Save The Last Dance For Me


"Did you find a dress, Aimee?"

"Jesus!" Dad's voice scares the living heck out of me so that I jump and turn around and I'm not used to those high heels and I start to fall and Dad catches me and he gets a handful of boob. I've really lost my balance and all my weight is on his arm, one of my boobs is in his hand and he's holding me up and he's so strong he holds me easily and then he lifts me to my feet and he's staring at me and his face as white as a sheet.

"Are you okay, Dad?" He's so pale, he looks like he's going to faint and the least of my concerns is that all I'm wearing are tiny little panties that a stripper would be embarrassed to be seen in.

"Elaine?" Dad's white and he's just staring at me like he's seen a ghost.

"Dad ... Dad ... it's me, Aimee," I say, really concerned now. "You look really bad, come and sit on the bed." I kick my high heels off, take his arm, guide him out to the bedroom and sit him down on the bed, sit down beside him. "Are you okay, Dad? Take a few slow breathes."

He does and his color comes back, slowly and he's looking at me, blinking. "I thought I saw her, Aimee," he whispers, and he's shivering now. "I thought you were her."

"Mom?" I ask.

Dad nods.

"You better lie down, Dad," I say, coz he definitely is not looking good and he really is shivering and I can see his heart pounding. "Come on, slide up here and lie down."

He does, and I'm kneeling beside him making sure his head's on the pillow and he's looking at me.

"I think you need a rest, Dad," I add. "I'm going to put you to bed, okay?"

He nods, still watching me as I unbutton his shirt. I'm not used to unbuttoning men's shirts so I'm fumbling my way down and when it's undone, I ease it off him as he half sits up, leaving him in just his white tee. I'm smiling reassuringly as I undo his belt, unzip his trousers. Shuffle down the bed and his hands help me ease them down to his knees, then I tug them off. He's wearing boxers and really, he looks rather fit. Dad's in good shape alright, a lot fitter than Brad is.

The duvet's in a pile at the foot of the bed and I draw it up, covering Dad and I'm not even thinking that all I'm wearing are those tiny little panties as I cover him and then slide in beside him, tuck up against him the way I do when I want a hug. It's only when I feel his arm around my back and his legs against my thighs and the soft cotton of his tee-shirt against my boobs that I remember.

"You look just like your Mom, Aimee," Dad sighs.

Propped up on one elbow, I look down at him, kiss his nose, stroke one bristly cheek. "Close your eyes, Dad," I say. Maybe he's been working too hard. "I'm staying with you until you're asleep." It's early, only eight thirty, but he really looks tired and it won't hurt him to have an early night. Me neither, for that matter.

"Did you find a dress for tomorrow night?" His eyes are closing.

"Yes, it's beautiful," I say, smiling.

"I can't wait to see you in it," he says.

"Tomorrow night," I smile, resting my head on his shoulder, half lying on him and one of his arms is around me now and my own eyes are closing. I've always loved my Dad holding me, ever since I was a little girl. Now, with Mom gone and only the two of us, Dad's hugs and his arms around me mean so much more to me and it doesn't worry me at all that I'm not wearing anything much. Under the duvet, half-lying on my Dad, one of his arms around me, I'm warm and comfortable and secure and I'm actually looking forward now to the Halloween Dance.

Within a couple of minutes I drift off to sleep, almost naked in my Dad's arms and not embarrassed about it at all for some reason. Soon I'm as fast asleep as my Dad is.

* * *

My eyes open sleepily and its pitch black. The bedside clock says it's almost midnight and I'm lying on my side in bed and someone's arms are around me, which confuses me for a moment. There's a hard male body behind me, spooning me and for a moment I'm not quite sure where I am and then I remember I'm in Mom and Dad's bed with Dad and my eyes close and I nestle back against Dad, sleepily aware that I'm almost naked and not caring because I'm so sleepy and warm and secure.

"Love you, honey" my Dad's voice is a sleepy whisper in my ear, his breath hot against the back of my head and there's comfort in his presence and in his arm over me, holding me.

"Mmmmm." My response is a wordless murmur in the darkness.

"Mmmmm." Dad's sleepy murmur is one of contentment and happiness as his hand very gently cups one of my boobs and there's something very hard against my butt, moving very slowly and gently against me and my butt's naked.

