tagLesbian SexShade's Destiny Ch. 02

Shade's Destiny Ch. 02


It might have been my stirring as I came awake that roused Shade. She snuggled in closer then, apparently realizing that there was a body with her in her bed, lifted her head, looked at me with puffy, sleepy eyes, and smiled. She rose, leaned over me, and kissed me warmly. Voice husky with remnants of sleep, she said, "Hello slut. What a pleasure to wake up to you in our bed." Oh lord! Our bed? Her words were a chilling reminder of the consequences of my Friday. The cold slap in the face of who and what I was to her was reinforced by the way my body responded as her fingers roamed lazily, aimlessly, over my body as we kissed. I squirmed uncomfortably in my arousal, betrayed again by my body's automatic response to its stimulus. You touch me here, I respond this way. You touch me there, I do this.

That was the part that befuddled me. This body has been mine for thirty eight years now. I know how it works -- inside and out. I was hardly a virgin when I married Denny. Promiscuous? Nope! But I know how I react when aroused. What was puzzling was the unknown: Does a woman's body respond the same to the touch of a woman as it does to that of a man? Until yesterday I had no clue. Until yesterday! What was that about the new normal? It certainly seems the response to stimuli is sex-neutral. That is totally confusing - at least for this woman.

In the midst of my mind's academic analysis my body was responding to Shade's seductive taking. I need the bathroom, I need to rinse my mouth, I need a shower and god help me, I need her to get me off. Good morning dyke. Get the fuck out of my head bitch. Snicker! Have a lovely day! My body exploded as the orgasm took me. I keened - a wild, high pitch; my hips lifted, bucked, shivered, shuddered. Her mouth feasted on my breasts. I craved the blistering heat as it screamed through me. I loved every scandalously delicious second of it. The feeling of desperation as the terrible pleasure of an orgasm skittered away was one I was all too familiar with. In the recent past it had only been at my own hand.

I could feel her satisfaction as Shade comforted and brought me back. Her kiss was tender, her lips soft and warm, her tongue brought welcome moisture to my parched lips and mouth. I hated that I craved it. I loved her for giving it to me. I wished I could leave and was utterly confused by it all. Shade lifted from the kiss, looked in my eyes, smiled and said, "Slut, who do your orgasms belong to?" Oh my god! I had been driven to a shattering orgasm and had exploded without even a thought about what I had been told yesterday.

"Shade, I'm so ..." She slapped me lightly then kissed me. I was confused. What had I done wrong? "Please help me Shade. I honestly don't know what I've done wrong ... other than having that cum without your permission."

She looked at me, opened her mouth as if to speak, and stopped. I saw her eyes fog as she went away somewhere. When they came back into focus she said, "No, I prefer it this way. At home you may call me Shade. Anywhere else you will call me Boss." She kissed me again.

I felt a sense of relief. Okay, good, ground rules established. "Thank you. I apologize for forgetting about your directive yesterday. I was so overwhelmed by what I was feeling I allowed myself to slip into it without thinking." I couldn't let myself actually think about what I was saying. If I did, the part of me that vowed not to give in to her would shrivel and die. I can not let that happen. Body not mind. Honey, that's my girl!! Yeah right slut. More like remember that orgasm as it rocketed through us like a lit firecracker! Woo hoo!! Honey, pay no attention to that one. You hold on to those three words as our mantra. Snicker. Our mantra is all day, every day, anyone, anywhere dyke! Listen, you two duke it out. Let me do what I need to.

"Slut, go find my sister. Tell her to make us breakfast if she's up. If she's not, tell her I her to get started." We kissed; she slid from me. I got up, went to the door, and wandered out to the living room. No Kim. I went back down the hall, found a closed door, and knocked.

"Come in!" I opened the door and stopped dead in my tracks. Kim was in bed, legs akimbo, a plastic dildo moving quickly in and out of her pussy. "Oh good, it's you slut! I'm watching your inaugural performance at the office Friday. That really was delicious!! You rolled over like a snow ball down a hill." I turned and saw myself, on my knees, in front of Shade. I wanted to die. "Come here sit with me and watch." I shook my head in disbelief.

"Kim, your sister asked me to find you. I've been told to tell you to get up and start breakfast." I closed the door and went back to the bedroom. Shade was in the bathroom. I sat on the carpet, my back against the bed and stared out the window. I felt the tears start. Seeing myself on that screen, doing what I had been doing was chilling, stunning, and humiliating. A year of this? And so far only Shade, Kim and I had seen it. I felt a chill of fear course through me. I had a thought. If it was on a screen here who else could be watching? Were they watching live? I reached back for the bed sheet and covered myself. Ridiculous, maybe, but I had to do it.

