tagNovels and NovellasSchool Conquering Stud Ch. 02

School Conquering Stud Ch. 02


Please Note: This is a very unrealistic and immature fantasy which takes place in a world similar to ours but with some more advanced technology and completely different morals. For all purposes and intents, all characters are at least 18 years of age, even if they are described by older characters as being children. Sex is this world is very violent and almost superhuman.

Last Time: Dominique Sinclair, a sexy high school teacher, went to the home of a delinquent student to deliver his tardy homework. That student, Bobby Scagliotti, just happens to be the biggest, meanest stud to ever walk the halls of Wet Valley High School. They argue, they fight, they fuck, and by the next morning Bobby has a new bitch. Now, he is going to use her to manipulate the lives of three members of the school board: The chairman of the PTA, Veronica Lovegood, the mayor, Nathanial Burgundy, and the cheerleading coach, Jovanna Flores. Once they are defeated, Bobby plans to destroy Principal Tatiana Cox, the most dominant woman in Wet Valley, and put Dominique in her place.


"So this is her house?" I asked, although I already knew it was. Veronica Lovegood lived in a big house on the nice side of town, the side of town where all the Republican votes came from. Her husband was some sort of hedge fund manager, they kind that made millions just from switching numbers around or some bullshit like that. I met him once or twice at PTA meetings. He wasn't very attractive, but with wealth like his I'd be sucking his dick right now if it got me a house like Veronica's.

"That's it . . . ugh, so good," Bobby said from my car's backseat. I looked back to see that my daughter's head was bouncing up and down in his lap like a basketball, nosily sucking at his giant eleven inch cock. Stupid little bitch. I knew I should have left her at home, but Bobby wanted to bring her along. Lily was going to be part of our ultimate plan to take over Wet Valley High School, and she had been fucking Bobby longer than I had, but it still pissed me off to see her on my master's dick.

I would just have to give Bobby one of my best ballbusting blowjobs later, to remind him that I was his bottom bitch, not my amateur daughter.

I had to admit, she did look cute though. She had her school uniform on, a surprisingly provocative little thing with a very short pleated skirt and a tight peach sweater that hugged her budding breasts invitingly. With her black hair done up in pigtails and her Asian features she was the very image of some pervert's fantasy. Bobby was hiking up her little skirt to get at her panties, which were probably soaked through. She started moaning in lustful pain on his cock as he began petting her cunt.

"How long do you think this'll take," he asked.

"PTA meetings like this are usually about an hour. That's an awfully long while for you two to be waiting in the car."

"Don't worry about us," Bobby smirked as he inserted one of his strong fingers into my daughter's sopping wet cunt, "I'm sure we'll be entertained. Just make sure you can figure out some way to get Veronica isolated with me. Invite her over to your house for dinner, or learn what she does on weekends. Rich bitches like her usually fill their time with stuff I can't get to, which makes it hard for me to seduce them, not that I have any actual trouble once the bitch is in my grip."

I smirked back, knowing he was right. Bobby could make sandpaper wet, or get a blowjob from a nun. He was quite simply the sexiest beast I had ever met, and I had spent most of my life dating at least two level 10 studs at the same time. Only a pussy-killer like Bobby could have raped me like he did, and now have me as his loyal cohort setting up a professional acquaintance of mine to be raped as well, all the while my daughter is sucking on his cock. Only Bobby.

"Try not to get any sex-stains on the leather," I said getting out of the car. No one would see them hopefully. My car's windows were tinted so black they were practically mirrors. I admired myself in them, pleased by the way my tight sexy suit looked painted on my long, athletic body. My tits are like two giant sex-bombs on a slender stick of dynamite, and my ass is an explosion of sexual suggestion. My long black hair trailed to my lower back and tickled the top of my perfect butt. My daughter Lily has nothing on me. I am sure that Bobby likes me more.

As I strutted down the long driveway to Lovegood's palace I imagined myself on a catwalk. The other teachers and parents could not help but look at me, some with looks of lust, others with sneers of jealousy. I looked back at a few, trying to remember all of their names, but it was hard because there were just so many of them. One father I remembered giving a blowjob to, and his wife did not seem pleased to see me. One of the mothers there had eaten my pussy at last year's homecoming dance. She gave me a smile, but I did not return it. She had not eaten my pussy nearly as well as her daughter had, but she didn't need to know that.

