Shade's Destiny Ch. 02


I was finally all cried out. I lay with my head on my arms in the silence of the bedroom. Her bedroom. I had called it our bed last night. How hideous!! I hadn't heard the door open or close. Shade's voice was warm and soft, "You may feel humiliated or violated slut. It doesn't matter. You signed the paper. I saw the set of your jaw and the look in your eyes when you did. I reveled in your anger; it makes turning and breaking you so much more delicious. You enjoyed yourself yesterday with Tessa's blonde and with Olivia. You didn't consider either of those experiences humiliating. Kim's had her share of female lovers and said you're among the very best, gay or straight. There's a submissive lesbian in there, slut. It shows itself, goes back into hiding and pops up again. You're not nearly where you will be in three months, six months or a year. In fact, I have an idea." Shade paused, as if considering. "No, I'm going to keep it to myself for now. You don't want to know who you are slut. It's too soon for straight Destiny to accept who she is. It's there though; I've seen it. Come out when you're ready. Your outfit for today is on the bed."

I was grateful I hadn't had breakfast. Thankfully, the dueling voices were quiet today. I needed solitude. Honey, I'm here. The other one is too. Take your time and work your way through this. Sigh. I'm totally confused about what I heard Shade say. It's remarkable to think she could read my emotions Friday. I can't deny what she said about yesterday. This is all so confusing. I'll bet my college experiences aren't unique. I turned down a few women who gave signals they were interested without so much as a second thought. Unless I'm a complete fool, I hadn't been hit on since. In fact, it never entered my mind that this ... that I not only could but would enjoy it. I might as well get up, see what sick joke of an outfit is on the bed, and maybe get something to eat. At least I won't be naked.

I got out from under the bed, stood, looked at the bed, and stared. 'At least I won't be naked?' Oh my god, I might as well be with this getup. She has to be freakin' kidding me!! This skirt can't ... I pulled it up my legs and over my hips. Oh lord!! There's barely enough here to hide my groin. And it's bright red. Any and everyone's eyes will be drawn to it, and me, immediately. And this? This is a top?" I pulled it over my head and tugged the flimsy fabric down over my breasts. It's mesh, nearly see through. I can't go out in this! I walked to the mirror. Oh my god do I look sexy! I blushed at my reflection. I guess the good news is that for a thirty eight year old I do have the figure to wear this shit. I have to go find out if this is for real. See if she really does intend to take me somewhere in this. I looked at myself again. Damn, I look hot! I turned sideways. Yup, the girls are good to go in this thing.

I picked up the impossibly high heels and headed to the front room. Kim saw me and stopped in mid-sentence. Shade turned around. They both stared, then smiled. Shade got up, walked to me, and gave me a kiss. "Slut, I must say, that is one hot outfit. I wasn't sure about this. You look absolutely hot, hot, hot. I'm going to be so proud to show you off!" She leaned and kissed me again. This time, she reached up with both hands and held my face. It got pretty hot awfully damn quickly. I felt her hand on my thigh, then my pussy. Well shit, there's barely anything to stop anyone from doing just that! She pulled away and nodded. "Oh my yes, this is absolutely perfect. Why aren't the heels on?"

I held up the black three inch heels and shook my head. "Shade, I sprained an ankle real badly in college and haven't tried heels since. I can't ... please, I'm sure you'll want me to wear shoes like this but I need time to practice in them so I don't hurt myself. Please?" She pursed her lips thoughtfully, turned to her sister, who shrugged.

"Okay, that does make sense. If you haven't worn them you'll need time to get accustomed to them. You can wear them here at home first and then at the office as well. That should do the trick." She turned to her sister. "Kim, please bring something else for slut to wear." Kim stood, went to her bedroom, and closed the door. Okay, so I had some idea of where their hiding place was. We'll see how that plays out! I should have known to leave well enough alone. The sandals were black leather, slingback with an open toe. The new paint job would be there for all to see.

Shade held the two plastic bags out to me. "These are what I've approved, slut. Put them in the bathroom for now. You can put them on the shelf when we come home. We're going out." I put the bags on either side of the shelves on the floor and came back. Shade clipped on the leash, grabbed her purse, and the three of us left. My stomach was screaming for food. I stared straight ahead, paying no attention to who joined us on the elevator. It seemed we were on the local too. Nice! The majority of the crowd emptied into the lobby; the rest of us exited at the garage.

