tagNovels and NovellasLost in Eros 1: The Manor 08

Lost in Eros 1: The Manor 08


Lost in Eros
Book I: The Manor

The Lord

"So, did you inherit your lordship, Lord?" Tascha asked as she moved around the room. She was now reluctant to simply let herself go with this big man.

"I don't understand," he said simply. It was the first thing he'd said since Tascha had met him, and she was surprised that he had a cultured British accent.

Tascha skirted the bottom step of the platform in the center of the room, upon which was the large, dark-sheeted bed like a pagan altar in a horror movie. "Was it passed down in your family?"

"Not that I'm aware of," the Lord said as he followed her at a respectful, almost aloof distance.

She looked over her shoulder at him and asked, "Well, how did you become Lord, then?"

He paused, frowning a little. "It was a very long time ago," he said, as if to say "it's difficult to think about."

"Was there a ceremony?" Tascha asked, trying to be of help.

"No," he shook his head a little, "not really. The Lady chose me, and I became Lord of the Manor."

"Ah," Tascha smiled at him, but then continued to move away from him around the bed. "And, do you know how she became the Lady?"

"She once told me that the previous Lord selected her."

"Oh, very good, thank you," Tascha said, looking at herself in the mirrored wall across the room. She was a striking sight, with her narrow frame wrapped in the spandex girdle, her bare breasts, and the long dark skirt flowing out behind her. She liked the way her legs looked in her heels and fishnet stockings. And then there was her bare crotch, framed by her garter belt and the tops of her stockings. She noticed the choker around her neck for the first time in what seemed like hours, and reached up to touch it. Moving slowly toward the mirror, she said, "And what happened to the previous Lord?"

"I only know that he was no longer here," the Lord said simply. He had paused by the bed. Tascha looked at him in the mirror.

"Do you know where he went?"

The Lord untied the belt of his robe and let the garment fall open. Tascha was not surprised to see a long, thick cock hanging between his thighs. It wasn't as large as the Player's, at least not now, but it was still impressive. Finally, the Lord said, "No." He shrugged the robe off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

Tascha was now close to the mirror and tore her eyes from the naked man behind her – the naked man who looked like some Greek god. No, she thought, like Thor, the one in the comic books. She tried to think of another question to ask, somehow feeling that if she couldn't think of any she would have to surrender to that cock. Not that that idea didn't appeal to her at all, only that she wasn't quite ready. She looked at her face in the mirror, and wondered at the change one day, or night (whatever), in the Manor had wrought in her. Though she certainly had enjoyed sex, and wasn't what she would consider inhibited, she had never gone in for the wildly promiscuous casual sex she'd indulged in, and enjoyed, today. And, then the sex she enjoyed was usually with girls. She'd had sex, and fun sex at that, with guys before, but most of the time she wasn't really comfortable with the nature of heterosexual sex. There was the brute, invasive nature of it, for one thing, and then all that messy cum, for another. Now, in one "day", she'd not only had sex with any woman she could lay hands on, but she'd had three different cocks in her mouth and been well and truly fucked by two of them. Moreover, she was quickly becoming something of a fiend for cum. Looking at the face of woman in the mirror she could still see the person who was very much in love with Sarah – the woman who was platonic friends, and nothing more, with Don – but she could also see a wanton slut, who was sure to soon be enjoying a fourth cock and the man attached to it. She had little doubt that this second woman was going to win out over the other in the next few minutes, but for now the other was resisting.

Then, abruptly, the mirror in front of her vanished, replaced by a clear view of another bedroom, much brighter than this one, with a canopied, four-poster bed in the center. On the opposite side of the bed, she could see a woman's naked back, with dark hair falling down over her shoulders and back. She knew that somehow this wall had gone from mirror to window.

Tascha looked over her shoulder and said, "Did you do that?"

The Lord was moving toward her from the bed. "Yes."


The Lord shrugged. "When I became Lord I was able to do that. The Lady and I can look in on each other whenever we like."

Tascha considered this, and that it amounted to quite a speech from the quiet Lord, and then looked back at the scene through the wall. The Lady was leaning back over the bed now, grasping the bedpost on her left side for support. Tascha could imagine that Don was kissing his way down the front of her there, probably about to begin going down on her. Hey, don't forget you owe me one of those! Tascha thought to herself and smiled a little. She felt the Lord standing behind her. He could easily see over her head.

