tagRomanceOh Those Summer Nights

Oh Those Summer Nights


Few people in your life truly touch you. Literally speaking, I have had dozens and dozens. Brief physical moments in time, some I enjoyed, and some I did not. This, however, was the first man, the only man, who not only fucked me, but really fucked me.

We met at the beach, on the boardwalk. It was the weekend of my 21st birthday, and I was there celebrating. Tonight was different; I had come out alone for two reasons. One, to enjoy the smell of funnel cake and cotton candy and watch crowd. Two, the men. Young horny men on a crowded boardwalk are a dime a dozen, and I went out that night knowing I would not be alone for long. Perhaps it is the breeze caressing bare sunburned skin, or perhaps it is the rhythm of the waves crashing to their resting place in the sand, that brings rushes of heat in an entire population at the beach. Perhaps just sloppy drunkenness possesses our wild behavior. Whatever the reason, I could not help the nagging wetness in my panties that night.

I was sitting on the floodwall when I first saw him. He was walking alone, a rare thing to see at this time of night. People always seem to pair up early in the long days of summer. I noticed him immediately; there was something that set him apart from the rest of the crowd, although I doubt I could describe it. He had the kind of curly blonde hair that falls in a perfect mess in his face, and blue eyes that pierced through my own. I lifted my leg up beside me and as I made eye contact, making sure to look as inviting as possible.

He was obviously staring at me as he walked, and paying very little attention to the people around him. I let out a little chuckle as he almost knocked over a little girl. The endearing part is, he stooped down and made sure she was all right, and you could tell by her smile that she was a little flirt. His eyes diverted back up at me as he finished his act of chivalry, and I was not surprised when he came and sat next to me. What did, however, was that he did it without saying a word. He just popped a french fry in his mouth and stared at the lights.

“Hey,” I finally blurted out, and grabbed a fry from his pack without asking, as if I had known him forever. “Hey,” was all he said in response. It was natural, comfortable, sitting there with him. Nothing really needed said, we shared an instant contentment with each other. My body was still restless though.

You want to go for a walk?” It was odd for me to have to make the first move on a man. I was, and am, an attractive girl. The summer sun had been kind to my skin, and left me bronzed and dewy. It had bleached my hair even blonder than it was, and the salt water left it tousled down my back. My legs were long and muscular, but still shapely and feminine. I had never even had to start a conversation, and I preferred not to lead them. This was his intrigue. I still did not know his name, and it did not seem to matter. Idle conversation seemed unnecessary; our attraction to each other was perfect left unspoken. It seemed fate for us to end up side by side on this particular night, at this particular time, at this particular beach.

“Sure,” he replied as he took my hand and enthusiastically dragged me down onto the dark sand below us. We ran the whole way to the water, laughing and carrying on like two children let loose from a cage for the first time. Exhausted, I lost my footing in the wet sand and crashed into the shallow tide. He was too busy laughing at me to notice the transparency of my white tank top. I could feel my nipples erect from the cold seawater, and I wanted him to notice. I lifted myself from the crushed shells and seaweed and jumped on his back, pulling him down into the water with me.

I pulled myself on his lap and brushed my lips against his, pulling away with a coy smile. I stared at his eyes, the blue glazed over with lust. Still, I will not let him even kiss me. I can tell he wants to touch me as much as I want to let him, but instead I let all the pressure build inside my little body. He reached his face towards mine, but I arched my back into the water to get away from him, and finally give him a glance of my breasts in the moonlight as they bobbed above the water. I closed my eyes and let the back of my head sink down, and I felt his two fingertips right above my belly button. He slid it up the middle of my stomach, between my ribcage and up my breastbone, up my neck and chin, and finally to my lips. I let him slid them into my mouth, and wrapped my lips around them, letting him feel the softness as he pulled them out. I lifted myself up to his mouth with my hand around firmly around the back of his neck and kissed his lower lip, soft, and slightly damp. I pulled away quickly and murmured between heavy breaths, “I’m Rachael.” Then I pulled him in and kissed him harder this time. He pulled away briefly, still touching my upper lip with his lower, but did not speak, only smiled before continuing. Our kisses grew harder and wetter, and I could feel his erection growing in-between my legs. His hands slid up my sides as I pulled my tank top over my head and threw it in the sand. I could feel droplets of water rolling off my nipples as he cradled my breasts in his hands. He bent down and put his kissed my nipple. He held it in his teeth, softly, and licked it as he started biting harder.