I'm only wearing those little g-string panties and there's just a strand of floss between my butt cheeks. A strand of floss and my Dad's erection and he's rubbing himself against me, very slowly, very gently. My eyes are wide open now and I'm wide awake as Dad's cock slides up the crack of my butt and I'm so conscious of how big it is. It feels bigger than Brad's. A lot bigger. Longer. Thicker. Without touching it, without holding him in my hand it's hard to tell but I don't draw away.

"Elaine, honey, I love you," Dad murmurs and his hands turn me towards him and he's fast asleep, he's dreaming with his eyes wide open and he's smiling and he's looking the happiest I've seen him since Mom passed away two years ago. "I love you, Elaine," he whispers and his hand caresses my boob so gently, so tenderly, so lovingly and I don't have the heart to wake him even though I know absolutely he shouldn't be touching me like this but I don't want to wake him and take that happiness away from him.

His fingers tease my nipple and he's my Dad but it feels so good, it's like his fingers are drawing the heat and the pleasure upwards from my center, rushing through my body to my boobs and my nipples swell and harden and become even more sensitive and then his mouth is on my other boob and he's kissing and licking and gently sucking and my nipple is in his mouth and his lips tug at me and it's good that I want to push my boob at his mouth and I can't help it, I do and he sucks my entire boob into his mouth.

"Elaine." His mouth lifts, his sigh is one of contentment and all of a sudden he's over me, his legs either side of mine and his cock his hot and hard against my thighs, against my sex and he's rubbing himself against me slowly, slowly and then faster and he's breathing hard, I can sense his urgency, it's an urgency Brad has taught me to recognize and my eyes widen as I realize what my Dad is doing but I don't want to wake him, he looks so happy, so relaxed and content and he's smiling and it's so natural, it's not a forced smile at all.

"Elaine .... Elaine ... I love you ... I love you..." He's moving against me faster now, his cock's rubbing over me, driving me insane as his shaft slides roughly against my clitoris and oh god oh god oh god it feels so good but he's my Dad but it's so good but he's my Dad and his cock his cock his cock and he's moving and rubbing and his cock's so big so hard rubbing on me rubbing on me and it's coming it's coming it's coming and I want to scream I want to scream I want to scream and my hips are jerking and I can't control anything at all and that wave inside me it's building building building cresting I'm almost there almost there almost there but he's my Dad and I don't want him to stop I want it I want it I want it so Dad my Dad my Dad ...

"Nnnnnggggggggg," I whine, I whine as I get what I want, as that wave crests and breaks inside me, surges through me, filling me with an ecstasy that's almost unbearable in its intensity because it's so good so good so good and my body is alive as pleasure washes through me, fills me, floods me, washes through me with a golden flooding tidal surge that's better by far than any climax I've ever had before and it's so good. It's the best. The best ever and Dad's still moving on me as I lie beneath him glowing and his movements against me just make it better so that I climax again, just a little one.

"Elaine," Dad groans, jerking against me. "Elaine ... I love you, Elaine." His cock spurts. His hands grip me painfully hard, his body shudders on me, his cock throbs where he's pressed against my stomach, against my clitoris, against my sex and I'm melting inside as I realize what's happening.

Whining desperately, I feel those jetting eruptions between us, flooding out over my stomach, coating my skin with thick hot slippery semen as he frictions himself against me and those little climaxes just keep hitting me, one after the other.

"Elaine," he shudders, those spurts coming hotly, one after the other flooding onto my stomach, coating me slickly, spurt after spurt until they die away as I quiver beneath him. A wordless groan, a last shudder on me, he sags down on me, suddenly his weight is heavy on me but only for a second before he rolls away to lie on his back beside me and his breathing his instantly heavy, he's deeply asleep.

My stomach is coated with his semen, fluid and thick and sticky on my skin. I run my fingertips through it, circling, sliding, massaging my Dad's emissions across my skin. It doesn't feel any different to Brad's but it seems like there's more of it. A lot more and I'm shivering with excitement as Dad snores beside me. Fingertips slide across my stomach as I scoop Dad's semen up and rub it across one boob, coat one nipple while my other hand slides down inside those little panties that are all I'm wearing and I touch myself and I'm so wet and my clitoris is so swollen and sensitive and I'm still glowing, still on the edge of that last climax.

Scooping up more semen, rubbing it across one boob and nipple while my fingers tease my clitoris, circling, dancing, brushing featherlight and I'm thinking of Brad to start with. Brad making love to me the way I want him too and if the Halloween Dance hadn't interfered it'd have been tomorrow night. My fingers dance and tease and brush and Dad's semen is thick and wet on my boob and my nipple and I'm breathing hard now.

