tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRevenge in Riverside

Revenge in Riverside


"He belongs to you!" "You deserve him."

Betsy wiped away her tears as she read the entries left on her Facebook page. Then she read the next in line. She didn't recognize the friend. Moreover, she'd never even heard of such language. She read it again to make sure it said what she thought it said.

"Fix that backstabbing bitch."

Fix the bitch. Golly, Betsy never even pondered such a thought. Fix. The. Bitch.

Betsy's pulse stirred. Something inside her began to change. To stir.

The bitch. The dark-haired bitch who stole Eddie.

Eddie.... Oh Eddie. Sweet Eddie. So cute with his red hair and freckles. Eddie, the guy she'd been in love with for so many years she'd lost count.

Betsy heard the rumors. Rumors that Eddie was shopping for a ring. That he was going to propose. She'd been patient. She'd been a good girl. Such a good girl. Betsy even blogged about it. That Eddie was proposing.

Proposing to HER.

Only he didn't. Well he did propose - only it was to that bitch. That bitch Ronnie.

Ronnie - Veronica. The mere thought of that raven haired bitch whose very existence seemed to be as a foil to Betsy made that dark feeling inside her grow ever stronger and take hold.

Rich. Beautiful. Selfish. And through spite, Veronica always seemed to desire what Betsy possessed. Ronnie, who had such self-centered selfish gall to ask Betsy to be her maid of honor - as if she never realized that Betsy was heart-broken - was devastated. It wasn't to Veronica that Eddie belonged. No, he was rightfully Betsy's.

Worse, Betsy was forced to say yes. To be a good sport about it. Betsy - always the good sport - the good girl. Betsy cried some more. She wrote about it on her Facebook page. Everyone was so understanding - and made it all the more bearable. Until she read that last entry.

Fix the bitch. And the something bizarre happened. She blinked her eyes and the comment was missing from her page. Who could delete something from Facebook. Her Facebook.

Then her phone vibrated. She looked at the text.

"revenge -justice." and once again it disappeared.

Who could do such a thing? Betsy had no idea, but it was frightening. There was only one person she could turn to, one person who had that kind of brain power - Dibert Doile.

A Plan in the works

"Oh Dibert," Betsy's whimpered in Dibert's arms. "I'm so scared. Strange things are happening on my computer and phone."

Dibert Doile had never had a girl so close to him. Smelling of peach blossom. The feel of her chest heaving against his.

"Golly, what is this about?" Dibert asked. "Is it about Eddie and Veronica? You know Betsy- you are much too good for him. You need a fellow that appreciates you for you."

"Oh Dibert," Betsy purred. "That is so sweet. But can you check out my phone and laptop?"

Dibert checked them both thoroughly. "I can't find anything." He said, pushing his glasses back on his nose and shaking his head. "What did it say?"

Betsy bit her tongue. Revenge. Could she tell Dibert what it said? She couldn't. She couldn't tell anyone. Not after a dark fantasy had sprung into her mind that night in bed.

The cute blond's sparkling blue eyes grew calculating and she moved in close to the little geek once more. She practically purred like a kitten, her hot breath whispering in his ear. He knew she was a reporter for the school paper, and she was doing an in depth piece...but she needed something. Could Dibert get it? IT would be hard to get, but she'd be ever so grateful. Oh so very grateful.

A Trap is Sprung.

Something had changed inside Betsy Cooper. Somehow she felt more real - while everyone else was just some sort of cardboard cutout. Everyone was so trusting. It was so easy. Too easy really. All it took was a bottle of pills she'd obtained from unwitting Dibert. All it took was a little kiss on his nerdy little cheek. It made her laugh thinking how she'd fogged his little nerd glasses. It was easy. So very easy. "Where did you say we were going Bets?" Veronica asked.

"A little pre-bachelorette party!" Betsy assured her friend. Far too easy. How could she have ever come in second place to such a dimwitted bitch?

"But we just left Riverdale." Veronica felt that funny flutter of fear that always seemed to accompany those times when she was outside of Riverdale. It had been years since she last set foot outside of the city limits.

"I know," Betsy said. "Isn't it exciting?"

"I guess so," Veronica said. "It is my bachelorette party after all."

"That's the spirit," Betsy said, passing the cute brunette a small bottle. "Drink this."

Veronica downed it in one gulp. "Tastes sweet...like licorice..." The last came out as a wheeze and her eyes watered. She began to cough uncontrollably. God, what was that? "Water..." she gasped.

