tagFetishPanty Games Ch. 05

Panty Games Ch. 05


The Following weeks were very interesting.

Nikki was acting like my best friend at work. Which I suppose was a good thing since we did technically have sex with each other. It's always nice that people you lay remain your friends. It was just strange since I still really didn't like her much. Sure I liked how she looked and I can not say the idea of doing something else with her did not appeal to me but I still thought she was self centered and a bit bitchy.

Nikki never mentioned us having sex with each other but I am certain she thought about it. A couple of times she kissed me on the cheek and asked me how I was when I came in for work and I would often find her putting her hands on my shoulders, hips, or touching my thigh during conversations. She even pinched my butt a few times.

Nikki also mentioned several times that John was asking about me. I could only assume he was hoping for another shot at a threesome with Nikki and I, but I also found myself wondering if perhaps Nikki was also very interested in that idea. She seemed to show a lot of interest in me and my feelings. I found myself wondering if that would change if she knew I let her husband jerk off on my ass while she was off banging John.

My relationship with Bob developed into something interesting. When thinking about it I came to conclusion that Bob was feeling guilty about what we had done but had told himself that it was ok since we didn't actually go all the way. In fact except for a quick peek we didn't even see each others private parts.

A couple of days after our encounter Bob called me on the phone and we talked more sex. Bob used the black Panties I let him take him to get him self off while I used my fingers to bring myself to an orgasm. It was fun but I really wished he would have agreed to just come over. I think the guilt kept him home that night. Still I did get him to agree to meet me at the bar the following weekend for drinks, dancing, and whatever. I made no promises to what we were going to do.

I hadn't forgot about his secretary fantasy but I had not figured out a way to make that happen yet. So I planned to just take our next meeting one step at a time and see what happened.

The night came and I made sure to dress in a way I knew he would like.

I picked out a denim knee length skirt and a red spaghetti strap tank top. For undergarments I choose to wear the silk red panties I took from Nikki the night we were together. They were tight on me but I still was able to put them on. I also went out and purchased a Red satin bra to match the panties.

We met up on a Saturday night at the same bar we had our first run in together. This was a bit across town from where I knew Nikki and John usually hung out.

Bob and I shared some drinks and played a game of darts. We talked normal people talk for sometime. The bar was loud and there were a lot of people there so I didn't think getting into Bob's private fantasies was really the right to do at that time.

After a few games of darts I asked Bob to dance. Nothing fancy. A slow song was on and we danced like friendly couples do. Though Bob did let his hands wander to my butt a few times during the dance.

I figured if I was going to get him to open up I was going to need to get him out of the bar. I told him I wanted to go somewhere else and he readily agreed. Gathering up our stuff we left together. Once in the parking lot I made some excuse about how I was a bit too tipsy to drive even though I was fine. Bob agreed to drive me to our next location.

As we walked to the car, I glanced around and saw no one else was near us.

"Hey Bob?"

"Yea?" He stopped and looked at me.

"Check it out." I said simply and then flipped up the front of my shirt and flashed my bra to Bob.

He smiled. "Nice. Do you often flash your undergarments to people in the parking lot?"

Interesting question. So I gave a teasing answer. "No I usually flash my bare tits but that's against our rules."

He gave me fake a pouty look. "Oh man. That's totally not fair. You'd flash a stranger them all but not me?" I knew he wasn't sincere. He was enjoying the game with our limiting rules. Just giving it all to him then and there would have taken some of the thrill of the hunt out of our relationship. Still I could play it up even more.

I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Two guys had come out of the bar and were walking towards us.

"Watch this." I said turning away from Bob.

I walked towards the two guys, Glancing back to Bob I made sure he stayed put. The guys were standing by a car and one was getting his keys out. Both saw me and paused.

"Hey boys." I was using my best sexy voice.

"I was wondering if you could help me."

"Sure!" they both said in unison.

"My boyfriend back there," I nodded towards Bob behind me, "doesn't think I have the guts to do something and I wanted to prove him wrong."

"Ok sure. What can we do?" The one near the drivers door asked.

"Check these out for me." I said as I flipped up my shirt and my bra, exposing my tits to the two eager men.