The Lady had let go of the bedpost, and Tascha could see her squeezing her big tits. Certainly, Don was now licking at her pussy and clit. Tascha wanted to ask the Lord how he could have known that this would turn her on, but somehow knew that all she would get in response was an enigmatic shrug. Tascha continued to watch the Lady and felt her heart pounding in her chest. She didn't move as the Lord unzipped the back of her spandex top and peeled it down off her. Tascha just let the Lord push the stretchy top down over her hips and then stepped out of the pile of a dress, without taking her eyes off the Lady. Tascha knew if the mirror were still in front of her, she would see a woman standing there exposed and flushed, in a garter belt, fishnet stockings and sexy high heels. Just like a porn star, she thought, and to complete the picture was the big stud who had undressed her and stood patiently behind her. With one last look at the Lady and her heaving chest, Tascha turned, took the Lord by the hand and led him back to the bed.

She stepped up the three risers, and then sat down on the low edge of the bed, her legs parted in front of her. She watched the Lady again across the distance and through the wall. She wished the rooms were smaller, so she would have a better view. As the Lord kneeled on the bottom step and leaned in to run his hands over the insides of her thighs, Tascha leaned back on the bed, propping herself up on her elbows so she could keep watching what was going on in the other room.

The Lord's kiss on her exposed pussy was surprisingly light, raising the hairs on her arms and the back of her neck. The Lady suddenly arched her back high; Tascha could see her face, upside down and her breasts shaking as she came. The Lord's tongue slipped between her lips probing and tasting. Tascha parted her legs a bit further. The Lady had collapsed onto the bed, but Don was still between her legs. The Lord's tongue passed over Tascha's clit and she shivered. He did it again and she smiled. The Lady was obviously still enjoying whatever Don was doing. The Lord sucked on her clit, and Tascha felt one of his fingers moving between her lips, searching for her pussy. The Lady was writhing, obviously having another orgasm. The Lord was licking Tascha's clit now, and had started to push his finger up inside her. Tascha shuddered and closed her eyes.

When Tascha looked again, the Lady was up on her hands and knees in the middle of her bed, and Don was kneeling behind her. Tascha could tell by the expression on her face that the Lady liked what Don was doing back there. Tascha herself was enjoying what the Lord was doing, as his tongue and lips made love to her clit and his finger slowly moved in and out of her pussy. Tascha watched as Don intently fucked the Lady from behind. She noticed that they both almost seemed to be looking right at her. The Lady's tits were hanging down beneath her like beautiful, ripe fruit, and her face showed her ecstasy. Tascha could tell the Lady would soon be coming again. As she saw the woman on the other side of the room, crying out with tears running down her cheeks, Tascha closed her eyes and let the warm, intense sensation of her own orgasm sweep over her.

When she stopped shaking, Tascha let herself fall back on the bed, and stared up at the darkened ceiling. She knew there was a big, silly smile on her face. She felt more than heard the Lord shifting and getting up between her legs. She didn't move, or stop smiling, when she felt the head of his large cock slipping between her lips and against her pussy. She relaxed and let him push into her. It felt good to be filled again. He took his time, which made it feel like there was even more cock moving into her than there really was, and there really was a lot. Tascha moved her head a little, and smiled up at the Lord's handsome face. His long blond hair was hanging down around his shoulders.

Tascha sat back up, leaning on her elbows again, and admired the muscles of the god who was fucking her. She watched his abs flexing and looked down to see his thick cock slowly pistoning in and out of her. She saw that it was very slick with her juices. This made Tascha shiver. She shifted forward a bit, and hooked her legs over the Lord's big thighs, pulling him tighter into her. She grabbed his thick forearms from beneath, and began to work herself against his thrusting cock and his flexing abdominals. Tascha looked up into the Lord's eyes and held his gaze while he fucked her steadily.

A series of unexpected tiny orgasms shook her then, and she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as she rode them out. The Lord just kept fucking her as she trembled. When she could open her eyes again, she looked up at him. He just smiled down at her. She licked her lip and said, "I want you to come in my mouth."

The Lord smiled more broadly, nodded, and began to fuck her more vigorously. She thought the cock inside her was going to tear her in two, and she felt like she wanted it to. Another powerful orgasm caught her unawares then, and she shook like a doll beneath the Lord. Before she finished quaking, he abruptly took his cock out of her, and caught the back of her head.

