tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNever a Lender or Borrower...

Never a Lender or Borrower...


Oh Donna, you make me stand up ...


Brad was on cloud nine. For the past six months he had pursued Donna tirelessly. God knows she was the prettiest girl on campus, she was on the cheerleading team, she was smart and, even with all that, was self-effacing, funny and best of all, unattached. He didn't see himself as a great catch in comparison to the football and basketball heroes, but he exhibited the three p's; personable, persistent and patient. And now, he seemed to have passed the "test" and she had agreed to go to a movie (success) and to go for coffee (success squared). The night couldn't have gone better and now here she was in his apartment drinking a beer and sitting beside him on the couch.

Brad rented a basement apartment close to school because his mother and father who ran a mission in South America wanted him to get a good education and so they had rented him an apartment and sent him money for rent. Having Donna here was like a dream come true. He eased closer to her and kissed her. A first 'real' kiss which she did not accept reluctantly but rather, accepted responsively. Soon they were kissing open-mouthed and uninhibited. Brad was even more surprised when she allowed him to unbutton her blouse down to her navel, rewarding him with a first-class view of her well filled bra. He felt confident that she would soon allow him to remove it and feel the soft warmth of her tits in his hands.

He wasn't sure when he first heard the noise, a slow double-click. His apartment wasn't exactly the most noise proof and the street noise drowned most other noises. But, he heard the clicks distinctly and lifted his head. Sitting across from him was Eddie James. He was pointing a cocked handgun at the two lovers.

"Back away from her Brad and sit on the other end of the couch."

Donna sat up with a start.

"Well if it isn't pretty Donna."

"What are you doing here." She gasped, trying to pull her blouse together.

"I came to visit Brad. I wasn't expecting to find you here, but you're a welcome surprise. Now, don't hide your tits, Donna. In fact take that blouse off or maybe, just maybe, my gun might accidentally go off."

"Leave her alone Eddie. It's me you want." Blustered Brad, both frustrated and scared at Eddie's appearance. Eddie was a dangerous person at the best of times and right now he seemed even more unstable than usual.

"Well, that is true but I see some interesting possibilities. Now you just get over here and sit in this chair. Donna, you're not listening. Get that blouse off and give me your bra. I need it to tie up your friend here."

"Please." Begged Donna. "Let me go."

"Either you take your bra off Donna or I off your friend here."

He roughly grabbed Brad and shoved the gun into Brad's mouth.

"Oh no." Whimpered Donna as she hastened to get her blouse and bra off.

"That's great Donna now bring it over here and give it to me. These are nice tits, Donna. Now just you kneel down here next to me while I deal with your friend. Then I'll have time to fool around with them while I'm tying Brad up."

Eddie took the bra and bound Brad's hands together and tied them securely to the back of the chair.

"That's better. Now Brad you know why I'm here. Where's my money?"

"I gave you fifty on Wednesday."

"Yeah, but you said you'd get 100 by today. Where's the other fifty?" Eddie wasn't looking at Brad while he talked. He had turned to Donna and was lecherously squeezing her breasts. Brad stared at them spellbound. They were firm and round with only a hint of uplift at the end where her nipples jutted stiffly from Eddie's fondling. He was having trouble concentrating on Eddie's questions.

"I've got another twenty in my pocket."

"Not enough. You're going to have to discover that you meet your obligations, or people get hurt. Sometimes people you know get hurt too. Give me the belt off your skirt Donna. I need it for your boyfriend's legs."

Donna seemed crushed as she removed her belt and handed it to Eddie, who tied it around Brad's legs and the chair legs.

"Now it's time for a performance Donna. I've seen you do those cheerleading moves from the stands but I want to see some close-ups of those moves you make. Stand over there and run through your routine. That's right, make those boobies bounce for me. Wait a second, it's really sexy when your skirt flies up like that, but I think it would be better if you took your panties off and I could see your pussy while you dance. Now don't be bashful 'cause that could be fatal for old Brad here. That's right. Now just toss them over to me. Mmmmm they smell so good and I absolutely love your bush. Now start again."

Eddie watched intently as Donna kicked up her legs in her best cheerleading style and finished with the splits.

"Now I want to see a big finish where you end up with your ass facing me, bent at the waist, legs wide apart and you touching your toes. Nice, very very nice. Now just back up a bit here."