I let the tears fall silently as I stared out at the blue, cloudless sky. So peaceful, so beautiful. So completely fucked. I heard the bathroom door open. I let the sheet slip from my fingers, stood and turned. Shade's slender body was naked, her hair wrapped in a towel. She looked at me with curious eyes. She moved closer, her eyes never leaving mine. She must have seen my tear streaked face. She smile softly, brushed the tears away, and said, "Go shower slut. And hurry. We'll have breakfast then start our day." She brought a finger to her lips, kissed it, and put it on my lips. I nodded and walked slowly to the bathroom.

I sat on the toilet, head in my hands, defeated. Even more than doing what I'd done yesterday, seeing it on the screen, here at Shade's home, was simply devastating. The resolve, the anger, my pronouncements, the inner conversations ... gone. Three hundred sixty four days left. Would I even be able to make it till Monday? That was the thought I had as I stared at my reflection in the mirror. I was horrified by what I looked at. My eyes were dull and empty. My face was pale. My shoulders were hunched in defeat and despair.

I turned on the water in the shower and leaned my shoulder on the wall. I stared blankly at the patterned tile floor. I'll be honest. I considered looking for something sharp so that I could cut myself deep enough that I could sit in the shower and slip away. It felt like a really, really good idea.

I washed my hair, soaped up my hands, and gave myself a quick cleaning. Having rinsed, I turned off the water, toweled off, and opened the door. The bedroom was empty. I had nothing to wear. My stomach growled; I laughed. The same body that betrayed me wanted to be fed. The body wanted to live; my mind wanted me dead. I turned back to the bathroom, gave it another moment's thought, then turned, opened the door and walked to the dining room table. Shade and Kim were eating and chatting lightly. I sat down. There was coffee, eggs, toast, and some green thing I didn't recognize. I looked at the knife; not nearly good enough. I took a sip of coffee, put down the cup, and ate. I heard the conversation, wanted to throw up, and tuned them out. You can probably guess what the topic was.

I was so inside myself that what I finally noticed was the silence. I looked up at Shade. She was looking at me with amusement in her eyes. "You're awfully quiet this morning slut. Is everything okay?" You asshole, you know full well it's not. I did what was necessary. I lied.

I smiled and said, "Absolutely Shade. I was thinking about the tumult that was yesterday and wondering what you and I will be doing today. May I please make a request?"

She had watched me carefully as I spoke then nodded. "Of course slut, what is it?"

Taking a deep breath, I said, "I'd like to request that my toiletries and cosmetics be brought here from my place. I don't have deodorant, tooth brush, tooth paste, other things like that. If it's okay with you and if there's room in the bathroom." I did my best to smile. Shade took on a thoughtful pose. She nodded.

"Personal effects like toiletries, no problem. I'll look at the cosmetics and make decisions about them. Thank you slut. I appreciate you asking. I like that you've acknowledged that this will be your home." Prison is more like it.

Shade turned to her sister. "Kim, would you please lay out slut's clothing for today. Since each of us has had a shower I'd like to get dressed. We have a busy day ahead." Kim smiled, got up from the table, gave her sister a kiss on the cheek, and kissed me ... on the lips. She winked; I threw up a little in my mouth.

Shade turned to me in her chair so that she was facing me. She looked at me with bright eyes, ran her fingers lightly through my hair, and said, "I'm so excited about today slut. You're going to look fabulous. Kim had the most wonderful idea for our visit to my salon. It was quite brilliant." Her eyes clouded for a second as a frown creased her forehead. "She said you looked upset when you were in her bedroom. Did it upset you seeing her masturbate?" If I didn't fear the repercussions I would have slugged her.

I tried to keep my voice level, the tone friendly. "No of course not. She's a lovely young woman who has needs like everyone else." Shade took that in and nodded thoughtfully.

She cocked her head a bit, wondering, "Were you shocked to see what you saw? Was that what upset you?" Maybe if I ask to use the bathroom I can break something and end this.

"I had no idea you had closed circuit or whatever technology you're using, to monitor the goings on in the office, let alone that they fed back to your condo." I have no clothes so I can't run. I can't kill them both. "I know what I saw yesterday. I didn't know it could be seen here as well." She has my purse; my driver's license and credit cards are in it. The police will figure it out. "That's quite diabolical, if I may." A verbal tip of the hat to my blackmailing fuck of a boss.

