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Tiffany was twenty years old when she married "Famous Larry," a self-made millionaire whose chain of used car dealerships had made him a minor celebrity in several Southwestern cities. They met on the beach near Panama City, Florida where Tiffany was waiting in line to get a snow cone with a friend. Larry walked up to her and offered to buy her a car if she would go on a date with him. As outrageous as his offer was, it was just crazy enough to get Tiffany's attention.

Larry showered Tiffany with gifts, money, and affection, and it didn't hurt that he was not hard to look at and pretty good in bed as well. After six months of dating, Larry proposed to her with a three-carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring. They flew to Las Vegas and were married within forty-eight hours of his proposal. The newly-wed couple were happy, in love, and very sexually active.

Larry was forty at the time and already had ten used car dealerships spread out from Houston to Phoenix. He specialized in higher-end used cars, however, he never used the words "used cars" in any capacity at all. His dealerships only sold "Pre-Owned Sports and Luxury Vehicles" and he sold a lot of them. BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lexus, Range Rover, Maserati, Cadillac, you name the car and he had it, or would get it for you, if the price was right. Tiffany quickly became accustomed to the luxurious lifestyle that Larry's business afforded her.

Tiffany had an extraordinary body. At five-foot-eight, one-hundred forty pounds, and with dark red hair, green eyes; huge, natural, 38E breasts; thin waist and round ass, she had been stopping men in their tracks for years. Some years later, her friends told her she could pass for a slightly thinner double for the actress, Christina Hendricks from the series Mad Men. Tiffany and Larry were quick to have their only son, Ben who arrived a year after they were married.

After having Ben, the couple decided not to have any more children; mostly because Tiffany felt that one was almost too much for her to handle as it was. Larry had a vasectomy after Ben was born, putting the matter to rest for all time. Tiffany and Larry's sex life began to wane around the time Ben entered high school. Larry was in his late fifties and was preoccupied most of the time with his ever-expanding car business, and a twenty-four-year old mistress. Sex with Tiffany became less of a priority for him, and Tiffany began to retreat to romance novels, erotica, and masturbation using a vibrator.

Ben got into trouble in high school, smoking weed, drinking, skipping class, and graduating with a 2.8 GPA, despite the fact that he was very smart, and was capable of earning much higher marks. It was pure luck that he was able to attend a major university in California. His sketchy high school performance aside, Larry and Tiffany were proud of their son and made sure that his first year in college was as stress-free as possible. Ben's father not only paid for his college, but he also gave him a forty-thousand-dollar expense account for clothes, football games, and other social and miscellaneous expenses. Ben was all set.

Ben's parents sent him off to school with high hopes. He had all the resources he needed to be successful his freshman year. Everyone had high expectations for the handsome son of "Famous Larry."

One year later, Larry and Tiffany flew their son back home, disgraced, and dejected; his freshman year was a total disaster.

Ben had burned-through the forty thousand buying weed, alcohol, road trips, and taking his friends out to eat in fine restaurants. His father was able to access his grades online and was shocked to discover that his son had earned three "D's," two "F's," and an "Incomplete" due to absences. Larry felt ashamed of his son. The money wouldn't have been an issue had his grades been good. He had envisioned Ben becoming a lawyer, or getting his MBA and helping with the business. Not only were his grades bad, but he had wasted tens of thousands of dollars of his father's money and had nothing to show for it.

Now, recently back from his failed freshman year, Ben was back at home and living in his spacious bedroom. He was unemployed, without any plans for his future, and without many friends. Thankfully for him, he still had his friend, Alex. Ben had been talking with Alex on a regular basis since returning home from school. Alex had chosen to take a year off before going to college and had discovered a way to make good money in the interim.

"Let me understand this, Alex, you and Taylor have been making videos and selling them on this site?"

The two friends were looking at an amateur porn website on Alex's laptop called "Hot Amateurs". It was a site that specialized in high quality, homemade porn videos that customers buy via a one-time download to their computer. Alex and his girlfriend, Taylor, had been selling videos on the site and making quite a bit of money.

