tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKatherine Ch. 11

Katherine Ch. 11


Ch. 11: Katherine Is Shared Again

This is one of a series. I suggest you read them in order.


With her blindfold back in place, I led Katherine back out into the yard. The boy lay on the chaise resting, his eyes closed and his hand stroking his flaccid cock.

"She's cleaned herself up and is ready for your pleasure." I said as I helped Katherine to kneel on the chaise. The boy could see that her wrists were bound.

"Spread your thighs." I said to Katherine and she eased her knees apart, resting her palms on her smooth asscheeks.

"Why don't you fondle her body." I suggested and the boy slid forward towards Katherine. His hand stroked across her stomach and then cupped her full breast. He was fascinated as her nipple hardened as he squeezed and pinched it. But then aren't we all. His hands continued to play with her beautiful breasts before he slid his hand down between her open thighs. As his fingers dipped into her moist pussy, Katherine moaned. He found her clit and began to tease it. He watched as her thighs began to tremble and she started to moan with pleasure.

"You can have her present herself in any position you like. She will perform any pleasure you wish. You can keep her wrists bound or untie her or bind her differently. Whatever you like." I said. The boy was overwhelmed - he didn't know what to do or where to begin.

I motioned him backwards and he sat on his knees. I helped Katherine to lie back on the chaise. She felt her shoulders touch his thighs and her head dropped back between his legs. She felt his cock brush her cheek and she opened her mouth to accept his cock. As her lips wrapped around his shaft, her back was arched and her beautiful breasts pressed forward. He reached down with his hands and began to massage her breasts as he felt her tongue tease his cock.

Katherine began to rock her body gently, sliding her lips along the length of his shaft as he watched his cock disappear deep into her throat. The contractions of her throat tickled his shaft as his fingers continued to pinch her swollen nipples. As his cock got rigid and stood straight out, it was difficult for Katherine to keep him in her mouth. He felt the strain on his shaft and slid back a bit easing his cock from between her lips.

Katherine shimmied her body, wedging herself between his thighs and slid back under him, sucking his balls into her mouth. He moaned loudly as she sucked his hairy balls into her mouth. The suction was fantastic as her tongue massaged his loaded balls. Sliding further under his body, he felt her tongue tease his tight sphincter. He was surprised at what she was doing but it felt unbelievably good to him. He lowered his body onto her mouth and she thrust her tongue into his asshole.

The boy began to really maul Katherine's nipples as his body was overwhelmed with pleasure from her talented tongue. Each time he moaned his pleasure, Katherine thrust her tongue back into his ass. As the boy looked out, he could see that Katherine had spread her thighs as wide as she could. He leaned forward and lowered his lips to her seething pussy. Wrapping his arms under her thighs, he sucked on her engorged pussy lips and probed her womanflesh with his tongue. Her body began to writhe as she felt his tongue licking at her tender love button. He could feel her moan with pleasure as the vibrations tickled his ass. I was busy taking more pictures.

Katherine slid forward a bit and managed to wrap her lips around his cock once again. As he continued to lick at her pussy, his hips began to thrust up and down as his cock slid across her tongue. Katherine created a tremendous suction with her mouth and then flicking her tongue across his piss hole was rewarded with buckets of hot sticky cum. She gulped and swallowed as he sucked on her clit and her body convulsed with a powerful orgasm.

Katherine continued to suck on his softening cock as he sat up, gazing at her passion-wracked body. He waited as she continued to bathe his cock with her lips and tongue and then his flaccid cock slid out of her mouth. As she tried to sit up she couldn't get the balance with her wrists bound behind her so the boy helped her to sit up.

"I want you to kneel on the pad." I said as I helped Katherine to kneel in front of the boy with her back to him. "Now lean forward." Katherine leaned forward trying to keep her balance and brought her chest down over her knees and then placed her head on the pad. "Now raise your ass as high as you can." I instructed her and Katherine lifted her ass off of her ankles and parted her thighs. Her body moved forward and her chest pressed against the pad.

