I'm back after a bit of a break. This is a work of fiction. It's a slow moving story and is more for connoisseurs of erotic stories and not for those looking for quick and explicit sex.


I wasn't looking forward to the next 15 or so hours. I'd just managed to squash myself into the small and cramped economy seat at the rear of the large aircraft taking me from Rio to Miami. If that wasn't bad enough I would have to deplane there and catch a connecting flight to London.

My name is James and I'd been in Rio for a couple of days at a medical conference. I'm not a doctor but work at a foundation and handle IT for our group. I'd only been working there for 2 months and being the rookie was the only one leaving so soon. The rest of our team were taking a break and could enjoy another few days in what was probably a beautiful city.

The reason I say "probably" is because apart from the airport and the hotel I didn't have time to see anything else. I suppose I shouldn't complain as it was only the fact that my boss was sick that I was even came.

I tried to get comfortable but being 180cm tall made things difficult. Matters got worse when I saw a family with a baby and two more young children approaching. Thank god they stopped midway and took their seats. The plane was steadily filling and it looked like virtually every seat would be occupied. A large group of Asians were heading my way which was OK since they're usually slim and wouldn't take up one and a half or two seats like many Americans and Europeans!

Being in the last row meant there seats were configured in a 2 x 2 x 2 formation. The window seat next to mine was still unoccupied and I hoped I'd have a pleasant companion. Things were looking good when a middle aged couple and what I presumed was their teenage daughter walked all the way back and started loading their bags into the overhead compartments. The parents took the 2 seats in the centre and their very pretty daughter squeezed past me to sit by the window. She was quite tall and very slim but with a very full and firm bottom clad in tight. It looks like I hit the jackpot!

This might be a good time to tell you a bit about myself. I'm 22 and, as I mentioned earlier, work in IT. As you might have guessed, I have absolutely no experience with women, in fact I'm still a virgin and the closest I've been to having sex is a kiss on the cheek. I've never even seen a real woman naked, never mind actually touched one. The most exposure my own body has had was at a recent medical check-up when I had to strip down to my underwear. My problem is that I'm terribly shy around strangers in general and especially women.

Physically, I would say I'm reasonably attractive and all my bits and pieces seem of normal proportions compared to what I've seen on the internet. Apart from being circumcised, which isn't very unusual, my penis, when erect protrudes at an angle of about 90 degrees with a downward curve making it resemble a banana. I can't comment on its ability to function as it hasn't been tried or tested in any real life situations.

As I sat there thinking of a way to start a conversation with my attractive neighbour, she said "Excuse me."

I loved the sound of her voice and she had a delightful accent. I blushed just from hearing her speak to me and turned to face her as I cleared my throat, barely managing to say "Yes?"

"Um, I just wanted to ask if you would mind switching seats so can be next to my parents?"

I stared into her beautiful dark almond eyes and nodded as I said "Um, sure, yes, no problem."

My heart fluttered as she smiled displaying a perfect set of white teeth. "Thank you so much."

I quickly tried to stand up before realising I'd already put on my seatbelt making me drop into my seat again. Forcing myself to relax I unlatched the belt and stood, again making a fool of myself as my head crashed into the low ceiling. God, she's going to think I'm a real clod! When I finally extracted myself from the seat I could see she was rather amused at my antics and I was deeply embarrassed.

In contrast to me she elegantly slid out of the seats into the aisle and stood next to me. I caught a delightful whiff of citrus coming from her long black hair and once again was mesmerized by her beauty. She was wearing a pale blue shirt with a couple of the buttons undone and I'd caught a glimpse of a lacy white bra and pale skin leading to her long thin neck. Judging by what I'd seen I doubted her breasts were very large but I didn't really care as the rest of her was utter perfection.

I realised I'd been staring and that she was waiting for me to move. Being more careful this time, I actually managed to get into the window seat without hitting my head on anything. I lowered myself into the uncomfortably small space and inhaled deeply when I noticed I could still detect the scent of her hair on the headrest. Once she was again settled she turned to me and said "Thanks again. My name is Yu Yan."

I cleared my throat again and stuttered as I said "Um, no problem. I'm James."