Coming into Lovegood's house I was almost stricken dead with envy. The place looked like something built by French royalty. All of the parents and teachers were gathering on the back patio, sitting in expensive designer furniture and enjoying the hot weather. I saw Lovegood there, walking by the pool and greeting all her guests. She was dressed conservatively in a long skirt and a pink blouse, but nothing could hide the generous motherly curves that attracted hungry looks from all the men. She had a big pair of tits that begged to be fondled, and a wide ass beneath a narrow waist. Her blonde hair was cut short, just around the ears, revealing two perfect diamond earrings. She was also wearing a pearl necklace, and I imagined what she'd look like with Bobby's pearl necklace, once he had ejaculated all over her fucked body.

I wanted to watch this bitch get raped.

"Dominique? Is that you?" Veronica Lovegood asked as she came over to meet me.

[You know it's me, you stupid cunt]. "Veronica! How nice to see you. It's been too long." [Not long enough, you fat bitch].

"Have you met my kids, Eric and Erica?" she asked, directing me to two attractive twins nearby. They got up and came over, a boy and a girl.

"No, I didn't realize you had kids." That was not good. Bobby's whole plan was to get Lovegood pregnant so we could blackmail her, and use her against Principal Cox. But if Lovegood wasn't horny for another baby (as was the rumor) she might not let Bobby knock her up. Her kids were pretty good looking too. The two were both blonde, like their mother, and even at 18 they were still pretty short. Eric, the boy, was shuffling his feet nervously as he stole glances at my tits, unable to look at my face. I immediately recognized him as a shy virgin, the kind that I could break like a toothpick. Erica, the girl, was the exact opposite. She was bubbling over with energy and friendliness, her giant blue eyes looking directly into my cold ones. She was dressed for tennis, and between her perky little tits and long legs I found myself wanting to see her raped as well.

The PTA meeting that followed was the most boring hour and a half of my life. It was all talk about budgets and new textbooks and all the same shit our shitty-ass school had to worry about every year. The reason I hadn't recognized Eric and Erica was because they went to a fancy private school up sate, which made me wonder how Lovegood got to be the chairwoman of our school's PTA. The position had probably been bought for her by her husband. He had given some sizable donations to the school, and he must have wanted another pet project for his sexy housewife.

I was a little interested when concerns were raised about how sexual Wet Valley High was. Our school had a nasty reputation for being a place where orgies, gangbangs, blowjob contests, and prostitution occurred on a daily bases amongst the senior class, which was all true. It was one of the few things I liked about our school, but I pretended to be as disgusted as some of the parents were, even though I had fucked a good number of their kids. One couple complained that their daughter had been coming home without her panties, and I almost laughed when I remembered that I had been the one taking them. She sat in the front row and never crossed her legs, so I took her panties as punishment at first, but now I just give her a good kick right in the cunt. Stupid slut walks funny now.

As the meeting came to an end and everyone left I made sure to stick around, hoping to talk one-on-one with Lovegood and learn something about her schedule, anything to help Bobby corner her someplace. Luckily Lovegood seemed happy that I was sticking around, and she brought out a bottle of champagne for us to share. As we drank we talked about the school, and Lovegood admitted that she felt a little overwhelmed, especially since she had no real connection to Wet Valley High.

I brought up the fact that her kids went to another school and she told me it was a boarding school that kept them for most of the year.

"Have you ever thought about having another one?" I asked, hoping the answer was yes. If she didn't want another baby Bobby and I were going to need to find another way of blackmailing her.

"Of course," she almost cried. "I want nothing more than to be a mother again. My kids spend so much time at school that every time I see them it's like they're different people. I've thought about adopting, and I know it's selfish, but I really enjoyed being pregnant. It's just that . . ."

"Are you having problems conceiving?"

Now she began to cry. Tears rolled down her face and her tits heaved with every sob. It was actually kind of sexy, but I'm a freak that way. Watching other people cry turns my on for some reason. She leaned her head against my shoulder and hugged me. My first instinct was to push her away because I didn't want her makeup getting on my expensive suit, but I tolerated it. This was my chance to get in good with her. Stupid, emotional whore.

