Big thanks to Kenji for being my editor.

This innocent, Brazilian hottie is named Jo. Singing in the choir every Sunday, she looked and sang like an angel. Her husband wondered if the men in the congregation had sinful thoughts watching her perform in front of them?

Having recently joined the church, her husband knew that it might be difficult to persuade Jo to meet Jose after their recent dance-massage-sex session. It had created a little tension in their marriage.

Her husband thought maybe if Jo was interested in just dancing with Jose, that this might be a compromise? So he talked with Jose that day on Messenger, and the dance teacher agreed that it would be a good thing.

Jose said it was important to build trust in this situation. Also, Jose said that he didn't have much time that weekend due to some overtime at work. So having just a salsa dance fitted in perfectly with his schedule.

Jo's husband thought that it would be a 'romantic' present, to offer just a salsa lesson with Jose. There was no pre-arrangement to have a massage or sex. Unfortunately, Jo's husband was away that Valentine's weekend, but he had an idea of watching the dance lesson on Skype. That way, Jo would feel more secure with Jose and, maybe, she would not feel as if she was doing something behind her husband's back.

He knew that this was Jo's take on this. It was important he was there, and then, technically, it was not 'adultery'.

Planning for this excited Jo's husband. Jo seemed quite happy with his Valentine's present. Both of them were satisfied. Instead of a boring weekend being apart from each other, they had this little 'event' to look forward to. So her husband schemed about the seance and aired his thoughts with Jo.

On a shopping trip, the couple passed by a small sex shop in the mall. Jo's husband perused through all types of sex costumes, as his wife checked out all types of sex aids.

"This costume looks good, Jo!"

"No, I not having this. This nurse clothes. I have already."

"It's a little different. It's shiny. Sexier."

"Nao, meu amor! We have. Something else...different!"

They continued looking and came up with a game. Jo's husband would get her something to use for the coming Valentine's weekend, on the condition that she buy her husband something. Both would cost the same amount of money.

"This is a good one, Jo. You haven't got this!"

Her husband found a really sexy black basque, with a sexy negligee wrap.

Jo's reaction was inquisitive. She examined it and didn't shut down the suggestion. Then she looked at the price tag.

"It good quality, but too much money. We no need."

"I want you to dress up for the Valentine dance lesson. You can look like a sexy lady of the night. Soon there's gonna be a pajama dance party. You could wear it there. It's a good costume. On sale."

Her husband didn't tell Jo, but he wanted to tempt Jose. It was a mischievous prank to play on his friend.

Jo, in fact, didn't want to dress like that. But she did like fantasy and flying away into that warm world when reality was so cold. And she was in for the prank...Jo wanted to please her husband like any dutiful wife would do.

Jo got her husband his present, but it was a small rectangular box in shiny red wrapping paper with a romantic bow on the top.

"I wanting you to opening my present to you this weekend. It surprise for you. We open together,ok?"

For Jo, despite the fact that she had sex with Jose twice already, she was still in love with her husband. She continually said that she loved sex, and sex with love. Jo reiterated that she didn't love Jose.

Jo looked gorgeous the day of the lesson. Her impatient husband rang at the agreed time and he had to wait a little before she could answer him. Sometimes Jo had a little siesta in the afternoon. He knew what she was up to at that time...

Jo finally did answer his call and her impatient husband was eager to hear from her. They had their usual daily chat.

"You look beautiful, Jo!"

"Thank you!" she said, and smiled. "You having your present I gave you?"

"Yes, I have it here by my computer!" Jo's husband held it up high.

"Good, you open after lesson, okay?"

Her husband nodded. Then there was a knock at the front door. Jo looked up, surprised.

"Jose coming now. I answer."

The dance teacher and student came into the room five minutes later.

Jo first needed to position her iPad on the floor, so that her husband could get a good view.

Jose didn't say anything about the screen. He liked Jo's attire.


"Gracias," she replied and smiled.

Jose took out his mobile phone and picked some salsa music to play, then placed it on the bedside table. He felt a stirring in his pants seeing Jo in her new costume. This was going to be more difficult than he had expected.

Then Jose took Jo in his arms and started dancing with her. There was no small talk. Her husband yawned, he was tired.

Since it was not important for the dancing couple to listen to her husband, he muted the sound and watched. He looked forward to opening Jo's present as it was perched by his computer.

Her husband went into the office kitchen to make himself more awake with some coffee. It was there that he had randier thoughts of the dancing... Maybe she would perform a striptease? He had a sexy vision of her. Dancing alone. Dancing a pole dance in a sex club, while all the horny men gawked at her? Yes, that was much more interesting!

Her husband returned to his comfortable sofa, his computer and Jo's present hanging on the arm of it. He sipped his coffee, then nearly spluttered his coffee out as he nearly choked.

