tagSci-Fi & FantasySir Jeffrey and the Answer Ch. 03

Sir Jeffrey and the Answer Ch. 03


Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight of the Land, woke up late. Sunlight already streamed through the windows even behind the thick curtains and he cursed quietly to himself. He had intended to get up early this morning and head into town. Of course, those plans were made before the beautiful half-elf Narlissa had snuck into his room and insisted on making him fuck her.

He turned to face the redhead, smiling as her brown eyes fluttered open. Already the dull throb had begun in his magic cock but he was used to starting the day this way. He could ignore it for a long while yet - it would be hours until he would definitely have to find someone to help him take care of it.

"Morning," Narlissa murmured. She pushed herself up on her elbow and smiled at him. The movement caused the sheet to fall away and Jeffrey watched on eagerly as it slid down her naked body, revealing her large tits. Narlissa followed the line of his gaze and laughed.

Jeffrey reached out to stroke around the nipple of one of those breasts, enjoying the way Narlissa's eyes closed with pleasure at the sensation. Soon he leant forwards, kissing the bud and grasping the globe it was part of. Narlissa rolled onto her back to make it easier for him to kiss and caress her tits. He did so eagerly.

"Oh that's nice," she moaned. "I love that."

He decided to continue at it. Moving over more, he grasped her other breast too and continued to gently knead the two mounds whilst he teased her nipples with his tongue. Narlissa moaned throughout.

After a little while, she pushed him clear, and he glanced up to see her brown eyes burning with carnal hunger. She rolled over, pushing herself onto all-fours and looked back at him.

"After waking me up like that, Jeffrey, you definitely need to fuck me."

He did not waste time, moving quickly behind her and running his hand down her back. He pushed inwards at the same time, delighting in the feeling of her cunt as it swallowed up his cock. Soon he was fully inside her and he started to ease his hips in and out.

Narlissa moaned in pleasure loudly, pushing her hips back against him. She bit her lower lip and Sir Jeffrey picked up his pace. The gorgeous half-elf responded loudly. Jeffrey realised that as it was late morning his servants would already be moving around the house, but he knew it was not the first time they would have heard the sounds of passionate sex from his room. Nor was it likely to be the last.

As it was, both he and Narlissa were groaning loudly. Her large breasts were swinging with the force of their sex now and he quickly leant forwards to grab the globes as his cock still hammered into her pussy. She was tensing rapidly and she moaned as he squeezed her tits, clearly enjoying the extra sensation.

"Fuck me with your big cock, Jeffrey!"

He slammed his hips against hers, ramming his length eagerly into her depths. Her eyes opened wide and she began to scream out her pleasure every time he thrust inwards. He felt her body tensing and he knew she was close.

"I'm coming!" she shrieked seconds later, her cunt clamping down on his cock. His length twitched at the same time, his cum exploding forth into the gorgeous half-elf. Rope after rope of his hot jizz spilled into Narlissa and her pussy seemed keen to milk every last drop from his magic cock.

When it was done he withdrew with a moan, watching with a grin as Narlissa flopped to the mattress and rolled over. She smirked at him, her red hair messy beneath her head.

"We should get up," Sir Jeffrey smiled.

"We should," Narlissa nodded, climbing from the bed.

He reached for his clothes, then turned back to the half-elf. "Do you have anything to wear?"

"My armour will do fine. I don't intend to stay for long," she replied. Sir Jeffrey felt a slight wave of disappointment at that. He always enjoyed Narlissa's company.

When she had pulled on her armour and he was dressed they left the room, heading down to breakfast where one of Jeffrey's serving men brought them the food. The man could barely keep his eyes off Narlissa, Sir Jeffrey realised with a smirk, and unsurprisingly she seemed to enjoy the attention. Even in her armour she was gorgeous, though, so he did not blame the man. Sir Jeffrey was just blessed to have got to fuck such a stunning woman.

As the servants left them alone, Sir Jeffrey turned to Narlissa.

"You said you had something to talk about. Something important," he said seriously. "Is something wrong I can help with? Are you in trouble?"

Narlissa laughed sweetly. "No, nothing of the sort, Sir Jeffrey. No, I came to ask about something just as important, but perhaps a little more... personal." She paused then, and Sir Jeffrey took the opportunity to take another bite of his fruit.

She continued. "Tell me, do you ever consider that you might have a special cock?"

He almost choked on the apple. Did she just ask that? No one had ever asked about his cock - they just accepted that he made them come hard and left it at that. He stared over at the half-elf and realised she was deadly serious.

"Um, well, yes, I suppose," he said.

She cocked her head. "Go on."

"Well, I guess I find that I come quite hard. I've never known myself without it, so I can't say for sure, but it seems to me that most men don't orgasm as hard as I do."

"Does it affect your partners?"

Sir Jeffrey grinned. "I don't know, does it? It seems to me that women particularly enjoy themselves with me."

"You mean they come so hard they can barely think? Like I just did?" Narlissa smirked.

