tagErotic HorrorSanctuary Ch. 02

Sanctuary Ch. 02


389 years ago, a fated trip from Venice to Verona in Italy for a weekend of ribald entertainment with four shipmates, would be the death of me. And my rebirth into this world of darkness, immortality, and bloodlust. Merchant seamen all. We'd been given leave for the weekend by our Captain. A lecherous fiend with an eye for little boys. Upon arrival in Venecia, the dolt actually allowed us our leave before we'd even finished unloading the ship of it's cargo, so anxious was he to be on with his own debauched ways. I have no idea what ever became of him, his ship, or the cargo. I would never return. We'd been paid well. All well muscled and anxious for the company of women after several months at sea. A local by the name of Alessio, one of the dock-master's lackeys, offered to give us a ride by wagon the 120-km to Verona. "Belladonna Il pia en Italia....." the most beautiful women in Italy, he claimed. It sounded like heaven.

Their names were Nicoletta, Pia, and Serena. And they were the three most incredible women I had ever laid eyes on. We met these three unbelievable creatures while roaming the Piazza della Erbe that first night. Friday. Beautiful? More beauty than I could describe. All of them raven haired, with milk white skin as though they'd never seen one day of sunlight. Smooth to the touch. Lips like Chianti, red and full. Each of them wore peasant clothing and teased us mercilessly as we all obviously had the look of men who had been at sea too long. Enchanted is the only word that comes to mind. One look into Nicoletta's copper eyes and I was done for. I still remember the warmth of her breath on my neck as she whispered in my ear. Promises of a night that I would never forget. Little did I know......

Sometime after midnight, we'd crossed the Ponte Pietro and walked to the Teatro Romano on the west side of the Adige River. Little could I have imagined, that this evening, I would take the part of Romeo in a twisted version of Shakespeare's most famous play, to Nicoletta's Juliet. So enraptured of this beauty had I become that I did not even notice that the two of us had taken our own route once we'd crossed the bridge. It took little time for me to find out why. Climbing the steps above the ancient Roman theater, I barely had reached the top before Nicoletta bounded by me. Obviously unaffected by the hundred or so steps. God, she was beautiful. In the moonlight, with the city below and across the river, I first embraced her. I needed little more than the fullness of her breasts pressed against me to spark my cock to full attention. Oh, but there was so much more. Her mouth found mine while her delicate hands went to work on my full rod. Untying the sailor's pants and dropping them to the ground, Nicoletta began stroking my cock. As I was about to cum, she bent at the waist and gobbled my entire length into her mouth. The explosion that followed shook me until I could no longer stand. Weak in the knees, I reached with one hand for the ground as I lost my balance and landed on my naked ass. I barely noticed the pain. Nicoletta never once released my throbbing dick from her mouth. Licking every last drop of cum from me.

With the two of us lying there, she removed her peasant dress to reveal the most beautiful pair of milky white breasts ever created. Still stroking my cock and and licking my nipples, she reached for my closest hand and pulled it to her black mound, wet and sticky, I realized at that moment that as I came, she had also climaxed. Without so much as a single touch. This woman was more than I could ever have hoped for and I thought for only a moment to reward Alessio handsomely upon my return to Venice. The thought quickly vanished from my mind though, as Nicoletta was quickly reaching another orgasm, this time aided by my fingers gently rubbing her clit and fingering her soaking wet pussy. As she came, her love juices squirted at least a foot out of her sweet pussy. I knew in an instant that I would have to lick her into another such release so that I could swallow every drop of this woman's nectar. I was falling in love as we lay there. Nicoletta. What a beautiful name for a wife.

