Save The Last Dance For Me


Dressing is fast. Those little g-string panties. Not last nights but another pair, bright red, fresh out of the packaging and the red looks hot. I smile as I do a little pirouette in front of my mirror. Shaving worked, there's nothing peeking out from behind that tiny little triangle of red and Dad's going to have a heart attack when he sees me in these. Dad? My heart jumps. Brad. I meant, Brad's going to have a heart attack. Slip my little black dress on, zip that little zip, fasten the neck and oh boy, do I look hot. Hot enough to give Father Auyeung a whole sermon for this Sunday and I'm not even wearing my heels yet.

Father Auyeung may thunder on about the sins of secular society and the evil influence of western culture on innocent Chinese girls, but for all that he does like his innocent Chinese girls to dress up and look good for his dance. He even sends out a dress code. Tuxedo's for Dad's. Little Black Dresses for the girls and he doesn't like long dresses much. He's been holding this Halloween Dance for years, I've been to every one since I was twelve. Father Auyeung may want to keep his Chinese girls innocent, but he likes them to look good too and I know he likes looking at our legs.

Well, tonight he's going to get a lot of leg to look at. A lof of everything to look at. I'm smile, thinking that, well, in this dress I'm going to look like the sexiest hottest easiest to score with least innocent daughter at the Chinese Catholic Church's Fathers and Daughters Halloween Dance. Coz I knew what all the real Chinese girls will be wearing. Prissy little formal black dresses that make them all look so elegant and grown up. I smile.

Elegant and grown up they may look, but I'm going to look like a pole dancer working in a strip bar. Every Dad there is going to be looking at me and not their daughters and those Dad's eyes ae going to be popping out. They'll all be dancing with their daughters with woody's from looking at me and isn't that going to be embarrassing for them. Yes! This was going to actually be, like, total fun after all!

Usually I don't just dance with my Dad. All the Dad's like dancing with other girls besides their daughters. For most of them, it's probably the only chance they get to dance with hot looking girls our age and they like to make the most of it. Last year, other Dad's liked dancing with me and there were a few of them that were, let's just say, I knew if I gave them an opportunity there'd be what you might call "propositions" coming my way. There'd been a couple of oblique ones last year and the year before that I'd "innocently" ignored.

Innocently on purpose.

"Got everything you need, honey?" Dad calls from his bedroom.

"Yes thanks, Dad," I call back. "You've got a hot looking date for the dance."

"That's great, honey," he calls. His door is open and so's mine now. "You're as hot as your Mom was at your age."

I blink. I've seen photos. "Really?"

Mom looked really hot.

"Really." I eye myself in the mirror. Yeah, I do look hot.

Oh yeah. Really hot.

I look like the sort of really hot slutty girl that's a totally easy score for some guy. Except I'll be with my Dad and he's gonna be, like, so embarrassed. Especially when I dance with those other Dad's looking like this. I'm not going to look like those prissy Chinese girls at all. All their Dads are gonna be driving them home with big fat woody's. I wonder if Dad'll get a woody looking at me? I know he used to when he looked at Mom sometimes back before she left us and, well, dressed like this?

I look exactly like my Mom.

Maybe I look to hot for my Dad. I take a coat from my closet, slip it on. It's a half hour drive to Church. If he doesn't see my dress until we're there, well, there's no chance for him to object until it's way too late. I smile, button the coat, pick up my heels to put on down in the foyer just before we go.

* * *

"We're going to have a good time, honey." Dad smiles at me. He looks great in that tuxedo. Even as old as he is, if he wasn't my Dad and he asked me out on a date, I think I'd maybe date him. He's a hunk, really, even if he is way old.

"We will, Dad," I say. I'm wearing that long coat and Dad has no idea about that outrageously sexy dress under my coat. It's Fall outside and it's cold, so I have a valid reason. No excuses necessary. If Mom was still with us, I might not be able to get away with this dress. She might wear something like this herself, but back when I was fifteen and sixteen she was pretty strict. I never won any arguments with my Mom. Dad now, he's a different story. Wrapped around my little finger, that's my Dad. I can talk him in to anything. He used to get in trouble with Mom now and then because of that. Like that time he took me shopping when I was fourteen.

Mom said I could buy a new leather jacket. Dad bought me that leather jacket. He also paid for two skirts, three new tops including one that was almost see through, one pair of new Fall boots, two pairs of tights, half a dozen bra's that Mom said were completely unsuitable for a girl my age and half a dozen panties that had Dad blushing bright red at the checkout when he paid for them. I have to smile.