The boy reached forward and ran his fingers up the inside of Katherine's thigh. He felt her body quiver as he kissed her smooth firm asscheek. He teased her ass crack with his tongue and heard a loud moan escape her lips. Encouraged by her response and remembering how good it had felt to him, he pointed his tongue and slid it across Katherine's asshole. He noticed how her sphincter contracted each time he teased it. Her body began to shake with passion as her moans got louder. As his tongue teased her asshole, his fingers rubbed her pussy. He shoved his thumb into her cunt as his fingers continued to play with her clit with obvious results. I waited for him to slide a finger into her asshole but he didn't. I guessed he was afraid.

The boy continued to play with Katherine's juicing pussy, amazed at how wet she felt. The aroma of her body was overpowering as I continued to take pictures of him enjoying her body. I stepped forward and unclipped Katherine's wrists and she brought her arms up to her sides and lifted her body off the pad. Katherine looked very sexy with her ass in the air and her arms over her head as the boy continued to suck on her pubes.

"Slide back to that pole." I said and the boy slid back on his knees until he was leaning against the pole at the edge of the chaise.

"K, you are to crawl backwards and bring your ass to his cock." I instructed and Katherine began to ease her body backwards.

"It's your choice, son. You can fuck her pussy or her ass whichever you please." I said. As Katherine neared his cock the boy reached out and guided her hips back to the head of his cock. He nodded to me and then ran his cockhead over her engorged pussy lips and then slid into her tight pussy.

"K, back up a bit more." I instructed and she inched back until his ass hit the pole and her pussy was fully impaled on his rigid cock. Katherine felt her knees at the edge of the chaise and lowering her feet to the deck, began to pump her pussy up and down the length of the boy's shaft.

"She will fuck your cock until she makes you cum. You don't have to move, just keep against the pole. She will do all of the movements." I said as he felt her body begin to pump onto his cock. Once again he felt her inner muscles work their magic on his young cock. Katherine knew what she had to do and began to thrust her body along the length of the boy's shaft. Her muscles clenched at his impaling cock as she squeezed his cock with each thrust. As she lowered her elbows to the pad and dropped her head, I took another picture of the boy with his cock deep inside this beautiful woman. Back and forth Katherine pumped her body on his shaft.

Katherine lifted her body back up and the boy slid his arms around her body and teased her panting breasts as she continued to skewer her body on his ramrod. I took several pictures as he pinched her nipples and she thrust her body onto his cock.

I lay a large bolster across the chaise and the boy got the idea. He wrapped his arms around Katherine's chest and leaned forward. As they fell, Katherine felt the bolster under her hips and then felt the full force of the boy's cock as it rammed deep into her loins and she convulsed with another powerful orgasm.

Now the boy began to whale into her open pussy as her ass was raised and her chest mashed to the pad. Katherine thrust her hips back to meet his every thrust as her powerful love muscles continued to massage his invading tool. Finally he pushed forward with his hips and her clit rubbed hard across the bolster. As her pussy convulsed with another orgasm, it was too much for his cock and his balls erupted spewing gobs of hot cum into her throbbing pussy. Her muscles continued to spasm and milk his cock of every drop of cum. His hands slid under her body and he fondled her panting breasts.

Spent totally, the boy just lay silently across Katherine's body as his cock slowly slid from between her quivering pussy lips. He sat back exhausted. Slowly Katherine lifted her spent body and turning herself around, lowered her lips to the boy's cock, sucking it gently between her lips. I continued taking pictures.

"Son, I know you still don't believe this has all happened to you and I know you think that no one will believe you when you tell them about it. So I've taken several rolls of film and when I finish developing them I'll send you some pictures of lovely K. pleasuring your body." I said. The words hit Katherine like a ton of bricks. She was petrified by the thought that someone might see her naked, let alone fucking and sucking on someone.