"Wholly crap!" The closest to me said.

I looked over my shoulder towards Bob who was standing there with his jaw on the pavement. I made sure to keep my back to him so he couldn't see what I was showing the two guys.

"Tell him if you like them." I told my two partners in crimes.

"Oh man your chick has nice tits!" Said the guy closest to me on the passenger side.

I stepped forward to the passenger and kissed him on the cheek. Then I told them both "Thank you." before replacing my bra and turning around.

I walked towards Bob with a huge smile on my face. He was grinning as well and I could tell he rather enjoyed me doing that. When I reached him I kiss him on the cheek and told him we should get going.

We both got in his car and he started it up and we pulled out of the driveway. I waved goodbye to my new friends who were still standing there watching us leave the lot.

Bob asked me where to go and I told him to bring me to my house. That I was tired of being at the bar. I think for the first mile or so the poor man thought I was actually asking him to just bring me home since I was done for the night. Silly man.

A bit further down the road I decided to do something for Bob.

"Boy is it hot in here?" I asked thought I wasn't really hot. Bob made some sort of comment about turning on the air conditioner but I refused.

"No I have a better idea." I then lifted my shirt off and over my head. Bob was speechless.

I reclined the seat and put my arms over my head. "Try to keep your eyes on the road ok?"

It was near midnight and there were other cars on the road. While I was somewhat exposed no one really gave me a second look since I guess I looked just like someone in a bikini top or something. My have times changed.

Bob put his free hand on my knee and I responded to that by pulling the bottom of my skirt up a bit. Bobs hand followed the hem line and soon he was massaging my inner thigh.

I reached down and put my hand on top of his. I took it and moved it further up my leg and under my skirt. I placed it over the tight silk of Nikki's panties.

Bob started touching me through the silk but it was at bit awkward. So I undid the buttons on the top of the skirt and then helped Bob put his hand in that way.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the rest of the ride home. I have no idea if anyone saw me or not but I didn't care. Bob was rubbing my pussy through the silk panties and I was loving every minute of it.

When we pulled into my driveway I waited no time. I just buttoned up my skirt and grabbed my shirt. I walked to the house with my shirt in my hand and my bra visible for any neighbor who happened to look out at that moment. Bob was quickly following behind.

I went into the house and I climbed the entry way steps. I looked back at Bob as he shut the door. Pausing I lifted up the back of my skirt and bent over. Bob quickly stepped up and I felt his hands on my butt.

I wiggled it a bit as he massaged my cheeks through the tight red silk.

"Oh I like these." He said. I couldn't help but smile at the thought that he may have masturbated into them at sometime when they were in Nikki's panty drawer.

I thought about telling him they were hers but that would have lead to me explaining the whole night with Jason and John as well so I decided not to mention it.

"I picked them up just for you." It wasn't a lie. Even if my husband still got some use out of them I did steal them with Bob in mind.

I let him touch a bit then I stood and turned around. Bob joined me on the top stair and we kissed.

During the kiss his hands went directly to my butt and I returned the favor by putting my hands on his.

After a bit I turned and pressed my butt into his crotch. I could feel his hard cock pushing out against his jeans as I rubbed into him. His hands went to my chest and he begin to pinch my nipples through the satin bra.

I then felt his hands move down my sides to the waist band of my Skirt. A few seconds of button fumbling and my skirt fell to the floor leaving me in only the silk panties and satin bra.

Bob used his hands to guide me to the wall. He pressed my chest into the wall as he ground his groin into my butt. My hand reached down and behind me and I undid the button on Bob's Jeans.

Bob stepped back a bit and I took my hand away. A few seconds later I heard some clothing rustling and then he pressed back into me. Only this time I could feel his cock had been sprung free and was now pressing into my butt cheeks, pushing the silk up into my crack.

Bob was close to my height and by standing on my tip toes his cock slid into the space between my thighs. Bob then started humping me faster. I could feel his shaft going between my legs and rubbing my pussy through the silk. It was so intense and I was actually feeling pressure start to build.