"Slut," she said, shaking her head slowly, "we really had a lovely night last night. Before you joined us at the table I was commenting, enthusiastically, to my sister about your passion, stamina, and how quickly you seemed to take to your new position. I don't believe in corporal punishment; in fact, I abhor it and those who use it. I will not, however, hesitate to use other means to keep you in line." Her voice lowered, tone chilled, "I will not accept disrespect slut. Understood?"

I didn't know and didn't want to learn what she was capable of. What she'd done to Dawn, and to me, was more than enough. Plus, I had no idea what awaited me. I gathered my resolve again, kept my eyes on hers, and said, "Yes, of course, Shade. I understand. Thank you for the unexpected compliment. I have to share." I admit that I blushed when I said this, "I am blessed with a most skilled teacher and partner." Honey, you go girl. Yes!!

Shade, to my surprise, blushed a little at my fabricated compliment. She leaned in, kissed me warmly, skimmed my face with her fingers, and said, "Come slut, your adventure awaits." She took my hand, stood and led me to the bedroom. My clothing lay on the bed ... what little of it there was. Shade was picking things out of her closet, paying absolutely no attention to me. There was an orange top that was little more than an extended bra. The fabric was barely three or four inches below what passed for cups. It had thin straps of little more than spaghetti width. There were two choices for me; neither did much more than cover what modesty dictated. A black skirt was banded at the waist with what appeared to be a drawstring tie. The other, in a dark blue, looked to be open legged shorts. I tried on the top. It was very comfy silk. I stepped into the skirt and pulled it up. I didn't even need the drawstring; it was a size too small as it was. Shoes? Black and white saddle shoes; next to them lay white anklet socks with ruffles. I put the socks and shoes on and stood up.

"Ooh slut, I like it. I really like it a lot!! That's absolutely the look I was going for; it's perfect for you." Shade was beaming. I had no idea how she got my shoe size right nor did I particularly want to know. "Just to humor me slut, try on the shorts so I can see how they look on you." I nodded my head, slid the black skirt down and off, reached for the dark blue shorts, and pulled them up. "Oh my," she gushed, "they're fabulous. Oh my yes, I know just when to have you wear them. You'll be the star of the show." She was beaming as she came to me, lifted her hands to my face, and kissed me deep and hard. Her excitement translated into a very hot kiss.

Breaking the kiss, she gushed, "Put the black skirt on and let's hit the road. Oh, I'm already looking forward to this; the clothes will simply be the perfect touch." I knew there was absolutely no reason to whine about not wearing panties. Everything was done with a purpose. It was clear what it was. Once the skirt was in place, Shade took my hand and led us to the living room. She clipped the leash to the collar, grabbed her purse and keys, and we headed out the door. Once in the elevator she turned and kissed me. There were twenty three floors; that many opportunities to be embarrassed. I'll leave it to your imagination to wonder how many people saw my outfit and our kiss.

We weren't the only ones who got off at the garage level. I averted my eyes from the wide eyed couple who exited with us. Thankfully they turned left to their car as we turned right to Shade's. I went to my door, Shade to hers. I waited for her to open the doors. She stared at me. After about ten seconds it dawned on me. I sighed and went around to her side. She clicked the locks open; I opened the door and held it as she climbed in.

"Thank you slut."

"You're welcome Sha ... Boss." I caught it just in time. Shade smiled brightly.

After I buckled in, Shade backed out, put the car in drive and we headed out. She purred, "I'm quite pleased that you remembered slut; quite pleased indeed." I didn't comment. I was just glad that I remembered. I had no idea where we were going or what we were doing. I had absolutely no doubt that it had been thought out, well planned, and everything that would be done had a specific meaning. No reason to be frightened; there was nothing I could do about it. The drive wasn't all that far. I knew the streets we traveled. Shade found a parking space rather quickly for a Saturday morning. I went around to her door and opened it. After stepping from the car she handed me a debit card, with my name on it, and told to put at least two hours on the meter.

I was steamed as I walked to the pay box. This bitch is renting out my apartment, with my furniture in it, to god-knows-who, keeping the rent, and has me pay for parking? What the fuck? I pushed two hours, waited for the little slip, and walked back to the car with a smile on my face. Only my body bitch, nothing more. I slid the little white paper where it belonged and we headed wherever we were going. Halfway down the block was a salon. Shade waited until I opened the door. I followed her in. What looked to be an all-female staff clustered around her. They seemed excited to see her.

A tall brunette with short, spiky hair eyed me and said, "Is this her Shade?" Her eyes undressed me as she looked at me.

Shade nodded and said, "Introduce yourself to Tessa."