Eddie extended his hand under her skirt and ran his fingers through her bush. Donna yelped as she felt his touch.

"Don't move Donna or it'll go worse for your man or should I say boy here. Now, take your skirt off. I want to see you dressed only in your stockings."

Once she had removed her clothes he turned her to face him and lowered his mouth and sucked in one nipple as he rubbed his hand through the thick black hair on her pubis.

"What a hairy little bush you have down here. I think we'll need to make you a honorary member of the Bald Beaver Club."

Eddie opened his pants and released his thick erection.

"Suck my cock Donna. Do it from the side so that I can play with your hairy pussy. Ah, you must like it when I feel your clit. And what about when I stick my finger up your tight little cunt. Oh, you like that too I see, but don't stop sucking, we'll have plenty of time for the old in and out later. Oh yes, that's good and you're moistening up nicely. Right that's enough."

Eddie dragged the besieged girl to the couch and flipped her onto her back.

"Now hold those legs up like you do when you're cheerleading. Great."

With that he fell on Donna and stabbed his cock into her primed pussy. She gave a scream as he breached her pussy, but Eddie would not be denied. For the next fifteen minutes he thrust wildly into her until he filled her with his semen. For some minutes he lay on her without withdrawing. When he finally pulled out, Brad watched the pink hole slowly contract as Eddie's semen trickled out. Eddie walked her over to stand in front of Brad.

"Look at her Brad. What a nice fuck."

He ran his fingers through her pussy hairs and scooped up some of his cum.

"What's this?" He said looking at his emissions. "You're not having your period are you?"

"No." She whispered.

"Well Brad it looks like I beat you to it. I see streaks of blood in this if I'm not mistaken. Wow, that's great. I just took your girlfriend's cherry Brad. She was a fucking virgin and I popped her just like that. God that makes me hard again."

He pulled the unhappy girl over to the kitchen counter and told her to lean against it. Then he jammed his cock into her slippery hole from behind and flipped open his phone.

"Hi Bart. I want you to come over to 222, West Bowling Drive Apartment 1. Bring Ted, Billy, Joe and Sam. Yeah I know Sam's a fucking maniac, but I got a great fuck here. Yeah, but you'll never guess who. I'm fucking her as we speak. Here, listen."

He held the phone receiver between Donna's legs as he ploughed her hairy furrow and his stomach slapped against her bottom.

"Can you believe it, she was still cherry and I just this moment popped her. This is only her second fuck and she's still as tight as Dutchman. Bring the still and the cam. Oh, and bring a vibro. I want some good action shots to keep her in line.

"Yeah, you're right, she wouldn't want them posted round school. God is she tight and what fine tits. Ok, see yah."

He hung up the phone and started to pump Donna faster as his fingers kneaded her clitoris.

"Come on slut I know you can do it. Ooh yes, I do believe you're going to go off soon. Oh yes, squeeze my cock. Are you cumming? Yes? Yes? I think you are. That's it let it out, slut. Oh, yes, yes, yes. God I love fucking newbies."

Brad heard Donna huffing throatily, unable to check her mounting orgasm until with an explosive gasp it seized her and her bum wriggled uncontrollably as the pleasure rose to a climax and Eddie again emptied his testicles into her. Eddie pulled out quickly and grabbed a plate off the table and pulled her pussy open to allow their juices to run out onto it. He soon had a generous amount on the plate. Seen this way, the streaks of blood in the semen were obvious.

A knock at the door heralded the arrival of Eddie's cronies and for the next two hours they took nude pictures of Donna; took video's of her being fucked; of her sucking cocks while being fucked; of her being licked by the men; and finally she was given a vibrator and told to fuck herself until she came. Brad could barely stand it and tried to escape but Eddie beat him unconscious with the butt of his gun.

When he came to, his apartment was empty. There was a strong redolence of sex but nothing else. On the counter Eddie had left a note weighted down with a plate full of pink tinged cum.