Brad. Brad on me like Dad was, between my legs, his cock sliding into me and in my imagination that image morphs into my Dad on me, my Dad's cock sliding into me, thrusting into me, taking me the way I imagine being taken is like and I can't not think of my Dad. He fills my mind and in my mind my Dad's cock fills me and my fingers slide in his semen on my boob and my nipple and I climax again in a sudden rapturous wave that holds me helpless, on and on and on as it washes through me until my fingers have teased everything they can from me and I sigh, my eyes close and I'm asleep again..

* * *

My eyes open slowly, it's not dark anymore, Dad's snoring on his back and I'm half lying on him, my head on his shoulder, one of his arms around me. The clock says it six fifteen and I've got High School today so I better get up. I ease myself up a little.

"Getting up, Elaine?" His voice is sleepy, his eyes don't open but his arm releases me.

"Yes, go back to sleep," I say, brushing his cheek as I ease off him, lift myself. One boob brushes his face and just like that, he kisses one nipple, a sleepy kiss but it's good, it's so good and if he wasn't my Dad, he'd wake up with a boob pushed into his mouth because that's what that kiss makes me want to do.

But he's my Dad, so I don't do that even though I want to.

I ease backwards, tuck the duvet around him, slide out of bed and pad silently across the room, across the hallway and into my unslept-in bedroom, into my bathroom, into the shower. It's only when I'm in the shower that I notice Dad's cum dried on my stomach, on my boobs but it washes off quickly. As I soap myself, I kind of wonder why I'm not shocked at all.

I mean, my Dad pretty much dry humped me in bed last night and shot off all over me and oh boy, there was a lot of it. A lot more than when Brad did that to me. I should be embarrassed and shocked but I'm not at all. I'm actually kind of happy and I can't work out why. Out of the shower, dried and dressing in my bedroom, I look at my photo of Mom smiling out at me and suddenly I know why I'm not embarrassed, why I'm not shocked.

Just before she passed away, Mom asked me to look after Dad. Last night? Last night I looked after Dad the way Mom would have. By giving him that release. I don't intend for that to happen again. Of course not, he's my Dad. But last night he was so tired and stressed and it helped him, I'm sure, because he slept all night and he doesn't do that very often, not since Mom left us.

And Dad was asleep, it's not like it was deliberate. It's not like he made a conscious choice and I know it's not right, I mean, he is my Dad. But I know he was dreaming and in his dream, he thought I was Mom. It was me he was doing that too, but he thought it was Mom and he was so happy. Since Mom died I've been trying to replace her and Dad's been so sad most of the time. Last night, he was happy. What Dad did with me might not exactly be right, but for the first time in two years, my Dad is happy.

Yes, I've done what Mom asked me to do.

I know I've looked after my Dad.

Mommy is happy with me.

My Dad's happy too.

Now I'm happy.

I'm smiling.

* * *

I'm having breakfast when Dad comes downstairs, dressed for work. He's looking more relaxed than I've seen him look since Mom left us and I'm so happy to see him like this, smiling, those strain lines on his face smoothed out, his eyes sparkling. It's almost like he was before Mom was diagnosed.

"You look like you slept well," I say, grinning at him. "Good dreams?" I'm curious. Does he remember? I remember his cock pressed against me and for a moment I shiver with excitement, my nipples tingle. I smile, shake my head, think to myself that I shouldn't think of my Dad like that. I think to myself that Mom was lucky, Dad really knows what he's doing. I've never climaxed like that with Brad and I wish Brad was only half as good. Mom was so lucky to have a guy like my Dad.

"I dreamed of Elaine," Dad says wistfully. "That she was with me again." He smiles. "It was a good dream," he adds. "I must've been really tired last night, I don't even remember coming upstairs. Did you find a dress to wear in your Mom's closet?"

That's okay, he doesn't remember. I'm a little disappointed he doesn't remember looking at me. But really, I should be embarrassed that Dad saw me next to naked and I should be relieved that he doesn't remember. I should be relieved he doesn't remember what happened in bed either.

But I'm not.

"I found a really nice dress," I say. "It fits perfectly. And shoes." No, I'm not mentioning those g-string panties. That's not the sort of thing you mention to your Dad.

Even if they were all I wore in bed with him last night.