"How much for one of your videos?" Ben's interest was piqued; this sounded like easy money to the nineteen-year-old.

"That depends. They take around fifty percent from each sale because they handle the website, the payment processing, the advertising, and nearly all the other logistics."

"So, you just handle the recording end?" Ben confirmed.

"Yep. Sometimes we take turns holding the camera so it's like point of view perspective, but there are also times when we use a tripod, and there was one time when we had someone video us; that was our best video."

"Who held the camera?" Ben was completely enthralled by his friend's new occupation.

"A woman who answered an ad we placed online."

Alex continued, "Taylor and I have over thirty videos. Some are long, like thirty-minute sex sessions, some are short solos of Taylor, or me masturbating, or quickies with the two of us. We price the short videos at twenty bucks. The longer ones are thirty to fifty depending on what we do."

"For each video?" Ben inquired.

"Yes, but once they download it, it's theirs to keep," Alex confirmed.

"How many have you sold?"

"As of a couple of days ago, seven thousand four hundred and something."

Ben paused to calculate, "you've made about one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in eight months?" Ben could not believe what he was hearing.

"No, it took us about six months...and the money keeps coming in because the videos are still for sale and being downloaded all the time."

Alex had his laptop out and showed him his personal account with the website that gave the information about video statistics, income earned, and other, similar data. He played a video of Taylor masturbating that was for sale for $22.00.

"She's hot, bro." Ben fist-bumped Alex.


Ben watched as Taylor, walked into a purple-colored room with a black and white bean-bag chair in the center. She plopped down on the chair, lifted up her skirt and revealed a cleanly shaved pussy. She spread her legs wide and began rubbing her clit as the camera very slowly zoomed in on her pussy. She was talking as if it was her brother holding the camera in some sort of role-play scenario. The clip only lasted for about fifteen minutes and ended with her squirting onto the floor as she came.

"Wow! So, if I wanted that video, I would just download it to my computer?" Ben asked.

"Yeah, well, after you use a credit card or an online payment service to buy it."

"Twenty-two bucks for that...and you made eleven dollars?"

"Off of each sale, Ben." Alex scrolled over a link and looked at the list of videos he had.

"We have sold one hundred and thirty-three downloads of that video alone, and it cost us about thirty minutes of our time. That's over a thousand dollars for less than thirty minutes of work."

Ben was floored. The money was just too good to be true. He looked over the rest of their videos while Alex visited. Ben thought Taylor had an amazing body, and could do mainstream porn if she wanted to. Alex was muscular and had a big dick. Probably eight inches and it was thick, like a log. It was no accident that their videos were selling well.

Ben noted that his own dick was longer, and looked bigger that Alex's. He also had a skinny body and was even slightly taller than Alex. Ben thought about the possibilities.

"I could do this, Alex." He closed Alex's computer.

"Hell yes, you could do this, but before you do, you had better be clear about the fact that your naked body will pop-up all over the Internet on free porn sites. You have to be sure you're okay with having millions of people see you naked before you post whatever type of video you decide to make."

Ben took a moment to consider what his friend was saying.

"Why would it show up on free porn sites?"

"A lot of people upload the videos to free sites after they buy them. You can contact these free sites and they'll take them down, but it still happens."

"What if I hide my face in my videos so no one will recognize me?"

"They probably won't sell as well. It might work if you had a gimmick like wear a mask because your fucking someone else's wife, or if there was some other hook. Most of the videos I have seen where people wear masks or blur-out their faces are from the Cheating Wives and Incest Role Play categories."

"Incest? Seriously?" Ben didn't believe his friend.

"Yeah, there are a lot of couples who pretend they're related and make fantasy, role-playing videos. Some show their faces, but some don't. They're the top sellers according to the data on the website."

"But, people can go to hundreds, even thousands of membership porn sites and pay twenty bucks to join, then download dozens, even hundreds of videos for that one price. Why should someone go to "Hot Amateurs?"