Wonder if I'll have him wrapped around my finger tonight.

Dad does like me to dress up and look hot, even if he doesn't like me dating that much. So, yeah, once he's had his heart attack, I probably will. Have him wrapped around my little finger, that is. I wish I could find a boyfriend like my Dad, except maybe a bit younger. Brad's like, a totally cool hip sort of a guy and I like him a lot but my Dad, he may be, like, old, but he's a real hunk of a guy and he totally gets where I'm coming from almost all the time which Brad doesn't.

Maybe it's coz I'm so like my Mom.

Anyhow, my Dad's a hunk, even if he is an old one, and sometimes I look at him and there's this, like, this totally overwhelming and insane desire to lie back and look up at him and just say "do whatever you want to me, Dad." Kind of like what happened last night except thinking about that now, I blush. It was good, but I'm glad Dad was fast asleep and dreaming I was Mom.

That climax though, that was so amazingly good and I wonder if that's what it was like for Mom with Dad, way back when she was my age. Anyhow, whenever I look at my Dad and have those crazy thoughts, I think to myself, Aimee, you're eighteen, it's a teenage girl emotional hormonal thing that you'll grow out of. So I know its pure insanity. So it happens, believe me. Teenage girls get these insane crushes on guys that are totally unsuitable.

In my case, that's my Dad.

So bite me, it's not like I can do anything about it. Hormones are hormones.

Okay, my Dad's like, thirty years older than me. Doesn't matter. He's handsome in a rugged blonde-haired, blue-eyed older guy kind of way. He works out every day, he's fit, he's big and when he smiles at me, my heart just jumps and sings. He's everything I think a guy should be, except, maybe just a little too old for me. Don't care.

I know I shouldn't think of him like that of course and I know I'll grow out of it and thank god my Dad doesn't know. If my Mom was still with us, my Mom being my Mom, she'd probably just laugh at me and tell me to find my own man. My Mom was so bad sometimes. Like tonight. I still can't believe she ever wore a dress like this. My Dad's looking around for his jacket that he put down somewhere.

"Let's go," he says at last, after he finds it.

"Throw your coat in the back seat," he says, holding the door open for me. My Dad's so thoughtful like that. "The car's warm."

"That's okay, Dad, I'm cold." I'm not but the night's cold and I really don't want him to see my dress until we get there. If he sees it now, he might make me go inside and change. He doesn't insist and we're on our way and I sit back and relax.

* * *

I'm right about my Dad and the dress.

"What the ... what do you think you're wearing, Aimee?" Yeah, Dad's bugged. Even though he's kept it to a whisper I can tell he's furious. The sharp looks from a couple of girls nearby tell me maybe that whisper was a little louder than I thought. But then they see my dress and I guess they forget about that because they're just about green.

"Dad!" I say, acting so shocked when really, I want to giggle. He stands there holding my coat. "Please, that's not polite."

"Neither's that dress, Aimee," he just about hisses. He's steaming.

"It was Mom's." I smile and walk through the doors into the Church Hall before he can say anything else. We're down in the basement and it's already crowded and he's not going to drag me out, I know that. Lots of Chinese girls. Lots of Chinese Dad's. Lots of eyes looking at me as I walk in very casually, very slowly, by myself. Slowly because I have to be careful. I'm not used to high heels.

Those high heels push me up on my toes and give me legs a couple more inches. They make that high hemline a little higher and I just know I better not bend over or everyone behind me will be looking at my butt. There're a lot of eyes on my butt already, I can feel them. I'm smiling happily when I spot the classmate from High School I like the least with her Dad. Mimi Wong's a snooty little bitch and the music's just starting for that first dance.

"Hi, Mr. Wong," I smile, ignoring Mimi completely, radiating blind fascination with the handsome and charming Mr. Wong. Actually, he's not that good looking at all, but hey, he's Mimi's Dad and that's good enough for me to cut her out. "Would you like to dance?"

I take his hand and just like that I'm on the dance floor with him, leaving her standing there gaping like a fish. I give her a smile over her Dad's shoulder, which I can do coz I'm the same height as him and I'm dancing with Mr. Wong, one of those slow dances where he has one hand on my waist and my boobs are just about brushing him. He's looking down and it's not at my face either and I know he's enjoying what he's looking at and so does Mimi and she's furious.

