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While visiting my alma mater during homecoming weekend, I had the occasion to look at some property in the area. I live in Florida, but went to school up north. The university I attended is very close to a resort town, and I was interested in finding a condominium. I needed a place to crash on my frequent trips back and forth. So I made arrangements for a real estate agent to show me some properties while I was in town.

We spoke briefly on the phone before my flight and decided to meet at the first location the following day. The trip was uneventful and the next morning I arrived at the condo. Barbara, the real estate agent, was waiting inside. our eyes met and something clicked. I don't know what exactly it was about her, but there was a connection.

She had the door unlocked and invited me in. The condo was nice and smelled like it had recently been cleaned. There were all the typical items in the condo, full kitchen, TV/VCR etc. Barbara's cell phone rang; she excused herself and walked out onto the patio. While I waited for her I noticed there was a tape in the VCR. So I pushed play. There on the screen popped two women, one with her business dress hiked up to her waist and one in a khaki cleaning uniform shirt in a hot 69 eating each others pussies. Upon closer inspection it revealed that the woman in the business outfit was Barbara my real estate agent.

I became enthralled by what I was seeing on the screen and without even thinking slid my hand down my body and began squeezing my cock through my slacks. My cock was becoming seriously hard, and I needed some relief. I heard Barbara calling my name from the patio, so I quickly turned off the set and tried to regain my composure. It was uncomfortable walking out to talk with her and I hoped she didn't see my hard cock making a tent in my pants. She asked me if I was ok, she said I seemed a bit flushed. I said I was fine.

We completed the tour and headed towards the front door. I asked her what cleaning service she used, she looked at me a bit oddly, but told me the name. I said I liked the work the cleaning lady does. Barbara asked me why I assumed it was a lady, and before I could catch myself I blurted out that I had seen the cleaning lady, eating her pussy on the video tape.

As shocked as I was to see what had been on the videotape, the look on Barbara's face was beyond shock. Her eyes were wide and fear crept across her face. I smiled and told her not to worry, it wouldn't affect my opinion of her or her company. As a matter of fact, I said, it was really hot to watch and it had given me a big hard on. With this the expression of her face changed form concern to curiosity. She looked down and browsed the front of my slacks for signs of my cock.

She then reached down and grabbed the doorknob and closed the front door. "Would you like to see the rest of the video?" she inquired. I couldn't hide my enthusiasm; she turned, kicked off her heels and padded into the living room. I admired her fine ass as it wiggled towards the TV set. She pressed play, slid off her skirt, revealing she wore only a garter belt and no panties and sat down on the sofa. I kicked off my Sperry's and dropped my shorts & fruit of the looms. My cock fell out and hung semi erect as I made my way to the sofa and sat down next to her.

I looked on the screen and saw the continuation of what I had seen earlier. Barbara was passionately licking her tongue up and down the glistening pussy lips of the cleaning lady. While at the same time grinding her pussy into the cleaning lady's face. Looking over at Barbara next to me on the sofa, I saw her hand slowly sliding a lazy finger up and down the wet slit of her pussy.

Until I looked down I didn't even realize I was stroking my cock. It was hard and throbbing, the veins on my shaft pulsed with sexual energy. I began to smell the sweet aroma of Barbara's pussy juices as they flowed down between her pussy lips and into the crack of her ass. She now had here high heels propped up on the coffee table and two fingers sliding in and out of her pussy while her other hand twisted and pulled at one of her large round nipples.

I leaned over and took the other nipple in my mouth, causing her to startle, and then push the tit against my face. I took the long thick nipple into my mouth and sucked it hard, and then lightly biting down on it, I flicked it with my tongue. This drove her wild, as the speed with which she was fucking the fingers into her snatch doubled.

Pre-cum was forming on the head of my cock. I took the drop off the tip of my dick and rubbed it on her lips. She hungrily took my finger in and sucked it. This was one horny broad. She let my finger slip out of her mouth and looked me right in the eyes and said "fuck me now!" I didn't need a written invitation. I got on my knees in front of the couch and placed the head of my cock right on top of her swollen clit. This sent an electric jolt up through her body and I saw her shiver.

Wetting the head of my dick with the combination of my pre-cum and her juices, I made slow lazy circles around her pussy lips with my cock. Making sure to make her crazy as I rubbed it up one lip and down the other, then teasingly placing the head inside her. She was bucking hard, trying to push my cock all the way into her steaming snatch, but I resisted her. I wanted to make her crazy with lust.

Next I slid my dick down past her pussy hole to her ass. Her tiny pink rose bud winked excitedly as I rubbed my dick in a tight circle around her wrinkled hole. This woman was on fire. Bringing my cock back up, without warning I quickly shoved my shaft deep into her pussy. My dick sank all the way in to her hot hole, and my balls slapped loudly against her ass.

The sudden warmth of her pussy wrapped like a velvet glove around my cock. Her inner muscles squeezed and rubbed my dick. The feeling was intense. I slowly began to slide in and out of her. Making sure she felt every bump and every vein on my thick shaft. She rubbed her clit furiously while I slow fucked her. Her nipples were like steel nubbins sticking out of her tits. I leaned forward and clamped down on one with my mouth as I continued to fuck her.

The orgasm was beginning to build inside her, her muscles clamped hard on my cock. I too began to feel the familiar feeling of cum rising up from my nuts. She frigged her clit unmercifully. And then it happened. Her pussy exploded with cum like I have never seen or felt before. Hot liquid squirted out around my dick from deep inside her pussy. She was a squirter. This blew me away, and pushed me over the top. As her clear womanly cum dripped down my thighs and off my nuts, I unleashed a torrent of my own hot juice into the depth of her cunt.

The addition of my cum pushed more of hers out around my dick. She was full to the brim. Not wanting to miss any more of this, I quickly pulled out my cock and placed my mouth on her cunt. As she pushed with her pussy, the combined juices ran out of her and into my mouth. Holding them in my mouth, I moved up to kiss her and share our juices together. We kissed passionately as we shared our cum together.

We sank back into the sofa. After a few minutes of rest Barbara looked at me and said "look at this mess we have made. I guess I better call the cleaning service!"

"Holy smokes what have I gotten myself into?" I thought as she picked up her cell phone and punched in the number for cleaning service on her speed dial.

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