tagErotic CouplingsMarcie and Phil Explore Ch. 02

Marcie and Phil Explore Ch. 02


Around eleven in the morning the day following the condo pool party Marcie came up behind me as I stood at the kitchen counter pouring the last of the morning coffee into my mug. She slipped her arms around me and said she was going down to the pool to work on her tan. When I turned around she was standing there wearing an apparently new bikini because I had never seen her wear it before. "New?" I asked.

'Yes." She replied and did a slow turn around, showing me the entire 360-degree view. It was Black and the top was two small triangles connected with thin black cords that tied around her neck and across her back. The bottom section was a narrow strip up her butt and an even smaller triangle barely covering her neatly shaved mound in front. It too had two thin strings, one tied at each hip. "You like it?" She asked.

"What's not to like?" I answered. "You better not get it wet though. If it shrinks you could be in trouble." I rubbed my palms over her butt and the fabric was so soft I swore it felt like her bare skin.

"You coming down with me?" she asked.

"Maybe later." I said and she turned and walked out of the apartment grabbing a towel and her beach bag off of the kitchen table as she went. What a vision.

The next time I checked a clock it was nearing two in the afternoon. I thought about it a bit then went out into the hall and walked to an end window that looked out over the condo grounds and the pool. There were a number of people in and around the pool. It took a while but I spied Marcie reclining on a chase in the near corner close to the entrance gate. She was reading a magazine, one leg was raised up and she rested her arm on it as she read. About then she lowered the magazine and turned her head to her left and was speaking to someone. The figure in the adjacent lounge chair was none other that our new friend Darren.

He must have said something funny because Marcie tilted her head back and laughed and she reached out her left hand and pushed against Darren's shoulder. A second later she did it again but this time she let her had linger a few seconds after giving him the gentle shove.

I watched for a long time, the two of them carried on quite a conversation. Finally Marcie looked at her watch, said something to Darren and stood up and started gathering her belonging into her bag. When all of her things were readied to depart she was facing her chair and away from Darren. She slid one finger of both hands under her bikini bottoms at her upper hips and slid her hands down both sides extracting the material that had wedged into her butt crack while she had been sitting. Then she turned around and repeated the same exercise while facing Darren with fingers straightening the front side of her suit. Her fingers were inside her bikini bottoms while Darren watched, very interesting.

As she walked away across the pool deck and up the walk toward our building I watched Daren and his eyes never left her ass.

When Marcie entered the condo she went straight to the bedroom and I soon heard the shower running. I waited about ten minutes then walked into the bedroom and to the open door of the bath. I leaned against the jam and watched Marcie. She had one arm out straight and pressed against the wall and her other hand was soaping her pussy as fast as it could. I wasn't sure what to do but I felt I had to do something. I pealed off my clothes as quietly as I could and opened the shower door. Marcie jumped in surprise. She removed her hand from her crotch and stood up straight taking her other hand off of the wall.

"I was almost finished." She stammered.

"You sure?" I asked. I turned her to face the back wall of the shower and raised her arms and placed her hands flat against the tile. I took the bar of soap and wetted and lathered up a natural sponge. I put my right hand on the back of her neck and lowered my left, holding the sponge to her sex. I slid it between her legs and lifted putting gentle pressure on her swollen lips. I let the sponge slowly slide back and forth between her legs and she began to rock and moan. I increased the pressure and the speed and allowed my middle finger to extend past the edge of the sponge. Every time I pulled the sponge back my finger would slide between her pussy lips. Each pass, I let my finger dip a bit deeper into her and her ass would buck onto it.

My right hand had now pressed her head against the wall and she was leaning over at a nice angle. I stepped close to her backside and my stiff cock wedged between her cheeks. I continued her scrubbing while my right hand now guided my prick into her from the rear. As I slipped into her I dropped the sponge and began to rub her clit with interest. We fucked for more than thirty seconds when she hit a climax so hard she was bumping her head against the wall and I had to cup her forehead to keep her from hurting herself. She shoved herself against me and I felt her juice run down my legs. She threw her head back against my chest and gasped for air. She was raising and lowering herself onto my rod. When the main event had subsided, she just stood there and I could feel the walls of her vagina contract over and over.

I rinsed and kissed her as sweetly as I could and left taking a towel into the bedroom. I had dressed and was sitting on the couch when she came out. She was wearing a short dark blue tee and a pair of baby blue terrycloth shorts. Like I say, fantastic.

She sat next to me and curled her legs under her and pressed her head onto my chest. "I love you more that anything or anyone in this world. You know that don't you?" She said.

"I do when you say it like that." I replied

'You believe that don't you?" She said again.

