Sex Wrestling League: Titan


"So you're Titan," she said looking me over. "It's a shame all of you doesn't live up to the name." Based on the laughter from the crowd it had been loud enough for them to hear too. My face flushed hot with anger but I refused to let her goad me into a response. "Ooo the strong silent type too. By the end of the match I promise you'll be begging me to finish you off." She mimicked a hand job and smiled impudently.

Determined to start the match on the offensive I charged Stacy. With an unexpected ease and smoothness she sidestepped my clumsy effort and hammered a fist into my gut. The blow stopped me dead in my tracks doubled over but did not take me to the ground. A vicious kick to the stomach changed that and I was sucking air. She kicked me again in the ribs for good measure, I suppose. Confident I was down Stacy turned and began to play to the crowd. As I lay there I realized she was much better prepared for the match than I was. I also realized that despite the ferocity of her initial assault I had been more surprised than really hurt by it. Playing possum and hoping for an opening seemed like my best strategy. After a few moments of showboating she remembered the match wasn't over yet. Pulling me up by the back of my mask she whispered "You're mine now, I am going to show these people exactly how outclassed you are." Instead of coming up with a glib retort I drove my elbow into her stomach. It staggered her and gave me a bit of a chance to regain a full footing. As she recovered from the elbow I gave her a knife edge chop and then an overhand open palm slap to her left breast. She howled in pain as I slapped her right breast as well. Several more knife edge chops drove Stacy into a corner. Pinned she had little chance to defend herself as I laid into her. A particularly hard kick crumpled her to the mat and I had to drape her arms backwards over the ropes to keep her up. With Stacy still woozy I lifted her right leg up, set it on the middle rope and attacked her pussy. The crowd cheered as I slid two fingers inside of her and I tried to slowly build up the momentum so I could fuck her. The building speed of my fingers made her moan and I slid a third in for good measure. She wiggled and bucked against my hand,

"Schoolgirl are you coming?" It was the first thing the referee had said since the start of the match and I had completely forgotten he was there. She shook her head from side to side and told him no. Hoping to capitalize and get a quick orgasm out of her I pulled out and hand and thrust in my cock. She quivered which provoked another question from the referee. I pumped faster and harder hoping I could push her over the edge.

"Give in," I demanded, "You love this. I can tell you're close. My cock must feel great in your pussy."

"I won't give in to you," she moaned biting her lower lip. I knew she was close and her head fell back for what looked like an earth shattering orgasm. Instead it came flying forward and she head butted me! I screamed as my legs weakened. Stacy head butted me again and I fell onto my back as my legs faltered and the crowd gasped. "Now who's in charge?" She crowed, "You can't get me to cum that easily." As stars circled my eyes she slid off my cock. "I'll deal with him later Titan, and I still promise you'll beg for it before I finish you off". I felt her legs close around my head and clinch into a scissor hold. Between the head butts and head scissor I had no choice, I tapped out before I suffered much more. The referee herded me back to my corner and asked me if I was okay to continue because of the shots to the head. I waved him off and stared at Stacy.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the first fall goes to The Schoolgirl by submission." At this Stacy blew me a kiss and winked.

After a quick breather the referee moved us back to the middle. A look of smug satisfaction seemed stamped on Stacy's face as she moved toward me and raised her arms. She wanted to clinch; surprised by this and still a little woozy from the head butts I hoped that this was her mistake and not mine. My modest wrestling experience did help in the clinch and I got her into a side front headlock. I wrenched a few times as she attempted to get an angle to break free. As she began to make progress I unceremoniously dropped her onto her head with a DDT. She clutched her head and rolled on the mat as I quickly scrambled to my feet. I stomped her stomach several time intent on keeping her down long enough to completely regain my focus. I hauled her up and put her right back down on the mat with a scoop slam. Feeling pretty good about such a dramatic turnaround I took a second to look for Steve and shoot him a thumbs up. He returned it and looked happy momentarily, he pointed frantically behind me.

Stacy was crawling to her feet and I needed to not let her back into the match. We clinched again and I sent her into the ropes with an Irish Whip. She bounced and came hurtling back at me until she hit my shoulder block. With Stacy on her back again I decided to go for a submission of my own. I dropped on top of her in a full mount and grabbed her right arm. She struggled valiantly but in the end ineffectually. I pried the arm lose and locked her into an arm bar. "Now how does it feel?" I yelled lifting my hips off the ground. She wailed in pain and frantically reached out with her left arm hoping to grab anything that would make the referee break the hold. Unfortunately for her I had made sure we were in the middle of the ring. I slowly applied more and more pressure to the hold raising my hips off the ground. "Ask her," I told the ref. I had no intention of letting the hold go until she submitted. He did and she grunted out no, but the amount of pain she was in came through in her voice. Ten to fifteen tense seconds later she started slamming her left hand on the mat and begging the referee to make me break the hold. I let go and jumped to my feet.

"Second fall to Titan by submission," came the ring side announcement. It was the sweetest thing I'd heard all night.

We took our two minute break in our corners glaring at each other. As Stacy rubbed her elbow I called to her, "Schoolgirl, are you ready for some more of this cock?" I got hoots, catcalls, and lewd comments from the crowd and a death stare from her. She'd managed to look like she'd be convincingly easy winner after the first fall and then the match had done a one eighty on her. I was cautiously optimistic about the third fall but the head butts had taught me a very painful lesson about assuming you had something locked up. Stacy came out of her corner looking to clinch, despite my arm bar and the clinch going badly last time. We struggled against each other and traded insults and smack talk. As she started to falter she threw one last barb, "My trainer told me that none of Steve's wrestlers have ever made it past their third match. How does it feel to know that you're fucked?"

