tagGroup SexRed Lips and a ’57 Chrysler

Red Lips and a ’57 Chrysler


Episode 1: The Car Ride

Work was over, and it was supposed to rain. She had three blocks to walk. Her hair arranged itself just right and her sweet, red lips framed by her red cheeks suggested something that perhaps wasn’t there. Something all men wanted. The pride she took in the redness of her lips and her cheeks would be lost if not for their functionality. She let her eyes dance around the fullness of her figure. Her eyes followed the curve of her hips, and she enjoyed running a svelte hand down her side and along her thigh. She didn’t dare to massage her full, sumptuous breasts, though they ached to be touched in that manner. Her dress showed off a healthy bit of leg and just a tiny bit of her chest. Her neck, the pillar which supported her beautiful, soft face, pulsated with blood, rushing to her lips and cheeks. She had the kind of lips that made everything else neutral in tone by comparison. Every room she entered became steel and two dimensional. Her face suggested a mildness which was uncommon to most girls. She would not snap, with the face of a saint, no one can snap. She imagined lips trailing down her neck, while hands undid the clasp of her bra, and another person’s warmth.

Every boy she saw wanted a piece of those red lips to remember always. They gave of a sexual glint which reflected in their pupils. The glint in her eye caught her attention in the mirror as she turned to head out into the night. What was that glint? She stared back at her reflection in the mirror, drew closer, mesmerized by it. She drew her lips into the most seductive smile she could manage, regarding them thoughtfully as their color brightened to a rosy pink. She imagined them meeting the supple lips of a young man, his strong arms would reach around her and his hands would run down her spine, making her shiver with excitement. The kind of perfect kisser all young girls dream about, that’s what this young man was, and you could tell with just one look at him, but he had a girlfriend. The thought of his girlfriend suddenly made the loss tangible, her smile faded to a frown, the rosy pink descended into a barely noticeable red tinge. She clocked out, said goodbye to her co-workers, and made an exit through the smoke filled, black and white bar.

The brick of the buildings down Center Street were like a dull, grey fence. Upon her exit from the front of the restaurant, they seemed to close in around her, and hold her fast. She had been stuck here for longer than she’d care to think about. The theatre across the street had emptied hundreds onto the street at once, having no more use for them. The show was a surrealistic story of two lovers and their intense passion. The idea seemed foreign as she wearily headed up the street, her eyes tried to shut out the sights of a busy Saturday night downtown.

She froze thanks to a last, tentative look back at the theatre; there was a young lady out front, waiting on the curb expectantly, her head turned back and forth along the street, her hair swayed to and fro, as if performing some salacious dance, looking for the car that called her name. This young woman was easily recognizable. In looking up and down the street for her car to arrive, she had noticed a tall, powerful woman leaving the Italian restaurant across the street. “Stephanie!” she called with a smile and a wave. She hurried across the brick crosswalk, her small breasts bouncing, and her high heels clicking, with an exciting, youthful energy. Her small frame was accentuated by the quick, smooth curve of her gray-violet dress. The dress made her stand out from the crowd of people leaving the evening show. It shimmered in the streetlight like a deep violet pearl.

Stephanie was surprised by the affection with which she was greeted. She received a hug and a kiss on the check. For a moment, while the young lady’s soft, moist lips touched to her cheek, Stephanie entertained the idea of that perfect kisser being a woman. Stephanie’s face developed a blank expression as her mind worked through all the angles of the possibility of the perfect kisser being a woman.

“Stephanie? Are you feeling ok?”

“Yes, fine Kendra. I was just thinking…”

“About what?”

The question was accompanied by a knowing smile. For the first time since Stephanie watched Kendra cross the street, she realized Kendra’s gaze has been moving up and down her body, much in the way a man might examine her from afar in the way that they do. Kendra’s critical scrutiny made Stephanie feel uncomfortable, until she realized Kendra’s approving smile. Kendra reached out a hand to grasp Stephanie’s hip, pulling them closer together as she listened to Stephanie.

“Oh God. Work was horrible. Did you see the show?”

“Yes, Kyle took me to see it.”

Oh really? Where is he now?”

Kendra’s attention turned from blatantly admiring Stephanie’s impressive figure to a parking lot a bit up the street, where cars were pulling out en masse. “He should be pulling around soon with the car. Do you need a ride?”

“Oh no, I don’t think so, I only live a few blocks away.”

“But it’s going to rain soon. Let us give you a ride.”