"My husband has been so busy with his work that he doesn't have time for me anymore," she sobbed. "And no matter how hard we try I still haven't been able to get pregnant. I've been taking all kinds of fertility drugs but the doctors think it's Greg, that his sperm count is too low."

Figures, a hot bitch like this must be fertile as fuck. Her husband must be a total loser in the sack. "Oh, sweetie, have you thought about a sperm donor maybe?"

She sniffled. "No, Greg would be humiliated."

"Well," I said, wiping her tears away with a tissue. "Sometimes husbands need to be a little humiliated to equalize a marriage, especially if it means we can get something we want. My husband would never be able to stop me from getting a sperm donor." He couldn't stop me from getting filled up with Bobby's sperm last night, for example.

Just then I noticed that her pink blouse was wet, right around the nipples. "Holy shit," I exclaimed. "Are you lactating?"

She looked extremely embarrassed and she tried to cover the two big wet spots with her hands, but he winced in pain. Her tits must have been super sensitive. "It's a result of the drugs. They make my breasts very responsive, and I lactate uncontrollably sometimes. I'm sorry."

Curious and aroused I pulled her hands away. I could already see the outline of her nipples through her wet shirt and bra. "You don't have to be shy, Veronica. I'm your friend, I'd never judge you." I bet the stupid fucking cow believed me too. What a freak.

She smiled, pouting her fat pink lips. "Thank you Dominique, I really feel like I can trust you. Do you mind if I take my bra off? The pressure is really hurting me." Although by 'hurting' I am sure she meant 'arousing.' She unbuttoned the top few buttons of her pink blouse, freeing her large tits in their expensive lacey bra. One pinch of a clasp and the bra flung open, her two giant ripe melons bouncing forward for attention. Her nipples stood out much further than mine, and each was literally dripping with milk.

As she pulled the bra away my naughtiness got the better of me and a reached out to pinch one of her pink, pointy nipples; twisting it between my fingers. Instantly she moaned and kicked her legs out, almost breaking the glass coffee table. A long stream of warm milk shot out almost six feet and streaked across the floor and coffee table, watering a bouquet of flowers.

Once I realized what I had done I backed off, worried that I had just ruined my chances with her, but she didn't look angry at all. Her eyes were rolled up and her mouth was in a big circle. She was panting heavily and her whole body was vibrating a little. I realized that I had just given her an orgasm, and only from tweaking her nipple.

"Dominique . . . I'm . . . I'm sorry," she sputtered.

I shut her up by pulling her face into mine and sticking my tongue in her mouth, wrestling hers into submission as I ravished her face. Sometimes I enjoy kissing women more than men, especially women like Lovegood, because their lips are just so plump and ripe for kissing, like little sex-pillows. Her eyes were wide with shock as I licked the top of her mouth, but she didn't fight back. She wanted it.

I pushed her down on the couch before lowering my mouth to one of her big, milk-filled tits. I licked her nipple at first, only teasing it, but even that was enough to provoke a flow of milk that ran down her chest and formed a little pool in her cleavage. I began sucking hard, and she began moaning even harder. The cow was delicious.

Her nipple loudly popped out of my mouth as I came off it, sending a streak of milk across my face and glasses. I almost laughed. It was like sucking a dick that ejaculated prematurely. I brought my face back to Veronica and licked my lips. She looks scared, submissive, dominated. I hadn't felt this much power over anyone in a long time, not since Bobby had broken me the week before and made me his bitch. I was enjoying this.

I gave her another long, sloppy kiss, forcing her to taste her own milk. I ran my bare leg along her soft panties, rubbing up against her erect clit. She was as wet between her legs as she was on her chest. She was so horny and sex-depraved that she came again in seconds, stiffening under me before melting back into the couch, surrendering to me completely. If only I had a dick I could impregnate the bitch right now and be done with it. I considered going to get Bobby in the car and bringing him back to rape the shit out of her, but I wasn't in control of this situation. What if her husband came back? Her kids were still here too. No. I'd wait.

I leaned back and recomposed myself. After a few minutes of huffing and puffing deviously she got up to, refastening her wet shirt and pulling her skirt down. I was worried she would be awkward or even angry that I had just taken advantage of her, but she looked happy. Very happy.