"Because of the content. There's a huge market for what the site offers: private shows, unique amateurs, viewer requested content and fantasies, and especially, incest role-play. Most membership sites, and even free porn sites won't allow even incest role-play videos to be uploaded. They allow step-family fantasies, but not biological family fantasies. It's stupid, but true." Alex explained the entire situation regarding content and the membership sites.

"How do you know all this? I mean, you and Taylor are doing boyfriend-girlfriend videos."

"No, Ben, we do brother/sister, father/daughter, and mother/son fantasy videos. Mainstream sex videos wouldn't pay nearly as much."

"But you two aren't old enough to pose as a mother or father."

"There are ways around that, and you're right, it would be better to have more of an age difference. Still, our mother/son videos sell the best. It's POV with me holding the camera. You only see my dick, so you can't tell how old I am. It's just fantasy anyway."

Ben watched a couple of Alex and Taylor's videos and understood the attraction. They really played-up the role play aspect of the experience. The two friends discussed the business end of recording videos for another hour before Alex left for home.

After Alex left, Ben lay on his bed and thought about Alex and Taylor's video business. It was just the sort of easy-money venture that appealed to him. He could be his own boss, have sex for a living, and earn pretty good money while doing it. He would need several things: a camera, a female model or girlfriend willing to pose, and a setting. He knew that he could do this.

"Ben? Come down for dinner please!" Ben's mom, Tiffany, was calling him down stairs.

Tiffany had remained loyal to her son in the face of his father's ridicule and utter disappointment; always defending him when his father wanted him out of the house. She felt sorry for Ben and actually enjoyed having him around. She was also a little pissed at Ben for having taken for granted all that he had been freely given in his life. Tiffany was a lonely woman, mostly because of her husband's lifestyle, but also due to her introverted nature.

Ben was researching digital video cameras and closed his computer after hearing his mother's call. He scrambled down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Hey, Mom." Ben sat at the large, white, marble island in the kitchen.

His mother was dressed in white shorts, white pump sandals, and a navy-blue top that showed a little cleavage. She wore her hair up in a sort of bun that accentuated the contrast of the ivory skin of her neck with her dark, red hair. Ben loved to watch his mom work in the kitchen. She liked to wear shorts, short skirts, and dresses that showed-off her sexy legs and her curvaceous ass. Her huge, voluminous, tits were out of this world; they dropped down just enough to reveal that they were natural, yet firm enough to stick out away from her body. He had cum many, many times to the thought of her huge breasts. Ben still actively fantasized about his mom.

"Where's Dad?" Ben looked around for signs of his father.

"He's visiting the Dallas stores. They had another record month so he's looking into buying bigger lots and moving to a larger building. He should be gone for a few weeks. You should call him and see how it's going."

"He doesn't want to hear from me. He's ignored me the entire two weeks I've been back. He even cut me off! I have no money, Mom!"

"He's pretty upset, Ben. He told me not to give you a cent. He said you need to get a job and begin saving money. We're both pretty disappointed, Ben."

"I know. I blew it." Ben looked down at the marble counter.

"I'm glad you realize that. Let's spend this week trying to get you into a good job. And please, reach out to your father. You should try to get in his good graces again."

"Okay. When he gets back, I'll talk to him."

Tiffany served her son quesadillas and salsa and began cleaning up the countertop near the stove.

Ben watched his mother bend down and put dishes into the dishwasher. He looked down her top as she bent over in front of him to put away a bowl. Her tits moved from side-to-side as she worked.

'She's so fucking hot.' Ben was reminded just how sexy his mom was when he returned home after not seeing her for almost a year. She was the hottest, sexiest woman he had ever seen.

After dinner, Ben returned to his room and found a local store that had one of the cameras he was interested in buying. Alex gave him a few models that were good for HD recording, but they weren't cheap. The model he wanted cost about two-thousand dollars. It would be an excellent camera for what he wanted to do. Now, all he needed was to get the money.

Ben's bedroom was upstairs at the opposite end of the house from his mom and dad's master bedroom. He walked down to ask his mom if there was anything he could do to either get the two thousand from her, or have her buy the camera outright. If he couldn't get the money from his mom, he would have to get a job to save for the camera.

