tagBDSMShawn Ch. 09

Shawn Ch. 09


Anthony was angry. For two days, since they'd brought Shawn home, she'd been sick from the bee stings. In his mind, Anthony was a cowboy, at times even a mental Lone Ranger, riding in to the rescue of his ladies. The past two nights, he had dreamed of riding in and stomping Sarge and leaving a silver bullet where...


He jumped. He was supposed to be getting supplies together for Anna. They were leaving that evening to go back to That Man's house. Anthony frowned. He'd still like to shove that silver bullet up that guy's -

"Anthony, NOW!"

Anthony sighed, hefted the bag of supplies, and left the Winnebago for the little car they always towed with them. He threw it in the trunk, scowling. Mama San and Auntie K were walking to the car, Shawn between them. She looked a little better today, but nervous. Anna came out. She didn't look Anthony in the eye.

He was troubled by that. Anna didn't want this any more than he did. Anthony had always been used to Anna being decisive, though, taking charge, being assertive and confident. This new Anna frightened Anthony, in a way. Everything was different.

Maybe...maybe he really should BE a cowboy? maybe it was time for him to ride in like a hero...

He finished packing the car, watched the women get in and drive away.

"Bambi!" he shouted at the little camper parked near the Winnebago. He rapped on the door.

"Yeah?" Bambi looked like she had been asleep.

"You still got that cell phone?" Anna didn't know about the cells the girls kept. Bambi and Bunni had their own little cache of men in different cities they visited. Anthony suspected that one day the twins would take off, after getting enough money. Anna usually kept her phone in her purse.

Bambi ruffled her hair, yawned. "Bunni! Gimme the phone!" Rustling noises, then a hand waving the phone appeared. Anthony averted his eyes, like a true gentleman cowboy. He was feeling almost cheerful now. He took the phone, waved at the twins, and went into the Winnebago. Where was that number? Ahhh - found it! He smiled and began dialing.

Time to be the Lone Ranger.

****** The ride back to Sarge's was quiet. Even Mama San and Auntie K didn't talk. Anna kept staring out the window. Anthony nodded to himself. He had been right to make the call.

Now it was just a matter of waiting. ************

Sarge had decided to go to a friend of his, some kind of Asian. Really, the guy wasn't a friend. He just like some of the same things Sarge did. That made him a friend.

Shawn rode naked on a horse again, following Sarge. Her wrists were tied behind her back. There was a knotted rope between her thighs that Sarge had tied in place before he put her on the horse. With the trotting movement of the horse, the knots kept rubbing and bumping into Shawn's pussy. She squirmed against it, humping it. Sarge looked back.

"That's right, girl. You get it good and juicy for me and Chan." Chan was the name the Asian went by. Sarge didn't know his real name. He didn't care, either.

They reached Chan's house about half an hour later. The inside of Shawn's legs were quivering. Her thighs were a little sore from clinching and bucking against the knotted rope. Sarge grinned, pulling her off the horse, watching her stagger a little.

Chan was on the front porch, watching silently. He waved them indoors. It was a typical, fairly neat ranch-style house, settled in the midst of a grove of woods. No witnesses. Good.

It was just the two men and Shawn. They decided to eat first. Chan hooked her wrist D-rings into an overhead ceiling beam; he had a series of hooks and chains spread around the room. Sarge approved. Naked, Shawn dangled from her wrists.

"Look at her pussy," Sarge muttered. He was stuffing chicken down his throat. He leaned over and with slightly pudgy, greasy fingers, he prodded her clit. She opened her legs slightly. "A true slut." Chan nodded.

They finished eating. Chan cleared the table neatly and quickly. He laid an old quilt onto the table. They unfastened Shawn and placed her on the table, chaining her down spread-eagle. Sarge poked her clit with his finger. She squirmed.

"Hand me that jar," he said. He had talked a furious Mama San into handing him a small pot of the ginger juice . Now, he liberally applied it to Shawn's pussy and clit, the nipples, even jabbing some into her anus. He carefully put the lid back on the top. He'd keep the jar. It could come in handy again someday.

Chan pulled out a small box and placed it on the table, opening it. Sarge leaned forward, eager. The man had claimed he could give new excitement to the slut, and to Sarge. He felt his cock getting harder.

While Chan worked with the new items, Sarge gripped the girls' pussy with one large hand. The heel of his hand ground into her clit; hand over the pussy, the fingers dipped down and around. He moved his fingers now and then, massaging her, and pushed and rubbed the heel of his hand against the clit. She squirmed a little, pushing up some. He grinned.