OK, now I was pretty sure she's Chinese and this was confirmed as she turned away from me and leant over to speak to her parents. I took the opportunity to look at her derriere as it was raised out of the seat and facing me. Utter perfection is the only way I can describe it. Encased in tight jeans I could make out its beautiful rounded contours and firm fleshy cheeks, god how I wanted to reach out and caress it! I could feel my penis twitch and begin to harden as I pictured what it would like naked. My cramped position made my burgeoning erection very uncomfortable and I tried to find a more comfortable position.

Of course I failed and the only option was to take my mind of Yu Yan and hope that at least the constriction in my pants would subside. I turned away and looked out of the window. The blue sky was filling with grey clouds and starting to look distinctly unfriendly. Great, that's all I needed, a storm to make the upcoming flight even worse. I'd been planning to try and sleep until we got to Miami but if we hit heavy turbulence that would never happen. At least these negative thoughts had one positive aspect and that was that my penis had given up its dreams of conquest and returned to a more comfortable soft state.

Deciding not risk looking at my dream woman for a while, I closed my eyes and waited impatiently for the plane to get underway. I groaned inwardly as I heard the patter of rain drops against the window and fuselage and just hoped we would leave on time. A crack of thunder and a small Yelp of fear from Yu Yan forced me to open my eyes. I looked over at her and could see she was staring out of my window with a worried expression. I tried to act like a seasoned traveller and said "Don't worry, lighting has no effect on planes."

She nodded but didn't look convinced at my statement and I must admit I wasn't sure if it was true myself. The aircraft made a slight lurch and the pilot announced "All passengers are aboard and we're leaving slightly ahead of schedule to avoid the storm." This was followed by a gong sound and the seatbelt sign illuminating. I checked I was strapped in and could see Yu Yan do the same. Rain was coming down harder now and I just hoped we'd get off the ground in time.

After about 10 minutes we were in position on the runway and I felt and heard the engines wind up as the aircraft began to accelerate. The wheels soon left the ground and we were airborne climbing at a steep angle. It was a bumpy ride and I felt Yu Yan's hand grip my arm as it rested on the armrest during a particularity unpleasant lurch.

"She's touching me!" I thought as I looked at her white knuckled hand gripping my forearm. It was actually quite painful but I didn't care and was even a bit disappointed when her grip relaxed. I could see her glossy red nails were well cared for and not overly long.

"Sorry!" I heard her say and responded with an inane "No problem." God, what an idiot she must think I am!

"I'm not used to flying much. This is our first trip abroad and I'm scared of storms."

I realised I had the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation and tried to think of how best to respond. Sadly all I came up with was a pathetic "I see."

I was kicking myself internally as she remained silent and turned away. I decided I had to say something more and added "Don't worry, everything will be fine and I'm sure we'll be above the storm soon."

Finally! I'd actually managed to string together more than three words and form a decent sentence. Yu Yan turned and gave me a small smile which caused my heart to stutter again. She asked "Do you fly a lot?"

"Um, yes, or actually no." Brilliant, I'd screwed it up again and quickly said "I mean I've flown quite a lot but mainly just short distance and usually not in storms."

"Oh, you seem so relaxed I thought you must have much experience flying."

Me relaxed! How wrong she was. Before I could say anything Yu Yan said "Where do you live?"

"In Surrey, it's near London."

The plane lurched again and we could hear some screams from other passengers. The PA system activated and the pilot announced "Please remain calm, we are experiencing strong turbulence but we should be out of the storm shortly."

A flash of light outside instantly followed by another crack of lighting drowned out whatever else he said. Yu Yan gripped my arm again and I tried to think of something more to say. I was about to ask if she'd been to England before when I remembered that she'd just told me it was their first trip abroad. Instead I said "Are you from China?"

Her grip didn't loosen as she answered "Yes, I live in Beijing. My parents and I visited Brazil for a week and now we're going to travel from Miami to New York then to Seattle and back to China."

"That sounds like a great trip. I was only in Rio for three days and didn't have time to see anything."

"What a pity, Brazil is very beautiful."

"I believe you but all I saw was the airport, hotel and the conference centre!"

"What do you do?"

