tagErotic CouplingsSaturday Morning In The Kitchen Ch. 01

Saturday Morning In The Kitchen Ch. 01


I woke up with a start on Saturday morning because of the loud crash that came from the kitchen. Immediately I ran towards the noise and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw my gorgeous husband swearing under his breath, hunched over some broken plates and glasses, cleaning up the mess he'd made. It was too comical to keep a straight face, and a small giggle escaped my lips.

He turned around to find me wearing nothing but my silken white teddy, and the scowl that had furrowed his brow instantly became a small smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. Instantly we both broke out in laughter at his folly.

I rushed over and started to help him gather up all the bits of glass until the floor was spotless once again.

"I was trying to surprise you with breakfast in bed," he said in a self-hating tone. "I wanted to be romantic."

"Aww baby," I replied as I reached out my hand to touch the side of his face. "It's the thought that counts, and besides, you're the most romantic man I know."

The instant my hand touched his unshaven face, my blood began to boil. Suddenly, my appetite changed, and my skin flushed. He noticed. Of course he noticed, he knows me better than I know myself, and he turned his head to kiss the palm of my hand. Instant shivers.

That's when he pulled me close to him and kissed me so tenderly that my knees turned to jelly, and I collapsed against his chest. He held onto me tightly, taking in the scent of my hair, and running his fingers down my spine.

I looked into his face and whispered, "There's a way to make it up to me, you know." A little wicked twinkle came to my eyes.

That was all he needed to hear for a sexy slow grin to appear on his face. He leaned in and kissed me again, gently probing my lips with his tongue, asking for entrance. I parted my lips, and he tentatively tasted me. Gently coaxing me to groan from the back of my throat.

My arms flew around his neck to pull him tighter towards me, my whole body pressed up against him, silently begging for his touch. His grip on me tightened further, and the kiss deepened until he was groaning with need as intense as mine. Our breath became laboured, coming in quick gasps. Our hands knowingly started to touch each other's bodies...softly teasing the senses.

He started to back me up, until my back hit the refrigerator door. "God honey, I don't think I can wait," he whispered hoarsely in my ear.

"Please don't," I whispered back. "Please baby," I begged him again.

He started to kiss behind my ear and down my neck as his hands slowly slid the straps off my shoulders. It fell to the floor between us. Still kissing my neck, he pressed me back against the door and the cool steel against my burning skin made me gasp aloud. His kisses started to form a trail down my neck and across my collarbone. It was all I could do to keep still. My head was thrown back, my eyes were closed and I was concentrating on what his lips felt like on my skin. He continued to kiss and lick me everywhere, sending hot shocks down to my very toes.

I grasped his hair and held him at my breasts for an extra moment. His mere breath on them, made my nipples strain and become hard peaks for him to tease. His tongue gently reached out to lick the tip of my left nipple and I saw a flash of lightening. My heart was beating a mile a minute, my body was tense with anticipation, my mind went numb and all I could do was feel what his wonderful tongue was doing to me. I was completely his, and he knew it.

Achingly slow, he started to circle around my nipples, each in turn. Running his rough tongue around them, and kissing and licking between my breasts as he switched from one to the other. Slowly he started to lick under them, and on each side...where I'm the most sensitive. I gasped aloud and mumbled something incoherently to him, "Oh God, baby."

Then his precious mouth travelled lower, showering my abdomen with soft little kisses, delving his tongue into the hollow of my belly button and making me shiver from head to toe. His hands came to rest of my hips, and he kneeled in front of me. Trying to steady me for what he was about to do. I knew it was coming, but he held off just a little longer until my fever reached its pitch.

He started to lick the gentle curves of my hips. And my body arched off the door as I moaned his name, "Lucius."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This was the part he loved the most. The part when he had her like this, silently begging for him to enter her. He loved to tease her until she could take it no more. Until she was writhing under him and all he had to do was blow on that sensitive spot and she would erupt. To him, that was the greatest pleasure and her reactions to his gentle touch always took him along for the ride.

The throbbing of his fully engorged penis was almost distracting. He wanted her so badly, and her groaning wasn't helping. It was adding to the build up of pressure down below. But this wasn't about him, and so he tried to keep it in check for the time being.

He kept teasing her hips with his mouth. He knew that she could reach orgasm if he kept teasing her long enough. But he had bigger plans, and so he moved away from her hips for a moment and gently parted her thighs. They were so creamy and soft. He loved her legs.

His hands glided up and down her silken form. He was face to face with the perfect junction between her legs. He could see how wet she was for him, and his rock hard cock jumped at the sight of it. Slowly he leaned forward and blew softly on her moist groin. He heard her sharp intake of breath and felt her whole body tense. She was real close.

He moved in to gently kiss her thigh. Spreading hot kisses along its length, starting at the knee and working his way up to the very top. Her breathing became raspy and laboured, mimicking his.

He kissed lightly at the little triangle of hair and another moan came from her lips. She was getting more desperate by the second. So was he, for that matter.

Finally he kissed her beautiful wet lips. She arched her back and held her breath, waiting for more. He could see and feel her pulse, it was fast and hard. She placed her hands on his shoulders, squeezing them harder and harder. It was her way of letting him know just how close she really was.

He gently parted her lips with his tongue. Tasting her sweet nectar. He intended to taste her once and continue to tease, but one taste was not enough. He continued to lick her from her aching hole to her sensitive clit. She was straining against his mouth, moving with the rhythm he created. He knew she was ready. He knew it would only take one more touch to send her crashing over the edge. He took his time.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I was going insane! My skin was hot and wet with sweat. My breathing was erratic and shallow. I couldn't think of anything else if my life depended on it. All I could do was feel, and he was teasing me to the point of no return. I was on the hilt of sexual pleasure. Teetering on the very edge of collapse. My body went rigid. The ache between my legs just kept building and building. One more touch.......

Finally he leaned in, and slowly slid two fingers into my quivering hollow. I didn't think that I could withstand any more. My inner muscles gripped his fingers, as he placed his lips around my clit and sucked as his fingers began to stroke me from the inside.

That was all I could take. I screamed his name and came hard almost instantly, "Lucius!!!!" Throwing my head back and my whole body began to shake. He stayed right where he was, stroking and sucking while I came crashing down.

I leaned over and collapsed on top of his back when it was over. My body was limp and weak.

He giggled softly as he held me up and came up to hug me. He kissed my forehead tenderly and whispered, "By the way.... good morning."

I had to laugh. I opened my eyes to see his gleaming with mischief. "Good morning," I managed to say, and added, "But it's not over yet."

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