Chan worked quickly and efficiently. He pulled up a nipple, high, and wound thread at the base several times. Sarge had seen this before and wondered where the new excitement would be. Chan waved away Sarge's hand. When both nipples and clit had been bound and were beginning to puff from being tied, Chan placed metal clamps on the nipples and clit. He moved along, dipping into his box, then back to her body, tied and helpless on the table. Smaller metal clamps pinched the flesh of her inner thighs, near the groin; the lips had several clamps. Clamps were placed on the navel, on the flesh near the clit and at the top of the groin, around the breasts, along the ribs.

Finally, Chan straightened. The box was empty; he was done. Sarge looked at him.

"What's next?"

Chan grinned. It was the first time Sarge had seen the man smile. It promised great things.

Chan went into the next room, then came back, humming happily to himself. He checked the clamps again. He opened the new box, placing it on a stand near the table, and pulled out what looked to Sarge like a metal stick.

"What's that?"

"Violet wand. Electricity."

Sarge grinned in amazement. The man WAS right. New excitement.

Chan started with a low voltage. He touched a clamp on the nipple, quickly and softly. There was a soft blue glow. He moved from clamp to clamp. Shawn jerked, pulling and tugging against the restraints. Her nipples actually puffed up more. Chan moved the violet wand to her pussy, which was wet now. He touched the wand to the clit clamp, and she jerked. He moved the wand back and let it lie against the metal a little longer this time. She bucked.

"Hold her stomach."

Sarge obeyed, pressing down firmly with a splayed hand onto her belly. Chan pushed the violet wand against the metal clit clamp again, moving it around over the clamp, but always touching. Shawn's eyes half-closed. She jerked her hips up.

"She likes it! the little whore likes it!" Sarge marveled. He was so hard it was hurting.

Chan touched the other clamps, sometimes lingering over one or two. He didn't cause the wand to arc. He was careful. He never moved the wand from nipple to nipple; that could cause a heart failure, he explained. Sarge nodded, mesmerized. The wand moved around her body, touching clamps. The metal hurt when the wand touched it, but it was a pain that was beginning to build in her, gorging her clit, pounding in her pussy, throbbing, aching, needing, wanting.

Chan tapped the two clamps on the navel and she arched her head. He looked at Sarge and smiled.

"Now one more thing."

Sarge tried to see in the box but he couldn't. Chan removed the metal clamps and put them back in the box. Sarge waited. Finally, he began applying little discs to her nipples and clit, the lips, the insides of her thighs. There were wires. He connected the wires to a box. He pulled out another metal object, a little larger, and pushed it inside her pussy, his fingers disappearing as he shoved it into place. She panted a little.

He stared at his work for a moment, then Chan added to more discs, to the tender flesh on each side of the clit, just slightly below it. It was a very sensitive area, very erotic.

Chan began working the box. The wires sent alternating, writhing movement of current to the muscles. Shawn bucked, eager. Her pussy was wet, her thighs glistening. Sarge was breathing heavily.

Chan worked the large metal object inside her now. She threw back her head, eyes widening, her body jerking.

Chan grinned. "This hurts. But it makes pussy, very eager."

Sarge nodded. He was very eager, dammit.

Chan finally pulled the metal out of her pussy. He adjusted the settings. Sarge could see the moving, writhing action of the adhesive discs start up again. Chan nodded at Sarge.

"This makes muscles move in her," he explained. "Electric current. You go on now, fuck her."

Sarge was ready. He was more than ready. He unzipped and pulled down his pants. The electricity was hurting her and stimulating her all at the same time. He could feel her muscles squeezing and contracting when he shoved into her. He fucked hard, not caring how it felt to her, just knowing how good he felt. He wiped his cock on her legs when he was finished. He moved around to her head.

"Turn up the voltage," he told Chan. The man obliged. They could both see muscles moving and rippling slightly now. Shawn moved her head back and forth, eyes half-closed. She looked dazed but also excited, hot and slutty. Sarge put his hands on each side of her face.

"Look at me, whore. I want to fuck you again, so you're gonna help. You get this nice and hard, fast. Ok?" She nodded. He shoved his cock into her mouth. She had done this before with him, of course. She knew to obey. She began to suck.

Chan turned up the voltage a little more. She paused, lifting her hips. Sarge put his hand over her nose. "None of that, slut! You suck me into a hard cock or you don't breathe!" She started sucking again. Chan unzipped and played with her a little, rubbing his cock on her clit, teasing. He pushed a finger into her pussy, feeling around. She tried to push into it. Sarge grabbed her nipple and twisted it, hard. "Get me hard you slut!" he shouted. She sucked again. Chan turned up the voltage some more, adjusted two of the adhesive discs. Her hips bucked up and down a little. Chan nodded to himself, slid his cock in part way, then out. Rammed it in this time, then drew back out. Over and over, teasing her and himself. Partway in, pull out, ramming in a time or two, pulling almost out. Finally, he shuddered and began fucking her in earnest. Shawn eagerly pushed her hips up and down to meet him. She sucked hard on Sarge's cock.

