tagErotic HorrorSanctuary Ch. 03

Sanctuary Ch. 03


We were children. Or, more correctly, I was a child. Newly created and shiny. A vampire with no reason to fear. So many nights along our flight from Verona spent feeding. The bloodlust that followed always new. Deeper than before. Nicoletta proved every bit the lover I'd foreseen that night in my mortal Verona at the Teatro Romano. I lusted for her and she for me. Her new young lover. Night after night, my cock filled every orifice. Impaling her beautiful body had become an art form for me. Each time, she'd shown me a new pleasure, I'd responded by driving my hard cold cock deep in her until she'd cried into the night. A deep deafening roar. My fangs sunk deep into her milky flesh. Her offered breasts for my taking. Copper eyes that flashed as the blood flowed. Stabbing her again and again with my insatiable tool. Then, always, the response. Her mouth flashing fangs that once so terrified me that I could not make a sound. SInking them deep into my throat. Every time causing my balls to seize and explode deep inside Nicoletta, I covered her in my spew. Always, the gentle suckling as the wounds healed. Then, slumber in our selected sanctuary.

We'd made our way out of Italy. North we flew. Picking our way through villages and towns. Nicoletta knew just where to find them. Sparsely populated, this close to the Alps. She explained that she'd grown up near Innsbruck. In Austria. She and her two sisters. Only by chance had the master who'd made them all taken them with him to Italy. She wanted me to see it with her again. Feeding and delights of the night were all I wanted. Images of the looks on the poor peasant's faces as I took their life's blood, followed by Nicoletta's perfect breasts. I was fearless. Brash and without concern or care for the consequences. Immortal. That was the only name I knew. It had completely escaped me then, what exactly she'd meant. Sisters. The two weakened vampires that we'd beheaded and burned back in Verona. Pia and Serena. Her.......... sisters?

Crossing into Austria, my Nicoletta seemed reborn. Her raven hair shone almost blue in the moonlight. Her copper eyes flashed as we came upon a farmhouse. On the outskirts of this Tyrollean village. I never knew it's name, if it even had one. Remote and dark, it had been a few hours since our wakening in the most northern part of Italy. We both needed to feed. Near midnight, we approached a farmhouse on the outskirts of town to the sound of human lust. Touching my arm, Nicoletta turned and opened the front door. As we entered, two silhouettes against a moonlit backdrop, the sound of a man and a woman fucking were unmistakeable. Gazing into my eyes, she whispered, "I'll take him, but I want to watch you feed on her." She stood aside.

Brazen, I strode into the bedroom. In the full moon's light I could see the young couple, she astride him, in lust's full grasp. Her head tipped back and to one side. His back arched as a low moan escaped them both. Quickly reaching the bedside, I grabbed the woman by the throat and peeled her back off of her lover. Nicoletta, right behind, pounced on the young man. At the moment of his climax all he now saw was the face of death. Beautiful and riveting. His moan turned to scream. My fangs sank into the girl's neck. Suckling gently. Not to kill. Not yet. As I watched my mistress take her fill of the young man. Grasping his spewing cock in her hand she flashed preternatural eyes at him. Silenced and paralyzed from fright, I watched as Nicoletta covered his fading cock with her mouth. Gulping down the failing stream of cum. Slowly licking up every drop from the shaft of this young Austrian. The young woman, slowly sank into my arms as she watched her husband being sucked off by this creature of the night. Somehow, before she ended his life, my vampire lover managed to suck the young man into another orgasm. Her grasp on the base of his cock preventing all of the blood from vacating his turgid member, she began to stroke the underside of his balls with his entire length buried in her throat. The sound of his orgasm clearly too much for my captive to take, what would come next would be the last thing she would ever see.