"Dear Brad:

From now on until you've paid, Donna is my girl. She'll be well taken care of (especially her cunt) as long as you cooperate. She'll help pay for your debt. I'll credit 10% of every dollar she makes against your debt. Don't try talking to her. Don't call the cops or she's history. Nice doing business with you. Even better doing my business with her. What a fuck. Better hurry before she get's too far on. I reckon you've got about 4 or 5 months before it's too late for an abortion. I'm gonna love pregging her though. She told me she was on the pill but from now on she's on her own. Three weeks before her next period. Next month she'll be pretty fertile and there's quite a few people want to make her intimate acquaintance. Actually, the lottery has started as to who, when, where or if it'll happen . Love and Kisses Eddie."

Brad retched into the sink. What could he do? Eddie had some big friends who he was quite certain would have no qualms about killing him and Donna too for that matter. He had to work this out, to think of something he could do to release Donna and himself from Eddie's grasp.

The next day at school he got his first indication of the depth of her predicament. Eddie was leaned up against Donna's locker kissing her and pawing her breasts. As Brad passed he made a point of smiling at Bard and pressing his hand against her pubis. Brad got just one glimpse of Donna who shot him a frightened glance.

For many days Brad searched hard for a job where he could earn decent money and at last he found a motorcycle courier job. After all it had been the 2 grand he'd borrowed for the bike that had got him in this trouble in the first place. And, he still owed $1,600 and it never seemed to go down much. He calculated that he'd already paid $700 but with the interest, it just seemed to get worse.

He flopped out on the couch after he got home from another grueling round of courier runs and thought about his problem. It seemed insoluble. No matter how hard he worked, he estimated that it would be six months minimum before he had acquired enough money to pay off Eddie. By that time Donna would probably be knocked up, or worse, maybe she'd be hooked on drugs or, even worse, like being with Eddie. He certainly had plenty of money and could take her places that Brad couldn't afford.

He got up and went to the fridge. He glanced at the counter, and took a double-take. Sitting on his counter was a videotape. How had that got there? He thought. Come to think of it how had they got into his apartment so easily the other night. He carried it over to his VCR and popped it in and turned on the TV. At first just snow appeared and then the image of a room appeared. The camera panned across the room to a girl who was standing with her back to the camera. The girl bent down and flipped up the back of her skirt revealing lustrous white panties. Her hand reached through her legs and stroked slowly along the crease her pursed labia made in the crotch.

For some minutes her hand stroked her crotch, finally pulling it to one side to reveal the fleecy slit within. Now her fingers parted the slit and began to rub along the crease, unveiling her clitoris and rolling it under fingers licentiously. The film jumped and now the girl's panties were around her ankles and her finger and sometimes two were penetrating and enlarging the entrance to her vagina, which now looked moist and swollen. Frame jump ... the girl had a vibrator that she was rubbing across her vulva and teasing the entrance to her vagina. Brad knew that the video must be from Eddie, warning him what would happen to Donna if he didn't pay up. Jump ... Now the girl was lying on her back and the vibrator was slowly entering her cunt. At last it was completely in and the girl rotated it in the tight hole, pulled it out about five inches and then plunged it back in. A hand, obviously male, reached forward and played with her ass hole, stroking it until it slowly dilated. The girl made mewling noises as though she were reluctant to have his fingers in this spot, but his other hand slapped her bottom and the whimpering stopped abruptly.

"That's enough of that." Eddie said. "You don't have a vote in what happens down here. If I want to diddle your A-hole, I'll diddle your A-hole."

At this point the vibrator achieved it's dirty deed and the girl wriggled her hips and moaned as orgasm swept her. The man's forefinger continuing to play with her bottom hole slowly sank into her. Jump ...

"Now it's time to get rid of some of this hair." Brad heard Eddie say as he started to lather the area of the girl's labia. "Guy's like to see what they're getting into."

Quickly he shaved the hair from around her vulva, leaving the hair on her pubis. When he wiped her off her wrinkled furrow was as hairless as a baby's bum and her Brad was surprised to see how dark the edges of her pouting labia were.

"And now." Eddie said as he climbed onto the girl. "The finale."

And then Brad knew. He wasn't being warned he was watching Donna being initiated into a life of prostitution. No warning, this was a display of possession and now Eddie was sticking his cock into Donna and fucking her deliriously.

"This is for you Brad." He said turning to look over his shoulder. "She's a great fuck and this is the third time we've done it today. And she'll cum again before she goes home. Right lover?"

And with that he ejaculated into her.

