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Meeting Place


I arrive at the center for our weekly group meeting. I'm the first person here so I make a quick visit to the restroom before the others show up.

I stand in front of the mirror, pinching my cheeks to add some colour to them and take out my lip gloss for a quick touch-up when the restroom door opens and in you walk, bold as brass.

My heart beats faster seeing you standing there. You look so sexy in your uniform.

I exclaim "Chris what are you doing? This is the ladies washroom, you shouldn't be in here!"

You reply "I know where I am, and we both know why I'm in here!" You grab me around the waist and pull me towards you.

I resist but only for a moment before I place my hands on your biceps and lean in towards you. Feeling saucy I whisper "No, I don't know why you are here, why don't you tell me."

You growl softly and pull me a little closer to you. With a voice bordering on anger you say "I'm here because my cock has been rock hard all day imagining you in the skirt and thong that you so eloquently described to me by text this morning! You are such a cock tease! I really wish you had of left that skirt on this evening."

I manage to suppress my grin, but can do nothing about the laughter in my eyes. "Hey you are the one that asked what I was wearing today... how was I to know that you get so turned on by women in skirts?"

You sputter "Vicky, I don't get turned on by women in skirts. I get turned on by the image of you in a skirt. I get turned on by the thought of bending you over the desk in your office, reaching underneath your skirt, ripping your panties off and pounding into your pussy so fast and furious that your screams would be heard by everyone you work with."

"Oh, is that what you were thinking about all day long? Well it's no wonder you have a hard on. My question to you is, how can I help?" I ask with a cheeky grin.

"You can start by going into that stall and sitting your sexy ass down astride the toilet." He orders.

I turn and walk into the stall to take my position as you've instructed. Before I'm fully ready, you take a hold of my uniform top and undo the buttons, baring my large breasts to your hungry gaze. You push the shirt off my shoulders and midway down my arms so that my chest is jutting forward and my arms are partially incapacitated. You reach out and reverently touch me for the very first time, running your fingertips over my nipple, flicking it softly.

I inhale sharply and moan. "Ohhhh, that feels amazing! Will you suck on my nipples? Please!!!"

You promptly comply, leaning down you open your lips and suck my nipple inside your mouth. You swirl your tongue around the peak and then close your teeth around it and nibble until the bud is hard and puckered. You kiss your way over to my other breast, lick your tongue out and flick it back and forth over the already hard nipple. A moan escapes my lips and you look up and smile before pulling away.

"Now undo my zipper and suck on my hard cock until I say otherwise!" you firmly order.

I eagerly reach out and unzip your jeans, tug them down to mid thigh and then reach my hand inside your boxer shorts and withdraw your cock, it springs out into my hand like it's been waiting for me to release it all day.

"Oh my, I knew you were large from the pictures but holy... wow!" I say as I run my fingernails up and down your shaft a few times. I wrap my hand around the width of you and realize that you are so thick that I can't touch my finger and my thumb together. My pussy gets damp just from the thought of you putting that huge cock inside me!

I lean down and kiss the head of your dick, then open my lips to take you into my mouth. I suck only the head of your cock inside and swirl my tongue around the smooth ridges. I dip my tongue into the tip and taste the drops of pre-cum that have gathered there. I look up at you and catch your eye, as you are watching me I open my jaw wide and take as much of you into my mouth as I can until I can feel you touching the back of my throat. I pull back again until just the tip of your cock is still in my mouth and slowly slide your huge dick in again. When I feel you bottom out at the back of my throat I start to hum knowing that the vibrations from it will drive you crazy.

You groan and grab my hair, forcing me to take more of you in, for a moment I have to fight off my gag reflex but it passes and I'm able to enjoy having so much of your huge cock in my mouth. I wrap my hand around the base of your shaft and as my lips and tongue eagerly suck on the portion of your dick that I can handle, my hand takes care of the rest.

"You are doing an amazing job on my dick" you growl at me, "but now I want you to suck on my balls!"

I pull my mouth away with a wet popping sound and dip down lower to take one of your balls into my mouth. I suck on it and swirl my tongue around then switch to the other one and give it the same loving treatment. You are almost writhing with the pleasure I'm giving you, it turns me on so much knowing that you are close to losing control.

I release your balls and return my attention to your cock. I suck it back into my mouth quickly and start pumping you with my hand. It doesn't take long before you start to swell and I know you are about to cum. I prepare myself for the load that you are about to shoot into my mouth and know that I'll have to swallow it even though I've never done it before.

With one last forceful pump you groan loudly and shoot stream after stream of cum into my mouth. I swallow and swallow and swallow until I've milked every last drop from your dick.

I think to myself I did it, I swallowed it all and didn't spill a drop! I feel like giving myself a pat on the back for a job well done.

I slowly release you from my mouth and look up to see you starring at my mouth with a hooded expression on your face. I give you a small smile and sit back with a pleased expression on my face.

"Well Chris, do you think that is enough to tide you over until the meeting is over?" I ask with a smirk on my face.

"Forget the meeting Vicky, I'm not done with you yet!" you exclaim.

My eyes widen with surprise and a little bit of alarm. "What are you going to do with me" I ask.

"I'm going to teach you a lesson for being a cock tease!" you state in a stern voice that sends shivers down my spine. "Now stand up, turn around, unzip and lower your pants and lean over the toilet seat."

I turn around as requested but hesitate when it comes to unzipping my pants. I wonder what you have in store for me.

You quickly lose your patience with me and reach around my waist to unzip my pants and then you haul them down with a violent tug.

"You have just earned yourself a spanking for disobeying me! Now bend over and take your punishment like the proper cock tease that you are!" you state with a voice that exudes authority.

I lean over the toilet and put my elbows on the water tank portion, sticking my ass back towards you with just a touch of defiance in my stance.

You quickly give my ass cheek a full hand smack that causes me to clench my teeth together to keep from crying out. The second smack hits my other cheek and I buckle forward a little from the sting. Two more hard smacks leave me whimpering, but still clinging to my dignity by a thread. The fifth slap lands so that the palm of your hand hits my ass while your finger tips slap against my pussy.

"Aaaahhh!" I cry out. "Please Sir, I've had enough, please stop!" I say with a soft whimper.

Your response is a last smack that makes my knees buckle and my legs turn to jelly. I groan again and feel tears prick my eyes.

Realizing I can't take anymore, you lean down and kiss the red marks that you have left on my skin. The feeling of your soft wet lips on my inflamed skin is so soothing that I start to relax and enjoy the sensation. You surprise me though by licking your tongue out and running it along the crack of my ass. I clench at the unexpected feeling of a tongue where I've never felt a tongue before.

Reaching around with your right hand you flick my clit between your two fingers. I groan and thrust my pelvis against your fingers to increase the sensation. You continue to flick and roll my clit between your fingers until my hips are rocking towards you forcefully and I've conveniently forgotten about your roaming tongue. As I relax my ass cheeks you take full advantage and lick down my crack again and around my virgin hole. You increase the pressure of your fingers, distracting me so that your tongue can continue its explorations.

I'm teetering on the edge of climax when I feel you move your tongue up to my pussy and insert a finger in my ass at the same time. My body gets all tingly and I start to shiver as an orgasm hits me like never before. My muscles twitch and contract deep in my pussy and my juices gush out to soak your face. You lap at my pussy and lick up every drop from me, until I'm utterly spent.

You stand up wipe my juices from your face, fix your clothing and walk out of the washroom to start the meeting.

Part Two Coming Soon

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