Larry and Tiffany's home was just over eight thousand square feet, and called the "mini-mansion" by Ben's high school friends. As he walked down the hallway to the staircase and finally down to his mother's master bedroom, he noted several spots where he could record, if he only had a camera. Ben walked into the master suite to find his mom, wrapped in a towel coming into the bedroom from taking a shower.

"Ben! Oh my God! Knock, please!" She recoiled, then dashed across the room to her closet on her tip-toes to retrieve her robe. Ben watched her almost bounce out of the towel, but to his disappointment, managed to keep her body from being exposed. She came out from the closet wearing her robe, cinched tightly around her curvy body.

"Sorry, Mom." Ben pretended to shield his eyes.

Throughout his life, he had come close to seeing his mom naked a few times, but never actually saw more than what she was willing to reveal in her normal, day-to-day dress. Two years ago, he used to spy on her when his dad was out of town. She liked to wear clothes that highlighted her figure around the house, which provided Ben with a wealth of images to masturbate to, but he wanted to see her without any clothes on, which never actually happened. Ben stopped spying when he was caught peeking around the corner to her room and was told that if he did it again, he would be sent to a military boarding school.

"What do you want!" Tiffany snapped.

It wasn't the best time to ask for money, but Ben needed to start recording right away if he was going to start making big money. Not only did he want money to live on, he also wanted to pay his dad back the money he blew and ultimately pay for his own college with the money he was going to make. It was a very ambitious idea.

"Mom, I have an opportunity to make some good money, but I need a little to get started."

"No. Ben, your father said no money. You'll need to get a job, or use the last of the money in your account. Just out of curiosity, what do you need the money for?"

"I need a camera to make videos for a project that's going to make me a lot of money."

"I can't give you any money, nor would I if I could. Your dad said under no circumstances are you to get a dime." Tiffany was in no mood to play games, especially after Ben's intrusion.

Ben knew that, where money was concerned, his mom never made any major purchases without his dad's okay.

"Wait, I still have money in my account? I thought dad closed it?"

"No, he just won't give you any more. You still have the account."

Ben quickly ran upstairs to check his bank account online.

"Fuck, yes, $2,675.66. More than enough!"

Ben quickly drove to the electronics store before it closed and came back with the camera. He spent the remainder of the evening watching online videos on how to operate it. The next day, Ben was scouting amateur porn sites for ideas for videos. He made several visits to the "Hot Amateurs" site and got a much better idea about what they offered. They sold every kind of adult content you could think of, and a lot of content that Ben had never realized even existed.

Ben noticed that the most popular categories in terms of the number of videos offered were MILF and Incest Role Play. He wondered how he could go about entering videos in those categories and maximize his potential for sales. He immediately thought of his mom. He would love to take video of his mom.

'She would be fucking perfect,' he thought. But he knew his mom. She was pretty bitter both about his dad and about Ben's entire past year in college. Even under ideal circumstances, there would be no way she would allow her picture to be taken, let alone videos of her body. She may dress in sexy clothes around the house, but she was always careful about how much of her body was displayed when venturing out in public.

Ben set up an account with the website and entered his bank information for the direct deposit feature. It took him two hours to finally get everything squared away to the point where he could even think about recording.

Now that he was more familiar with the camera, he wanted to experiment and upload a video to see if he could sell it. He thought he would try a candid video, spying on his mom. Unfortunately, she was in her room with the door closed and he wanted to film something immediately. Instead, he thought he would just do a solo, jack-off video of him masturbating. He remembers Alex saying he had a few videos of just himself jacking off. Ben figured he too could sell at least a few videos like that since he had a big dick and toned body.

He set up the camera on a tripod that he found in a hall closet and pointed it toward the brown, leather love seat that was against the wall in his room, just across from his door. He made sure the camera was focused and on the correct setting for the available light in the scene. He had to bring in more lights, a floor lamp from the hall and his desk lamp, just to be sure his first recording wasn't too dark.

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