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This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material and descriptions of explicit sex. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are fragments from the depths of my Apperceptive Mass and have no basis in fact.

Enjoy!……B J W


Rico Rinkel blinked sleepily as he rolled out of bed.

His bed had been empty too long and he needed to find a lady

As he warmed a cup of yesterday’s coffee, he picked up the classified ads from the newspaper.

Nothing even looked promising as female companionship……..nothing worth the $15 fee the matching service charged.

Rico would put in his own ad…yeah let the babes pay to meet him…he had a lot to offer…he thought.

As he looked over the male ads for inspiration for writing one of his own……….who would want to meet these jerks who promised everything, including good looks, money, romance…jeezz this ad stuff is so phony ….how do any of these people make connection. Rico mused.

How about a short ad …right to the point…..subtle ….but arousing….Rico was on a roll.

His name and phone number…

Girl wanted.

Nobody but weirdo’s would answer that.

A western movie droned on in the background…….they were talking about breeding horses.

Horses have such an easy sex life….

An idea struck Rico like the kick of a horse.

He saw the Ad in his mind’s eye


Rico ran his ad for 3 days.

The first day the ad ran Rico got ten calls with queries about breeding his horse and what his stud fee would be .

This definitely wasn’t going the way he had planned…

On the second day, the third call was more promising…

The female voice on the phone spoke in slow southern draw “ I’m Brandy and I ‘m calling about your news paper ad.”

“ Are you a Cowboy?”Brandy continued

“Nope! Just a writer with a hell of imagination.” Rico replied.

“I didn’t think so, because a cowboy would give more details about what kind of horse he had for stud.” Brandy explained. “ You got a name, Writer?”

“Just call me Rico,” he answered.

“Ok, Maybe you have just what I want…..are you willing to find out Rico?”

“ Yes, shall we meet?” Rico asked

“Just what I had in mind, how about lunch today, meet you at Wendy’s at 12:30?” Brandy told him.

“Ok but how will I know you?” Rico inquired

“I’ll be the Red head with green eyes wearing the black cowboy hat” Brandy answered

“Are you a cowgirl?” Rico teased.

“ All I can tell you is that if I like you I’m going to ride you Rico!” Brandy returned “ Bye Ya’ll don’t be late darlin.”


Rico put down the phone in disbelief..

Ten minutes after twelve Rico was waiting in Wendy’s. He wanted to be there when Brandy walked in to meet him. It was Wed afternoon not much of crowd for lunch.


Rico was getting a little nervous …what if Brandy was a fat ugly old dyke ….yuk …he couldn’t .. .he just couldn’t.

12: 30

No Red head of any type had come in. ……Maybe Brandy wouldn’t show…but Brandy had his number.he didn’t have hers…maybe Brandy would call back…maybe not. …Maybe Brandy had seen him through the window…and just didn’t come in.


Rico decided he would wait until 1:00 before he abandoned all hope. He went counter, ordered an ice tea, and paid for it. As he turned around, there was the redhead with the black cowboy hat sitting in a booth…

Rico smiled and started to approach her. Before getting half way to her another redhead in a black cowboy hat came in and sat in a booth on the other side of the room.

Rico was dumbfounded.

He went to the table of the girl that had come in first. “Brandy?” he inquired.

“ No I’m Randy, I’ll introduce you to Brandy.” She said motioning the other girl to join them. Brandy slipped into the booth beside him saying “ Hi, I’m Brandy, a pleasure to meet you Rico.” “Are you ready for a big day at the Ranch?”

Rico still shocked questioned “ Aren’t we going to eat first?”

“No, save your money honey, we have a lunch packed and we want to take you on a picnic out at the ranch. Ok, Rico?”

“Both of you?” still a little stunned he managed to get out.

“Of course Rico, You did advertise you were available for stud service, right. “ Brandy taunted as she got out booth taking his hand and giving it soft squeeze.

Rico in his Mustang followed the girls in their Red F 150 Ford pickup to the Double X ranch.

Would he be able to satisfy both women? Rico asked himself, he was good but he had never had to satisfy two women at one time…. he wished his single shot was a six-shooter.

How would he approach the women…? Which one would he start with or would he try to kiss and caress them both at the same time..? It was hard enough to break the sexual ice of intimacy with one woman……but how would he seduce two at the same time and not offend one or both?

