tagIncest/TabooMerry F’n Christmas

Merry F’n Christmas


As usual, all participants are 18 or older. Also there are no STDs and pregnancy happens only when both parties want it! This is pure fiction...read to enjoy just don't expect it to happen to you!


My name is Tom Jeffers and I am a senior at Sasquatch High School. Yeah, I know, and many times the city council has tried to rename it to no avail. Its graduates won't stand to have it renamed! Any way, I turned 18 just after the last game of my football career -- I know I'm not going to play in college, just not that good. I'm 6'3" and 195 pounds dripping wet with sandy hair and brown eyes. I never knew my dad, seems he took off when I was 1 year old and we've never heard from him. If you ask me, I think I look like my uncle Dave as he is 6'2", 200 with sandy hair and brown eyes. Over the past two years my voice has deepened so much that if I answer his phone people swear they are talking to my uncle! We have the exact same smile, sneer and piercing looks that make me think there may have been some fooling around between him and my mom, not that I care. Hell, if I'm right then maybe when I get to be his age (40) I'll still look just as good as he does. Sure beats going bald and getting a fat gut like some of my buddies' dads have.

Cathy, my mom, is still gorgeous at 38. Sure I may be prejudiced but she is a certain MILF if there ever was one! Her tits are still high risers, with very little sag when she goes braless under her top and her face could launch ten thousand ships! She's is 5'4" and 125 pounds spread over a 36C-24-36 figure. Her green eyes can make me melt and her light brown hair glows golden in the right light.

My 19 year old sister, Brenda, lives at home too even though she goes to the state university. It's only 15 miles away so she commutes to save money. Other than being an inch shorter, ten pounds lighter with naturally blond hair, she is the spitting image of my mom! Hell, I even checked once and found out they wear the same size bras and such. (I DO know how to do the laundry per mom's demand.) My sister doesn't seem to like me very well, often calls me 'the pimple of her life'. I still love her, probably because she looks so damned good in her bikini or sheer night gowns. I'm a pervert, so shoot me.

Once puberty hit me I was perpetually hard due to the luscious views of my mother and sister. I grew up in a house that never seemed to worry about wearing less than a full set of clothing and I got very nervous about my...um...embarrassing lump in my pants. Thanks to my sister razzing the shit out of me the first few times it happened I ended up being very shy and easily embarrassed! Thus I was still a virgin who desperately wanted to get laid before graduating high school. One thing was for sure, I really SHOULD have had huge calluses on my palms from all the jacking off I was doing -- like about five times on slow a day, and many days were much, much more!

My mother's family seemed VERY close knit. In fact, of the six houses on our cul-de-sac, FOUR of them were occupied by her family! There are the Harrison's next to us, Al was pretty messed up after a work accident but at least he and his wife, Peggy, were set for life. On the other side of us were the Hogwarts, Rupert and Wilhelmina (Willie), both in their mid thirties. He is a putz who is NEVER home and she is -- if I do say so myself -- one totally frustrated and sexy woman!

My grandmother (June) owns the end house that is the biggest with the largest lot. I don't know why she hangs on to it as it is just her since my grandfather died three years ago of a heart attack. Guess she just wants to stay close to her kids. I think she should get married again as at 56 she looks damned good to me! I guess her to be about 5'5" tall and around 140 pounds, with nice 36D tits that sag some, but not too much. Her waist is about a 28 with a bit of a bulge, then she fills out with 36 or 38 inch hips. No, I have never done her laundry, damn!

Next to my grandma is Uncle Dave and his wife Meg, they have no kids. Meg is very similar to my mom, even though they aren't related. It just makes me think my uncle was trying to marry my mother by 'imitation' when he married Meg. Luckily for him, Meg still looks just as hot as my mom does, so I guess he did all right. I'm not ashamed to say I lust after her. God she is SO HOT!

On the other corner and next to my uncle are my aunt Pamela and my cousin Vicky. Pam is all of 36 and about 5'6" tall and 115 pounds spread over a 34C-24-36 body that looks absolutely incredible when we gather around my grandma's pool. Auburn hair and brownish eyes -- they seem to change as she moves -- finish the package. Vicky is an 18 year old runt of 5'0" and 93 pounds. She has a gymnast's body of about 32B-20-32 but is strong as all hell! Oh yeah, she is 6 months older than I am and also a senior at my school.

