tagNovels and NovellasSehnsucht Ch. 11: Tick Tock

Sehnsucht Ch. 11: Tick Tock


As the party looms on the horizon and my worn feet continually mounting the staircase, I am beginning to feel a loss of all hope. I'm seeing less and less of the Stranger as he appears to be constantly engaged in closed-door discussions with the other gentleman.

While tidying the Mistresses room, I notice a postcard with a note from Blythe announcing her and the staffs arrival in the coming days. I'm on the verge of tears, and my Mistress senses it.

"Wipe that pout off your face Mademoiselle. Frowning makes you look ugly. The party is in two days and I need you to assist in my preparations," says the mistress. She walks over to me and lifts up my chin. "Won't you enjoy assisting me with my costume?" she asks.

"Yes mistress," I say quietly.

"It's going to be a spectacular event. One that few will forget. Has Lady Thisbe given you your assignment yet?" she asks.

"No Mistress, she has not," I say.

"Hmmm, well, I'm sure she has her reasons," she says admiring herself in the mirror. "Felice, are you fond of her?"

Too eagerly I respond. "Why yes, she is very kind to me and I find her manner charming, and her voice..."

"Stop!" shouts the Mistress.

"Mistress, I am sorry if I have offended you," I say with worry.

"She has cast her spell once again I'm afraid," she says.

The Mistress begins rummaging through her drawers and pulls out a framed photo and presents it to me. "You see this woman here?" she asks without expecting an answer. "She was like a mother to us."

"She is very elegant in that hat," I say unsure if I should have kept silent.

The Mistress won't take her eyes off the photo. "Her name is Liane de Pougy. We both apprenticed with her some years before."

"Is that how you became acquainted with Lady Thisbe?" I ask.

"Yes," she says releasing a sigh. "We were very young and impressionable. But Thisbe used her charm to recruit, and quickly formed her own following, leaving me with Liane to pick up the pieces. I have not forgiven her for going back to England. Do not be fooled Felice. She will lure you, then discard you. Charm is her art."

Unsure how to respond, I commence dusting the bureau and remain silent.

"You may wonder why I have allowed her into my home to orchestrate the coming events. While she has her faults, she is very well connected with certain persons in our society. As you will come to find out, she is also known to produce spectacular events, if you can tolerate the secrecy and silly rules she requires," says the Mistress.

"Come here Felice," she demands. I walk over to her with my eyes averted. "Look at me," she says. I attempt a pleasant expression. "You don't fool me silly girl. Are you love sick?" she asks.

"No Mistress, I..., I..." failing miserably she interrupts.

"You are in-love with the officer, aren't you? I've seen the way you look at him," she says callously.

"Actually Mistress, I'm sad because I will miss the new friends I have made," I say.

I seem to have taken my Mistress by surprise. "Are we not friends, Felice?" she asks.

"Yes Mistress," I lie.

"Then you will take that brush and brush my hair. I need you to practice some hairstyles on me," she instructs.

I begin to brush her hair gently as to not provoke her. She seems primed for an outburst, so I use the technique I was accustomed to when brushing the hair of unruly children. Soon I lose myself by the sound of the bristles raking through her long straight locks.

"Felice, it's important to me that you understand that when this party is over, Blythe and the staff will return and everything will go back to normal. You must not ever tell a soul about what transpired here," says the Mistress.

"Of course Mistress," I say while hiding my disappointment.


After the tedious tasks of the day, Pet informs me that the Lady would like to see me now in her rooms. He takes me there promptly, and as I enter, I see Clothilde sitting at one of the school desks. She turns to look at me with a sparkle in her eye which yields a heavy pang in my chest.

The Lady doesn't waste any time and requests me to sit down. "If either one of you have been curious about your assignments for the party, I am pleased to inform you that today is your lucky day," says the Lady.

"Clothilde, you have worked very hard on perfecting the recipes and I'm expecting you to do a test run with the proxy I have assigned during the fete," the lady continues. Clothilde gives a surprised and disappointed look. "Don't you worry dear, you will be more valuable to me on the floor and I want you and Felice working closely together. But first, let me show you your attire," the Lady says turning to Pet and nodding.

Pet opens the door and in walks in a tall, slender form with every inch of its body covered in a tight fitting shiny black material. There are small slits for the eyes and a bigger opening for the mouth. The footwear consists of a very high boot made of the same material. The material is so tight that it looks to have been painted directly on the form. The body is obviously that of a female due to the slight curve of the hip and the small shapely breasts. Clothilde and I look at each other in horror at the realization that we will be wearing these costumes. The figure walks back and forth in an effortless stride, and then Pet summons her to the door and she takes her leave.

"Girls, as you can see, you will not be able to wear underclothes with these garments. Nobody will know your identity but myself, Pet, and Horace. You are not to speak to a soul at the party. You two will be responsible for serving guests the beautiful aperitifs coming from the kitchen. You will also assist Horace when the time comes." The Lady looks at us inquiringly. "Clothilde, have you taken ill?"

"My figure will look grotesque in that attire!" whines Clothilde.

The Lady laughs and says, "Well, if that's your only concern for the evening then I feel you should do just fine my dear. Felice, do you have any concerns?"

"Yes. Who will be tending to my Mistress and Master during the fete?" I ask.

"Why aren't you a loyal maid. It will be my charge to take care of your master and mistress, so no need to concern yourself with them," she says.


Upon entry into my room that evening, I am startled by my costume hanging on the armoire. I touch the shimmery fabric with admiration when I hear light tapping on my door. It must be Clothilde.

I open the door and standing there is a masked figure glistening in black.

"It's me! Are you just going to stand there?" she says in a muffled voice.

"Clothilde, you scared me," I say.

With every outline of her rubenesque shape commanding my attention, Clothilde strides into my room clearly confident in her high stiletto boots. What she defined as being grotesque, is in actuality the quintessential female form.

"What do you think Felice?" she says while spinning around.

"I'm speechless," I say.

"Why haven't you got your costume on?" She asks.

"Can you help me with it?" I ask.

"Of course. Go on. I won't look," she laughs.

I start to take off my uniform. My heart is pounding. Seeing Clothilde's eyes peering out of the costume unnerves me. Sensing my fussing over my undergarments, Clothilde comes over and assists.

"Shhh. Let me help you. Don't be afraid," whispers Clothilde close to my ear while unclasping my brassiere.

With Clothilde behind me, I can feel her breathing and I start to shake.

"Drop your panties," she demands.

I do what she says and obey.

Clothilde walks around the room inspecting me. "I want to take you in. All of you. You are so lovely Felice," she says.


"Did I say you could speak?" she cuts me off abruptly.

While I stand witness to Clothildes metamorphosis, my thoughts keep racing to my dreams and unexpected desire of her. But this Clothilde is different. She went from school-girl to goddess with just a change of costume.

Unexpectedly, Clothilde reaches her black shiny hand to my throat and looks through my eyes. She then maneuvers me over to the bed and forces me down, taking my breath away. I want to kiss and touch her but she has restrained my arms with her knees.

"I know you want to touch me, and I won't allow it. Not yet," says Clothilde looking down at me.

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