* * *

Dad arrives home from his office and I walk in the front door after jumping off the school bus around the same time. It's only five, we have three hours and it's not going to take me long to get ready. I never use much makeup, I don't need to. A shower, do my hair, and how long does it take to put on panties and a frivolous little dress? Two minutes? No problems being on time. I make dinner.

"Looking forward to the Dance?" Dad asks me. He's smiling as he sets the table.

"As long as you're coming with me," I smile back as I take a bottle of wine out. "Can you open it, Dad?" I always have trouble with wine corks.

"Cloudy Bay Chardonnay?" Dad looks at the label as the cork pops out. "What's the occasion?"

"You and me going out together, Dad," I smile as I give the alfredo sauce a quick stir and make sure the pasta is cooking okay. "We've got a whole evening out together and I'm going to dance you till you drop."

Dad laughs. "We'll see who dances until who drops, tough talker. Now, where's those wine glasses."

"There," I say, pointing at the right cupboard. "The chardonnay glasses are on the left, top shelf." The sauce is ready, pasta onto the plates, sauce over the pasta, salads on the table and Dad's pouring the wine. I take my seat, he takes his. I say grace. We look up, smile at each other.

"To us," Dad says, raising his class.

"To us," I echo. "Aimee and Jim. We should do this more often, Dad."

"We should," Dad smiles. Our glasses touch, we're still smiling as we sip our wine and it's the best. Smooth, buttery, restrained, fresh with firm acidity, apple and pear hints. It's beautiful, so good that I take another sip before I start eating. Chardonnay and pasta with alfredo sauce, I love that combination. The salad's a package mix from the supermarket, but hey, I was rushed. Rabbit food is rabbit food.

"Go get dressed, Aimee," Dad says after we finish eating. "I'll clean up."

"Okay, thanks," I say, a little surprised. Usually it's me that cleans up. I hold onto the handrail going up the stairs though. We've drink almost all that bottle of Chardonnay between us and I'm not quite giggly but I'm close. Two glasses of wine definitely does that to me. Good thing Dad drunk most of it. Good thing my Dad can drink, like, half a dozen bottles of wine and all he does is blink a bit. Two thirds of a bottle? Water of a ducks back.

Good thing it's him that's driving.

The shower sobers me up enough that I'm not on the verge of bursting into giggles for no reason. I shave in the shower, not that there's much to shave but a girl needs to be sure. I shave everywhere, I like that and I know Brad does and for just a moment I wonder if Dad does to but it's not like Dad will know and I do giggle about that. Shampoo, soap, a last rinse down and a a burst of cold water at the end does the trick one hundred percent.

I'm singing to myself as I dry the water off. Hair next and that doesn't take long. My hair's long and its black coz hey, my Mom was Chinese and black hair, that goes with the Chinese genes. Almost every Chinese girl I know has long hair like mine, mostly black although some dye their hair. Me, I have some purple tints. I hate that orangey color a lot of Chinese girls use. And blonde is just too much work and I tried it once and it looked weird and Dad didn't like it so I've never done it again.

Brushing it out after it's dry, I'm singing and smiling. I didn't think I was going to enjoy this dance but now I think I am, despite all Father Auyeung's thundering about the sins of secular society. Dinner tonight and a dance, it's almost like a date except it's with my Dad and I do love my Dad. He's the best and I'm so lucky to have a Dad like him. If only Mom was still with us, life would be perfect and I know Dad misses Mom. I make my Halloween resolution. Not that there is such a thing but I'm making one anyhow.

Spend a lot more time with my Dad.

Next year I'll be at College and while there's a good College here, near where we live, I'm not sure if I'll go there or move away out of state. There's a couple of program's I'd like to get into but for those, it's definitely out of state and I know Dad'll support whatever I choose to do. But if I go out of state, I'll be leaving my Dad and I'm not sure I want to do that, either. Mom asked me to look after Dad and I can't let Mom down.

I'm not sure, it's something I need to talk to Dad about but not tonight.

Tonight is for me and my Dad but I do know one thing for sure.

I'm never going to break that promise to my Mom.

I'll always take care of my Dad. Always.

I promised my Mom I would.

Always and forever.

"You almost ready Aimee?" Dad's voice carries from the hallway.

"Getting there," I yell back, "Twenty minutes." I start tying my hair up which doesn't take long and then its makeup. Not much, I'm one of those horrible girls with a flawless complexion. All I use is a little pink lip gloss and some deodorant. After a second's hesitation, I use just a little perfume. Mom's favorite, the one her closet smells off.

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