"Something like that, yes."

"And do you find yourself getting horny, Sir Jeffrey? Maybe twice a day or so? So horny that if you don't do something about it whilst you can control it you'll find yourself tracking down a woman, any woman, to get you off?" She had leaned forwards, an intent look in her eyes.

Sir Jeffrey was astounded. He had never told anyone about those urges. They were the drawback to his magic cock but he had learned that as long as he had sex frequently enough it was not an issue. Not that it was ever too bad if he did let it get to that stage - he would never go so far as to attack anyone or any other such monstrous behaviour, but he would likely make a fool of himself in propositioning every woman he met until one finally said yes.

"Yes, Narlissa. I have never told anyone about that... how did you know?"

She smiled at him. "Because I feel that way too."

"You do?" he said, his eyes widening. "Since when?"

"Since I spent those three days with you when we first met, Sir Jeffrey. Ever since, I have had those same urges, that same horniness. I have come harder than ever before and the men I have been with have come harder, too. I have even become sterile like you, Jeffrey."

"I'm sorry, Narlissa. I'm so sorry. I didn't realise this... ability could pass on."

She grinned broadly. "You mean these gifts, Jeffrey. Do not apologise - I would not have them taken away now. They are far too special for that." She sat back then, reclining as she took another bite of her food. "I was just curious to see whether I had gained them from you or if their manifestation with you was a coincidence. I see the former is true now."

Sir Jeffrey watched her a moment. She genuinely didn't seem angry that she now shared his ability. Then again, why would she? He adored his magic cock. It made sense that she enjoyed her magic... cunt?

"Have you ever wondered why you have these abilities, Sir Jeffrey?" Narlissa asked after a while.

He nodded. He definitely had. "Yes, but I never came to a conclusion."

"Did you ever ask anyone who might know?"

"I did not," he replied. "I kept it to myself."

"Well, I am curious, now I share your talents," Narlissa grinned. "Tell me, would you like to come with me to obtain an answer?"

"What do you suggest?" Sir Jeffrey said, lowering his food. If Narlissa knew of a way to find out the origins of his talent, he would gladly go with her.

"We should go and see Breanne, Jeffrey. She is more knowledgeable in these things than anyone I have ever met. Will you accompany me?"

Sir Jeffrey considered a moment. He had met Breanne only once. Narlissa had taken him to her tower when he had sought the Axe of the Mists. She was a beautiful wizard, and she had supplied him with a map to the axe's location in return for him supplying her with the use of his cock.

"Judging by the way she treated me last time, it would be remiss of me to say no."

"Indeed it would," Narlissa grinned. "I have come to realise that when we possess a gift such as this, we must share it with as many people as possible. Why would we want to prevent them from having the strongest climaxes they may ever experience?"

Sir Jeffrey beamed at her. "I agree, Narlissa."

Soon they had set off, and Sir Jeffrey and Narlissa walked briskly to the stables. There his stablehand brought him and Narlissa their mounts. He was sure that he caught the young man staring at Narlissa, and he was certain he saw her gazing just as lustfully back. Chuckling, he spurred Swift into motion and Narlissa rode alongside him. Soon they had reached the edge of his estate and entered the thick wilderness, and he knew that from this point on he would be relying on Narlissa for directions.

Luckily she was a very good guide and they were soon well on their way through the woods. Although the ride was not short it was also not too long and Jeffrey wondered whether the distance was truly not that great or whether Narlissa was just an excellent guide. Either way they were soon in sight of Breanne's tower and Sir Jeffrey's magic cock throbbed at the thought of seeing the beautiful wizard again.

Reaching the tower, he hitched Swift to a post outside and waited whilst Narlissa knocked on the door. Before long the sound of sliding bolts sounded from the other side. It opened and Jeffrey grinned. Breanne was stood there looking as ravishing as she ever had. Her long black hair fell in waves from her head and her blue eyes looked out at them warmly. She wore a red dress today (she had been wearing blue last time they met) but it was just as tight and pushed up the cleavage from her large breasts just as well. Sir Jeffrey wondered if she ever wore clothes that didn't make her look amazing.

"Narlissa! Sir Jeffrey!" she said with a broad smile. "How nice to see the two of you. Please, come in."

She stepped aside and Sir Jeffrey entered after Narlissa. Shutting the door behind them, Breanne walked further into the room.

"Well, what is it I can do for the two of you?" Breanne said after a moment, her eyes seeming to dart over Sir Jeffrey's body.

Narlissa turned to her. "Sir Jeffrey and I have a question to ask of you, Breanne."

The wizard raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"

"Yes," Narlissa continued. "You see, and this is going to sound very silly, Sir Jeffrey possesses quite a... potent tool."

"I remember," Breanne grinned.

Narlissa giggled. "I'm sure you do. Well, it seems it is more than it appears, Breanne."

"She's right," Sir Jeffrey said. "I, um, always wondered if it was magic in some way."

"Magic?" Breanne looked intrigued.