"I must assure you that K's face will not be identifiable in any of the pictures. You understand that I must protect her identity, but her body and yours will be clearly visible." I said. Katherine was relieved a bit but still very uncomfortable about the idea of the pictures.

As Katherine lifted her face from the boy's crotch, I handed him his shorts. "I want to thank you for helping me punish K. for her arrogance. I trust she will change her ways." I said.

"You're thanking me?" the boy asked incredulously as he slid his shorts back up his legs.

"I'll drop the pictures by next week at work." I said as I handed him the pizza box. I didn't want any clues to who he was or where he worked. "See you then." I said as the boy left.

I waited until I heard the truck leave and then removed Katherine's blindfold. "I still have half a roll left. Why don't you pose for me?" I suggested. Katherine knew better than to refuse and I shot some suggestive pictures of her beautiful body as she looked at me with a mixture of anger and passion.

"I hope you've learned your second lesson." I said. "You will always know that there is a man out there, who you do not know and cannot identify, who has enjoyed your body intimately at my request. Not only that, he will tell others about it and show them the pictures that I will give him, showing him enjoying your body at will." I taunted her.

Katherine knew I had been right all along. The best punishment for her was not being in control of her body and the pleasure it gave her. She was excited and frightened by what had happened and by the pictures. She was also quite frustrated by not knowing who had been fucking her all afternoon. The fact that it was a teenager was also exciting but in a way almost insulting. Katherine realized it had been a perfect punishment.

She now turned to me in the hope that I would make love to her but I only held out her lace top. "Put this on." I said. She was clearly disappointed.

"Let's go." I said as I got up. She wanted to put on her bathing suit but knew better than to say anything about it. As she walked out to the car, she was very conscious of just how see through and just how short her top was. I lay a towel on the seat of the car and Katherine sat down.

As I began to drive, I turned to Katherine, "Open your top." I said and Katherine quickly opened her blouse. The cool breeze made her nipples hard. She was stimulated and excited that once again she might be seen naked in public.

She expected me to fondle her body and waited in anticipation but I did not. When we arrived at her building, I stopped at the corner rather than driving up the ramp. "You are going back to your apartment and I am going home to enjoy S for the rest of the weekend." I said to Katherine. The thought hit her like a hammer.

"I can't go in like this." she said weakly as she felt devastated by my last comment.

"You can and you will," I said sternly. "and you will go right through the lobby." I added. "Now out you go."

"What about my bikini?" she pleaded.

"Not now." I said as I nodded at her and then at the door.

"May I close my top?" she asked and I nodded. Katherine quickly buttoned her top and then looked to see if anyone was nearby. She got out of the car and realized how short her top was and felt the cool breeze tickle her drenched pussy as she nervously walked up the edge of the driveway. As she neared the building, she could see her reflection in the plate glass window and blushed deeply as she saw how the top just barely covered her pussy and her dark nipples were clearly visible through the sheer lace top.

She stopped to see if anyone was watching and saw me watching her with a smile. She took a deep breath and crossed the ramp. Fortunately, the doorman was not there and she moved quickly to the elevators. The wait for the elevator took an eternity as others walked through the lobby. She'd never been so self conscious in her life. Even more than in the restaurant that night.

When the elevator arrived she was so relieved that she rushed in before the man inside came out. She walked directly into him and then stumbled against the wall of the car. He reached out and grabbed her by the arm and looking down, drank in her beauty and her barely hidden charms. He smiled broadly at her as she turned crimson.

"Are you all right?" he asked as he held her arms.

Katherine nodded. "Please, I'm in a hurry" she said.

"I can see." he quipped as he let her go and left the elevator. She sighed in relief an pushed the button for her floor.

I drove home and spent the next 36 hours enjoying every aspect of S's beautiful body. Katherine spent the next 36 hours in fantasy, frustration and the realization that she had made a terrible mistake and needed to do something about it. Thoughts of the young boy and S filled her mind. So did a plan to redeem herself in my eyes.

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