Betsy smiled, passing the poor fool three more small bottles. They were consumed in a blink. Moreover the burning eased up, now it just felt warm in her tummy. She felt warm all over.

"What was that?" Veronica asked.

"Just a little something to get the party started." Betsy said. "And don't worry, there's plenty more where that came from."

"Goodie," Veronica said. "It makes me feel good all over. She ran a fingernail over her full lips and gave a quizzical look. "My lips feel tingly. I don't think I can feel them anymore."

Veronica laughed and began to talk - and talk. About her latest shopping exploits. About how lucky she was to be marrying Eddie. And how lucky she was to have such a good best friend and maid of honor.

"Hey," Veronica said as she suddenly noticed something was amiss. "Why aren't you drinking anything."

Betsy smiled sweetly and took a tiny swig. "I have been drinking. As a matter of fact, you aren't keeping up with your best friend in the whole wide world. Here, have another."

Veronica dutifully did. While Betsy spotted just what she'd been looking for. She picked up the com for the limo driver.

"Driver, pull over there. Right there."

"Are you sure Miss Cooper?" the voice on the phone did his best in the given the situation.

"Don't get your panties in a wad," Betsy said. "I know these girls." But she didn't know them - not personally. However, they appeared to be just the sort of girls she was looking for. The too short skirts. The tramp stamps. The bare midriffs. Oh they were perfect. If they weren't she'd know for sure in just a few moments. Putting her window down, Betsy yelled out the window.

"What up skanks!" Betsy hollered.

The girls yelled back. Oh yes, these were just the girls Betsy was looking for.

"You want to party with me and my friend? It's her bachelorette party and we are going someplace a damn sight better than this." And then the coup de grace. "She's buying."

Veronica had one last chance. She almost succeeded.

"Betsy wait..." Veronica said. But she hesitated. She didn't grab Betsy's hand to restrain her. She didn't ask the driver to floor it. After that, it was too late.

The door was open. And in a blink the car was full of the wrong sort of people. They dressed terribly. They smelled of smoke. Yuck!

Betsy passed around a few more bottles and things snowballed downhill from there. There was an embarrassing question answer game about sexual experiences - and everyone seemed to be much more experienced than Veronica. Even Betsy was more experienced.

There were other games. A game like hot potato, only the potato was a very realistic dildo. Worse, you were not allowed to use your hands to pass it. If it buzzed while you held it, you lost an article of clothing.

Veronica thought of protesting. But everyone else seemed to be having so much fun. She didn't want to be a stick in the mud - especially when she was being given so much attention. A few times, Veronica was suspicious that Betsy never seemed to lose her clothes - never seemed to have to try to pick up the latex cock between her thighs - or her mouth.

But it was hard to think about Betsy when the drinks were making Veronica feel giddy and disoriented at the same time. Too hard to think about perserving her modesty, when the rest of the girls had no such inhibitions. Veronica wasn't even the first girl to loose her clothes. That honor belonged to a young red-head that was now dancing in the limo...if you wanted to call it that. It was more of an erotic display of flaunting her body about, showing off her tattoos and pubic hair that had been dyed bright pink. And things grew even more weird. The nude girl hopped up on Veronica's lap and began to bump and grind.

Poor Veronica could feel that wiry muff rubbing against her stomach and her thigh. Clad only in a pare of small panties, Veronica felt defenseless against such an onslaught. There was something more she didn't want to think about. There was a silky smooth wetness left behind wherever the girl touched her.

"Stacy," Veronica said, taking the girl by the hips and trying to force her off. "I would appreciate it if you - I mean ah - I don't think you should be ahh - mphhhhh..."

Yuck! Oh God, she'd been kissed. Full on in the mouth. Tongue and all. By a girl. Worse, the limo felt like it was going around in circles. Everything was spinning. She could hear Betsy laughing. "Poor Ronnie looks like she may not want to get married after all. Kiss her again Stacy. Kiss her like you mean it."

It was like the world sped up - or that Veronica was in slow motion. Stacy wasn't just kissing her, she was kissing her hungrily. Veronica was being kissed by a naked girl on her lap. The feeling was surreal. At first Veronica resisted, but she soon gave in and let the girl have her way. Soon, Veronica returned the favor. She kissed back. Her nipples grew hard. Her breath grew heavy.

There were flashes of light, as if Veronica was seeing stars. The bright pink of Stacy's muff. The scent of musk. A taste of...