As luck would have it Dorothy was waiting for an elevator. She and Shade gabbed about my outfit. Shade mentioned the salon, took one of my hands to show her and pointed out my matching toes. Dorothy was beside herself with excitement. When she asked permission, which Shade gave with a smiling nod, Dorothy came, kissed me on the mouth, and said, "Slut, you look marvelous. Shade has done a wonderful job with you in a very short time." Another kiss, this one with an open mouth. I sighed and responded. It had been the only thing they hadn't mentioned so far, so when the question came it wasn't a surprise. "What does the B.L.T. stand for, slut?"

I responded robotically, "Boss's lesbian in training, miss." She turned to a beaming Shade, who nodded.

Turning back to me, Dorothy continued, "How wonderful. Well, I'm sure your training will be exciting for you dear. Enjoy!" She stepped in close, grabbed me by the back of my neck with one hand, kissed me, and reached under the skirt. She scooted her fingers across my now bare mound, slipping them through the pool of moisture. I felt her smile as we kissed. She turned to Shade, kissed her, murmured something in her ear, and got on the elevator just as the door was about to close. That was completely disgusting. And tomorrow's Monday!

As we headed to the car Shade and Kim talked excitedly about Dorothy and her reactions. I held the door while Kim opened the other front door and got in. I opened the back door behind Shade, climbed in and belted myself. Out we went. I had no idea what the plan was. The two sisters chatted again in their native tongue. I knew we were heading north on Lake Shore Drive. We exited and headed west. A right turn at the light. This looks familiar. After a few blocks Shade found a parking spot. I held the door (this is getting old); Shade took the leash. I followed the two of them. Hey! The coffee shop. I thought it was closed Sundays. I was sure it had read it on one of my visits. It looked empty. But when Shade knocked, a grey haired woman opened the lock and the door with a smile on her face. Geez, I recognize her. I'd seen this woman a few times. She must be the owner. I wonder what's going on.

Shade, Kim and the third women exchanged pleasantries and kisses. Shade turned to me and said, "Slut, make the proper introduction to Daisy, the owner of Dykes Coffee Shop."

I paled, turned, and said, "Pleasure to meet you, Daisy. I'm slut, Boss's lesbian in training." No wonder there were no men in the store. But how did they know? Wait! I met Stacy here. Did she know? She's married with children. Is she? Daisy had turned to Shade; I hadn't been listening. I heard, "... quite taken with her. I remember the Saturday they went shopping. Stacy led her out of the shop and they crossed the street hand in hand. It was quite cute. Stacy told me about their day together next time she came in."

Oh my god! Daisy and Stacy know each other? And they both know Shade? Oh my god! I hadn't noticed Kim putting down her purse. After fumbling for a few seconds she took out a small camcorder. What the fuck are they planning? I suppose I should have known. For her part, Shade had a camera in her hand; yes, that one, from Friday.

A smiling Shade purred, "Slut, Kim is going outside to keep a look out. I will direct you in various poses. Kim, if you would." Kim headed outside. This was all said in a complete matter-of-fact tone, much like this morning's humiliation. Shade came and unclipped the leash and handed it to Daisy, who put it in Shade's purse. Daisy had a cup and saucer and a plate with a scone on it handy at a table. She moved them both to a table nearest a window on the street side of the store. I was too horrified to move or object. Speech was impossible.

I'm going to describe, long after the fact, some of the poses I was captured in -- on video and by the camera. I sat with my top off, coffee cup in hand, staring idly into space. I had a pen between my teeth, at the computer, my right leg crossed over my left, hips slightly turned. I bent over a chair looking for something in Shade's purse. Several pieces of the scone were tossed on the floor. I bent from the waist as if cleaning up a mess, napkin in hand. From outside, Shade took two shots of me inside the restaurant: in one, I had both hands over my eyes as if looking toward the sky for something heard but not seen. In the other, I was in the same pose but with one foot on the chair.

Oh, there were more, plenty more. I was scared shitless of passersby -- on foot, in cars, buses, and cabs. I described all these as if they were taken with the camera. Some were; some were 'action scenes,' taken with me on the move, with the camcorder. I tried to portray emotions I was quite unable to feel. It was awful; I felt like I was being raped by the cameras. Used, humiliated, exposed ... all for 'fun.' I guess. I know, I know; it was all part of being broken, turned from straight to gay. It was horrible. Would I have done it under different circumstances? No. Would I do it today? Without giving too much of the story away -- yes.