Tascha snapped to attention and quickly leaned forward to grab hold of that cock, which was so very thick and slippery. She opened her mouth wide and did her best to stuff the Lord's purple head into it. She held on to his shaft tightly and stroked it. She had a brief mental image of her there on the edge of the bed in her stockings and high heels, hair a mess, and sucking on this monstrous prick. Then, the Lord pushed forward, the cock in her hands swelled even bigger, and a thick flood of thick salty, sweet cum was choking her. She tried to swallow it all, but some leaked out around the Lord's cock and dribbled down her chin. Another flood of cum filled her mouth and throat, and then another. Tascha kept swallowing, but knew she was letting quite a bit of it spill out. She kept stroking that big shaft, milking more cum from it. Only when it seemed that she'd gotten as much as she would get, did she let go of the cock and took her mouth off the head. She smiled up at the Lord, knowing full well she must look like the sluttiest woman in the world at that moment. He smiled back at her, as she used her fingers to scoop up as much of the cum on her face and tits as she could find and delivered it to her mouth.

The Lord stroked her hair with one of his big hands, which somehow helped Tascha decide that she wasn't finished with him yet. "Why don't you lie down up here on the bed?"

The Lord was happy to comply, moving around her to lie down on his back. Tascha looked over at the mirror/window and saw that Don and the Lady were no longer on their bed. She wondered where they had gone, but didn't let that stop her from turning and crawling over to the Lord and straddling his muscular legs. She leaned down and began to kiss and lick his still mostly-hard shaft. She took her time, working up and down, enjoying the feeling of his sex on her lips and tongue as much as the taste of her own sweet juices on him. She worked all the way up to the head, and then back down to the base, and even kissed and sucked on each of his big, bare balls. When she got back to the head again, she lifted his cock up off his belly and took the head into her mouth again. She felt his balls against her tits as she began to suck on him. Her hands moved up and down on his shaft, which was now almost as stiff as it had been when he was fucking her. Tascha decided it was stiff enough for her purposes.

She moved up over him, pressing her pussy down on the thick shaft as she did. Out of the corner of her eye, she thought she saw Don and the Lady coming back into the other room. Tascha reached down and picked up the end of the Lord's cock and pressed it between her lips. She got the head into her pussy and began to lower herself down on that column of sex. The Lord took her waist in his powerful hands and supported her. Tascha relaxed and let his cock fill her up, and then let him begin to lift and lower her light body up and down on him. Her hands found their way to her breasts, and she began to pinch and twist at her nipples. A tiny and all too fleeting orgasm shook her body, leaving her wanting more.

She leaned forward, dropping her hands to brace herself on the broad, solid pecs of the man whose cock was stretching her pussy so wonderfully. Tascha began to rock herself on him, working herself back and forth on his body, grinding her clit against him. He caught on immediately, and, with his grip on her waist, helped stimulate her by sliding her back and forth on his cock. They kept at this until Tascha was shaking all over and her orgasm was dancing like a lightning storm through every part of her body. She cried out incoherently, shouted something to the effect that he should keep fucking her, and just let the pleasure and the man beneath her have their way with her body. She had no idea how long this continued, but at the end, the Lord rolled her over onto her back, pulled his big cock out of her very happy pussy and sprayed what felt like a waterfall of hot cum all over her.

Tascha giggled, and played with the cum. She brought some of it to her mouth and swallowed it, but not with the urgency she had felt earlier. She looked to her right, and was just barely able to focus on the Lady and Don sitting up in the bed with her in his lap and facing each other. Tascha thought that looked like fun, but she found she was unable to speak coherently or move. The Lord leaned down and kissed her lovingly.

Then Tascha was dimly aware of being lifted in strong arms and being carried to a bathroom, where the Lord and a beautiful young man gently bathed her with warm water and fragrant soap. While being thoroughly dried, she was surprised to find herself becoming aroused again. She thought about suggesting that both of the men have their way with her, but realized she was just too tired to enjoy such shenanigans. Once she was dry, the Lord carried her back to the bed and tucked her in. As he lay down beside her, she managed, "If you want you can still fuck me. I don't mind."

The Lord just smiled at her, kissed her on the forehead, and said "Shhh." She was fast asleep by the time his head was on his pillow.

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