I let him do it for some time before finally pushing off the wall. I turned towards him and kissed him. He didn't stop. I started pushing him back towards the couch while pressing my body into his. I could feel his cock pressing up against the silky front of the panties.

I pushed him down on the couch and mounted him. His hands went to my butt and his face pressed into my tits as I started to hump him. The shaft of his cock laid flat on his stomach and began to move my hips forward and back so my pussy was pressing into his cock through the silk.

I let the pressure build but it just wouldn't build far enough. I could feel my pussy ach for release and I just wasn't getting there humping him like that. It felt great but I needed to cum.

I dropped down on the couch and laid on my back. I didn't even look at Bob as I put my hand inside the tight waist band of the Silk panties. I found my spot with my finger and started to work it.

I could feel Bob move and then I felt him kneeling between my legs. I felt his cock rubbing on the outside of the panties while I worked my hand on the inside. I couldn't hold it any more and I felt my orgasm gush out of me.

As the waves of my orgasm lessened I opened my eyes. I looked at Bob who still had a shirt on. His eyes were on mine. I smile at him and he smiled back. Then I moved my eyes and looked down. Bob had his cock in his hand and I could see him stroking it slowly. I looked back up at him and he was looking nervous. He didn't hide it and I knew he was nervous and he paused his stroking.

I looked back down as I pulled my hand out and I could see the swollen head of his cock throbbing in his hand as he simply squeezed it.

I looked back at him, smiled, and simply said. "Don't stop."

Bob started stroking again, this time with my full attention on his cock. I moved up a bit on the couch so I could rest my head on the arm for a better view. Bob Kneeled higher between my legs and I reached up and lifted up his shirt to his mid section. I had an absolute clear view of his cock as he continued to stroke it.

His hand was moving faster now and I could see lust in his eyes. I looked back at his cock and I could see him working it faster and faster as his body tensed. Suddenly his hand stopped and squeezed. His body tensed and I heard a low moan come from his mouth.

Then he erupted.

The cum first hit my belly just under my bra. A few more spurts quickly followed shooting white sticky gew on my belly button and lower stomach. More followed and soon I was feeling hot dampness soaking through the front of the silk panties.

Bob continued to milk it for a bit getting every remaining drop on the front of Nikki's panties. Once he was certain there was no more he collapsed backwards in the other direction.

We said nothing for some time after that. I put my feet up on Bobs stomach and he lightly massaged them and my calves for quite some time and then I simply fell asleep.

I woke a few hours later with a start as someone kissed me on the lips. Opening my eyes I found my husband kneeling next to the couch leaning over me. I quickly darted my eyes down to the end of the couch to find Bob was gone.

"What's this?" My husband asked with a sly knowing sound. His hand touched my stomach just above my belly button. Bobs cum was still on me. It was dry for the most part but the panties still felt damp.

"Just something a friend left me." Not wanting to say more.

"Oh. I see." Was his simple reply.

I turned on my side and reached out my hand. I begin touching my husbands cock through his pants. "Why? You feeling a need to assert your dominance or something?" I asked with a sleepy but playful voice.

His answer was to start stripping. Soon he was naked and the red silky panties were pulled off of me.

I stayed laying in the same position I was in on the couch when Bob was jerking off on me as my husband climbed on top of me. He pushed his cock inside of me and soon was fucking me fast and hard.

I just laid back and let my husband do me. I was rather satisfied and even a bit sleepy so I didn't feel much pressure building. I enjoyed it but I didn't necessarily feel I needed to cum. So I rapped my legs around him and just let him continue.

Soon he was breathing heavier and I could feel his cock throbbing in me. I was certain I was about to feel a gush of warm liquid filling my insides but I was startled instead when I felt him pull out.

I looked down just in time to see his hand on his cock and white hot liquid shooting out of it all over my stomach and blonde pubic hair. Much of it landed over the same areas as Bobs cum. I couldn't help myself and I took my hands and started rubbing it into me.

As I rubbed the two men's cum together my husband said. "So is that how he left your present?"

"No, no fucking." I said honestly. "Not yet anyway."

And I got up to get in the shower before joining my husband for a nice morning sleep.

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