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Lebanese Queen For Black Prince


After making love, I like to look at my lover as he sleeps. Is that a weird thing? I certainly don't think so. My name is Alexandra Abdullah and I'm a young woman of Lebanese descent living in the City of Ottawa, province of Ontario. Presently, I'm in the residence area at Carleton University, looking at my boyfriend Charles Jean Duchene as he sleeps. He's so beautiful. The gorgeous son of a French Canadian mother and Haitian father, born and raised in the City of Montreal, province of Quebec. The man of my dreams. We had a tough time in the early days of our relationship, but we're doing much better these days.

I first met Charles while walking through the Rideau Shopping Center in downtown Ottawa. I was new to the Capital of Canada back then, having moved there from my hometown of Balhis in the Beqaa region of the Republic of Lebanon. Growing up as a young Lebanese Christian woman in the heart of the Middle East, I seldom saw people from outside the Arab world. From time to time I saw European tourists in cities like Tripoli or Beirut but that's about it. The City of Ottawa stunned me with its racial diversity. I saw so many Asians, Black people and Indians. This place was like a smaller version of the United Nations or something.

I came to Canada for business purposes. Education, work and the possibility of a new life, that's what brings young Lebanese Christians to places like Canada, America and the United Kingdom. Things are getting tough for the Arab Christian communities in the Middle East. In places with significant Christian populations like Syria, Egypt and Lebanon, the Muslims are threatening us. We're ready to defend our rights and our Christian faith in Lebanon, where half of the population is Christian. My father Joseph Abdullah is a police officer in our hometown of Balhis, and my mother Annabelle Mourad-Abdullah is a schoolteacher. My older brother Emmanuel Abdullah is studying business administration at Northeastern University in the City of Boston, Massachusetts. Since he's doing so well over there, my parents thought about sending me to join him. The U.S. government denied me my visa, so we tried Canada, which accepted me. Here I am, I guess.

When I enrolled at Carleton University as an international student, I was in for a lot of culture shock. Us Lebanese consider ourselves the most modern and cultured denizens of the Arab world. I mean, we're the only Arab country where religious freedom, women's rights and democracy are enshrined in the constitution. The President of Lebanon is a Christian man, and the Prime Minister is Muslim. Lebanese Christians have a power-sharing agreement with the Sunni and Shiite Muslims, forming the basis of a frequently embattled government. I hope my beautiful Republic of Lebanon doesn't go the way of other Arab states. If the Muslims ever get absolute power in Lebanon, they'll try to impose Shariah Law and there will be war between Lebanese Christians and Lebanese Muslims...again. We fought a costly war against each other in the 1960s and 1970s. Honestly, it went on throughout the 1980s and didn't end completely until the early 1990s.

About twenty years after the ceasefire between Lebanese Christian and Lebanese Muslim, our nation is in trouble once more. The threat of Muslim takeover and the imposition of Shariah Law has many Lebanese Christians, especially Lebanese Christian women, feeling nervous. Many Lebanese men and Lebanese women in the Christian communities have started arming themselves in case the Muslims rise up and try to take out the Christian-led government of Lebanon. Yeah, that's life for any Christian in the Middle East, ladies and gentlemen. The radical Muslims hate people of other religions, and I can't help but fear that what they're doing to Christians in the Middle East and elsewhere, they'll try to do to Christians in the United States of America, Canada, Europe and Africa once they become the majority on this planet. They're insane, seriously!

Honestly, I wish the Western world would stop welcoming immigrants from certain places into their midst. That's just asking for trouble. If you let in intolerance in the name of tolerance, you're a bigger fool than the man who pours water into a cup with a hole at the bottom and expects it to stay full. If you bring snakes into your garden and give them free reign, first they will roam and multiply and then, eventually they will bite you. Sorry, just giving you my two cents. I found the Confederation of Canada a very beautiful and welcoming place, even though I ran into quite a few racists up here. No place is perfect, after all. Still, it was a very interesting place, and I was glad to start my studies at Carleton University. I've heard great things about the university system of North America.

I had some high expectations, as you can imagine. I just never expected to fall in love, and with a Black man no less. When I first ran into Charles, I was in distress. I had lost my U-Pass and without it, I wouldn't be able to board the bus from Rideau to Carleton. I didn't have any money on me and feared being stranded downtown. Guess who came to my rescue? A tall, dark and handsome young man in a corrections officer uniform. Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services prison guard Charles Jean Duchene. And the guy looked absolutely gorgeous in his uniform. He'd been talking to a buddy of his who worked security at the mall when someone turned in my U-Pass. He did the good Samaritan thing and went looking for me, and he actually found me near the mall entrance. How about that? I was so happy I actually hugged the guy. He jokingly told me he'd gladly take my number as reward. I looked him up and down, and smiled. It's not every day that a cute guy saves my unlucky ass, so why not? I gave him my number, and never regretted it.

That night, I talked to Charles and added him on Facebook. When he asked me out for coffee, I was okay with it. We had coffee together at the University Center at Carleton, and I gave him a tour of the campus. Charles recently graduated from the University of Ottawa with a bachelor's degree in Criminology. He'd been to Carleton University only a couple of times before, and found our campus quite awesome. The guy was cute, sexy and friendly, and he had a good job. I liked him, but hesitated when I sensed he wanted to date me. You see, the Arab community is funny when it comes to interracial dating. You'll see lots of Arab males with White women, Black women, Asian women and Indian women but those same Arab guys would get violently angry if they saw an Arab woman dating a man who wasn't Arab. Especially if the man's skin was dark. My people are obsessed with pale skin. Yeah, that's Arab racism at its best.

Inside, I felt torn. I mean, I liked Charles and found him an absolutely awesome guy. He told me he found me beautiful. I'm five-foot-ten, chubby and big-bottomed, with big tits, wide hips and a big ass. I have light bronze skin, long curly Black hair and pale brown eyes. I'm a chubby chick in a world where thinness is prized in women. I didn't often feel beautiful. Yet when Charles looked at me, and told me I looked good to him, I believed him. This six-foot-one, brown-skinned and green-eyed biracial Adonis of Haitian and French descent could have any chick he wanted and he picked me. To hell with what Arab guys are going to say, when Charles asked me out, I said yes. That was six months ago. I've fallen in love with Charles and I want to be with him always. He's a fantastic guy, a truly smart person, a wonderful cook and a great lover. Everything a woman could want in a man. Our relationship is getting serious. Pretty soon we're going to go into dangerous territory. I know that my family would never accept him because us Arabs are racist, whether we're Christian or Muslim. I don't know what I'm going to do. I love my family, but I love Charles too. May God help me when the time comes. Wish me luck, ladies and gentlemen.

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