Nicoletta, convinced that the young man was of no further use to her, lunged for his neck and sunk her fangs deep into his jugular. Blood spewed from the wound and my lover, now covered in his life's fluid, fed greedily as he died. The last of his life drained before Nicoletta removed herself from his limp body. Blood covered the man's face and neck and as she continued to lick as she slid off of him. Turning my attention now to my prize, the young woman in my arms felt warm. Her skin unblemished. Young and beautiful. For now. The smell of her lust hung near to me, though the coppery aroma of blood now filled my nostrils and fueled my lust. I could feel my cock rise as I began to caress young firm breasts. Drinking more fervently now, I could almost feel the lust in her. Running my hand down her front, I reached her soft folds to find a river of nectar. As odd as it seemed at the time, this young woman had orgasmed watching her husband being suckled so expertly. It was the first time that the erotic influence that vampires had on mortals became clear. Though she had just watched her partner killed, she found the experience....... what, erotic?

Confirming this, my fingers now traced the woman's body to her small but firm breasts. Her nipples protruded proudly. Firm and begging to be caressed. I ran my fingers over and over her erect buds. The woman moaned and shivered. Through her blood I could sense her excitement. Her moaning grew louder. As it did, my cock grew hard and I found myself reaching between us to release it. Lifting her into the air the woman actually reached back and grabbed my hips, pushing slightly to lift her hips up and away. I looked to Nicoletta, who now watched from across the room. Dragging the body of the man from the bed, she motioned to me to bring the young woman into the moonlight. That she might glimpse my capture of this mortal woman's need. I strode to the bed and, finally releasing my mouth from her neck, placed her on the bed face down. The blood ran freely from the wound at her throat and, while I had taken care not to puncture a main artery, her death was assured. With the speed acquired at my birth as a creature of the night, my hard cock found this young woman's wet pussy. She was ready and in need. My stiff tool split her perfectly. Stretching her hole as I drove in a single thrust. Driving my cock deep into her, I lifted her with all of my strength into the air and fucked her from behind while my vampire lover watched. The young woman's life would end with an orgasm that she'd not prepared for that night. Deeper and deeper I drove my cock into her.

Nicoletta approached and began licking and suckling her nipples. At one point the woman reached to cradle her succubus' head and grasping Nicoletta's face in both her hands, took my lover's lips to hers. Deep in a kiss whilst I continued to hammer my cock into her from behind. Her juices coated my entire shaft. A froth formed there, so intense were my strokes. I could feel her crescendo. Her skin bristled. Sweat flew from her hair. The woman's moans and whimpers grew louder. She was being fucked to death, yet she craved it. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, her climax exploded. Nicoletta took hold by her waist and, lifting slightly, leaned in as the woman climaxed and sunk her fangs into the woman's right breast. As her orgasm rolled over in wave after wave, my cock finally unleashed a stream of cum deep into her. So much so that it gushed from her pussy and ran down over my balls and thighs. She died as my cock filled her with preternatural spunk that she could not hold. My lover quickly threw the woman's corpse to the floor and launched herself at me. So filled with bloodlust were we that we took each other again and again. Nicoletta drank every drop of my cum. Feverishly. Begging for more. Filled with blood, I drove my hard cock into my lover's throat. Fucking her mouth, I came again and again. Her muted cries sated with each load of cum. Eventually, my Nicoletta would succumb to every position. Every hole I filled two, three times. I filed her ass with my cock. Stretched and filled, she wanted more. I drove my rod deep in her. Over and over. Still more. The night wore on, yet our passion would not wane.