'I do." I said. "I truly do. And I love you equally as much." I offered.

'I'm glad." She said. "I'm really sorry Phil."

"What are you sorry for?" I asked.

"Do I have to say it?"

"Don't you think you should?" I heard her sniffle and then she began to quietly sob on my chest. It was minutes before she spoke again.

"I don't know what it is." She began. "I have never felt this way. When he looked at me last night and again today, it was like he could see right through me. I felt hypnotized by him." She stopped talking for a while. "He is so strong, his personality, I mean. It's like he is in total control of everything around him."

"Maybe it would be better if you avoided him." I offered.

She just nodded against my chest and remained quiet.

It's now been two months since the pool party and our following day's shower sex. We have not discussed it again. I must say sex with Marcie has been nothing short of fantastic. One thing has changed; Marcie has started to make a point of telling me whenever she has a hallway or parking lot meeting with Darren. It is never more than 'hey, I saw Darren in the lobby' or something like that. It was like, after our talk she wanted to let me know whenever they came into contact regardless of how innocent the meeting was. One night as we were in the bathroom getting ready for bed, I was at the sink and Marcie was stepping into the shower. "By the way." She said. "I saw Darren in the lobby down stairs when I was coming home. He said to tell you hello."

"That's good." I replied. I watched her as she turned towards the shower wall and started soaping up her breasts.

I had been in bed for twenty minutes when she finally abandoned the shower and came into the bedroom totally nude except for a towel wrapped around her wet hair. I will say it again. Marcie is gorgeous. She crawled up on top of me and took total control of our lovemaking. Every time I tried to touch her she would gently push my hand away or if I tried to kiss her she would put her hand on my chest and press me back to the mattress. She fucked me for a good half hour and rocked through two orgasms while playing cowgirl on top of me. When I came she fucked right though it like she didn't even know it had happened.

After that night I would, on occasion, make very off handed comments during the evening about Darren. Nothing blatant really, I might simply mention that I saw him leaving as I got home or that Darren and I rode the elevator together.

I would wait until later in the evening and say something while as were finishing a favorite TV show or watching the news, just before we retired to bed. I started an experiment; comparing our lovemaking on the nights when Darren's name was mentioned and the nights I chose to say nothing. There was a noticeable difference.

On those nights when she heard Darren's name just before we went to bed, she would be more vocal and cum faster and her orgasms would last longer. The other difference was that she would be more detached, less interested in my pleasure and concentrate entirely on getting what she wanted out of the experience.

Fall arrived, the pool was closed and I my Google calendar reminded me that our first wedding anniversary was soon arriving. It was September 28th, today was the 14th, and I had to get busy planning us the perfect evening and finding her a great gift.

On Friday, I arrived home as usual, at six o'clock. I was in the lobby waiting for the elevator when Darren walked in carrying a suitcase. He immediately said hello, called my by name and asked about my week. I returned the casual conversation as we entered the elevator.

"What's going on with you these days?" I asked.

'It's not been great." He said. "I just got back from visiting my folks, they live in New Orleans."

"We love New Orleans." I said. "We have been to Jazz Fest three times."

"Yea," he said. "I love it too. But this visit was because my father had a stroke and is not doing well."

"I'm so sorry." I offered.

"Thanks," He said. "I don't mean to say that Dad is terminal. It's just that he has lost the use of his right side and mom has to do everything for him. It's wearing on her so my brother and I are trying to arrange some home health care to help out." He sounded very concerned and it made me think of my own parents.

When the elevator opened onto our floor I said. "Darren, how about stopping over for a drink later. Wash away the jet lag. No need to set at home alone after dealing with such issues."

'That's very nice of you. You sure Marcie won't mind?"

"I don't know why she would." I said. "We just hang out watching the TV or listing to music and reading some."

"Well, you have it better than I did when I was married." He offered. "If I invited one of my friends over for drinks without telling her, my wife would have a cat."

"It's fine." I said. "So. Around eight?"

"OK but you need to go tell her right now and if you're wrong, come over and knock on my door. I really don't want to walk in on a family squabble."

I laughed and said. "Will do."

When I entered the apartment Marcie was in the kitchen preparing our dinner out of Chinese carryout containers. "I'm really sorry about dinner but it's been crazy at work and I didn't feel like cooking."

"Oh, Oh." I said

'What Oh, Oh." she asked.

"I need to run down the hall. I met Darren in the elevator. He was telling me what a crappy week he was having and I invited him over for drinks later." I tried to explain.

She waited a minute for me to say something else. "I'm sorry, I should not have done that with out talking to you first.