"I work in the IT department of a medical foundation and my boss should have been on this trip but he got sick so they sent me."

"Oh, I also work in IT."

"Really? I didn't think you were old enough to work!"

She laughed and I loved the musical sound, "How old do you think I am?"

"Um, I was thinking maybe 17 or 18." I said blushing fiercely and hoping she wouldn't be offended.

She laughed again and said "I'm actually 22!"

She was the same age as me and thank god it looked like she wasn't upset that I'd thought she was much younger. "You look much younger, I'm also 22!"

I noticed that she was still holding my arm even though the aircraft was cruising smoothly now and took this as a good sign. I noticed she was looking past me and out of the window so I turned and took also took a quick look. The sky was blue and it looked like we had broken out of the storm. The captain announced that we had reached our cruising altitude and that the rest of the flight should be smooth sailing. There were cheers and applause from the cabin and Yu Yan released my arm and leaned over to speak to her parents again.

Damn, I was actually wishing it wasn't over and was racking my brains for a way to keep the conversation flowing. Yu Yan interrupted my thoughts by saying "My parents don't understand English so I was just telling them what the captain said."

"I see, I hope they weren't too worried!"

"They're OK but glad it's over."

"So, you said you work in IT, what do you do?"

"I'm a programmer at a big outsourcing company."

"Gosh, we use a company in India but now that I've met you I think we should switch to China!"

She smiled but blushed and looked a bit embarrassed. Shit, I don't know what came over me. How could I say something like that! I heard her mother call something and Yu Yan turned away to speak with her. I didn't want to risk looking at her delectable bottom again and stared out of the window hoping I hadn't been too forward with my stupid comment.

The conversation with her mother took a while and when she was done we sat silently next to each other. Before long the flight attendants announced that a meal would be served shortly. When it was delivered it was the usual inedible mess but it gave me the opportunity to talk to Yu Yan again. I said "Another delicious airline meal!"

Yu Yan laughed and said "Do you really like this food?"

"God no, I was making a joke! I don't even know if this can legally be described as food."

She laughed again and we stared at the unappetising substances on our trays. "I suppose the drink and the cracker might be OK."

"I'm glad you can see something positive!"

She smiled and asked "Do you like Chinese food?"

"Well, I love the food at my local Chinese restaurant but I don't know how authentic it really is!"

"Yes, we went to a few Chinese restaurants in Brazil and even though they had a Chinese chef the food wasn't like in China at all."

"That's what I thought. It's the same with Indian food. When we went to dinner with some people from the outsourcing company they told us the food was totally different. They asked the chef why he didn't cook like in India and he explained that they had to adapt the food to match the local tastes."

Yu Yan nodded and said "I suppose that makes sense."

We silently poked around on our plates and nibbled on the crackers which were tasteless and had the texture of cardboard, it was a relief when the trays were finally removed. Yu Yan excused herself and went to the bathroom. When she returned, her father spoke to her and she reached up to remove something from the overhead compartment. Her shirt lifted as she stretched and I was treated to a view of her tummy and cute belly button. Her skin was as smooth as porcelain and very pale and I wondered how it would feel and taste.

I turned away before she noticed me staring. When she was seated again she said "I'm going to try and sleep a bit."

I nodded and watched as she unpacked the thin blanket the airline provided. She covered herself as best as she could and closed her eyes. I watched her until I noticed her mother looking at me staring at her daughter. I quickly turned away and followed Yu Yan's example. I closed the window blind and was glad to see the lights dim. Despite being very uncomfortable I somehow managed to fall asleep.


My dreams of kissing Yu Yan and slowly removing her clothing were interrupted by piercing screams, I jerked awake and my first thoughts were that I'd touched her inappropriately or said something as I slept. I was wrong however and the reality was far worse. The cabin was filled with smoke and the oxygen masks had dropped. I immediately grabbed mine and fumbled as I pulled it over my face. I turned to Yu Yan and tried to help her as she had similar difficulties. Her parents had thankfully managed by themselves and we stared at each other in fear. Yu Yan's hand was gripping my arm again and I tried to say something calming but it was impossible to speak clearly through the mask.