So intense had our bloodlust been that it was nearly dawn before it was done. The carcasses of the two dead mortals would be found. But we would be long gone. The man and woman, drained of life. Fucked to death, literally. Our immediate need was sanctuary. A place to rest and sleep after such a night. Nicoletta knew of a place. An ancient Roman cemetery along the Brenner Pass. Back into Italy, but near enough. With a mausoleum that would be safe. An hour. No more. We were as vapor. And as the dawn rose into the eastern face of the Alps, my lover and I settled into our ancient funereal abode. The ages were palpable. It felt like home. "Tomorrow," she whispered, "tomorrow we will see what Innsbruck may offer us. Perhaps more human pussy......," she chuckled as her eyes closed. My lover lay her head on my chest where my heartbeat once pounded and she slept. Just before my slumber, thoughts of an unknown place filled my mind. Innsbruck. I'd never heard of it. My lover seemed so worldly to me. My Nicoletta. My mistress in the dark. What fate would befall us. I had not a care. Immortal. That was the only name I knew. This place she spoke of, I could almost see in our lust. Blood can convey many things. Taking hers as we fucked, vivid images would play on my mind. These were what filled my mind now. We would go to Innsbruck. Perhaps fade into society. Live as normal people, I snorted. The thought was funny. Normal. For immortals, meant taking human blood and fueling our lust. More human pussy, I pondered. The delight of the young Austrian woman's wanton lust. The seduction that was NIcoletta's passion play with the man. Intended to fan the flames in the woman? I grew wiser with this. I decided to see just how seductive vampires could be to human pussy.

We slept, the two vampires, unseen through the day, and for some time after sunset. The dreams that came and went through my consciousness were of bloodlust and landscapes I'd never seen before. Preternatural knowledge, I assumed. Drinking of the blood of another vampire gives you sight beyond your own knowledge. A collective intelligence, so to speak. Places and people you've never known are suddenly yours. Long after dark, Nicoletta and I made our way out of the Roman mausoleum and sped away. Fleet of purpose, we traveled a great distance in a single night. I did not think of feeding. I did not care for anything. Nothing could touch us. Nothing could trace our flight. On the outskirts of Innsbruck, we settled. The long journey over. We found sanctuary in the basement of an old warehouse building of some type. Clearly unused for some time, and distant enough from anyone's curiosity. Nicoletta came to me and bade me lay still. Before slumber, she would entice me with her eyes. Gently brushing her cold pale breasts on my prone body. I would reach to touch her and she would slide playfully away. She removed my clothing slowly. Unlacing my shirt, unbuttoning my pants, removing each article as if a museum piece. Then, and only then did she slide herself across my body. There was no light in this place, and only the senses and sight of creatures of the night could detect the movements. Nicoletta slowly engulfed my stiff cock with her mouth. Then, ever so gently, a bite piercing the turgid flesh. Blood trickled into Nicoletta's mouth from my swollen member. In the dark, copper eyes flashed with bloodlust once more. Quickly mounting me, my beautiful creator rode like the angel of death that she was. Milking the seed from my organ. While I drove my rod as deep in her as I could. Leaning forward, I bit her breast and the trickle of blood was life.

We were one in a new place. An old place. Her orgasm began in her pelvis and quickly rose to a roar. One I'd heard before. On the occasion of my death in Verona, the sound had scared me, literally, to death on that night. Now, in full control of my senses, I drove my cock into Nicoletta trying very hard to make that sound last as long as I could. Our orgasms rose and fell until at last, sleep overcame us once again. But not before Nicoletta, lying at my side, admitted that she knew a man in Innsbruck. Someone who would protect us. Assist us in melting into the life of this town. An emissary who had been particularly helpful in the past. One who had been tantalized on more than one occasion into keeping her secrets. And her sisters'. I'd almost forgotten them already. Their memory passed in time as Nicoletta told of her notion to become part of society here in Austria. I had no reason to doubt her in either intent or ability. We would see this emissary of hers tomorrow night. And thereupon begin our introduction into life in the mortal world. So much human pussy, I thought to myself. Not noticing that those copper eyes were noticing my imaginings too. "Now now, my innocent. Be careful of humans. Their blood is enticing, yes. But our powers of seduction cannot but get you into trouble if you wield it carelessly. You will learn." And with that she put her head, once again, on my breast where once my heart beat. Closing my eyes, it occurred to me that she'd ready mind. And the lesson of her sisters lingered longer than I would have liked. I must not be careless in pursuit of the pretty humans. We could not afford that........

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