tagFetishPunky's Diary, 4/13/07

Punky's Diary, 4/13/07


Punky's Diary -- a Friend's Experiences, collected by Selbryth.

April 13, 2007

More of the Paris thing...

Charlie and me stayed in her luxurious apartment for almost a week after the show, basically fucking each other's brains out. And as the days went by, she seemed to get more and more comfortable being, well, herself I guess you'd have to say. She'd parade around nude (when the domestics weren't there, which was often) and let her cock and balls just hang out. There were lots of times back in the States in my place when she'd do that little 'tuck-thingie' even when she was walking past me—out of habit I guess—but now she didn't care.

Probably because she knew I didn't.

And all the other things too. I mean she was still all refined and shit and ladylike, but now when she wanted something, something sexy and hot, she wasn't shy or bashful about asking for it.

Like this one morning I got up and she wasn't there so I figured she'd gone out on some errand or business. I never worry about her because I've seen the shit her bodyguards and security people carry okay?

But I get up and stumble over to the bathroom to go potty and I open the door and there she is, laying in that huge sunken tub—which was empty—spread-eagle, grinning at me.

"Piss on me, Punky," she says. "Piss all over me!" And she's just laying there all spread out, waiting. I go over get in the tub, stand over her, and go.

All over her.

I'm still a little sleepy but the way she starts rubbing my water around and splashing and gasping and touching gets me all totally turned-on, and as I go on peeing on her, that little tingling vibration of the pee moving out starts to get me going even more.

So then Charlie's all worked up and wet and excited and I start to squat down over her tummy to finish up but she takes my ankles and makes me squat over her face. I drench her silly and she has her mouth open and is drinking everything I'm squirting in her mouth and then I can't hold back and lean over and kiss her before she's had the chance to swallow that last bit.

We exchange my own pee between us and I swallow some and she swallows some and then we're just rubbing our chests together and my nipples poke out hard and things just suddenly take off and it's a fuck-frenzy for like an hour.

I wind up flat on my front on the big fuzzy bathmat with Charlie grunting and groaning as she straddles my ass, filling my ass-hole with her cum. I mean I can barely move because she's already finger-fucked and eaten me so I can hardly move, and it's just 'her turn.'

We lay like that for awhile after until her thing shrinks out of me and we finally get unplugged. It takes me pretty long to recover from it all but I finally get up and crawl back into the tub and turn the shower on. There's like seven spray-heads and when you turn it on it's like you're in a tropical rain forest in the middle of a storm or something. I sit there on the floor (which is heated) and then see Charlie crawling in to join me. We just sit there side by side holding hands as the showers rinse everything off us, and finally after I don't know, half an hour? we're able to get up.

As I'm getting on my knees to stand though, there's a little fluttery sound from my behind and a sputtering, and when I look there's a glob of Charlie's cum right there on the tub floor being rinsed down toward the drain in the center. I just space out watching it and then Charlie's right there beside me, arm around me, kissing my shoulder. I look at her and she has that same dreamy face I've seen so many times and my heart just melts for her.

Then we kiss and help each other up, turn off the water and step out of the tub. We dry off but don't both to put anything on and just go out to the kitchen and start breakfast.

After watching Charlie's cute, bare rump going back and forth and to and fro creating this, what turned out to be, fabulous meal, I found it a little hard to sit still while we ate. It was another glass tabletop and I kept looking past the edge of my plate and down through the glass at this cutely crossed pair of gorgeous legs and the sexy V of bare crotch between them. The more I ate, the more I thought, and the more I thought of Charlie's bod, the more I wanted to do stuff to her.

Then I'd look up and her face would be like What? and I'd shake my head and go back to stuffing my own face. Afterwards though, after the dishes were in the washer and we went out to the living room to watch the news, I got to the point where I couldn't—and didn't want to—control myself anymore! Charlie was sitting on the sofa all graceful and elegant and naked and shit, and I was bringing the coffee in on a tray, and I set the tray down on the coffee table and then just attacked her. She was giggling and stuff, but then I got her legs open, got her thingie out, and went down on her. Just like that. No prelims. Just a girl sucking a cute, luscious, sexy dick! Charlie was moaning and squirming, but I just went on plunging my mouth up and down on her shaft while the news was talking about the elections in the country and the war and all that crap—just up and down and up until Charlie's prong got totally rigid again and finally started throbbing and spitting cum in my mouth. I kept going, drinking everything down, sucking and slurping, and when it was finally over and her cock started to soften, I sat back feeling real good about myself.