Here's the part that, at the time, nearly broke me. We spent several hours on Sunday traipsing from place to place. On the street, on an L platform, sitting on a seat in a subway car, at the zoo, at North Avenue beach watching the swimmers, sun bathers, volleyball players, and bicycle riders. Just about any pose you can dream of, Shade and Kim had me do. I was their model. What nearly did me in was that, over the course of the day, I went from being in near hysterics with fear, revulsion, and disgust to (much to my surprise) absolutely turned on, horny beyond comprehension, wet to the point that I ... oh never mind.

We wound up back at Daisy's. Apparently the entire thing had been prearranged; not a shock by now. One last task. It came with an offer that, um, I couldn't refuse. If I would agree to be nude and pose with one foot on a table and the other on a chair I would be allowed to cum. I agreed. Quickly. The words were barely out of Shade's mouth when I replied, "Yes." The three of them looked shocked. I don't think they thought I'd actually do it. I was so damn horny I would have fucked myself on the corner of a table to get off! Daisy lowered the sun screen and I simply lost myself in pleasure.

There was no audience, no camcorder. My eyes were shut, my fingers blurs. I strove to give my body what it craved so badly. I thought of all the people who'd stared at me. I saw so many women in various stages of undress, so beautiful, so many shapes, ages, colors. My god what a city I had chosen. Yes, some of the men were beautiful too; lean, hard bodies, shorts, swim wear, whatever. I only cared about the women. Yeah, I know. My devil angel is going to have a field day. I saw them all, reveled in the emotions, and screamed in joy as I bounced helplessly in the chair when I exploded. Bright flashing colors behind clenched eyes. Bursts of white hot heat screaming through my pussy, clit, nipples, bouncing at the speed of sound, (my high pitched screams) gorgeous, scathing, marvelous, shuddering relief. I fought desperately to drag it on and on. I did everything I could think of, tried every little trick I'd learned. I succeeded for a while; I moaned, sobbed actually, when it finally slipped away. My arms dangled, my body quivered, and my head lolled back as I gasped for air, breaths raspy and short.

I have no idea how long it was but I felt a mouth cover mine in a gentle kiss. I opened my eyes. Shade's eyes were filled with tears as she kissed me. I was shocked. The kiss wasn't too long; when she pulled away she brushed my damp hair with her fingers and whispered, "Thank you lover. That was magnificent." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Lover? I looked over her shoulder. Daisy and Kim were both wiping tears from their eyes. Huh? I looked at Shade with questioning eyes. "That was beyond beautiful slut. I've never seen anything so raw, so feminine, so sexy, so seductive, so natural, and so perfect."

I was still awash in the remnants of my pleasure. I was suffused in the emotion of Shade's words. She'd never spoken to me like that. Eventually I staggered to my feet, dressed in what was now painful embarrassment, and shyly accepted Daisy's kisses and words of thanks and praise. The leash in place, I followed behind them to the car. I sat quietly in the back seat. No words were spoken as the Lexus took us home. And tomorrow is still Monday.

In the bathroom, back at the condo, I put the toiletries and the rest on the shelves, then stripped and took another shower. I washed my hair twice and scrubbed myself nearly raw. The bliss of my explosion was overrun with anger and betrayal at being on display all day. No, I was never exposed, not in the sense of public display of nudity. But I knew what the intent of the day had been. I felt violated, perhaps made worse by Shade's words of intimacy. I seethed with rage. I could play the role and I would. But I was not going to let her win. I'm human. Sometimes a body needs what it needs. I don't know; I can't explain it. I remember reading a story about a female police officer who, realizing she was five weeks late, said, '... and already my body wasn't my own.' Different context but that was me Sunday. I felt used, on display, feminine, violated, alive, horny, sexy; the mix was absolutely overwhelming.

I hung up the towel, left the clothing and shoes in a pile on the floor and went to the living room. The two of them were huddled around the camcorder. I sat on the couch. Fuck this. I got up, went to the kitchen, and poured myself a glass of wine. I drank it all in three big gulps and poured another, then headed back to the couch. They were speaking in their native tongue. I'm not a linguist. I know what kind of linguist you are dyke! Sorry honey, I'll put the ball gag back on this bitch and shut her up! Nor do I want to know what they're talking about.

After a while Kim got up and went to the kitchen, to prepare, I assumed, dinner. Shade came and sat next to me. She took my hand in hers, smiled at me, and said, "Would you like to see?" I knew what she meant. I shook my head, not meeting her gaze. I wanted to pick her up and throw her through and out the window. I saw her nod her head in my peripheral vision. A few minutes later, still holding my hand, she stood up. I did as well. She led me to the bedroom.