"Yes Boss. Tessa, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm slut." Tessa smiled approvingly at Shade, came and kissed me hard on the lips. She waited until I opened my mouth. Her hands roamed freely - under what was covered and over what wasn't.

When she'd finished with me she pulled away, turned to Shade, and said, "Very nice Shade, very nice indeed!" Shade beamed. "I have everything ready as requested. I know you have other things to do so feel free. We'll take good care of your slut." I saw Shade walking toward me.

She lifted her face to me; I bent to kiss her. "You'll have a wonderful time slut. I have to run next door for another of our errands. I'll be back before they're finished with you." She gave me a soft, warm kiss and turned to leave.

Tessa said, "Okay ladies, you know what we have to do here. Let's hop to it." She leered in my direction. A bevy of young women in all sorts of makeup, piercings, tats, and assortments of hair color and clothing led me to a semi-private area. One, a blonde, pulled a curtain, another, a redhead, bent, made sure the waist on my skirt was loose, and pulled it past my hips and off my legs. She lifted one foot, then the other. She knelt to take off the socks and shoes. The first, who pulled the curtain, led me to a chair that, after I sat, was tilted back. It was something like a dentist's chair with exam table type stirrups. Uh oh. My hands were placed on comfortable cloth covered extensions. Headphones were placed on my head. Soft, soothing music played.

Blondie offered me a small cup of something to drink. I shook my head no. She persisted, the smile on her face blank. I lifted my head; she held the cup as I drank. It tasted like Gatorade; my favorite, fruit punch. It wasn't more than a couple of sips. I smiled when she pulled the cup away.

Red had already begun my pedicure. I didn't need to look. I relaxed and listened to the smooth instrumental music. Blondie came back in with Tessa. They were talking but I couldn't hear. Blondie nodded and moved to my hands. She began to work on my nails. Once Tessa sat I lost sight of her. I felt a cool gel being applied to my pussy. Oh my god. I felt something being rolled over my pubic area. Laser? Shade knew I trimmed my pubic hair. Had she decided to have the remainder removed with laser treatments? Was it one visit or more? I had no clue. I could feel my nails and toes being worked on; it seemed progress was being made. I didn't make putting polish on my toes a regular thing. And my finger nails just so happened to be polish-free yesterday.

I saw someone new come in out of the corner of my eye. Black hair placed something cool on my eyes and began to slather my face with some sort of cool goop. I sighed and smiled. With sight removed I closed my eyes and relaxed even further. I luxuriated in my pampering, a treat I'd never given myself. Denny? He was too ... oh never mind. Let me just say it never would have crossed his mind to give me a day like this.

The kiss woke me up. I opened my eyes. Shade was smiling at me. I smiled, she bent to kiss me again; this one lingered. When she lifted, she took off the headphones. "Well now, don't you look fabulous slut? A facial, pedi, mani, and," she slid her fingers between my lips, "very lovely. Tessa and her girls have done very well today. One more task ahead. Rhonda, if you would please." Black hair appeared. I already had two studs in my left ear. I recognized what she held in her hand. A bottle of rubbing alcohol and swabs, to be followed by the piercing thingie, more swabbing, then stainless steel studs would be put in place. Yada, yada. Oh, wait! Per Elaine on Seinfeld, is ear piercing a proper 'yada, yada' moment? Talk amongst yourselves.

When the additional studs were in place, Shade kissed me again. In a soft voice, she asked, "Slut, Blondie asked me if it was okay if she gave your new 'do,'" as her fingers skimmed my hair-free pussy, "a test taste. Are you okay with that?" Jesus H. I sighed, smiled and nodded. Shade turned her head, nodded, turned back to me, and kissed me. I felt a tongue touch my pussy. The second in less than twenty four hours ... I think. I had no idea what time it is. Shade's tongue was insistent; Blondie's tongue was skilled. Shade's fingers teased my nipples through the thin silk; Blondie's tongue was still skilled. Fingers inside me turned to seek that special place. Lips moved to my pearl ... this wasn't going to take much longer. I moaned into our kiss, felt Shade's smile. Exposed and under assault, my tormenter's lips and tongue ravished my mouth, the young thing's fingers, tongue and mouth pleasured my sex. It blew up inside of me like a healthy dose of C-4. The heat spread rapidly from deep inside me. It suffused me, left me flushed, pleasured and trembling as my body craved more. I reached for Shade, trying to speak silently of my need for more. Oh no!!! I'd done it again; I hadn't been given permission. Oh my god. But I couldn't ask with her mouth covering mine. She ... no, she wouldn't, would she?

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