And while I was imagining this sweet dark haired vixen waiting at home for my returns from the sea with such a carnal feast as this, she slowly worked her tight (oh my God, could she be a virgin too?!) pussy down around my full cock. Slowly sliding herself over the head, then off, then back on and a little farther down, then off again. She was teasing me again and I loved every second of this woman's love-play. Finally, after what must have been five minutes of this, her eyes flamed copper in the moonlight and she thrust her pussy down the length of my shaft. My God, was I crazy? I would give up the sea and never leave her side. So enraptured was I with this goddess. As we neared climax, he lips locked on mine, tongues darting and dancing their joust of lust. Suddenly my Nicoletta reared back and arched her back (how did she do that so far?) her pussy clenching around my dick as I sent a huge load deep inside her pussy. At the moment of absolute bliss, my Nicoletta, the most beautiful woman I'd even seen, the goddess that I had already vowed to never leave again, released a sound from deep inside like the roar of the Earth as it opened to swallow Atlantis. So deep and guttural was this scream that I thought the stones of the Teatro Romano would crack and crumble.

When my beautiful Nicoletta, her firm young breasts practically aglow in the moonbeams, finally straightened her back and looked down at me, I had only a brief second to understand the centuries of bloodlust that her scream had represented. The moment of my death was at hand and the terror that welled up in me had no time to manifest itself as a sound in my throat, let alone a scream of any kind. Her copper eyes burning like the fires of Hell, my sweet Nicoletta bared fangs the likes of which no animal on Earth can claim and sunk them into my chest. The life blood that only moments ago had been aflame with passion for this woman now passed out of me and into her waiting mouth. Minutes passed. Pain and pleasure mixed in my brain. Color drained from the world. No matter how hard I tried to remove this monster's head from it's place of suckling, what strength I might have mustered was long gone. Between the lust of our lovemaking and the draining of my life's blood, I had naught to wrestle with. I blacked out without the benefit of even being able to acknowledge the moment of my death.

Nothing. Blackness. Then distant echoed sounds. Was this Heaven? Was this Hell? I was dead, that much was certain. The image of the monster that I'd loved so completely was clear in my mind. I coughed, then rolling on my side wretched. And instantly a gentle hand reached for my matted hair and caressed my head. Slowly, I opened my eyes as if the image of the beautiful face that I knew would be there would kill me again with just a look. There, in complete nakedness crouching next to me, was Nicoletta. Her copper eyes still a flame. When she spoke now it was different. There was a tone to her voice that was part delicate woman and part devil. It shook me so that I tried to back away. But I had no strength. Nicoletta caressed my head, then slowly traced her fingertips lovingly (lovingly?) down the silhouette of my face and onto my chest where she had killed me. The wounds there were clear and fresh, but I did not bleed. Open gashes that had no pain. Tough as my focus returned fully, I noticed now that my pallor mirrored Nicoletta's and suddenly, like a bolt from the sky. It all made sense. Succubus? As if he knew my mind, Nicoletta, corrected me, "No my love, we are vampires. Pia, Serena, myself. And now you, my immortal. I can only tell you that from the moment that I laid eyes on you, I knew that you were my immortal. That I must have you. That I must give you this gift, that we might spend eternity together as we just did. Bloodlust, you see, is something no mortal can imagine. It consumes you. And I knew that I must have you. Or that you would die in my moment of bloodlust."

While Nicoletta spoke, the feel and texture of the passion that we had shared returned to my mind. As I surveyed the area around us I was aware that I could sense the creatures in their holes. Tiny hearts beating. Blood. I had no idea what to make of this sensation. Was it disgusting or was it exciting? I could not tell. And not far off, human hearts pumped blood. A much more attractive notion than digging for vermin in holes. Again, Nicoletta read my thoughts (why couldn't I read hers?) "Yes, my love, my immortal, there will be blood. Enough for us all..." And with that, Pia and Serena appeared from my right. Each dragging two of the bodies of my colleagues. Not dead apparently. Though in some sort of trance. Their eyes fluttered intermittently. Smiles on their faces, they addressed Nicoletta. "So," started Pia, " you could not resist this one, eh?" And the three of them laughed a laugh that was again part female voice and part guttural and demonic. Nicoletta moved close to me and laid my head upon her full breast. "What love he gives, as I told you at the beginning. I will have him. We all will."