Anyway, with all this incredible female beauty around me, I am constantly trying to hide my cock as it seems to always be on the rise around them. My acne cleared up over the summer, but now my cock seems to be hard nearly all the time! My full nine inches desperately wants to be enveloped by something other than my two hands! In a word, I am perpetually 'HORNY', thus my nearly non-stop jacking off!

Tonight is the 'Family' Christmas party, which Grandma June hosts as she has that huge house that can handle the crowd with ease. When I was a little kid I could tell that Santa was usually my Grandfather, although Uncle Dave subbed for him about every fourth year or so. After Grandpa passed away the job fell to my uncle full time. As a kid I wondered why the women scattered as Santa gave great presents to us kids, but they always did. Then Santa proceeded to wander the house giving the adults their presents while us little ones played to our heart's content.

This is my first year as an 'adult' and I really wanted to skip it but mom insisted that I go. For some reason my cousin Vicky was REALLY looking forward to it -- as did ALL of the other women. Go figure. Mom got her way as I reluctantly agreed to go, although I secretly planned on leaving the moment the women scattered before Santa (Uncle Dave) arrives. The women of the family were all over at Grandma's house preparing for the party and I wandered over to see my uncle. He had been hitting the Peppermint Schnapps pretty hard when I got there and was eating some foul smelling goat cheese and other shit that he layered on some equally nasty smelling homemade pickled fish and crackers.

Thinking he must be insane I quickly declined his offer of his 'sumptuous' snack. We talked about my school, his work, the upcoming party, and after several hours passed I asked him, "Doesn't it get a little old dressing up as Santa Claus? After all, none of us are little kids any more!"

"Trust me, kid, Santa is not just for the kids! The ladies REALLY seem to...groan...like him too! Oh shit, my stomach hurts like hell! Groan. Maybe one of these...shiiiiiiiiit... years you will get a chance to be Santa yourselfohfuckkkkthathuuuuuurrrrts!" He grabbed his stomach and doubled over in obvious pain, rocking on his chair seat. After several moments he said, "Tommy, please get my bag ready for me, there is a list on the table with all the gifts on it. Put the gifts in the bag in reverse order, last one on the list goes in first, and then stack them all up in order! Thanks. Oh and please don't screw it up! Oh FUUUUUUUUUCK!" he said as he ran towards the bathroom.

So I grabbed the list and started putting them into the bright red bag. Each package was wrapped in a different color -- or colors -- of gift wrap, plus they had the recipient's name on it. I wondered that, although each of the females had a package, there were three who got TWO gifts! And even more strange, their gifts were NOT together! Oh well, I placed each item into the bag in order from last to first, chuckling that mine was first! Did my uncle hope I would leave right after getting my gift? Surely he didn't still think of me as a little kid getting his gift first.

Uncle Dave struggled out to where I was finishing up as he held his stomach tightly. He looked in the bag and checked it with the list before saying, "Good job, Tommy, now I'm going to lie down and let this pass, whatever it is. Just let me know when the party is ready for Santa!" So I left him there still holding tightly to his noisy stomach.

Four hours later I joined six very lovely women at my grandmother's house as the party began. Over an hour later mom pulled me aside and quietly asked, "Do you have any idea what might be delaying Santa?"

"Oh shit, Uncle Dave said he was going to take a nap and I should get him when it was time! I'll go get him right now." Mom thanked me before I said, "Don't be surprised if I don't come back with him! I know my gift is on top and I just might try to talk him out of it. If so, I'm going to run over to Randy's place and play some video games! I know you stay really late so I'll see you tomorrow. I love you mom, and Merry Christmas!"

"Thanks again, Tom, and Merry Christmas to you as well!" she said just before I slipped out of the house.

I let myself in Uncle Dave's house and called out for him. He didn't respond. I found him sitting on the bathroom floor with his head halfway down the toilet bowl. Each time he tried to speak his body shook then he groaned just before his head bent as chunks flew into the bowl. 'Shit, now what?' I thought, 'no way can he be Santa!'

Looking around I found the Santa suit and decided that I just might as well take his place. I mean, how hard can it be to give a hearty Santa laugh and then hand out a few presents? No one would know it was me instead of my uncle as we looked more like twins than Uncle and Nephew. Plus we now sounded alike so I was certain I could pull it off. Hell, I even knew the pet names he used to address all of the women at the party so it should be a cinch. Quickly I donned the suit wondering why the pants front had a drop down flap like the old time long-john underwear had in the back in those old westerns.