Eddie stood up, whispered to Donna and moved away. The camera zoomed in between Donna's legs to show Donna's hands parting the lips of her sex to expose the creamy white accumulation of semen in her vagina. Eddie came and sat beside her and took over jurisdiction of her sex. He parted her pussy lips and said.

"Check out her stiff pink clit and well oiled slot. Today was a historic day for Donna. She didn't want to fuck in the men's washroom at school but I had her naked ass on the floor. And guess what? This was the first time she came twice while I fucked her. She was scared that someone would come in, but it seemed to add to her horniness because she came really quickly and then she came again. I love getting them when they're fresh, they are so easy. But you know what's really great, she did her first trick. Your friend Randy came in while I was just finishing her off the second time. And at the discount rate of ten bucks I let him fuck her too. But don't worry I'll apply the buck against your tab."

As he talked he went on caressing her clitoris.

"Watch how she reacts to my tender care. Can you see how her legs are starting to stiffen. Even though she came just minutes ago she's ready to cum again. That's right Donna push your clit against my fingers. You really want it now don't you. Come on slut. That's it."

Donna groaned audibly and Brad watched her legs quiver and her pussy contract and expand as it expelled some of Eddie's sperm. Eddie turned to the camera again and said.

"I hear you have a job. I'm expecting some payback soon, although Donna's already earned you $175.00. At $50 a lay you can easily work out how many paying cocks she's had up her in only two weeks. Of course, I can't resist a fresh cunt so you can add on a few freebies for friends. She's really getting to like being filled with sperm, but she's going to have to work a lot more to make a dent in your debt. Don't be late. She might not want you back soon. She's becoming quite partial to long, thick cocks rammed up her cunt."

The picture went black and Brad slumped back. It was worse than he thought. He moved to turn off the video and the picture jumped back onto his screen. This time Donna was kneeling beside a bed and Eddie was behind her fucking her from behind.

"Get a good picture of this Bart and maybe I'll let you have some of this tail. Boy you really got her warmed up I can feel her cunt hanging onto my cock. Oh yes, come on honey."

Brad watched as Eddie increased his tempo and Bart moved the camera to her face, where Brad could see Donna bite back her passion as she reached her climax. Brad then watched as Eddie and his five friends successively fucked Donna. By the time they abandoned her they had each fucked her twice and Brad had witnessed Donna climax four times. The screen went black again.

Brad left it on just in case there were other segments that Eddie had forgotten to erase. He was feeling angry and powerless, should he call the police? No, If he did that Eddie would probably have her shipped out of town and sold her to some pimp cross country and then he'd never find her again. The phone rang.

"Hello? Oh hello Mrs Canby."

"Hello Brad," said Mrs Canby "I was wondering whether Donna was still there? She said she was going to see you for a while this evening."

"Uh no she isn't here." Brad stammered, not knowing what to say. In fact, he hadn't even talked to Donna in two weeks.

"No? You mean she hasn't been there."

Brad recovered. He was going to have to offer something credible or Donna was going to get into deep trouble and he would probably never see her again.

"Well she was here briefly but she left some time ago. I think she said she had a project to work on with one of her girlfriends."

"Oh. So when am I going to see you. Donna couldn't stop talking about you for the last few months. But she's been pretty quiet about you for the past two weeks. There's nothing gone wrong between you has it?"

Oh God, thought Brad.

"Well we haven't seen each other that much in the last two weeks, but we're still good friends".

"I hope." He sub vocalized.

"Oh." Mrs Canby said pointedly. "She seems to go out every night and come home late. I never asked her where because I thought she was with you."

"I guess it's her project I think she's been working pretty hard on it."

"Yes, I guess so. Well I'll just have to talk with her when she gets home. I'm getting worried about her, she seems so ... withdrawn. Anyway I'm sorry to have disturbed you."

"You didn't disturb me. I'll see what I can find out."

"Thanks Brad, although we haven't met, you seem like a good boy. Thank's for being her friend."

Mrs Canby rang off.

Brad had seen Mrs Canby at school she was about 39 years old and Brad could see where Donna's looks had come from. Donna was an only child and after the untimely death of her father was brought up solely by her mother. She had done a good job with Donna.

The TV was beginning to show color streaks again. Little by little the picture became clearer. Again Brad could see Donna, however, this time he was shocked to see that she was in his apartment kneeling on floor with Sam's cock in her mouth. Eddie was talking as she sucked.

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