tagFetishRosemary and Her Daddy Ch. 02

Rosemary and Her Daddy Ch. 02


Sunlight streamed through the windows of my bedroom, rousing me from the deep slumber that had taken hold of me. It had been a wonderful dream of a big house and a new Daddy, but I knew it was too good to be true. I pulled a pillow over my head to block out the sunlight, finding it much softer than normal. I lifted it up and looked around to find myself still in the baby blue room, underwear gone and nightgown barely covering my princess parts.

A set of clothing lay at the bottom of the bed and I rolled over to take a look. A mint green striped t-shirt, some jean shorts, and a pair of frilly white socks with underwear to match. I changed into them to find the t-shirt form fitting and cropped, but the shorts were high waisted enough to only show a small stripe of skin. I threw my hair into twin braids so that it wasn't in the way and ventured out into the hall. I didn't have instructions but was starving. Sexual frustration makes you hungry.

I remembered how to get to the kitchen from my room and found Daddy sitting at the table with some coffee and a newspaper. I pattered in and looked over his shoulder, earning a kiss on the cheek as he noticed me.

"Good Morning Kitten, how'd you sleep?" He asked, grinning at me.

"I slept well, and you?" I giggled.

"Fantastically, thanks to you. Go ahead an sit down, Princess," he commanded, gesturing to the chair next to him. I pulled it out to find it had a booster seat with straps attached. I flushed slightly but sat down, feeling like a small child at a restaurant again. Daddy stood and retrieved something from the kitchen, returning with his arms held behind his back. I cocked my head quizzically at him as he set a jar of baby food and a tiny spoon down on the table. I reached to grab the spoon but he waved a finger disapprovingly.

"No no, I can't trust you to not spill this all over," he mused, sitting down in the seat next to me and turning me to face him. He quickly buckled the straps around my legs and removed the lid from the jar. I opened my mouth to say something but suddenly there was a spoonful of food there. I closed my mouth in surprise and grimaced. It tasted like leftover peas, but it was followed by a quick peck from Daddy. I blushed at not being able to feed myself but continued to eat, somehow liking being fed by someone else. When we were finished I began to squirm. I hadn't gone to the bathroom yet and desperately needed to go.

"What's wrong sweetheart?" Daddy asked, putting the dishes from breakfast away.

"I um... I need to g-go potty," I mumbled, fiddling with the straps around my legs. "Am I allowed to d-do that by myself?" I asked, trying to unbuckle one but finding it stuck. Daddy thought about this for a moment.

"When I'm not home you're allowed to go by yourself, but otherwise you must wait for me," he commanded, walking over and unbuckling the clasps with ease. He picked me up and carried me down the hall and into a bathroom. I jumped down and quickly and rushed to the toilet, quickly reliving myself. Daddy gave me privacy and turned his back, allowing me to take care of my business and wash my hands. Afterwards we walked back to the kitchen. As we entered, I was too busy staring after Daddy to notice the looming counter. I hit my baby toe on it and yelped, letting out a very quick and quiet "fuck." I quickly looked up and began to pardon myself, but it was too late. Daddy picked me up and set me on the counter, eyes full of fire.

"Little Princesses do not use those words," he reprimanded, crossing his arms. I frowned, I was his little princess though, and I just used that word. He saw my defiant expression and a spark caught in his eye. "Bend over the counter and wait for my command," he walked over to the fridge as I hesitantly did so, beginning to feel a little worried. I heard a drawer open and the fridge close. A snap also echoed through the room. I desperately wanted to turn my head and look, but I didn't want to be in any more trouble. I held my breath as he slid my shorts off and began to run a long cool object along my damp crevice. I stiffened, wondering what he had pulled out of the icebox and felt my panties begin to moisten more in anticipation.

It continued to poke and prod, eventually resting at my opening and pushing itself in, along with my underwear. I gasped as my panties tightened against my sensitive nub as the object penetrated me, still on the other side of the underwear. I squirmed as it tightened even further, going in another inch and gasped as my legs began to shake. It quickly was pulled out, and just as I turned around to look, thrust deep inside of me, around my panties. I let out a groan as I felt the object skim the wall of my insides but did not move to cause me pleasure. Daddy only returned my underwear and shorts to their proper place, the object still inside of me.