When Chan was done, Sarge was harder, but not quite ready.

"I need to see some punishment," he said gruffly. He jerked off his pants and moved around. He tugged the belt out of his pants, wrapped one end around his fist. He struck Shawn on the insides of her legs, on her pussy.

"I have an idea," said Chan. Sarge waited. So far, the guy's ideas had been good.

Chan took the belt, moved to Shawn's head. He looped it around her neck, pulling it snugly against her throat, holding the end with one end. He looked at Sarge.

"Breath play. Use that crop," he nodded to one side. Sarge moved over, his cock jutting up now. He picked up the crop, moved back. The wires in the little adhesive discs were still merrily causing Shawn's pussy to spasm. She had orgasmed several times. Sarge turned up the voltage another notch, then used the crop. He smacked her clit and pussy, her belly and breasts. Sometimes, Chan would put his hand over her nose and mouth so she couldn't breathe. He was an expert, Sarge thought. The man knew when to lift up his hand, let her breathe.

After a time, when Sarge was hard as a rock, he started to fuck her.

"Wait," said Chan. Sarge was impatient, but he waited.

Chan put his hand over her nose and mouth. They waited. She struggled, trying to breathe. Her nipples grew erect. Her clit and lips were swollen and puffy, reddish. Chan nodded at Sarge. Sarge began slower than he usually did, watching as she struggled. He was surprised when he felt her muscles jerk and spasm, orgasming around his cock, clenching him. He was excited. Chan let her breathe. After a moment, he put his hand over her mouth and nose again. Sarge fucked her harder. She came again, twice, gasping for breath when Chan let up. He grinned at Sarge. The little whore!

The afternoon wore on. After a while, Chan pulled out a wooden pony. He had a ribbed section on the top of the pony's inverted V edge that he was particularly proud of. He pointed this out to Sarge, who had poured himself a brandy and was sitting, pants still off, on a sofa nearby, watching.

The pony was small but like Chan, it was efficient. The inverted V had a narrow angle; this would ride up inside of her pussy more, Chan explained. Sarge nodded, swirling the drink in his glass.

Chan helped Shawn over to the wooden pony. He'd removed the adhesive discs sometime before. He had to carry part of her weight; her legs were shaky from the muscles being overworked. He heaved, putting her atop the edge of the pony. She jerked up a little, the sore and tired thighs trying to push herself up from the edge. Sarge laughed.

Chan tied her wrists behind her back, then to a small hook on the back of the pony. There was a similar small hook on the front end. Sarge watched curiously. Chan clamped her nipples with tweezer clamps, then pulled the chain forward and latched it onto the waiting hook.

He pulled padded weights out from another box and wrapped these around each of her ankles, pulling her weight down, crushing her clit and naked, wet pussy against the ribbed edge of the pony. He sat down with his own drink then, and they watched her struggle for a time.

First she would tenderly try to ease up, lifting the weight of her body off of the clit. But her muscles, already tired, soon gave out. Finally, she arched her back and held still for a moment, then ground back and forth.

"Ahhh," said Chan. He raised his glass to her.

"Yeah," said Sarge. He gulped his down, added some more. Shawn struggled, then would grind her clit back and forth. Her legs were slick with wetness. She finally slumped, exhausted, before Chan unhooked her and puller her off the pony. He let her lie on the floor, wrists still tied behind her back. He sat back down, gently using the toe of his boot to tap against her reddened pussy. She jerked, spasmed, and they could tell she had cum again.

"Quite a slut," Sarge laughed. He set his glass down, then moved Chan's leg away from her. He pulled her up and sat her on his cock, and he fucked her. "Little sluts who like to fuck too much are always welcome here," he laughed, then grabbed her shoulders and slammed her down harder onto his cock.

When they left, Sarge tied her wrists to the pommel of the saddle. She hadn't been able to stand at all. Sarge grabbed the reins of her horse and they rode back in the dark, lit only by the moon. She was naked and sore. She came while riding the horse twice, from the jolting.

It took three days before the swelling and redness left her. Even the lightest touch on her clit could cause her to orgasm.

Mama San wisely refrained from using any ginger juice during that time.


The call came late one night. Anthony had kept the cell phone with him. He went outside, speaking quietly and quickly.

"I understand," said the voice. "I'll be there tomorrow."

Anthony relaxed.

Eric Johannsen was riding to the rescue.

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