Kendra offered her hand to Stephanie, intending to lead her away in the direction of the car. Stephanie reached her hand out hesitantly, first looking at Kendra’s hand, and then taking a split-second to take in the rest of her body. She was a good deal shorter, and slender. Her figure, usually masked in clothing, revealed itself through this particular violet dress. Her well-toned muscles accepted the flowing grace prevalent among those who do not care what others think of them. A shadow followed the tantalizing curve of her breasts. Stephanie extended her hand the rest of the way, being quickly pulled along by an increasingly energetic Kendra.

They strode up the sidewalk, Stephanie felt like they owned it. The way they weaved through slow-moving theatre-goers made them seem like school girls running home from school. With a quick left turn they found themselves in the parking lot, Black and white cars on every side. Men in black suits, women with white boas, Kendra and her violet dress seemed the only thing worth following. The rounded corners of Oldsmobile cars directed them toward the car which was flashing its high beams at them. Stephanie was being dragged along at a stumbling pace. Her eyes rested on the slope of Kendra’s back, as shown by the low cut of her dress. She thought of how nice it would be to kiss and lick her way down that slender work of art. She thought of the shivers that would cause, in Kendra, and in her. Her lips were pulsating, becoming redder and redder, her cheeks flushed in embarrassment at such thoughts. In that instant, she wanted to bump into Kendra accidentally, let her arms encircle the smaller woman, have her warm lips brush against her neck, anything! Anything, to get close to that body. It was all at once the most desirable thing she’d ever encountered. The maze of the parking lot opened up into a sleek, black ’57 Chrysler.

A young man dressed in a black suit with a green tie hopped out of the driver’s seat in order to open the door for the ladies. He opened the back door, beckoning the both of them. No effort was made to sort out who would sit shotgun. He smiled warmly and excitedly at Stephanie. A simple “Hi Kyle” was all Stephanie could manage in the short time she was able to draw her attention away from Kendra. Every time she began to look too long, Kendra’s gaze would catch hers, and she’d realize Kendra was smiling back at her, knowing what she was thinking. Upon entering the car’s luxurious backseat, and having the door closed by Kyle, Stephanie turned to be greeted by Kendra’s face only inches away. A look of utter desire had come across Kendra’s face. Her tongue flashed into the open as it licked her lips. She stared deeply into Stephanie’s eyes as her right hand caressed Stephanie’s thigh. She was shocked to realize her other hand was still holding onto her own, they had never let go of each other. Stephanie squeezed Kendra’s hand lightly, and smiled, as their lips drifted closer together slowly.

A sudden noise frightened both the girls and they started, ending up on opposite ends of the backseat, looking for the source of the noise. The car door had opened; Kyle sat in the front seat. He turned his head and smiled at both the girls before turning the key, and putting the car into gear. They headed out the parking lot and onto the road. Rain began to pitter-patter on the windshield and roof. Stephanie’s mind raced, trying to figure out what she should do next. Every time she looked over to Kendra, she was smiling back at her. Stephanie could feel her pussy, it was dripping wet. She couldn’t believe Kendra had done this to her. She thought perhaps it was the excitement, being in a car, with Kendra and with Kyle, it was too much for her. She was dripping wet, and she needed physical contact. Until then she had dared only quick glances at Kendra, but looking now, she let her eyes wander freely over Kendra’s figure, starting with her beautiful face, and working downward. Stephanie’s eyes flared open, and locked in that position, upon noticing what Kendra was doing. She had pulled up her dress, to give her hand access to her pussy. She had been fingering herself for the past two blocks, looking over at Stephanie while she did it. Kendra’s hand was waiting in the middle of the seat, palm open, waiting for Stephanie to grab it and hold it tight.

Stephanie promptly did so. She could feel her heart beating wildly, and she could feel the heat from Kendra’s hand. This was the same heat running through both their bodies; the heat of passion. Stephanie slid herself over to Kendra’s side, and let her thigh press against Kendra’s nakedness. The feeling excited Stephanie beyond all measure. The glint in her eyes invited Kendra to be devoured whole. Stephanie’s own lips now made a round on her bright red lips. She needed to feel this perfect kiss from Kendra. She needed to know what it felt like. Before she realized what she was doing, her own dress was halfway up her body, and her hand was down her grey panties. The warmth from her pussy began to spread through her entire body. It was like a furnace burning deep inside her, fueled by Kendra’s bare and rampant sexiness. Stephanie’s middle finger ran slowly along her soaked pussy lips. The thought of Kendra’s tongue doing the same thing drove Stephanie wild. How could she bear another second without the taste of Kendra’s lips? Her head pitched forward, ending up close to the heat of Kendra’s neck. She needed to kiss Kendra. Her wet lips met a sensitive white neck, leaving red all along it as Stephanie kissed her way upwards. Kendra’s free hand suddenly gripped Stephanie by the jaw and guided her up to her lips. Their lips joined together in a sudden fusion of passion. Each moaned softly with happiness and anticipation of other things to come.