I must have started at this idea. It took a second to comprehend what she'd said and I looked up at her. "Yes, my immortal. You will feed for the first time on your shipmates. They will see you off, so to speak, on a new voyage without them. And when you have done this, there will be such strength given to you that you will easily take each of us with your bloodlust. But I will claim you first and last." I noted the tone of this last part seemed to be a warning to the other two creatures. I was Nicoletta's until or unless she shared me. Or I became strong enough make my own decisions about such things. Was that possible? Would I gain my own power? Would I be with this creature forever? Nicoletta, who was both once again, and for the very first time, beautiful to me. Looking down, I noticed that the wounds inflicted this night were completely gone. Further, my manhood, at rest, looked full. Nicoletta must be right. Bloodlust is something no human can comprehend.

And as I feasted on my shipmates, aided by these three night mistresses, the strength did indeed return. But different. We shared in this feast, the four of us. And when our consumption was done, there were three incredible preternatural beauties. We left the Teatro Romano. They guided me to a house not far from the river where the bodies that we'd deposited had floated away to be carried out to sea. If they actually made it the length of the river they would ironically pass our cargo ship docked in Venice. A last trip into the open ocean. Or a short trip to the bottom to become crab food.

Our bloody repast complete, the sex was unbelievable. First Nicoletta, then Serena, then Pia. Each with a special talent. Each trying to outdo the other in some nocturnal competition with me as the prize. Or so they thought. As predicted, my bloodlust was more than a match for them. It quickly became obvious that they would not rule me unless I allowed it. A boon which I granted, for tonight anyway. Each creature tried their best. And when that failed they all tried at once, but my cock championed each. Their orgasms subsiding only for a moment before climbing back on. Pia or Nicoletta on my face where I made them cum with my tongue, a favorite of mine in mortal life. I have renewed stamina enough to produce in each of them multiple orgasms. Serena and Nicoletta then tried to ride my cock, lick my balls, ass, and nipples, and each other's, until they fell spent. I liked this bloodlust. I liked being immortal. Little did I know what that meant.

Soon the vampires collected their new immortal and led me down to the basement. Surprising me again with her strength, Nicoletta moved a solid stone wall aside to reveal an inner chamber. Once inside, the chamber became black as pitch when the wall was replaced. It would be here that we would spend our daytime hours. Not laid out in some dirt filled coffin as portrayed in idiot vampire movies. But in the company of each other's nakedness. The remnants of bloodlust still lingering in our loins. And something to be done about it before slumber. Each one offering themselves.

In the darkness which does not affect preternatural beings, Nicoletta comforts me. Suckles my breast. Holds the shaft of my cock in her delicate hand. And then there is Serena. Licking the head of my cock. And suddenly she is on me. Grinding and humping my cock. Suddenly, Serena lays her head next to mine and whispers, "Drink." Before I can stop myself, my new fangs are deep inside her neck. Her thrusts upon my cock are fervent and greedy. Pia protests but Serena is unrelenting. The more I drink, the less I understand. I am weak. And fully sated. My body the target of several violent outbursts. What does this mean? And Nicoletta, making good on her promise, secures me finally to herself. Laying atop me. I begin to love this creature again. I drift off to sleep, eyes wide open. The ancient blood of the vampire now circulating through my veins.

That was what was happening. Serena was the first to offer her ancient and immortal blood to me. Over the course of the next few weeks, Serena and Pia again and again would offer their veins to me. Weakened as they had both become my my incessant feeding, they were no match when Nicoletta and I launched an all out attack on them. They had each become careless in their hunting. Pia nearly got us all found once and Nicoletta and I decided that they were more dangerous than they were needed. One at a time, our two mistresses were caught unaware by a blade of ancient design. One created for the purpose of hewing centuries ago and one that was easily removed one night from the home of an antiquities dealer in Verona. And it served it's new master well. Serena and Pia's heads were buried in the ground beneath Teatro Romano. Their bodies burned outside of town. Four vampires in one city at one time had caused parts of the city to be on all night alert. Much too risky Nicoletta insisted. We left Verona that night. Never to return.

Next: A more recent history...

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