After I practiced his "HO! HO! HO!" laugh I mumbled, "Here goes nothing!" before heading out the door. I tossed my clothes and gift into my pickup truck before walking into my grandmother's gaily decorated house. I gave my best Santa laugh as I stepped into the house, only to find a note telling Santa where to find each of the women; they were each in a different room in the house. "What the fuck..." I mumbled as I looked around not seeing anyone. "Oh well, Santa, it's SHOWTIME!" I said softly as I grabbed the note and my list, noting that my Aunt Meg (Dave's wife) was first up.

Part 2.

I stepped into the softly lit den where Aunt Meg was waiting and said, "HO! HO! HO! Have you been a good girl this year, my dear! Tell Santa, have you been naughty or nice!"

"OOOooooo, Santa, you know I've been nice...mostly...and I hope you won't hold that against me!" she said as we moved closer. I was pulling her gift from the bag when she stepped tight up to me and her hand stroked my cock as she said, "I'd really like it if you held THIS against me, Santa! Ooooo, that feels nice!" she said as my cock jumped and began quickly rising to full length.

I didn't know what to do; I mean, she KNEW I was her husband! So why wouldn't she stroke her husband's cock? Oh shit, she gripped my cock and gave me two firm strokes my full length. "Oh my you feel really good tonight Santa!" Then she dropped the package on a table as she went to her knees. Before I could gulp twice she had the drawer flap opened and was holding my cock tightly in both hands, gently stroking me as she smiled up at me.

Suddenly she leaned forward and took my first three inches slowly into her mouth, her tongue swirling quickly around my tip several times before she sucked down hard and pulled slowly off of me. "Oh goodness, Santa seems to be excited tonight!" she said before taking me back into her mouth and bobbing her face onto me for about a minute. "Oh Dave, you must really be excited about tonight! I know Vicky is anxious for you to break her in..." what the fuck? "...and Brenda said she hasn't cum with a guy since you did her last Christmas!"

'OH MY GOD!' I thought as I watched her suck my shaft some more. I groaned as Aunt Meg suddenly shoved forwards taking my entire shaft down her incredible throat. "OOOOooooh goddd!" I groaned out loud and my aunt pulled off of me with a smile.

"Does that mean my Santa Baby likes what I'm doing to him?" she asked. She waited for my answer and I suddenly recovered enough to shake my head yes, then her lips parted and she slowly inhaled my shaft all the way to the bottom again. Her throat and tongue loved on my shaft for well over a minute, her nose pressed to my pubic hair all the while, until my cock throbbed once.

Aunt Meg pulled quickly off of me saying, "Oh my, Santa is really excited tonight, he seems much bigger than I remember! I'll bet you can't wait to fuck your little girl niece, can you Santa?" I groaned as my eyes bulged and my cock bounced before her making her grin and say, "I thought so, you nasty Santa! Fucking all the women in this house before finishing your ride to all the little kids' houses! Well I don't want you popping too quickly for June so I'd better get back to work here!"

Aunt Meg then attacked my cock like a woman possessed, and oh my god, it felt SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD! My first ever blow job and my sexy aunt gives it to me! Hell, I didn't care one bit that she thought I was her husband, it still felt incredible to me! In less than four more minutes I groaned as my balls churned and then I blasted my first ever rope of cum into a woman's body! Oh my god, I had died and gone to heaven! My cock kept blasting out rope after rope of my seed as my beautiful Aunt sucked frantically as she tried, and failed, to keep up with me.

My cock stopped spurting after my ninth blast went into her mouth, then Meg sucked down onto me gently as she pulled lazily off of me, a loud popping sound when she pulled off of my tip. I looked down at her and nearly shit when she started scooping up the many globs of cum off of her face and began shoving them into her hungry mouth.

"My god, Dave, I know we haven't done it for a few days but shit, you've never cum that much before! Holy shit! But I like the taste tonight, so keep eating whatever it was you ate today. God, I could just keep you here all night and eat all of your cum instead of sending you off on the rest of your deliveries!"

My god, I finally realized that I had to fuck EVERY woman there. NO wait, I don't mean that; I was going to GET to fuck every woman there! HOLY SHIT! I nearly fell over at the thought! Tonight I would loose my virginity...and in a BIG way!