I mean I still needed fucking—bad—but at least I'd done what I'd been thinking about all through breakfast!

Then Charlie sat up slowly, gripping the back of the sofa for support. She took a breath and calmed and then looked at me.

"Well now, that was interesting," she said with a grin, and I felt stupid all of a sudden. I'd just pretty much attacked her as she sat there watching television. Really no excuse.

Except of course that she'd chosen to watch the tele while completely nude.

Maybe—yah—it's not my fault!

Then she reached an arm out to me and I went and snuggled against her and we watched something about some group doing some violent shit somewhere, but I was so wet for her it was pitiful. I mean, totally no-class: I'd just taken her and sucked her off to fulfill my own desires, and I felt bad about it.

There was a commercial break which was in French obviously and I couldn't understand it but even though Charlie could, she switched the thing off and turned to me. She had that look in her eyes and I knew I was in for it.

"Instead of coffee, how about a little tea?" she whispered, and by now everyone knows that's our little secret code for some other stuff. But I was so horny for her just the mention of it made me jump a little bit.

Totally pathetic!

So then I was getting up and heading for the bath tub, pulling her along behind me, and she got in the tub and knelt, and I stood above her more than ready to give her what she wanted.

"No, Punky; like at the Club, remember?"

Boy did I ever remember! I climbed up on the wide rim of the tub, turned sideways to her and then leaned sideways and spread my leg out toward her. I pointed my foot and then reached down and spread two fingers around my gash. I squished it (which made me want to do lots of other things), and twisted it to aim and then let loose. A hot trickle shot at an angle out of me and hit my raised thigh and then ran all the way down the inside of my leg and foot until it dribbled off the edge of my big-toe. Suddenly there was a tongue there, licking my toe, licking up the pee, and there was such a shivery wave that went through me that the pee got shut off. I took a breath and focused and then the flow started again and just like before Charlie was right there to slurp everything down.

When I was done I could hardly walk I was so turned-on. I think my whole body looked red and flushed, but Charlie reached up and sat me down on the edge of the tub, parted my legs and then planted her mouth over my cunt. She started tonguing me out and the orgasms started instantly. It was so familiar but so new all at the same time. I leaned back and spread my legs more and Charlie's tongue started to plunge deeper and deeper and go faster and faster.

More orgasms. It was ridiculous, really, but I needed it badly and there she was, giving it to me.

Then shivers (the other kind), and my pussy squirted right into Charlie's wide open mouth. It squirted again and then I sensed that I had a little bit left in my bladder and took a breath and let it go.

There was a muffled yummy-sound from Charlie that vibrated my whole pussy, and then I heard the gulping sounds as she drank my tea fresh from the teapot.

When I was empty she just went on making me cum. She was really getting even for what I'd done in the living room, and I loved her for it! She tickled my clit, tongue-fucked me deep, diddled, and then sat back and used her fingers in me while her mouth went on to other things.

—Like the insides of my thighs, and knees, then the shins. I brought my knees up and gave her my feet and she enjoyed and explored every square inch with her wet tongue. Then, still finger-fucking me to mush, she sucked my toes one at a time and made me cum even harder. I squirted again and again—with each climax—and then Charlie nudged my right foot downward with her chin, and then inward and down more, and when it was pointing downward directly in front of my finger-filled pussy, she gave me a really good thrust and I squirt again.

—Directly on the bottom of my foot.

I spaced out and drifted away after that. I was only conscious of the fingers curling and lifting inside me and the undulating feeling of my pussy squirting, and the liquid heat hitting the underside of my foot.

Oh, and of course the sucking lips trying anxiously to clean every last drop of pussy-cum off my toes!

