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Magic of the Cove


It was a mild yet blustery day, in the Maritimes. Though the temperature was mild the winds were blowing quite strong that day, as we drove to the little out of the way cottage that we had rented for the weekend. It is dusk and the sun is just about to slip below the horizon. This place had been chosen above all that we looked at because of its seclusion, its unspoiled beauty and its nearness to the water. Though most of the cottages had been beautiful, but this one... This one had the most breath taking view from the rather large roughly hewn four poster bed. One could lay there and gaze out the floor to ceiling windows that over looked the cove and the natural beauty that surrounded it.

Pulling the car to a smooth stop just outside the door of the cottage, we slipped from the car quietly and looked around. Nothing but a fresh blanket of snow marked only by the wildlife that wandered freely here. There was no noise... Only that of the winds whistling through the trees that stood majestically around the shoreline. I turned slowly to gather my small bag from the back seat of the car and walked across the pristine snow, to the door of the quaint little cottage. He went to gather some firewood from the pile neatly stacked at the side of the building. Opening the door... And seeing that the care taker had gone to great lengths to see that the cottage had been prepared as we had asked. In the hearth a roaring fire blazed away. Gazing around the room, I see that the room has been freshly dusted and aired out. Walking slowly to the bedroom, seeing that the satin sheets that had been sent ahead were on the bed, fresh flowers had been placed on the night stand. And the windows had been freshly washed... Allowing the almost perfect view of my childhood playground.

Hearing him enter the front door and drop the wood next to the fireplace, I drop my small bag on the bed and walk to the living room in time to see him rise. I marvel at just how handsome he really is. His strong arms and legs... His loving eyes... The ones I long to gaze into, were my sights Watching him slip his coat off... And feeling the familiar stir that happens EVERY time I look at him. He looks up from hanging his coat and sees that my thoughts are now visible in my eyes. I cannot hide my attraction for him... Especially not from him. Slowly he stands straight and walks to me, gathering me silently into his arms. A soft shudder courses through my body as I feel once again the sweet bliss of his arms enclosing me. "This is where I long to always be"... I say to myself.

Curling my body against his, I can smell the ocean and the cold in his skin and hair. Such and intoxicating smell it is. Slowly as the embrace deepens, as my body melds with his... His hands begin to travel my body,... Each touch eliciting a small gasp or moan. He knows what he can do to me with the simplest of touches. I feel his hands... His fingertips tracing a line down my arms... My breath held in anticipation. I know what he will do... He has done it a bajillion times before... Each time as exciting as the first time. He knows my weaknesses... And plays them well. I feel is fingertips graze the core of my palms. My body instantly wracked with shivers of delight. Feeling all of his fingers caressing my palms... A soft moan slips free of my lips... Then his hand lays fully against mine... And I am lost in him yet again. Slowly his large strong hand closes around mine... No words have been spoken but the conversation of bodies flowing. He silently leads me to the bedroom that will be our refuge in the coming storm of emotion and weather.

As we enter the bedroom and are once again struck by the beauty of nature that seems to be a part of the room... We walk directly to the window and watch as the first squall from the bay rolls in. His hand releases mine as he moves behind me to envelop me yet again. I feel his arms slip around my shoulders and lay across my chest. Together we stand... As one... Looking at the world before us. I step back slightly pressing my body to his. He does not move back but snuggles me tight. His hands begin to caress my breasts through the blouse that separates his flesh from mine. The buttons begin to fall away one by one. My breath held then releases with a moan as each button slips free of its home. As my blouse is slowly opened before the window...

I do not feel the cold only the warmth of his touch and the heat of the room. I feel his arms drop slightly to the button on my jeans... And with little effort the button yields... Then the hissing of the zipper. I feel him move from me slightly as he bends slightly to lower the jeans, then straighten as he uses his foot to aide them the rest of the way to my ankles. I step from my jeans as he kicks them to the side. There I stand... Clad only in my panties and opened blouse, his arms firmly about me... His fingers deftly slip into the waist band of my panties and they too begin their journey to the floor to join my jeans. He grasps the collar of my blouse and slips it from my shoulders and tosses it aside. There I stand wrapped in his embrace... Naked... Before the world.

His massive hands move to encase my breasts, the nipples hard from the excitement of being undressed by him. His strong hands caressing and kneading my breast flesh... My heart thundering in my ears. I step back against him again. My naked ass pressed against his growing hardness still encased in his jeans. My hands slip behind my back and begin to free the imprisoning button and zipper. The button pops free and the zipper is propelled down by his growing member that yearns to be free. Not wanting to break the embrace I struggle with my hands behind my back to lower his pants... Then his briefs.

