tagNonHumanMatch Made In Hell

Match Made In Hell


The evil that oozed from the man was an incredible turn on. His naked form was pleasing to her as well. She traced his pectoral muscles. "Perhaps we should go to another section of the mansion and you can tell me more of what just happened..."

He smiled at her. She was pleased that his attraction to her was just as deep. "You are certainly aware of what pure darkness is..."

"Naturally..." she said as she began to kiss him again.

In mid kiss Michael's form changes into a black haze, swirling around Sheila. Soon she was engulfed by the darkness and emerges inside a dark room that had a large poster bed and gothic décor that would make Marilyn Manson proud.

Now standing behind her, Michael devours her neck with kisses as he traces his hands up and down her naked perfection. She purrs from his touch and gasps as soon as she feels his finger invade her body, digging around as if searching for nectar gold.

She gasped at the intense pleasure that was radiating out from her body. She touched her own breasts and began to roll her own nipples between her fingers. She felt Michael lift her from her feet and lay her on the bed...

He materialized in between her legs. He leaned backward and began to stroke his own organ. "Do I excite you, Arianna?" he asked.

"Oh yes.." she purred.

"How much do I excite you?" he asked.

She reached down and parted her lips with her hands. She began to finger her clit right in front of him. "Ooo yeah.. You excite me Michael... Ummm yess..."

Michael was pleased with her reaction. The immortal witch was masturbating herself in front of the immortal demon... He leaned over and began to whisper in her ear... "Do you want it, Witch? How bad do you want it?"

Sheila was near the boiling point. She screamed at the point of her release... Her juices were flowing and running down her legs. Michael began to lap at them furiously...

She arched her back and grabbed the bedposts... She was losing her mind in the ecstasy of the moment. Before she knew it, she came again... Her heart was about to explode...

Michael climbed over her and dangled his erect member in front of her face. She laced onto it like a hungry baby... Swallowing his entire engorged length, made used her tongue to swirl around the mushroom head. She squeezed his testicles as if she were trying to pump more of the demon seed into her body. He soon exploded in his own right shooting the hot liquid down her throat. She wasn't about to let go...

Michael withdrew from her mouth and flipped her over on her belly. He entered her from behind...

Her breasts dangled in front of her as she was on all fours. He started ramming into her with a ferocious intensity. Her behind was getting red from the force of the blows...

Clutching onto the sheets tightly, she threw her head back and screamed at the same time that Michael did. It was certainly a clincher for the witch and the demon... This was a match made in hell.

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