"What-" I moved to stand but felt the object shift, causing a tingle and a squirm. It was cold and heavy, threatening to slide out of me. When I turned back around to face him, Daddy's expression seemed like nothing had happened.

"Why don't we go read a story, Kitten?" He suggested, smiling innocently. I nodded, holding myself very still. I followed him up to his office, having to stop multiple times to allow my insides to settle. Daddy waited for me, smiling sweetly as I tried to ignore the movement deep inside of me. When we reached the office Daddy pulled a book from a shelf and set down in his chair, motioning for me to sit on his lap. I did so, letting out a sharp cry as the object shoved deeper into me, brushing the walls of my cavern. I squirmed at the pleasure and slight pain of it, letting out a whimper.

"Everything alright, Princess?" Daddy mused, all seriousness as he opened the picture book, shifting the leg I was perched on. I nodded, holding onto his arm tightly to keep myself stable. As he began to read his leg started bouncing subconsciously. I bit my lip to keep sounds from escaping, feeling the object bounce around inside of me. By the end of the story I was on the brink of an orgasm, literally quaking on his lap. He closed the book and lifted me up, setting me on the desk and opening my legs. I shook as he reached his hand down to my sopping crotch, pressing right into my opening with a finger. Pleasure shot up my spine as I arched my back, laying down so that he had access to my princess parts. I wanted nothing more but for him to finish me off. He chuckled and pulled my shorts and panties down, leaving me exposed to the cool air.

"How eager, why don't you relax so that I can get that out?" He mused. I quickly forced myself to let go of the object that had pleasured and tormented me so much, feeling it slide out into his hand. He held up a large carrot, about three inches around and at least six long. It wasn't quite as long as his cock when fully erect, but still wreaked havoc on my insides. I was a little sore from the bouncing and on the brink of orgasm, just waiting for him to finish me. He didn't. He merely held the vegetable up to my mouth. I sucked hard on it, hoping that if I did well enough, I would be rewarded, but to no avail. He just took a bite out of it and tossed it into a wastebasket. My shorts were quickly and efficiently put back into place and with a pat on the head, I was sent off to read on my own while Daddy worked. I skulked back to my room, a copy of some old classic that I had been forced to read in high school in hand. Though I was now technically a freshman in college, I still had to read boring classics. I intended to become an author, but for now I was just stuck in boring online courses.

I didn't get an ounce of work done. I was too hot and bothered to focus, my princess parts twinging desperately for attention. I groaned as I leaned back on the small sofa in my room, forcibly holding myself back from pleasuring myself. I had only said one bad word, why was I being punished so forcibly.

Finally a knock sounded at my door and Miss Gail entered.

"Mr. Blackwell would like to see you in his office, Miss Rosemary," she ordered, quickly closing the door behind her. I sprang up, and then decided that I would move as slowly as possible to make him wait. I arrived in ten minutes instead of two, and opened the door to find him standing in front of his desk, arms crossed. He motioned for me to stand before him, and I glanced behind him at the desk, no sign of carrots.

"Do you understand why you've been punished?" He asked, tone dark and commanding.

"Yes, Daddy," I mumbled, looking down at the tips of his shoes. He took a step forward and lifted my chin with a long finger.

"I'm sorry, Kitten. Daddy didn't hear you."

"Yes, D-Daddy," I said raising my head to meet his eyes, being taken aback by the fire inside. He smiled and kissed me, hard. His tongue ravishing mine and stealing my breath away. I let out a soft moan as his other hand moved into my soaking wet panties and twirled around my sensitive nub. Another finger slipped inside of me, causing juices to squelch out of me and down my legs. I trembled as I neared my orgasm, letting out a small whisper.

"Daddy may I please cum?"

"Yes, Kitten," he responded, his words sending me over the edge and into euphoria. When I had finished he lifted his hand and allowed me to clean my juices off of him. I glanced down when they were clean and noticed the small puddle of my cum that had gathered at my feet. I would have to curse more often it seemed.

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