When it was done I was melted against the tiles. A blob. A puddle. Charlie had fucked me beyond orgasm and I was just a panting, sweating, melted mess. She finally took hold of my ankle (my leg was still frozen solid in front of my crotch) and pulled it gently down, then brought my other leg down beside it and then carried me down to the floor of the tub. I remember hot rain drizzling down over me and warm, bare skin against my side, and I started to feel myself rising up and up into my head and finally opened my eyes and looked around.

Charlie was right there grinning at me.

"Good morning starshine," she said. "The Earth says hello!"

Then we kissed and went on kissing for I don't know how long. Not horny 'God I gotta fuck you' kind of kisses, but just lips touching and caressing back and forth and tongues, and real calm, intimate stuff.

More like mouth-to-mouth resuscitation I suppose, which I was in dire need of right then.

Then I came back to life and Charlie plugged the tub and ran the regular faucets and we sat there as hot steamy water quickly rose up around us. I remember Charlie switching the shower spray heads to another setting and then it was like a warm mist falling down over us. I almost fell asleep like that except for that I moved my hand over Charlie's thigh at one point and bumped my wrist into some 'underwater obstruction.' It was all hard and fleshy and incredible so without thinking I took a breath, leaned and turned and went down under the surface and got the thing in my mouth. I started sucking it underwater, but then hands were lifting me back up to the surface.

"Girl!" Charlie laughed. I opened my eyes and blinked water out of them. "Will you please take a break? You don't have to do me every time it gets hard you know?"

"Oh but I want to," I told her and I started to lunge down again. She stopped me.

"You...haven't just sat on me for awhile," she whispered, and I simply slid up and over her lap, reached down and got her prong up inside me and sat down.

It's not something Charlie had to suggest twice, you know?

Having her inside me—in my cunt especially though I'd done it so often it was old hat—was always incredible. I rode up and down on her, hearing the water splashing, loving how my body floated a little, making the motion easier, and came over and over again. It was like it was a continuation of when she'd been fingering me only now things were fuller and longer and nice and roundish and incredible.

Up and down and up and down. Charlie held me by the hips, guiding me as I worked myself up and down on her cock. Shivers went through me, my body tensed and released, I groaned and gasped. It was almost like I was floating on a cloud, floating in the sea, and Charlie was the only solid thing in the entire universe.

Then, since everything down between my legs was all warmed and soft and tender, I stopped, turned and then squatted down again and got her cock up inside my ass. There was hardly any pressure or tension back there and there was some sweet smelling, flowery ingredient to the water that made everything feel silky and smooth. This silky smooth stuff helped lubricate me, and then I was pounding steadily up and down again as before, enjoying the feeling of having my dearest, sweetest lover up my quivering bung-hole.

More orgasms and more. It was like my two holes had morphed into a single one and Charlie was filling both. Up and down and up and down, and she was reaching up and around and feeling my chest up. She pinched my nipples and tweaked them as she followed my piston-like motions.

Then I stopped again, turned to face her and squatted down like before, only this time with her dick gliding up my butt. I came, felt myself squirt underwater, and just went on plunging. The water was slapping the inside rim of the tub, the waves were choppy, and I just went on and on, enjoying that silky soft feeling of the water enveloping me and leaving me, over and over. It was like the tub was a cunt and I was the prong that was fucking it. My whole body like a cock, ramming up and down into it while a smaller prong was ramming up and down into me.

I open my eyes and it's misty everywhere. Misty and warm and wet and sweet smelling. I have something nice and tight-fitting up my rectum and it's massaging my insides. But the bathwater is clean and warm and cleansing. I stop, lift up, reach down and get Charlie in my cunt. I slam down on her and cum, then stop and get her reinserted in my ass.

Orgasms, switching holes with no hesitation because of all the water and soap and fragrance. Up and down, my ass, then my cunt and then while I have Charlie in my cunt and I'm about to switch, her hands tighten and push down around my waist.

"God, sweetie," she gasps and I look and she's looking at me like she's going to sneeze. Then I feel her cock, so rigid, so thick, undulating in my pussy. I force myself up and down around it in short, fast strokes and feel it spurting, rippling inside me. Up and down. Charlie gasps and moans. I push down and wriggle my bottom on her, making her spurting rod 'stir' inside me. She gasps and grunts.

