Moon Dance


For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by the moon. I remember as a child, riding in the back seat of my mom's car, I'd watch the moon follow us. It almost didn't matter how fast or how slow she drove, the moon was always there. Sometimes, it would hide behind the clouds, but I could still see its light shining through. Other times, it would play hide and seek on me and I'd find it out the side window instead of the back window. No matter where we traveled, on a clear night, the moon never let me down.

I've heard stories that the moon was made of cheese, I've heard of cows jumping over the moon, I've heard there is a man that lives in the moon and that sometimes, the moon turns blue. Of course, I'd nod my head like I agreed or open my eyes wide like I could hardly believe it. Truth was, I didn't believe it at all.

As I grew older, my fascination never dwindled. I enjoyed all things moon. My family knew how much I loved the moon and would buy me trinkets, jewelry, clothing with moon decals, tapestry, etc. As a graduation gift, I opened a beautiful full moon necklace. It was a painting of the full moon in all its glory, covered with a beveled glass giving it a 3D appearance, with an outer silver border etched with stars and my favorite part about it was that it was a locket. I was told the iridescent silver dust locked inside was actually moon dust.

Even through college, I felt at peace while moon gazing. I felt relaxed, I felt at home and I felt energized. It was almost like the moon, especially when full, gave me energy and power. NO, not super hero power, but inner power such as self-confidence, fulfillment, a sense of perseverance, empowered to be successful in any goals I've set for myself, and the power to never quit no matter how hard things may be.

Now that I'm an adult, I still fully enjoy the moon. In fact, I've taken my absorption of the moon's energy to a different level. While other people sun bathe (sometimes in the nude), I prefer to moon bathe (sometimes in the nude). I made sure when I found a place to live, it would be a place that had open skies but also offered privacy, a place where I could have small camp fires at night without too much attention, and a place that was quiet enough for me to absorb all I could in the tranquility of the night sky.

I found a duplex set on a side road in a little country town. This duplex was owner occupied but the owners live up north during the summer because they have family in New England. This duplex in Georgia is their investment property and a place for them to live comfortably during the winter months. I get a discount on rent for watching the place during the summer, keeping the lawn trimmed, gardens watered, and taking care of their fish tank.

Anyway, this condo has a deck that lead out of the bedroom, overlooking the back yard. The back yard is a huge field that was used to harvest sugar cane a long time ago. This is my open space where I can absorb all the moon I want. There is a house to the right, but the border is lined by a fence of sunflowers. To the left is another house, but that is separated by a row of white ash trees. I was allowed to build my own fire pit in the far back corner, by the edge of the old cane field. Honestly, I could not have asked for a better place to live!

This coming weekend is the next full moon. I must make sure I get enough wood to burn to keep the fire going for hours. I am expecting a clear night and warm temperatures, perfect for moon gazing with stars glittering in the night sky. I love to dance naked around the fire under the light of the full moon, with music in the background, sounds of bells, rattles and drums. This has almost become a ritual for me, something I do every month on the full moon. I have my scarves, beads, and chains ready as well as my music. This monthly ritual recharges my soul and gives me strength to face the next 30 days.

The time is here and I am ready. The sun has set, fire is blazing, music playing. I remove all but my silk scarves and bead, and start to sway to beat of the drums. My head falls back as I swirl in a circle, my scarves clutched in my fingers, absorbing the energy of the moon. My hips sway side to side, my breasts lift each time my arms raise over my head, my scarves gliding over my naked skin. I am in all my glory, dancing around the fire in circles, under the light of the full moon.

I have always been able to tune out the rest of my surroundings, focus on the moon and radiate with the glow of the fire. Something tonight is not quite right. The music is the same, the fire is the same, my scarves are the same but something is wrong.... I feel like I'm being watched! I don't understand it, I am totally secluded in the privacy of my back yard, but I feel eyes burning in on me... and I don't know why.

Soon after, I saw a light on in the owners condo that is not usually on. They are up north, and that light should not be on. I pretend to focus on the moon but I am looking in the window and I notice a silhouette of a body glaring out the window. I'm not sure if I should be alarmed or excited. Someone is watching me.... Nobody has ever seen my ritual before, EVER! But there seems to be something exciting about someone watching me dance around the fire... naked!

I didn't have much chance to think about it. My body took over. Instead of grabbing my robe to cover myself, I exaggerated my movements. I knew someone was watching me, but he or she didn't know I knew. Now my head falls back further, my arms open wider, my dips are deeper and I draw the scarves up over my body close enough for my own fingers to graze my erect nipples. I scrape my fingernails over my belly, up my ribs and then lift my hair off my neck, if only to excite my peeping Tom. I feel empowered not only by the moon, but also by this stranger watching me dance.