The sudden feeling of his hard hot flesh pressed against my ass is too much for me and a soul shaking shudder rips through me. Once again, I feel his arms lowering his fingers tapping a trail over my stomach... Then resting and drumming a tune on my freshly shaved mound. Quickly, without warning his fingers drop between my pouting pussy lips. Not a word has been spoken between us... Words are unnecessary. His fingers move deeper in my slit, that now tremors and drools for his touch... For more of his touch. As quickly as his fingers slipped into me they are withdrawn. "Pleeease* I moan, "don't stop, I need your touch"

His now juice wetted hand slips around my trembling hand once again and he leads me silently to the large bed that faces the window. Never releasing my hand, he pulls back the comforter and there revealed is a set of black satin sheets strewn with the most perfect white rose petals. My eyes grow wide, this was a surprise... A sweetly scented surprise that mingles with the scent that is already on his hand. He tugs lightly on my hand as if to tell me lay down... And my heart leaps. On trembling legs I move to lay myself across the petals, crumpling the petals... Their strong scent curling up my nostrils... And once again my body is wracked with another shudder... This one more intense... More visible. Without lead I open my thighs to reveal to his eyes my glistening pussy...

My wetness speaking more to my desire then I could possibly ever. Our eyes lock... And he too joins me in the mass of perfect petals. He lays his body alongside mine. His hand rests on my quivering belly. His electric blue eyes snapping... He too cannot hide his desire... Nor does he try. Wiggling sensuously down the bed til my head lays even with his massively hard member... My lips wet with anticipation of tasting him again. Inclining my head towards him... My lips make their first contact with his cock. My nostrils now filled with his musky scent of arousal and the sweet scent of the roses. Lovingly laying one kiss to the dark head... Then tapping the head with my tongue tip. I feel him go rigid and his cock jumps at my tongue. I hear his body and open my mouth. My lips stretch to take his thick shaft, the heady taste of his pre-cum filling all of my senses. My lips begin to make their journey to the base... Working him slowly into my mouth. Letting the journey be enjoyable to both...

My tongue swirls around the sides of his cock as it twitches within the wet confines of my mouth. My lips slowly slipping up and down his shaft, my hands caressing, gently kneading his sac. Both our eyes flickering now and then to the brewing storm outside. The storm matches the intensity of our desires for the other. My lips flying now up and down the length of his shaft in a blizzard of action... Only paralleled by the storm that blows outside. Sensing that he will release soon and not wanting to end this little "storm", I pull off his cock and smile up at him. My own smoky blue eyes meeting his snapping blue eyes. I feel him press me down into the soft bed... And slip over my body. My soul screaming for him to enter me, he pauses, smiles wickedly, and slithers down my body. A great moan slips from my lips. His lips trailing a fire over my skin that prickles with anticipation of his actions. His kisses slow as the descend my body... Only adding to my writhing and moans.

His tongue traces the fold where my legs join my body, and my body jerks. His tongue traces the very outer parts of my pussy and I hiss. His tongue traces the line of my slit and I groan and arch to his tongue. Once again both our eyes flicker to the scene outside... The snow swirling and twirling matched by the emotion of the room. He presses his tongue between my now engorged lips... And finds my clit... Instantly I am wracked with an awe- inspiring orgasm. But he does not stop. He starts to flick the hard unhooded nub over and over again sending me into wave after wave of delightful convulsions. As my body begins to rest yet again... He quickly without warning drives, his tongue straight rigidly and deep into my now VERY needful tunnel. Once again I am catapulted over the edge of bliss and writhing on his tongue. His tongue un relentlessly plunges in and out of my hole.

My hands grasping at my own breasts, tugging and rolling my nipples in an attempt to hold onto what sanity I have left. He curls his tongue within me and my last remaining grasp on reality shatters... As my body bucks wildly, his hands firmly wrapped around my waist. Once again in the heat of passion both our eyes float to the window... And the storm that brew... And roils. My body as well as his need the joining... And move without word to place themselves... I on my knees facing the window... He kneeling behind me cock poised to enter me. His hands once again connect with my body. I can feel his strong grip on my ass cheeks.

As a sudden gail blows in from the Cove... The scene outside whited out, he enters me without word... Without warning. Instantaneously, I feel him buried deep within me. He begins to fuck me and I him. Not a slow action but one filled of lust of need... And of DESIRE. Our bodies slamming together... Only drowned out by the thundering of our hearts in our ears and the howling winds outside the room. Each body working the other. Each others sex striving to drive the other over the edge into that world that is so magical... Two separate bodies acting as one in a common goal. Suddenly the vocal silence is broken as both bodies GROWL... And empties one for the other. Eyes flicker to the window, yet again... The storm rages... As our bodies writhe and buck. Then subside... Our eyes for the last time glance to the window. The storm has quelled.

Our eyes float shut, locked in an embrace as we drift peacefully off to sleep. Only to wake as dawns light first breaks. Our eyes sleepily look to the window as our sleepy arms embrace each other in the warmth of freshly waken from slumber only to behold one of the most beautiful sites of Peggy's Cove... Its sunrise. Slowly we rise naked from our bed... Crumpled rose petals stuck to. Our bodies and walk to the window. Wrapped in each others arms. Contented we gaze.

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