"That's a lovely dress, Aimee," he says. He sounds a little strained. He looks even more strained as I move a little closer to him, mostly because I'm totally shaky and flaky dancing in high heels and in fact it's good that I do because for a moment I almost lose my balance. It's not deliberate but he holds me up and I end up pressed against him. Very firmly and I know he can feel my boobs through his shirt.

"Okay, Aimee?" he says, sounding all concerned, supporting me. He's hard. An erection. It's pressed up against me. I don't move away. I mean, I know what an erection is, it's not like I haven't felt one pressed up against me before. Besides, I'm still getting my balance as we continue to dance and he's rubbing against my stomach. I kind of blink as it prods at me and at least he looks embarrassed but he doesn't draw away from me either and I can tell from his breathing that he's enjoying this.

So am I, kind of. It's not like he can do anything else in the middle of the dance floor. Can he? I sure hope not.

"I'm fine thanks." I'm breathless too. Try dancing in heels when you're not used to them. It's hard and so's he and it's pushing against me and he's smiling now and thank god, there's my Dad and he's dancing with Mimi and it's her that's smiling triumphantly at me and then my Dad's grinning at me over the top of her head and I just know he's laughing at me and Mr. Wong's erection gives me another prod and he's definitely getting off on this and I'm kind of regretting cutting in on Mimi know because it's a long song and this is going to go on for a while.

It does and if it'd gone on for much longer, I doubt Mr. Wong would've lasted. He was starting to pant like one of those old steam engines by the time the track comes to an end. I'm smiling and by the end of the track dancing in heels feels a bit more like I'm not going to fall any second.

"Thanks, Mr. Wong," I say as the track ends and I can just tell he wants to keep dancing with him but no way. I don't want him getting more ideas than he already has.

"Thank you, Aimee," he just about groans.

Dad's there with Mimi and him and Mr. Wong are doing a handover and as the next track kicks in and Dad takes me in his arms to dance, I see a surprised, then slightly horrified look on Mimi's face and I wink at her before I turn back to look up at my Dad adoringly, the way a good daughter should look at her Dad when she's dancing with him. Nothing like that slightly shocked look Mimi is now giving her Dad as they dance and I suspect she's just discovered why her Dad was enjoying dancing with me so much. The glare Mimi gives me kind of confirms that thought and I'm not above smiling back.

My Dad's look isn't the embarrassed look Mr. Wong is wearing either. He's following where my eyes are looking and he's actually grinning. I'm not showing it at all but I'm rather relieved because he did look genuinely upset back there when he took my coat and really, I was actually worried I'd maybe gone a bit too far. I like teasing my Dad, but I don't like genuinely upsetting him.

"What did you do to him, Aimee?" he asks, laughter in his voice and that amusement and happiness makes my heart dance and my Dad's such a good dancer that I'm just floating across the floor in his arms.

I giggle. "Are you sure you want to know, Dad?"

Dad looks down at me, looks back at Mr. Wong and Mimi and she's still glaring at me and doing her best to hold her Dad at arm's length. Guess she's not into her Dad rubbing his woody up against her and that reminds me of last night and that memory, it's so vivid that my nipples tingle and swell and harden and push against the thin black material of my dress.

"Maybe not," Dad says and he's grinning now.

I'm wondering if Mimi gave my Dad a woody. She's good looking if you like pretty little Chinese girls and obviously my Dad does coz he married my Mom and as we dance, I ease closer and closer to my Dad until I'm brushing against him closely enough that if he had a woody I'd know.

He doesn't.

I'm not quite sure whether I'm disappointed or relieved but my Dad's smiling down at me and I'm smiling up at him and he's so handsome and rugged. Big and strong and in that tuxedo he looks like James Bond or something. Debonair, that's the word. My Dad's debonair.

"You look gorgeous in that dress, Aimee," my Dad says. "As hot as your Mom used to look when she wore it." He's smiling down at me and my eyes widen a little because, well, maybe he didn't have a woody before but I can feel something now. I stay right where I am though and now I'm thinking of last night.

"I do?" I say. "I didn't think you liked me wearing it?"

He chuckles. "Well, it was a shock, Aimee, your Mom only wore that dress on special occasions." There's a pause then and really, my Dad's got a woody. A big hard one and it's pressing very firmly against me and oh my god, I want to squirm against it because the feel of it is just sending little shivers through me. "And really," Dad says, "you do look as hot in that dress as your Mom did when she wore it." His expression changes, he's remembering Mom, I know. "She nearly gave me a heart attack the first time she wore it," he says, almost wistfully.