If my last training session had gone better I may have blown it off but what she said resonated with me too much. I risked a glance at where Steve was sitting and he wasn't even watching. His back was to the ring and he was talking to someone I couldn't see. My lapse allowed Stacy to break the clinch, grab my head and drop into a jaw breaker. I clutched my face and stumbled backward cursing. She quickly followed up her advantage with a kick to the side of my leg and a take down. Stacy crawled on top of my and in a sweet voice asked "Are you ready to cum for me Titan?" She swiveled and pinned my arms under her legs, when she started to jerk my cock the crowd erupted. As soon as I was hard she swallowed my cock.

Absolutely nothing Steve told me or probably could have told me prepared me for this moment. I had a gorgeous woman sucking my cock and in a tantalizingly evil way, all she cared about was if I got off. When I had fucked Stacy before it had been all about her and even though it was sex it felt different. With my arms and legs trapped the only thing I could really feel was my cock and it was working against me massively. As I tried to free myself my only consolation was that I hadn't tried to fuck her a second time. My cock popped free of her mouth and her hands went back to work. "Titan, do you want to beg me for it? I can make your cock feel so much better," she cooed "I'll even swallow".

As heavenly as the offer sounded I told her to go to hell. She made an exaggerated show of shrugging and resumed her oral assault. I thrashed from side to side as much as I could trying to get a hand or arm free. Success, my left arm came loose. Instead of trying to pin it back down Stacy added her hands to her oral assault jerking as she sucked. Full of desperation I did the only thing I could think of and rammed fingers into her pussy. The sudden intrusion made her gasp and her right leg came up. Both hands free give me the ability to give her a good hard shove and push her off of me. This gave me the precious respite I needed and got my cock away from her. She had pushed me almost to my limit, knew it and was pissed. "I almost had you. Why don't you just let me help you instead of making it so hard on yourself?" She licked her lower lip sensuously. I shook my head trying not to remember the blowjob any more than I had to. "It felt good didn't it baby? Would you say my technique earned an A? I think you're cock was about to give me the plus too".

"The only thing a bad girl like you will get from me is a good hard spanking." She wiggled her ass at me and the crowd ooo'd. We clinched again and as soon as she opened her mouth to jaw at me I threw everything at her. Her grip broke and I was able to gain a side headlock on her. We struggled for position and she flailed, but somehow had the presence of mind to punch me in the kidney. She punched as hard as she could until I had to break the hold. As soon as I did she pushed me toward the closest corner. I hit the turnbuckles and had enough time to turn and she a flying cross body block thunder into my chest. She walked away and I stumbled out after her. She whipped me into the opposite corner and got a running start for splash number two. At the very last second I crumpled to the ground in self defense, and she crashed into the turnbuckles instead of me. Disoriented she staggered and teetered into the middle of the ring. I pushed myself up after her and chased her down. Grabbing her right arm I whirled her around her eyes seemed completely glazed over. I doubt she even registered the short arm clothes line that destroyed her. For a split second I was afraid I had knocked her out cold but the grunts of pain and disorientation came quickly. I rolled her onto her stomach and pushed her legs open. I fingered her, wanked myself back hard and prepared to enter her. I wedged myself in between her legs so she couldn't close them and pinned her wrists the mat with my hands. I slid in smoothly, she had gotten wet from her attempted blowjob, the kinky bitch. As I worked myself into a rhythm she came to and realized what kind of position she was in.

"No you fucker, you're not going to win you're not going to ohh......" Her tirade stopped as a shiver of pleasure ran down her spine. "You know you want it Schoolgirl. I'm not letting you up until you cum and we both know this match will be over soon." We thrust against each other neither wanting to concede a bit but I had the upper hand. The referee moved close "Schoolgirl are you cumming?"

"Never!" She gasped, as I pounded as deep into her as I could. "He'll never make" Her legs beat fiercely and her hands clawed at the mat. "Oh God I can't lose my first match, oh God, fuuuuuuuuck". Her body quivered and went limp. The ref jumped to his feet and pointed for the bell as I continued to hump her.

"Ladies and Gentlemen your winner by two falls to one David Titan." I fucked her through the announcement; I was not leaving with a massive case of blue balls. The crowd cheered and the referee let me go until I shot inside of her.

The referee hauled me to my feet, and held my arm up as an official winner. The crowd erupted and Steve managed to look pleased. Mr. Bartlett grabbed me on my way out of the ring headed to the locker room "Oh no my man, you're not done yet. If you want to win the crowd you need to go mingle a lot of people bet heavily on this match. Your money will be in your locker don't worry". He shoved me toward Steve who whisked me toward the crowd. The last I saw of Mr. Bartlett he held his hand up to the side of his face and yelled "Next match." Steve complimented me saying that I may have put on the best first match comeback he'd seen. It felt like I talked to everyone in the crowd, some give me a tip for winning, some had suggestions, a few even wanted to take pictures with me. By the time it was done the next match was ready to start and I was just too tired to stay so I grabbed everything from my locker and left.

I slept almost all of Sunday off and finally got to looking at the money. I had made close to $1700 dollars between the winner's purse and my tips. I lounged around the house trying to decide what to buy Savannah and treated myself to a nice dinner.

Early and excited I rolled into work Monday morning to find a hand written note on my locker. It said "Come to my office when you get in -- Jackie." Confused and a little worried because she told me I did everything right I approached her door and knocked. "Come in and close the door behind you," her voice called in the response. I entered and sat down in the chair she indicated. Jackie looked up from the papers on her desk, "I know where you were Saturday night, Titan".

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