My cock had wilted and Aunt Meg was just finishing buttoning the flap when she stood up and said, "Santa honey, I was thinking, it's going to take you quite a while to get back to me so why don't I just go home and you can come home and then give me my second present while I fuck the shit out of you?"

That wouldn't be good; she would find her husband there! I would be toast! "HO! HO! HO! No you naughty girl, you need to stay right here in this room! I just may want to do you on each piece of furniture in here!" I said in what I hoped was a Santa voice.

"OH, goodness, Dave, I know you are really good, but I don't think you've got that much in you! But I'll stay here as you wish so you can give me one really good fuck later! Now go give your mom what she needs so she can get some sleep! I love you Dave!" Then she leaned up and kissed me deeply, her cum coated tongue dancing with mine as I thought she was right, it did taste pretty good!

Part 3.

As I shut the door behind me I thanked my uncle for eating that foul smelling garbage like he did. It sure seemed like I was going to get the best Christmas gift ever! I found my grandma in her room and nearly shit when I first saw her, naked on her bed with a dildo in her pussy. I gasped when I saw her and she cooed, "Ooooo, my Santa boy likes what he sees?! Hurry son, fuck me like only you have been able to! Oh god I wish I could get Meg to let you do this more than once a year!" By then I had my pants and boxers off and was stepping up to her bed, the mattress so high I could just fuck her standing as I was. "Well, what are you waiting for?"

God was I nervous as I climbed onto her bed and eased between her legs. Here I am a virgin finally ready to fuck his first woman while she was expecting the best lover of her life! Talk about feeling the pressure. She had the lights down low so when she asked me to take off the coat I quickly complied. My Grandma grabbed my cock and pulled me to her lips saying, "Here, let me get you wet enough to slide right in!" Then she took my first four or so inches into her warm moist mouth and gently loved on my cock. After a couple minutes she lay back and guided me to her slit as she said, "Okay, Santa, fuck me like only my son knows how! I need to cum so bad!"

Just before calling her 'Grandma' I caught myself and said, "Oh god, mom, you look so hot tonight!" She smiled as I gripped her tits with both hands and squeezed them firmly as my tip eased into her about an inch.

"Thanks for the compliment; you should have seen me when I was 18! Now stop teasing me and PLEASE fuck me!" Her hands grabbed my hips and she pulled me hard, pulling my cock into her about half way. Holy shit, if my Aunt's blow job felt like heaven, then this was no less than the throne God himself sits on!

"Oh shiiiiiiiitttt!" I groaned. "You feel sooooooooooo good like this," I gasped out as I stared right at our joined sex. Her hands pulled again and my hips shoved into her another two inches as her vagina muscles massaged my shaft. My eyes looked into hers and I said a simple, "Thank you," to her as I realized I was no longer a virgin.

"NO, it is I who needs to say 'thank you' to you, son. Now please stop teasing me, I need to feel your cock pounding into me!" So I slowly started moving my shaft nearly all the way out before shoving back into her, reveling at how great she felt around my cock. Finally I slammed into her all the way and paused there for several seconds as my grandma groaned, "OH Santa, you are in me so deep! I may be crazy but you feel bigger tonight!"

I started fucking her then and she just groaned into my shoulder as I worked my shaft in and out. My hips moved as if I were a robot, steadily pounding into her with full length thrusts. After about five minutes my grandmother groaned and then shook hard as she cried out, "Oh my god, I'm going to cum! Oh god yes, fuck me Santa!" I leaned in and kissed her with my fake beard covered lips and she giggled at being tickled. Then she screamed, "OH MY GOD I'M CUMMING! OH GOD...OH FUCK YES, DAVE! OH GOD IT'S SO GOOD!"

My hips really stepped up at slamming hard into her pussy and her climax lasted much longer than I ever expected! In spite of her pussy getting incredibly tight as she came, I somehow held out and just let her enjoy her own orgasm. Finally it was over and she pulled me tight to her as she hugged and kissed me passionately for some time. Eventually she said, "That was incredible, son. I really needed to cum like that! Now let's roll over and let me ride you till you cum!"

As we rolled over I repositioned my fake beard and Santa's hat making my Grandma chuckle out, "Yes, keep those on or it would REALLY be my son fucking me instead of Santa. I wish Meg would let us do this more than just for Christmas, but if she thought you were without that part of your costume she would freak out!" By then we were settled into position and she lifted her pussy nearly all the way off of me before settling fully back onto me again. "Oh god honey, you feel so good inside of me like this! God I love your cock!"

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