tagBDSMMy Neighbor Ch. 07

My Neighbor Ch. 07


Her plane touched down at three PM that afternoon. She was tired from the trip. She got off the plane and down the ramp when she saw Mark walking towards her to greet her you couldn't miss someone like him she thought. He took her in his arms and actually picked her up off the ground giving her a huge hug. She felt his massive strong arms around her knowing if he squeezed any tighter he could break her in two. She felt a warmth she herself had longed for and never experienced till now. She responded back with her arms around his neck she whispered, “you can put me down now.” He let her slide down his body carefully and gently to the ground. She felt her nipples harden has their bodies caused friction she felt a tingling all over her body. Has her feet touched the ground she could feel his large bulge in his pants. She was embarrassed by this but yet aroused at the same time. She looked up at Mark with a grin her eyes filled with joy to see him. He was looking down at her his eyes seemed to have a spark about them something she had never noticed before. He held her hand and gently squeezed. His eyes spoke of a burning desire inside him. She hoped she could hide her eyes. She glanced down has not to look at him. What was he doing to me she thought, he interrupted her thoughts. “How was your flight half pint,” he smiled at her. But she didn't notice his smile has she kept her eyes from looking at him. “It was long, I'm worn out,” she slightly yawned. On that note he took the strap of her overnight bag from around her shoulder and guided it down her arm till the strap fell loosely then put it around his broad shoulder. Still holding her hand. “I suppose you are tired from the trip,” his voice soft and deep. “I have a room reserved for you next to mine,” an evil grin came over him.

He started to walk off with her hand in hand. She felt a slight nudge and started to follow this time he was not walking behind or beside her he was leading her. She had never known him to be in front of her. She noticed that he kept tow strides ahead of her. Still he was careful not to pull on her. He still took small steps. He knew if he didn't she would have to double pace her steps. What was going she wondered. They walked through the airport that way, she felt people starring at her and Mark. She started to feel awkward has if she was a child who was being punished and her father was taking her to put her in the corner. She started to feel upset about this feeling. The made it out to the parking lot where there was a 1987 Corvette waiting for them. He opened the door and waited for her to get in. She looked up at him with a look of disgust on her face and slowly got in. He smiled at her and shut the door. He then came around the front of the car to the drivers side and got in.

Setting the hand bag on the floor next to her he started the car and put it into drive. “What was that all about,” she demanded in a harsh voice. Mark glanced over and noticed that she was looking strait at him, arms folded. “What was what,” he questioned back in a gentle voice. “Walking me through the airport like I was a child in trouble,” her voice started to quiver. “Did I do that, make you feel that way,” he reached over with one hand and put his arm around her. “Yes, you did,” she said in almost a child like voice. He smiled at her. “I didn't mean to make you feel that way, I am sorry,” he grinned. “Maybe it's me,” she said, “I must be tired, I am sorry.” Before she could finish her sentence. “Shh, it's okay I understand,” he said. Never before had she verbally demanded anything from Mark in all these months. It wasn't long before they arrived at the Hilton hotel. He parked the car and looked at her. “Anyone ever tell you that your even more beautiful when your angry,” his voice was soft and gentle with a twinkle in his eye. She nodded her head no. “Well, you are,” he smiled at her. Their eyes meant she could feel hot flashes coming over her body trembling with excitement. He took his hand and placed it under her chin and raised her head ever so gently then gave her a kiss. A very short kiss has not to frighten her. His kiss was so tender she thought. She sat there dazed at just what had happened, he smiled at her. “You sit right there, I will come around and open the door for you,” his voice domineering. She watched his every move till he opened the door and held his hand out to help her from the car. She grabbed the overnight bag on the floor beside her and reached for his hand and slowly got out of the car. He was still smiling at her he shut the door behind her.

This time he walked beside her. They walked in the hotel when all of sudden there was a crowed of women coming towards him. Security guards came out of no where to head the ladies off before they had a chance to get to close to him. Leann looked amazed at his fans. She didn't tell Mark but after meeting him she started to watch wrestling again. She had seen him in his Undertaker outfit and how he portrayed him. They walked over to the elevator and got on. He hit the presidential button she looked at him and started to giggle. Mark looking at her strangely, “what is so funny,” he asked. “The women flock all over you,” she giggled. “They are just fans,” he smiled almost embarrassed. “I know but your the bad boy of WWF,” she blurted out. “Oh, I see you've been watching,” he smiled at her. “Well, yes,” she gave him and innocent look. “Oh yeah,” he said in a humorous voice, “you think it's fun to be over run by fans don't you? Well, no its not, not all the time,” he smiled. But you do find it kind of flattering don't you,” she smiled. “You're right besides they want me because I am the UT.” “Well, of course they do,” she laughed. “You look might fine in leather and tights,” she gasped, she couldn't believe she told him that. “I do,” he jokingly said and chuckles at her looking like a shy little boy.

The doors opened and they stepped out, he walked her to her room and got the key from his jean pocket and opens the door. She sees flowers all over the room she looks up at him and smiles. “They are beautiful,” she says with excitement. “I am glad you like them, here is the key to the room go and get some rest. We have a big night ahead of us.” She looked at him and finds herself complying to what he said. He takes her hand and kisses it. She would have melted in his arms if he had kissed her again on the lips but that didn't happen. “Till tonight sweets,” he gently whispered. She stood back and closed the door. She didn't know what to think. Her body yarning for him she walked in the bedroom where she found a small box on the bed. She slowly inched her way on the bed and laid down on her stomach to open the box. She noticed the softness of the bed, it was a feather bed. It felt so good to lay on it she thought. The smell of the flowers filled the room. She opened the box and found a diamond anklet. She was to tired to get excited. She drifted off to sleep.

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