Up and down and up! Her orgasm is continuing, longer than usual. I hold myself there, receiving everything she's releasing. Then Charlie seems to come back to the world and her eyes open and I'm smiling at her and I fucking love her more than I can even think about.

"Hi," is all I can think to say and she pulls me down and we kiss.

I guess she had even less to say.

* * *

At the end of that week, Charlie started talking about going off to visit the house in the Bahamas. Paris had gotten a little soggy and overcast and it felt like time for a change.

The night before we leave though, we're in bed with me sitting up against the piles of pillows we'd bunched up against the headboard with Charlie leaning back in my arms. I had my legs around her and was using my left foot to rub her cock and make it hard again.

It was working too.

Then she breathed deep and sighed.

"You miss anything from back in the States?" she whispered. Her voice was a little weary because I'd just finished ass-fucking her with my strap-on. It was still buried in her as a matter of fact, and I was smearing leftover drops of her cum around with my toes.

"No, not really," I said to her.

"Nothing? Really?"

I nodded against the side of her face and kissed her cheek.

"You miss anything, Charlie?" I asked and she turned her head back to me a little.

"Funny, I actually miss your apartment."

"Come on now."

"No, I really do," she said. "It was...cozy...."

"Well, this is pretty cozy too, don't you think?"

"Only because there's a very special woman here using her pretty foot to make me hard. If you weren't here, it...it would be terrible...."

"Aw c'mon," I told her. "You're like the toast of the town or some such shit."

Her cock, which had been getting harder, now deflated a little bit. I brought my other foot around and used both to massage it.

"God, you're like this incredible sex-imp or something," she sighed, and now her thing was starting to stand up again. It felt good between the balls of my feet too.

"I'm a Fuck Bunny," I whispered. "And I'm talking officially." I pushed a little bit with my pelvis to make the dildo move and Charlie gasped. Her prong stiffened a little more.

"So you like my place then?" I said, not really paying any attention to the conversation now. All I could think about was how cool her dong looked between my feet. I started to rub it up and down.

"I'm just glad it's all safe and secure," Charlie said.

"You have it under surveillance or something?" I laughed, but Charlie nodded. The she leaned her head back and gasped. I felt her cock swell up even more, to its full three inches. "You're kidding, right?" She shook her head once, and I'm going 'fuck man, you really are a world class woman.'

"You sure you don't miss it though...?" Charlie gasped, and I finally took the hint. I pushed her forward and off me, making the dildo come out with a greasy pop, then got the thing off my crotch and sat back with my arms crossed. Charlie turned around and saw my look.

"What? What's the matter now?" she asked.

"You're talking about all this shit about me missing shit back in my shitty little shit-hole, right? Like you're saying 'Okay, hint, hint, maybe you should go back to your previous life because you just don't fit in here.'" Charlie was just staring like she'd been struck by lightening. "Uh...or not...." I said added.

"Definitely not!" Charlie said, and her face was pretty grim now, not that I can blame her with my totally misdirected outburst and all.

"Then what's all the stuff with 'missing' this and 'missing' that then?" I said, thinking maybe I was right all along.

"Because I don't really know what it's like to 'miss' anything, okay?" she hissed at me. Her cock was totally soft now and she absently flipped it back, out of the way. "I've still got my first doll—stored away in some secured underground storage facility in Zurich—and my first board-game and my little teaset and all that crap. I've never wanted for anything, and nothing's ever been allowed to 'be lost.' Always nannies and housemaids making sure I didn't lose anything. Or I'd think I'd lost it and someone would run out and buy a new one and they'd hand it back to me like it was the original. I don't know 'how' to miss anything. I don't even 'miss' my parents, okay?"

Then the total bitch-fury (my fault on this one) faded and she sighed deeply. She hung her head and brought her knees to her chin with her ankles together. She was still covered up and now she put her arms around her legs and hugged them even closer. She was like a little ball, and suddenly her shoulders started to shudder up and down.

"I was just curious, all right?" she sobbed. "Like you're like this 'normal' person, the best friend and lover I've ever had—especially the 'friend' part—and I'm totally abnormal, in more ways than most people."

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