“Oh Stephanie, your lips feel so wonderful. Kiss me again!” The urgency in Kendra’s voice made Stephanie smile with pleasure. Knowing she could please someone this much gave Stephanie a certain power over her. They kissed harder this time, sinking into the feeling of touching each other. The combined heat made them flush with embarrassment and pleasure. Kendra moaned a little louder and broke off the kiss saying “Touch me. Touch me, Stephanie. Please.” Stephanie looked intently into Kendra’s inviting eyes. Her smile said it all. Kendra wanted her. She wanted every single inch of her body. Her hand touched Stephanie’s, guiding it slowly down, under her pink panties. Kendra’s pubic hair brushed gently against Stephanie’s palm, as she stretched her middle finger to where Kendra’s wet pussy was waiting. Touching her finger gently to Kendra’s clit elicited a loud moan from Kendra, “Yes!” Stephanie was encouraged by this, and begin to run her finger up and down on Kendra’s sensitive clit. Kendra gripped Stephanie’s arm tightly and leaned against Stephanie’s body. Kendra moaned quietly in Stephanie’s ear.

Stephanie’s cheeks flushed bright red. She was fingering herself and Kendra at the same time. She felt like a conduit, bringing the heat and wetness from her own pussy directly to Kendra’s. it was exhilarating. Their cheeks brushed together gently while they moaned softly for each other. “Oh God, Kendra. I’ve never felt anything like this.” Their chests heaved and their bodies twitched with pleasure. The warm feeling rising up from their pussies into their stomachs and torsos sent with it a feeling of euphoria. They smiled at each other and giggled as if they were talking about a boy. Stephanie couldn’t help it, she began to rub faster. She loved being in control of Kendra. She could make her moan by going faster, and make her whimper for more by slowing down completely. Stephanie explored both aspects before deciding she wanted to taste Kendra. With a quick kiss on Kendra’s lips, Stephanie spread Kendra’s legs apart, propping one leg on the seat, exposing Kendra’s pink, soaked-through panties. Kendra knew what Stephanie wanted, and facilitated by pulling her panties to one side, and gently running her fingers through Stephanie’s hair, guiding her head downward. “Go ahead, Steph. I want it so bad. Lick me, please.” Stephanie found herself bending in half on the seat, her powerful muscles stretched, warmth circulated through each individual muscle, adding a zest and desire to Stephanie’s movements. She slowly slid her tongue out, unsure of what to do, when Kendra, guiding with her hand, pushed Stephanie’s wet, hot tongue down into Kendra’s waiting, pink pussy. The shocking sensation of Stephanie’s tongue on her clit made Kendra moan loudly, her eyes rolling back, and the grip on Stephanie’s hair tightening. Stephanie’s tongue curled against Kendra’s clit, enjoying the sweet taste and the complete power she had over Kendra.

The car slowed. Brakes squeaked and groaned under the pressure of the boat-like Chrysler, with its humungous back seat. Stephanie and Kendra bolted to upright positions, seeing where they were out the windows. It was raining heavily. The rivulets of water flowed down the windows and obscured their vision. “We’re here,” says Kyle, utterly forgotten in the front seat. They turn into an apartment complex and come to a halt in the parking slot closest to Stephanie’s door.

After a long pause, in which Kyle turned around to face his two women, Stephanie breaks out in giggles, followed by Kendra. Kyle smiles a secret smile and looks at Stephanie inquisitively. “Would you like to come in?” Stephanie says to the both of them. Kendra and Kyle shoot glances at each other. Kendra’s the face of innocent elation, and Kyle’s the look of self-pleasure and assurance. Kyle got out of the car first, retrieved a few parcels from the trunk, and went to Stephanie’s side to open the door for her. He opened an umbrella, and held it above Stephanie’s head as she exited the car. Kendra follows, closing the door behind her, and they huddle underneath the black umbrella as they make their way to the bright red door labeled “1051” in gold lettering. The three smile and blush as Stephanie gets out the keys to her apartment.

End of Episode 1

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