tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNow Spread Your Legs Ch. 02

Now Spread Your Legs Ch. 02


She uncuffed him. He reached for her. Tried to slide his hand around her waist. The other under her dress. She wore a short black dress made of cotton. Pearl earrings. Long black gloves of the same cotton. Her dress was a flat black that matched her shoes. She was impeccable. And inscrutable.

Since they'd come directly from the restaurant, and her professional saleswoman attire had demanded pantyhose, she needed to get out of those. Before he could slide his hand up to her ass she softly commanded "Now stop. Take your hands away. Lay down here on the floor."

Was this real? This time would he get off?

Never taking his eyes off from her, he bent at all the collapsible places. The dark hard floor was cold. His erection never faded despite the shock. Cold, not blizzard cold, but shocking cold had sometimes the reverse effect. His cock would stand against a cold shower like a flagpole in the rain. He never understood the saying "get a cold shower". It only made him feel more naked.

The way the soft dress filmed over her curves and the grrrrrr feel of her gloved hand didn't hurt. Leaning on one hand, his cock pointed in the same direction as his eyes.

"I like how you've stayed hard. However this one's for me. Think about cars or sports or something, but if you cum, before I do, I'll walk out that door right now and never look back."

This was real. He could feel himself breathe.

She stood with her own legs spread. Atop the high soft black heels she was sex itself. Hands on hips. Curves beyond curves. Her bra-cupped breasts pressing into the velvety cotton. The tight bodice of the dress deploying her narrow waist in a tight corridor of perfection and allowing her hips to ride the soft fabric till it draped halfway down her thighs.

She continued to speak as she began to disrobe. She held him with her eyes. She held him with her body.

You have a lovely cock. I can imagine how it wants to shoot its soft and gooey projectile. I bet you'd like to cum all over my breasts and on this dress. Well you can't. However, not that its necessary, you may watch me strip myself, to give you a little more inspiration.

She threw the fan on the sofa and stepped out of the 3 inch heels. Swiftly hooking her thumbs under the edge of her pantyhose while keeping her hands under her dress, she peeled the nylon off in seconds. She never really stripped. He knew he had lost all control, when, with his cock still hard he watched her step back into those heels. Holding his gaze she stepped over him and knelt down. Reaching under herself she took her hand away. She took his hard tool and pressed it against her wet sex. After the head had pressed her lips open she held him.

Don't cum. You mustn't cum. Do you understand? Think of baseball. The damn Dodgers, whatever, I want you hard till I say so.

He nodded.

Slowly. Not so slowly. She slid down onto his shaft.

He reached for her.

"No. Take your hands away. This is for me." She loved the deep feeling of being penetrated that this position allowed her. Her dress fell around them. Covering them. She fucked him. Hard. She used him. What a cock. So hot. Mmmm. She loved the heat of it. She closed her eyes and bounced herself on his cock. Thrusting her hips down in a scene of controlled abandon. She was hot and she knew it. She just wanted release. So she fucked him. She fucked down on him hard and fast. She held her body still above the waist by positioning her hands at his sides, then she rhythmically long stroked him with her lower back muscles pulling her hips up and down.

He closed his eyes.

Don't do that! Don't enjoy it so much. She gave his face a little love tap and his eyes opened. The Damned Dodgers! She almost shouted. She doubled her pace. She grabbed a big hunk of his flank between her fingers and she pinched it together and twisted a little. Then she was just about the sex. She fucked him. She used him like a dog uses a stick.

He was in her control. Hard. Erect for her, but not close to cumming any more. And she fucked him.

And she closed her eyes. When she closed her eyes and let out a little chirp of a sound he knew she was close. Her hips moved faster and her arms stiffened. She let go to concentrate on her orgasms. And they came. Her movements less controlled now were more like a spasm. Now she stretched and tightened all her muscles. Her breathing stopped. Exhaled. Thrust down on his cock even more wildly if that were possible and spasmed again. "You did good." She whispered. "Now cum inside me." With that she stripped off her dress and placed his hands on her. She short stroked him up and down. Her perfect tight pointy breasts filled his hands. As his eyes met hers his tight sac released its hot streams of white up and inside her. "Oooh I felt you cum."

She kissed him softly.

Now get a good night's sleep. I'm going to show you off to my friends" she whispered.

For the first time that night. She smiled.

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