Coughing, Jo's husband could not believe his own eyes at what he was seeing before him. It was Jo cutting the dance lesson short. She didn't once look at him on the iPad. The only thing he could do was to take a pic of it happening in front of him.

Jo felt incredibly sexy and naughty in her black corset. Her husband deliberately asked her to have on crotchless panties. Before she dressed, and saw herself in the mirror, she looked like a sexy, brazen hooker. This was what her husband wanted, she thought.

Jose could not help himself as they danced, feeling Jo's body against him. Here, in this room, there were no boundaries. He could do whatever he wanted without fear of repercussions. Jose glanced at the screen and saw no picture and the microphone switched off. Even her husband could not stop him.

Jo's husband could see the mood of the dance had changed. His wife's hands were wrapped erotically around Jose's head and neck. It was a loving embrace. Their heads touched. Forehead to forehead. Nose to nose. Their eyes closed. Obviously, they were lost in each other...Feelings of jealousy and lust consumed him.

Jose could not do any more teaching! He was getting randy. Just like when he was social dancing, he wanted to fondle his dance partner's chest, pressed into him. Here, he could do that. Jo gave him the license to do as he pleased.

Jose cupped his right hand to slip her breast out of her sexy basque. He wanted her out of it, but at the same time, it was amazingly sexy to see her like this. The first time, he saw her as his virgin, white bride; the second, as a foxy salsa dancer. This time, she was dressed like a whore. His whore. He had only thirty minutes with her, which was the length of time a hooker has with her clients...

Jo felt his hand slip her breast out of the confines of her new costume. He rolled her nipple stiff. Then he twisted it clockwise and made her gasp out loud.

Jose could not hold back himself. He wanted to fuck her pussy and her ass.

It was then the Wifi signal deteriorated. White dots distorted the picture to the husband's dismay.

Despite the poor quality, her husband still took pictures. And just like in his 'vision', Jo stripped off as Jose undressed and sat on the bed watching her. She was giving her new lover a strip show.

Jose didn't need any more foreplay. He got up and entered her from behind. It was an urgent, primal need he had to mate with Jo.

Jo was surprised by his cock plunging into her gata to the rhythm of the salsa music. He was slapping her delightful bottom just as the conga drum was slapped. Unladylike groans came from Jo.

"Ooohhhh! Ahhhhhh! Ooooohhhh!"

'This was one way of learning salsa music,' thought her husband.

Their hearts too were beating at the same tempo of the music.

The short, rapping sound of the congas, "Duggadah ,dugga, duggadah," echoed with Jo's lovely round bottom, which was the perfect skin drum. It was white.

But then Jo's white derrière became a delightful rose pink by Jose's gyrating pelvis.

Her husband liked seeing her tits rising and falling in unison with the slapping.

Standing there, with her bottom taking a beating, Jo cradled her breasts to stop them from the violent shaking she was taking.

Jo moved to the bed and didn't care whether her husband could see. She was out of his sight. Opening her legs was a clear invitation for what Jose should do next. Her husband could only make out Jose's body as he took his first thrust. Jo let out a gasp as he did so.

"¿Quieres bailar con mi puta polla?" ('You want to dance with my cock, you slut?') asked Jose.

Jo was clearly wanting to do it. "Sim... si....yes," she replied, as Jose continued his salsa fuck of her gata.

Jose asked her, "¿Qué deseas?...What you want?"

Jo was a bitch now in heat.

"I want you more! Toda! Toda!"

The couple seemed lost in each other, as they copulated on the bed out of the range of vision for her husband. He sighed. He could only see Jose's torso between Jo's open legs.

"Hello? Jo? Can you move your iPad? I can't see!"

Jo and Jose were both moaning out aloud, not listening to the husband's frantic voice.

"Hello? Can you hear me?"

Obviously they couldn't. Jose's body kept thrusting into Jo, keeping her out of picture frame. This relentless movement was accompanied by Jo's orgasmic groans of pleasure she was receiving. Both bodies were blurred and the husband could only imagine the sight of her face and her 'gata'.

Jo's husband looked down at his present, sighed heavily and decided to open it without her. He undid the pretty bow.

Ripping off the shiny paper revealed a rectangular box with a pretty woman's face on it. She looked very much like Jo.

At first, he didn't know what it was. He took out the gift. It was a creamy white cylinder-like object.

Jo's husband took off the cap and then saw a pretty plastic clitoris on top of the cylinder that resembled his wife's beautiful pussy. It came with some lubricant. He sighed again and looked at Jose plummeting into his wife.

Jo's husband undid his pants as he heard Jo's orgasmic groans on his computer...and pictured his wife lying there naked before him.

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Paul4playPaul4play22 days ago

Jo makes me cum….terrific stories and photos!

spgmarinespgmarine25 days ago

Nice ass

Be nice if you had a Twitter account to show more of her in video

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