"Indeed, m'lady. I come harder than most men and my lovers come much harder than usual, too. And there are... other side-effects."

"Such as?"

Such as the fact that Sir Jeffrey was getting incredibly horny just from staring at Breanne's sensational figure, for one. "I tend to get horny very easily, Breanne," he said. "And if I don't have sex at least twice a day I start to think of doing nothing else."

"Interesting," Breanne said. "I have not heard of this before."

Narlissa spoke again. "That's not all. After I was with Sir Jeffrey, I have the same gifts. It is as if he shared them with me."

"I see you called them gifts," Breanne laughed.

Narlissa grinned. "Well, they are. I do not want them taken off me. I just want to understand where they've come from."

Breanne considered a moment. She looked at Narlissa, then at Sir Jeffrey. At last, she spoke again.

"I will help you reach the cause of this," she smiled. "But remember, friends, I do nothing for free."

"Very well," Narlissa said, nodding.

Breanne grinned. "Excellent. Narlissa, I am in need of a handful of leaves from a yellowblossom tree. Given your skills in the wildernesss perhaps you could obtain me some? Consider that payment."

The half-elf nodded. "I can do that." She wrapped her cloak around her and winked at Sir Jeffrey before slipping from the tower.

Breanne turned to Sir Jeffrey the moment they were alone. "And of course, Sir Knight, you remember your terms of payment, do you not?"

Sir Jeffrey grinned. Of course he did. "I do, m'lady. When would you like them satisfied?"

"We have privacy now, and I like to take payment in advance when possible," she smirked, stepping towards him.

Suddenly the black-haired mage was kissing him and Jeffrey moaned into her mouth. He wrapped his arms around her body, feeling her pressed against him. Her large breasts were squashed against his chest. Her fingers were almost immediately on his armour and it tugged loose to reveal his chest. She moaned.

Sir Jeffrey dropped it to the floor and decided that Breanne too would look better naked. He reached behind the wizard to find the knots to her dress and quickly undid them. She did not resist as he loosened the dress and began to slide it from her figure.

Her breasts spilled free and he continued to push down the garment until she stood completely naked. Then he stood again, kissing her before guiding her to the nearest couch.

Breanne reclined with a smirk as she knew what was coming and moments later Sir Jeffrey was smearing his lips across her pussy. Breanne moaned at the feeling, pushing her hips back against his face. Sir Jeffrey enjoyed the taste of her cunt and ran his tongue eagerly over every inch.

"Oh yes, Sir Knight," she moaned.

Sir Jeffrey found her clit, causing her to gasp in pleasure as he swirled his tongue around it. At the same time he pushed a finger inside her, then another, pumping them in and out. She clearly loved the feeling and less than a minute later she screamed out, her cunt spasming around his fingers as she came.

Afterwards she pushed his head from between her legs and sat forward. Her tits hung down and Sir Jeffrey couldn't help grabbing them even as she undid his pants. Soon they were loose and he pulled them off until he was naked, too. Breanne grasped his cock, causing him to groan, then sat back on the sofa once again.

Sir Jeffrey knew what to do and was quickly perched above her, lining his length up with her entrance. He pushed inwards with a groan. Her pussy seemed to suck him in, stroking along his shaft.

"Mmm..." she moaned as her blue eyes fluttered. Sir Jeffrey did not keep still for long and started to move his hips. He was slow at first and just enjoyed the sight of the beautiful wizard. Breanne, however, had other ideas.

"Fuck me hard, Sir Knight!" she cried and Sir Jeffrey willingly did as commanded. He started to thump his hips against hers, her cunt stretching around his cock every time he thrust inwards. She was moaning loudly now, almost sobbing out her pleasure. Sir Jeffrey too was not quiet and grunted and groaned with the ecstasy of their sex.

His magic cock throbbed and he knew he was close. Breanne too was clearly close to the edge and Sir Jeffrey hammered his member into her as quickly as he could. He would not last much longer.

"I'm going to come!" he grunted.

Breanne stared back hungrily. "Me too! Fill me with your seed, Sir Knight!"

"Yes!" he shouted as his cum exploded from his cock. Pleasure overtook him as his jizz sprayed powerfully against Breanne's sensitive walls. At the same time she shrieked out her own orgasm, her blue eyes rolling back and her cunt clamping down on his member. She was coming so hard that she shook underneath him, oblivious to the world around her.

At last they were both done and Sir Jeffrey withdrew with a groan. Breanne grinned up at him breathlessly.

"Yes, I came as hard as I remembered. Perhaps you do have a magic cock, Sir Jeffrey, for that was quite sensational."

She stood then, picking up her dress and folding it over her arm. She did not put it on.

"I shall go and research your gifts now. Please do not disturb me whilst I am studying, but you are gentlemanly enough to know that," she smiled warmly. "I shall return when I have found something."

She walked upstairs then and Sir Jeffrey enjoyed her naked body on display. Now, he supposed, he just had to wait.

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