At this point, I am beyond controlling my urges, slid my hand down my shorts, pulled my panties to the side, and started to rub my own clitoris. I made absolute sure that he could feel the movement of my hand on his penis, and it must of worked because at once he stopped what he was doing and looked down. He looked back up at me, his eyes completely ablaze now. I bit my lower lip and looked back at him. I brought my free hand down his pants and slid it down to his scrotum, where I pressed in my fingertips before rubbing upwards to his testicles.

He almost jumped out of the water, with me still on his lap. I wrap my legs around him and he carries me up the beach, to one of the lifeguard chairs, left unmanned for the night. I frantically slide my shorts down, and as I am shimmying out of them, he practically tears my underwear off my body. As he took his own shirt off, I bend my knees into the soft sand and kiss down his supple body, pulling his shorts and boxers as I go, reaching his massive erection. I wrap my lips around softly, letting the skin on his cock feel the slick inside of my lips. I slide down on it slow, until the entire thing disappears in my mouth. My lips tightened around the shaft, and I pulled off it slowly, moistening it with my tongue the whole way. I bring the back of my tongue underneath his head and rub it back and forth for a moment. I can taste the slight saltiness of his pre-cum, and I know that he needed to be inside of me. The blood rushing through my veins through my entire body to my pussy lips, leaving them wide open, was a sure sign that I needed him too—and now.

I sat up on of the slats at the lower part of the chair, which was directly at his waist level. My ass hung painfully off the other side of the wood, but it made no difference. My own juices were practically running down my backside. I braced myself, holding on to the wooden stakes and pulled my leg up and rested my calf on his shoulder, using it to pull him into me. I tightened myself around his cock with the pain of the first entry, and held him inside of me for a few seconds before letting him slide out. He pulled it out slowly, letting the wetness cover it completely. His hands grabbed my ass tight, keeping me exactly where he wanted me. This time when he pushed in, he pushed further, and harder. Each time he thrust, he pulled his entire penis out, letting me feel his head against my clitoris. My leg fell off his shoulder, and I lifted my knees and spread wider, rocking my body on his cock, my quivering thighs begging him to go faster. Instead, he kept torturing me, breathing heavier with each moan I gave. He pulled in closer to me, letting his testicles gently tap my ass, and bit my neck in-between kissing it.

“Fuck me damn it!” I finally could no longer stand it, my body was about to explode. He pushed inside me fiercely and kissed my mouth once again. I bit down on his lower lip as he nearly threw me into the sand on my knees. I let my legs slide wide open in the sand, lifting my butt in the air, presenting him with my soft lips. This time, as he slid into my wet pink, he pushed harder, to the point of hurting me. Only with each sharp pain that came with the deep penetration, I could feel my body throbbing, orgasm growing within it. He kept pushing faster, grabbing my breast with one hand, and rubbing my clit with the other. Our breathing was frantic, as were our movements, him pushing forward into me, and me pushing back onto him. My muscles inside contracted frantically, and I could feel my cum ready to release itself. I let out a groan that became as loud as a scream, and I could feel the warmth of his semen inside me as I let loose possibly the most incredible orgasm I had ever had.

We lay in the sand for a few moments, sweaty and panting. He kissed my lips, gently but passionately, and that is as far as I remember. I woke up to a crowded beach, but found myself nearly fully clothed. My phantom lover was gone, still nameless, leaving only his seed inside me as a token. Still, I grinned.

My conclusion is: love can last a moment, one night, or even forever. Or, it can not really be there at all, and still make for one great lay.

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