Sitting across from Veronica, Betsy giggled as she snapped photo after photo. This was an unexpected bonus. She'd hoped to use these skanks to pressure little Miss Perfect into partying too much. But the girls started drinking Veronica's drinks...drinks that were spiked with Rohypnol that Betsy managed to scam off of Dibert Doile. The skinny red-head in particular had consumed 3 bottles of the spiked booze. Betsy dutifully captured it all for posterity.

Poor Veronica could feel someone touching her inappropriately, touching her nipples, her clit. But by the time she opened her mouth to protest, she'd forgotten what it was and what she wanted to protest. In a blur she was getting dressed. Wearing a bridle crown. A tight body hugging minidress with lifesavers stitched on it. No bra. No panties. Lugging a plastic ball and chain about on her leg. Giggling. Staggering about the club, assaulted by smoke, flashing lights and loud music.

Men eating the lifesavers off her dress. Inserting dollar bills in the garter around her thigh. The girl with the red hair always nearby. Being sandwiched between two girls on the dance floor. Being humped by them. Humping them back. Kissing men. Kissing women. Flashes of light. Her head hurt. Oh it hurt. Her mouth felt of sandpaper and cotton. But at least Eddie held her tight. His tight body. His...


Veronica blinked her eyes. That wasn't Eddie. What was that strange man doing naked in the bed with her. Veronica looked down and gasped. What was she doing naked with this strange man. And who was that behind her? A naked girl with red hair. Stacy! Oh dear Lord ... Veronica's mind began to whirl - her pulse began to race. She had to get out of here quickly. Had to find her things and pray that no one knew who she was - and what she had done.

Oh God and what was this gunk on her face and hair.

"Good morning sleeping beauty."

Veronica felt a cold dread flow into her body.


"You sure had fun last night."

"I...I don't remember anything," Veronica said as she attempted to disentangle herself from the two naked bodies she was sandwiched between. Where was Betsy? Was she in bed too? Worse, oh it was much worse, Betsy sat in a chair looking pretty as a picture. Ronnie had never felt so embarrassed.

"I can help you remember Ronnie," Betsy said sweetly. "I'll tell you all about it."

"No-please don't." Veronica groaned. "Just help me find my clothes and get out of here."

"They are right there on the dresser silly."

By then Veronica had managed to extricate herself and as quiet as she was able began to dress. Only there was a problem. The clothes didn't fit. There was no bra or panties. Worse, the skirt was far too short and way too tight. And the top was equally so. Three inch heels.

"These don't fit." Veronica said. "They must be that girl's. Do you see mine?"

"Let me ask." Betsy said. Then said in a loud voice. "Hey Stacy..have you seen Veronica Lodge's clothes? Miss North can't seem to find them."

Oh God. The girl and boy on the bed were stirring. Stupid. Betsy was so stupid sometimes. Don't mention my name. It was bad enough as it was.

The boy didn't move. The girl groaned. "Oh God...I think I'm going to be sick," she said as she hurried to the bathroom. The girl had pink hair and an equally pink muff. A muff that Veronica remembered..Dear Lord no. Stacy - the girl from the limo.

Hearing the girl lose her dinner was almost enough to make Veronica join her. But Veronica couldn't afford to. She had to get out of here. Had to get out before more damage was done.

"Let's go Betsy," Veronica urged Betsy. "Have we got everything?"

"Don't worry, I have everything I need now."

They left in a hurry. Veronica's mind was racing. What could she do to get out of all this?

"We can't call Henri," Veronica said. "He'll tell daddy. How are we going to get home Bets?"

"No biggie," Betsy said. "We'll just get a cab."

Betsy hailed a cab. It was on the other side of the road, but it quickly did a u-turn, while white smoke rolled out from the back wheels, the smell of burning rubber filling the air. The driver had seen the cute little things from a block away. The raven-haired one in particular. Those long ivory legs. That mini skirt that showed every inch of those gams and just a hint of that perfect bottom. Oh yes, the girl looked worse for wear, but she wore it so very well.

"Oh thank you Betsy," Veronica said, crying tears of relief as she climbed into the car, being careful not to display the fact that she wasn't wearing panties. "You are such a good friend."

"Oh Ronnie," Betsy said, her full lips turning up and a hard cruel glint coming into her blue eyes as she took out her digital camera. "I wouldn't go so far as that. I wouldn't go so far as that at all. There's going to be some changes for you. Some very interesting changes."

The young blond took out a piece of paper and began to write. "Rule number one..."

As Betsy explained how things were going to be, Veronica was overcome by a fear like she'd never imagined existed. She felt different too. Like the word was somehow flat. Was it the world that changed? Or just her?