I giggle. "Did I almost give you a heart attack, Dad?" I'm relaxing now, he's not going to get upset with me, I know that. And I'm wearing the hottest dress here. Yaaaaaay for me and I'm smiling up at Dad and he's smiling back at me and I'm so excited now. Like when Brad touches me.

"You're almost giving me a heart attack now, Aimee," he says, and his hands are holding me as we dance and somehow I'm more than a lot closer to him, I'm in his arms and just pressing up against him and my nipples are so hard and swollen they hurt like they want to burst or something and now he's hard. I can feel him, feel that bulging length brushing against me and he's as hard as Mr. Wong was but much much bigger.

"Just like Mom," I say, very softly, looking up at him and now I'm pressed firmly up against him, in my Dad's arms, close, like he was my boyfriend. That close.

"Just like your Mom," he says and we have eyes only for each other as we dance on. His eyes say he knows what he's doing, knows that he's hard and he's pressing up against me. My eyes look into my Dad's and say I know what he's doing but neither of our voices say a word as we dance on, together, and he's part of me as we move together.

"I miss Mom," I say at last, very softly. "But we've still got each other, Dad and I promised Mom I'd look after you."

"I miss her too, honey," he says, "but we've got each other."

"We'll always have each other," I whisper. "Always." I rest my head on my Dad's shoulder, moving slowly with him and we're in a world of our own, just the two of us as the next track starts and he's so hard where he's pressing against me and I think of last night and I'm so wet and there's that slow friction as we move and oh god, he's rubbing against me and I want what he did to me last night. I don't look up though. I'm not sure what Dad's thinking and I don't want this to stop and if I look up and show that I'm aware of how big and hard he is it might stop and I'd die if it stopped now.

"Hi Jim," a voice says from beside us. It's Kurt Lui and his daughter, Maddie, who's a good friend and Maddie's smiling at me and I'm smiling back, my cheeks a little pink. Maddie's dress is hot. Not as hot and not as backless and not with the plunging V-front mine has but it's almost as short and she's wearing heels and her legs are long and slender and she looks good.

"Kurt," Dad says, "good to see you old buddie. Maddie asked if she can dance with you." Kurt and my Dad are good friends, they do a lot of stuff together. Before Mom passed away, her and Mr. Lui and his wife and my Dad used to do a lot of stuff together. They don't now, because Mom's gone and Mrs. Lui and Mr. Lui separated and Maddie stayed with her Dad, but Maddie and I had a lot of evenings with a shared babysitter back then and later, as we got older, with each other. We still do when Dad and Mr. Lui go off together for a few drinks or whatever it is Dad's do when they want some down time.

I know Maddie likes dancing with my Dad, she likes my Dad, she has a crush on him, she's told me that and we swap and I'm dancing with Mr. Lui and we're talking about College and stuff and that's interesting because he really knows what I'm planning and he's got some good advice except I'd rather be dancing in my Dad's arms like Maddie is, which is when I glance at Maddie and Dad.

Maddie's as close to my Dad as I was, it's that kind of dance music, slow romantic stuff and Maddie's gazing up at my Dad with that adoring look that says she really likes him. Her face is all pink as well and my Dad's smiling and talking to her as they dance and I can't help wondering if his cock is big and hard for Maddie as it was when he was dancing with me. He's close enough to her that if it is, she has to know and I also know Maddie won't object at all.

I glance up at Mr. Lui to see if he's upset at all. I mean, it's a little bit obvious but he's watching them and he's smiling. "It's good to see Jim enjoying himself," he says.

"It is," I agree. "It's been hard for him, without Mom." I'm a little sad about that myself.

"Oh shit, sorry, Aimee," Mr. Lui says. "I didn't mean..."

"I know you didn't," I say, and he's looking down at me and I know he is worried. "I mean, I love Mom and everything and I miss her a lot, but I'm getting used to it. It's hard on Dad though, he really does miss her a lot."

"So do I, Aimee. So do I," Mr. Lui says, holding me a little closer. He smiles. "That dress you're wearing, I remember your Mom had one that was similar?"

"It's one of my Mom's dresses, she wanted me to wear the ones I liked when I was old enough," I say, smiling now. "You remember it?"

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