The feeling of panic that was already sweeping the cabin worsened when the captain announced that there had been a fire in the cargo hold. He claimed it had been extinguished and that they were planning to perform an emergency landing at the nearest airport. The flight attendants tried to calm the passengers but it was a hopeless task. We could feel the aircraft descending rapidly and I opened the sunshade to see if I could make out anything on the ground. To my horror it was pitch black outside and I couldn't see a single source of light.

The plane lurched and I thought the engine noise sounded strange just before all the lights extinguished and it went pitch black. For a moment there was a shocked silence in the cabin then the screaming began again. My last memory of the flight was feeling Yu Yan holding my hand tightly...


My head was throbbing and I felt like I'd been hit by a truck. This must be a nightmare was my first thought when I opened my eyes and dimly saw the devastation before me. I closed my eyes again and willed myself to wake up. Nothing happened and I took another look. God, it's not a dream this has really happened. I was still strapped to my seat and I could see Yu Yan next to me. She wasn't moving and I hoped she was just unconscious. Above our heads and a few rows further forwards there was no plane, just a jagged edge of torn fuselage and what looked like jungle.

I still couldn't see clearly and blinked by eyes a few times. When I wiped my hand over my face I saw it was covered in blood. I tried to move my legs and arms but the pain was so intense I almost passed out. Trying to shout for help also failed as all I could get out was an almost silent croak, the effort was too much and everything went black.


I don't know how much time had passed until I again regained consciousness. I was able to see more now but sadly things hadn't improved. I moved more slowly and despite the pain managed to undo my seatbelt. I turned towards Yu Yan and gently reached over to touch her. She didn't respond and I feared the worst. I tried to see if she was injured in any way but could only really see superficial wounds. I cleared my throat, and as loudly as I could said "Yu Yan, wake up."

She still didn't respond. I decided to see if I could stand and using the seat in front slowly and painfully pulled myself up. I could do it! This must mean I hadn't broken any bones and the pain was just caused by the impact. With more confidence I leaned forwards and placed my cheek near Yu Yan's face, I wasn't sure but I thought I could feel her breathing. I didn't want to risk moving her and tried to squeeze past into what was left of the aisle.

It took a while but I managed. Looking around I could see that the top and front of the plane had gone. There was just a jagged edge of torn fuselage above the window line. Yu Yan's parents were slumped in their seats and immobile. Before checking on them I focused on Yu Yan and gently tapped on her shoulder while whispering her name. To my delight she groaned and moved slightly. She was alive! I felt elated and brushed the hair out of her face. "Yu Yan, wake up. Please. I need your help."

She groaned again and her eyes fluttered. "Our plane crashed, I need you to tell me if you're OK so that I can check on your parents and the other passengers."

She moved some more and groaned again before opening her eyes properly. "Can you hear me Yu Yan?"

She nodded carefully and said "Yes."

"Thank god! Are you in pain? Can you move?"

She moved her arms and legs slightly and groaned but said "I can move, it hurts but it's not too bad."

I carefully reached over and released her seatbelt. "Do you think you can stand?"

I could see she was going to try and despite the pain reached out and helped her as she slowly rose out of her seat. She gasped when see looked around. "My parents! Are they OK?" she said in fear.

"I don't know, if you can move we can check."

I could see it hurt her but she fought back tears as we went to her mother. She spoke in Chinese and I helped her carefully push her mother, who was slumped forwards, back into her seat. We couldn't see any signs of injury but I wasn't sure if an impact, like the one we'd suffered, could cause internal injuries that wouldn't be obvious.

Yu Yan put her ear next to her mother's mouth and said "I can hear her breathing!"

"That's good. Let's check your father."

Yu Yan squeezed past her mother and again placed her ear by his mouth. It took a while longer before she said "I think he's still breathing."

I said "You stay with them, I'm going to see if anyone else survived."

I moved to the next row of seats and to my horror found the passengers in the row ahead of ours had not survived. The man in the aisle seat was slumped forwards and when I pushed him back his head hung in a very unnatural position. The women next to him had fared no better and had been impaled by a large shard of metal. I felt bile rise in my throat and quickly turned away from the horrific scene.

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