In a soft voice she said, "Lay across the bed, feet to the window, head over the other side of the bed." I climbed on the bed and positioned myself as she directed. I saw her moving about in her closet. She grabbed a small bag and came back to me. She removed a silk scarf, placed it across my eyes, and tied it off behind my head. I felt one wrist being lifted, something soft, the motion of a knot being tied, then a bit of a tug. I guessed it was being attached to the post at the foot of the bed. This was repeated three more times as my other hand and both feet were bound and restrained. After her initial order she hadn't spoken a word. I heard the door close and was alone.

Alone, sightless, and rendered immobile, I simply surrendered. Nothing I could do. I hadn't expected this, but it had been a weekend of surprises to say the least. I let that thought roll around for a bit. My life would be described, in generous terms, pedestrian. Until Friday! What about today? I had suspicions but that's all they were. Worries? Concerns? Okay, maybe those were more descriptive words. Accurate? I had no way of knowing. I'm typing this as if it all played out in my mind in some sort of organized fashion. Far from it!! In between little bits of this and that, random thoughts flying around like a bar room electronic game screen, came the thoughts I typed. I thought I heard voices through the door. I thought it might be more than Shade and her sister. I had no way of knowing.

Tomorrow is Monday. What horrors awaited me? Who is in on this? Meeting Daisy, learning that she knows Stacy, was a shock. It made me wonder ... who else? It didn't matter of course. The die was cast on Friday. However, whatever, it would play out the way it was planned. The door opened. My senses, restricted, were on high alert.

I felt Shade bend to me before her lips touched mine. The kiss was soft, sweet, and, I admit, I responded to it. She pulled away; I felt her hand caress my face. Her voice soft, she spoke, "Slut, tonight the story will be told. There are several of us in the room. You hear my voice; you've met the others. You can't see them and they will not speak. You are their pleasure toy. All of this is being filmed. All of what is done, all of what I say, will play on an endless loop on your work computer. That, and random stills of your day today. So, in a word, enjoy!"

As she spoke I detected the scent of a woman as she hovered above me. This was to be my fate tonight? Service three, four, or more, plus my extortionist? I felt something rather large penetrate me. I gasped, both in surprise and pleasure. Goddamn this body of mine!! It's beyond fabulous and it responds completely of its own accord. At just about the same time my pussy was being taken I felt the woman's sex brush my lips. I sighed; it was beginning. I extended my tongue, lapping at the soft flesh. I felt the subtle shiver of pleasure. The plastic had been turned on; I was shocked as it seemed to rotate, twist, and pulse inside me. Dear lord it felt better than any cock I'd ever had in me. Not only that, but there was some devil of an extension that tortured my clit. Oh lord!! I'd read about 'toys' such as these in stories on some site. Oh my god, how am I going to survive?

In what I knew was a coordinated assault I heard Shade's soft voice, "Every step has been orchestrated. Stacy saw you in the coffee shop that morning and went to your table to see if you would allow her to join you." Sightless, restrained, I was helpless. I couldn't refuse to pleasure whoever it was above me. "When you said yes, she knew she had a prospect." I had felt the pillow pushed under my ass just before the plastic invader began its relentless assault. "When she asked you to meet her on Saturday and you agreed, another check mark." As Shade's words rang in my ears they tore my soul apart. I knew that before the night ended I would have been readied for Monday.

Shade droned on. The first wave hit me as the invader did what was intended. I screamed into the pussy I was pleasuring. Not long after, it buried me as the woman sagged, convulsing in pleasure. I gasped, desperate for breath, when it left. The plastic was removed and replaced with a mouth. Another pussy, this one with a soft mass of hair, covered my mouth. The words drove deep into my psyche. On and on it went. When the mouth on my pussy finished, I was raped again by the plastic invader, taken time and again up and over the peak. My mouth did what it had to. One soaked, scented mass of quivering flesh was followed by another. Shelley's "My Little Dress Shoppe?" Yup. I tried as best I could, given how much pussy juice was on my face, to identify each woman's other perfume. I should have known Shade would plan for this as well. As best as I could tell each wore Shade's perfume. Oh well. And so it went. As Shade spoke I learned how I had been chosen. The apartment? Uh huh; Shade knew the management company. I'll let you guess the rest.

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