"Wow," she gasped. "I needed that."

"Ever gotten it from a woman before?" I smirked.

"Not since college, but my roommates could have learned a thing or two from you. That was amazing."

"So you're not angry?"

"Angry? No. In fact I want to do it with you again. You're right about us wives needing to get something of our own once and a while. If my husband can't give me a baby than I at least deserve some good sex, and it's not really cheating if it's with another woman. Are you busy this weekend?"

"Nope, I'm all yours." [And you're going to be all Bobby's, you dumb cow].

"I was going to take the kids to our beach house over at Salty Cove. Greg is going to be out of town on business so I thought it would be fun to get away from the house. You could come with us, and bring your daughter along as well. Our beach house is huge. I'm sure we could find some time to . . . be alone."

Perfect! That was fucking perfect. She would be a sitting duck, just waiting to get pinned and fucked stupid by Bobby, who I would certainly be bringing along. "I'd love to," I said. "I haven't been to Salty Cove in years."

"Wonderful!" She leaned in and we kissed again, this time more like sisters and less like lesbian rapists. "I need to go get changed. I'll call you later about the details. This is going to be so much fun."

"You know it." I watched her saunter away up her house's magnificent staircase, which was like something from a movie. She gave me a sexy little smile and a good view of her big ass as she climbed the stairs. She wanted me, but I only wanted to use her against Principal Tatiana Cox, my archenemy. Cox ran Wet Valley High like her own personal brothel, pimping out her sexiest students for profit, and using the teachers like me as he personal sex slaves. I didn't want to stop her for justice or anything retarded like that, I wanted her job. I wanted to pimp out the school's cheerleaders, I wanted to use the football team as my own personal stud-harem. But Cox's position in the Wet Valley community was cemented by her supporters. Veronica Lovegood was an unwitting accomplice, but that didn't change the fact that to destroy Cox I would first need to destroy her.

There was the sound of arguing coming from upstairs. Veronica was arguing with her daughter, Erica. "Erica, you can't wear a swimsuit like that! It's far too provocative."

"But mmmmoooom," Erica whined. "All the girls are wearing thongs these days, and I want to look sexy when we go to Salty Cover. C'mon, don't be such a prude."

"I don't care what the other girls are wearing. I don't want my daughter dressing like a stripper."

"But I just bought it and the store I got it from doesn't do returns. Can I at least wear it here, you know, so I don't get tan lines."

I could hear Veronica grumbling angrily. "Fine, but don't let the gardeners see you it that . . . that floss. I'm paying them to work, not stare at my daughter's naked body. And be careful wearing that thing around Eric, I don't want him getting the wrong idea."

"Thanks . . . I guess." Erica came bounding down the stairs a few moments later as her mother went out of earshot. The little girl was wearing one of the most microscopic thong bikinis I had ever seen. It was a miracle the tiny little thing even stayed on her petite body. Two tiny triangles struggled to contain her budding breasts, and outlined her small nipples perfectly. The little triangle of material that covered her hairless pussy was just as small, and the mounds of her vulva were in perfect detail. Her body was out of this world as well. She was obviously an athlete, judging by her tight stomach and complete lack of body fat.

Then she saw me and gasped. "Mrs. Sinclair! I didn't know you were here." She tried vainly to cover herself, but her slender arms did nothing to stop me cold gaze scanning her from head to cunt.

I laughed and strutted over to her, my high heeled shoes clicking loudly against the marble floor. The top of her blonde head only came up to my chin, but I was pretty tall. I gave her a smoldering, domineering look. She trembled like a flower being blown in the wind.

"Are you shy?" I teased. "If you don't like being stared at why would you wear such a slutty little thing like that? You must want to show off that tight little body of yours."

She shivered. "Yeah, but . . . to boys."

I smirked. "Oh, sweetie. You are going to get just as many stares from women as you are from men. Some of them will be jealous of those perfect little tits you have, others will want to fuck you just as much as the men do."

Erica's hands lowered to her sides, revealing all of her tight little sex-package. She stood up a little straighter, proudly showing her young chest to me, but her face was still a little shy. Her cock-sucker lips pouted coyly. "Really? Women will think I'm sexy too?"

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