"Don't worry about it." She suggested. "Maybe that's what we need, company, conversation, something besides television."

"Well If I don't call it off, he will me here about eight." I smiled and kissed her. "How about we have Chinese for dinner." Marcie was still in her office attire, gray pants suit, white blouse and black pumps. Boardroom tasty.

"Your brilliant," she said.

We finished eating around seven and I offered to police the dishes and clean up the kitchen. Marcie disappeared into the bedroom.

At Ten minutes till eight Marcie appeared from the bedroom and stood there in a black silk spaghetti strapped Tank top. She had replaced the gray slacks with a pair of cream-colored linen Bermuda shorts. There was a pair of soft black loafers on her feet. Her hair was perfect and she had redone the daytime makeup.

When she came up to me she was showing some nervous jitters. She fumbled with the hem of the top and didn't look me in the eyes. I lifter her chin, kissed her and said. "You look fabulous. New outfit?" I asked.

"Not too, " She said. "You like it?"

"Absolutely." I said. "You're not wearing a bra."

"Oh shit, can you tell?" She exclaimed. "I'll go change." The doorbell rang.

"Again. You look fabulous." You should get the door.

"But, I......." she started.

I put a finger to her lips. "Besides, this way I can tell in advance if you start getting too interested in our friend Darren." She just looked at me. "Get the door." I patted her sweet butt when she moved past me.

When Marcie opened the door, Darren stepped in and without hesitation, put an arm on her shoulder and placed a short kiss on her cheek. "So, is Phil in the doghouse?" He grinned at Marcie. If he is, it's not my fault."

"Of course not. We are happy to have you over. If I had been given some notice however," and she hooked her head toward me; "We could have had dinner too."

"Don't believe a word of that." I offered. "Neither of us have had time to boil water for weeks."

She looked at Darren shrugged her shoulders and grinned. "He's right, sorry."

"I'll settle for that drink." He said.

"What would you like?" I asked

"Scotch and a little water and a couple of cubes of ice if like is perfect." Darren said.

"Life should be perfect." I answered. "Give me a minute."

Darren sat on the end of the sofa and Marcie turned on the CD player and put in a Nora Jones disc. The air immediately filled with soft horns, a piano and the lovely gravelly voice of Ms. Jones. She sat on an overstuffed side chair.

I returned with a white wine for Marcie and Darren's Scotch and went back for a bottle of Rolling Rock for myself. When we all had drinks I settled in the opposite end of the sofa.

The conversation was light and humorous and steady. No awkward pauses, the evening flowed. Darren was a very funny guy. I was mixing our third drink. Marcie changed CD's and started a Dianna Krall disc and a very sultry version of 'Boulevard of broken dreams' flowed from the speakers.

When she turned around Darren was getting up and held out a hand. "I don't get many chances to dance with a beautiful woman and to the best music. May I?"

Marcie took his hand as I returned from mixing more drinks. I set theirs on the coffee table, took mine and settled down into the overstuffed chair and watched. Darren moved like a seasoned dance enthusiast. His right hand was along her lower waist, fingers moving slowly, just barely above the point of concern. His left arm out slightly with her hand cupped into his. His fingers wrapped her hand entirely. They were dancing very close but it was a slow sweet tune. Hips were moving together and their steps were short and close together. His right leg was tucked slightly between hers and I could imagine her rubbing against him.

The song finally ended and a new one started, 'Gee baby, ain't I good to you?'. It was a bit more up-tempo and they both finally woke from a trance. Darren released her hand and picked up his drink. He handed Marcie's to her, looked at me and said. "To great music, beautiful women and the chance to dance with them." We all toasted.

With Marcie's seat now occupied by me, She sat down on the sofa next to Darren but closer to him than I had.

We had finished five drinks, Darren danced one more time with Marcie, I watched and at eleven o'clock Darren looked at his watch and said he should go. I had no reply to that since it was late, we were all a bit drunk and Marcie's nipples were poking holes in her silk top. We said our goodnights at the door, Darren kissed Marcie's cheek again and to the surprise of both of us she stood on tiptoes and kissed his cheek right back.

When the door was closed she turned to me and wrapped her arms around me and kissed the breath out of me. Her tongue went down my throat and chased mine around, dueling with it. She ground her pelvis against my leg. Panting, she said. "I thought we decided it might be better if I stayed away from him?"

"Are you ready for bed?"

"Bed yes, sleep no." she took my hand and nearly dragged me to the bedroom.

I thought about tonight. She had fun, got really turned on, enjoyed herself and she's still taking me to bed. I think I might have found Marcie's anniversary present.

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