I am so caught up in my new seductive dance that I forget to check the window. I spin my body around to check but a man is blocking my view. The person that's been watching me. I should be alarmed! I should grab my robe and cover myself. Instead, I lock eyes with my peeping Tom and continue my dance, daring him to stop me with only my actions. I feel a heat pulsing through crotch, my heart racing, and a smile on my face. Tom is wearing only a robe and it's half open, exposing his own evidence of excitement.

I twirl again once more, then slowly inch my way closer to him, my hands gliding under his robe and over his shoulders, until without resistance, I slip his robe to the ground. I step closer to him and he steps back. Another step closer and another step back, until we reach the lounge chair where he falls back into a seated position. My hands never leave his body as I dance around the chair until I am standing behind him. I take one of my scarves and tie his hands behind his back, secured to the frame of the chair.

There he sits, my naked Tom restrained to the lounge chair, his excitement growing in view as I continue to dance for him. He watches as one hand slowly cradles my breast and the other starts a trail down my belly toward my crotch. My clit has been throbbing, my heart racing, my breathing labored ever since I noticed him watching me through the window, and his excitement grows.

"So, do you like my dance?" I finally ask.

"More than you know!" was his reply.

"Do you know what I'm going to do to you next?" I asked.

He sighed, "Anything you want!"

I think I might have cum right then and there, almost like permission but NO, I am the one in control! I straddled the bottom of the chair between is flared legs, my knees falling to each side and slowly reach for my clit. I have to rub it and he has to watch but it proves too much for me to handle. He has full view, but can't reach out to touch.

I have created a void that needs to be filled. My pussy is throbbing, looking for fulfillment and right in front of me is a rock hard cock to use at will. I touch it first with my finger tips and feel it flinch. I can feel the pre-cum dripping off the tip which excites me more. I wrap the palm of my hand around his shaft and we both gasp for a breath of air. Slowly I slide my groin over the top of his cock, intent on torturing him just a little longer.

"Sit on me.... PLEASE!" I hear.

The sound of raw emotion, pure lust, and watching him tug at the scarf tying his hands with no success was encouraging. I couldn't deny myself any longer! I just had to take the plunge, but instead I eased myself over his cock, impaling myself slowly and deeply until I came to rest. I am fully penetrated as he reaches for my nipple with his mouth and starts to rock his hips. My answer to that was to pin him to the chair with my hips.

"You are not allowed to move without permission!"

With an exasperating sigh, he relented. So there I sat for what seemed like forever, but was probably only 30 seconds or so, just feeling my core stuffed with his manhood. I pulled back, just a little bit so I could plunge again. I moved my hands from the arms of the chair to his shoulders. I wanted to ride him as he sat helpless, unable to move.

Then I started to pulse my hips to the beat of the drums in the background. This is a new kind of dance, under the moonlight, in front of the golden flames of the fire. My body took over as I yearned for more of the exquisite pleasure and I had not even realized that he was meeting me, thrust for thrust, hips dancing together in the chair to the beat of the music.

Knowing my brief moment of control was over, I slipped the knot on his hands. Instantly, his arms pulled me closer to him, chest to chest, changing the angle of our thrusting. This is almost my undoing! His cock hit a super sensitive spot in my core that's never been touched before. This changed my pace to a wild unabandoned fucking, desperate for release!

He took one hand and rested his thumb on my clit with his fingers splayed over my belly. With every thrust, his cock massaged that sensitive spot while his thumb massaged my swollen clit. Release is imminent. The walls of my pussy start to convulse, milking him for anything he has to offer. FINALLY, my body releases, squirting warm juices all over his groin. Moments later, with a loud grunt from his throat, he squirts his own juices deep into my core. A few final thrusts, waiting for the wave of ecstasy to subside, and I collapse onto his body. We are both spent!

Once I catch my breath, I ease myself off his cock, feeling him slip out of my body. I add another log to the fire to keep the flames burning. I am not ready for this night to end! But I give him time to collect his robe and retreat. I keep my back to him as I poke at the embers of the fire. Imagine my surprise when I suddenly feel his arms wrap around my waist, his hands sliding up my belly to wrap his palms around my breast with fingers twirling my nipples, his lips on my neck, and his hard again cock pressing against my ass.... I melted!

"So," he asks, "Do you wanna dance some more?"

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