tagSci-Fi & FantasyOnyx Dreams Ch. 18

Onyx Dreams Ch. 18


Chapter 18: Twisted

Cyrus quickly left his father's house in a mood so dark that had it been able to affect the real world then it would have cast the world into the eternal darkness of a death dealing night. He struggled to contain his anger at his father for keeping such an important fact from him. How could he do this? First he picked out a suitor and now it turned out he'd been lying to him for my whole life. What else could he have been lying about?

The demon was once more back upon his shoulder and cackling softly as it whispered plots and conspiracies, forming ideas in his mind that it was all just to use him as a pawn in their big game of chess. Well he wouldn't be used as a pawn anymore. No, they wouldn't do any more damage to him.

He cast his eyes out towards the horizon and glared as his mood darkened still. Had he the power he would create a large thunderstorm, flashing with tendrils of lightning to strike the area out around him. Once more, deep within him, the rage began to bubble and stir. Who else was in on it? His father, his mother, Katherine, Kennice, Erykia, Rhys, Anthony, Elizabeth, and even Brenna. They were all ganging up on him, playing their stupid mind games with him. If his father had lied about his true identity then how could he trust the memories that had been passed on to him of his mother? Were they real or just some sick work of fiction to twist and warp his mind?

The demon whispered in fast haunting tones, shaping and molding his train of thought.

As for Brenna, she was the worst of them all...she had locked away his memories. She had restrained his emotions to put him off the true scent of who Kaie was.

They were all too weak for him though, he could see through their plots now. And he could see it so clearly now, the whole plan. They were toying with his mind, making him into some sort of weak-minded fool. It all revolved around Kennice. They all knew Kennice somehow. Every one of them was connected to her in some way. She had to be the mastermind behind this entire plot. He wasn't going to fold just so she could win her twisted game. No, if she wanted to play, then he would show her mind games. He would tear her life apart piece by piece. To hell with the dragon laws! Murderers, rapists and torturers should all be brought to justice. He was indeed going to bring it to their doorstep...

In his mind, a great, dark, omen of doom formed in his mind. Across the world the psychic links that were connected with him shook with intensity as he laid down an oath of vengeance. In his mind's eyes he could see it now, hundreds of thousands of dark dragons tearing the landscape apart, and he knew the perfect place to start. The one place Kennice truly held dear...the monastery where her parents resided.

The demon on his shoulder was almost trembling with excitement now, it could feel Cyrus' anger and rage beginning to boil and so it decided to put its master plan into action.

Inside his mind Cyrus began to envision a scene where Erykia was strung up on a wooden crucifix, her arms and legs bound tightly with barbed wire as fire ants eagerly ate the flesh from her bones. To the left of this was a whorehouse, and Rhys was in the center, trussed up on a table with several large hungry men abusing him for their own sick desires.

But in the center was Kennice, the mastermind. Cyrus was going to deal with her personally. He slowly drew a long, curved dagger from his belt and began to carefully and pleasantly, skin her alive. Her screams filled his fury ridden mind. All around them, the followers of the dragon rider belief system were in chains. Their great mounts used as simple beasts of burden under his great rule. While beside him, enjoying it all, was the beautiful Katherine, the girl who he was chosen and destined for.

Suddenly, reality came rushing back towards Cyrus. The force of it struck his mind like a 25-pound sledgehammer and snapped him free of the vision. The blow sent him on to his back and the soft grass. Tears were streaming down his face at the terrible scene of violence, death and destruction he had seen, no created. How could he think such things about Kennice? The one woman in the world who he truly loved?

Shaking his head to try and clear the gut wrenching vision from his mind, he moved to his feet and headed towards the house. His anger was about his father concealing the truth from him and he wanted to know why. His father had said it was to protect him from kidnapping; well he wanted to know whom. He just might pay those people a visit and show them just how bad an idea it would have been to attempt such an endeavor. Especially now that he was grown and had hatred like nothing else on earth brewing in his chest.

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