======================== A mouse is caught

Milton's tiny eyes didn't know where to look. The house was a mansion. Excess was everywhere he turned. But even more than the house, was the girl he was following.

Those heels. Clickity clackity on the fancy marble floor. Those legs. Wow. So long. So lean. That skirt. That pleated little number that at any moment threatened to reveal

Milton's stomach rumbled.

"Golly Veronica, I could sure go for a sandwich right now," Milton said.

Shhhh.... Veronica cast a nervous look back. "I don't want anyone to know you are here."

Milton shrugged his shoulders and scratched his head with his trademark hat. "I can't help the rumbling of my tummy Ronnie. I tell it to be quiet, but it has a mind of its own. I knew I should have eaten before I got here. I'm feeling light headed."

Veronica urged him into her room, none too gently. "Wait here. Don't touch anything. I'll get you a sandwich."

Oaf. But she needed that oaf. Veronica rushed to the kitchen and whipped up a sandwich.

"Oh no Miss Lodge," Maria the maid heard the rustling in the kitchen. "I'll make that for you."

"Don't worry," Veronica said. "I've got it."

"That is a large sandwich," the maid said. "Too large if you want to keep your figure."

"I'm on a special diet."

"You trust me Miss Lodge. Too much bread and you get fat. You eat lean meat and you stay a lean treat. And trust me Miss, you need to be lean to wear all those new clothes in your closet."

Veronica blushed at the maids words. They were a little too close to hitting home.

"My winter clothes?" Veronica asked. "You took care of them?"

"All taken care of." Maria said. "To be honest Miss Lodge, I like these new outfits better."

Veronica blushed a bright crimson. One of the first changes Betsy made was a trip to Veronica's closet and every article of clothing that didn't meet Betsy's specifications was thrown away. Veronica had ordered Maria to box them all up and pack them away.

"I'm going upstairs. I don't want to be disturbed," she said angrily as she stormed off. Taking out her frustrations on the only person she could.

The pretty brunette hurried back upstairs bearing the humongous sandwich.

"Golly Ronnie," Milton said, eagerly taking the sandwich and taking a large bite. "That sandwich looks yummy."

"I'm glad you like it," Veronica said as sweetly as she was able. "Milton, I was wondering if you could answer a question for me? Did...ahhh...."

The raven haired beauty's cheeks blushed a brilliant shade of crimson. The words caught in her throat.Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as she sat on the designer sheets of her bed next to Milton.

"Did...Betsy give you something today?"

"Mmmppphhh... she sure did," Milton said between bite, digging a small wooden token out from his pocket and showing it to Veronica.

Veronica placed a trembling hand on Milton's knee.

"Did Betsy tell you what it was for?" Veronica asked, a slight tremor coming into her voice.

"She said it was for a contest between you two," Milton said proudly. "She said she'd buy it back from me with the world's best sandwich."

Here it was. Oh God. She couldn't do it. No, it was impossible. It was too embarrassing. Too humiliating. Veronica's eyes darted to her webcam. She could just imagine Betsy staring at her, laughing as she watched the humiliating scene taking place. Enjoying the bitter tears of her rival. But Veronica had no intention of giving the blond bitch the satisfaction of seeing her tears.

As far as the other? Poor Veronica didn't have a choice. That sadistic bitch had pictures - pictures that could not only ruin Veronica's wedding - but would ruin her life.

"I'd like you to give it to me instead," Veronica said, her trembling hand sliding up further on Milton's thigh.

Milton shook his head. "Sorry Ronnie, but this sandwich isn't all that good. It could use a little extra mayo and bologna."

Veronica unzipped Milton's pants and slid her hand inside. Where was it? Oh! Then she had the sudden realization. It was bigger than she expected. Much bigger than Eddie.

"Ronnie," Milton exclaimed, almost forgetting his sandwich. "What in the world are you doing?"

Veronica took his manhood out. God, it was big and growing even bigger. She closed her eyes to summon her courage as she slid to her knees.

"Betsy? What? What are you - we we- can't..." Milton protested weakly. "Eddie is my best friend."

"We aren't cheating Milton," Veronica said, as her hand worked him to hardness. "I told Betsy that I wanted to give Eddie something special on our wedding night. You know...this..."

Veronica took the fat cock head into her mouth. The fit was tight. It was the first time she'd ever done this. Well the first time since her bachelorette party, but she didn't remember doing it then, she had only seen the pictures.

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