How had this got so complicated, Rico has just wanted to get laid…he hadn’t planed on a threesome and wasn’t sure he was up to it.

The girls passed the ranch house and continued up the dusty road toward the wooded forest. Pulling off the road to a clearing by mountain stream Rico brought the Mustang to an abrupt stop parking behind their pickup truck.

The girls had packed a great picnic and trio of new friends drank wine and ate.

The wine loosened up both Rico and the girls. Brandy and Randy snuggled up to Rico kissing and hugging him, which encouraged him to help them remove their clothes. The naked trio wrestled ,caressed, and drank wine like players in a ancient Bacchanal. Finishing a bottle of wine and putting her black cowboy hat on her head Randy stood up announcing. “I feel the call of nature,” and staggered into the cover of the forest.

Rico took this as chance to get more familiar with Brandy as he slipped his right hand into her slippery cunt as his mouth gave Brandy’s nipples a wet tongue lashing. “ Oh Rico honey, can you give me more..more?” Brandy moaned reaching between Rico legs and milking his cock into attention. Rico crawled over her body lowering his bare chest to her waiting breasts. Her taut nipples stabbed into his pecs as he pushed his rampant cock into her waiting velvet cunt.

.” Oh Rico, go slow you’re so big.” Moaned Brandy and Rico back out. Rico’s member rubbed cautiously up against her wanting mound of Venus “ I said go slow , Darling, I didn’t say run away.” She scolded and wrapping her legs around his back encouraging him to penetrate her hot honey deeper again.

Rico started a slow thrusting and as it picked speed Rico found himself on the edge of release…Brandy sensing this, cautioned him “Easy stud let’s make this last and enjoy it a little longer, Ok?” Rico slowed again and held back his release.

Brandy released her leg hold around Rico’s back and kissed him deeply. “ Rico Honey, I want you up behind me so you can breed me like mare.” Brandy continued “ Ok, Baby? I want this to be very special for you. An experience that you’ll never forget.”

Rico let Brandy get up and helping her gather some pillows off of the picnic blanket, building a comfortable cushion to support her and present her bountiful upturned backside for stud service as advertised.

Brandy sighed seductively as she kneeled down placing her tummy on the pile of soft cushions and her head on a pillow. “Go Slow Stud let’s make this last.” Brandy reminded Rico as pushed his rampant prick slowly into her slippery honey pot. Rico reached around Brandy’s back, caressed the hard nipples of ample breasts as he started slowly pumping in and out teasing, Brandy wet cunt.

In his mind, Rico imagined himself as a huge black stallion mounting a rust colored mare and thrusting his enormous horse cock into the waiting filly.

Rico lusty dreaming was interrupted by two hard nipples poking him in the back.

“Randy’s back and she wants to play too Rico.” Naked Randy wearing only a black cowboy announced.

Not wanting to be left out, she had pour wine on her breasts to make her nipples hard and had wrapped her arms around Rico pulling her hot body up against his back as he fucked her sister.

“ I just love your body Rico.” Randy cooed as rubbed her tummy against his backside. “ You wanta fuck me Stud? “

“ Yes, But not now Randy!” Rico replied trying to get back of the rhythm of breeding his mare.

Rico had slow up, this interruption was breaking his concentration he worked to get back in his groove.

Brandy moaned as Rico invaded her steaming pussy with rampant cock. He clasps her breasts tightly pulling her bottom closer to his impassioned crotch. He was floating; he could feel his release starting to build.

“Maybe I’ll just fuck you then, Rico.” Randy announced, “ Maybe I’m going to fuck your tight virgin ass Stud!”

The expression cover your own ass took on new meaning.

In his mind, he tried to imagine how Randy was going fuck his tight virgin ass. Rico looked back and saw the strap-on dildo Randy was packing; he was scared but his cock began to get harder anyway.

Brandy positioned herself behind Rico and liberally spread lubrication over his ass hole, placed the tip of her rubber cock at the entrance began to apply pressure. As Randy pushed the dildo into his ass, his initial reaction was to resist the intrusion. His ass hole got tighter the harder Randy pushed. However, he kept thrusting into Brandy. The dildo penetrated his ass and a pain ran through Rico he had never imagined. It felt as if he was being ripped in two. Rico moaned involuntarily. As Randy continued to slide the dildo into his ass, he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into Brandy.

“Oh baby that’s great, fuck me harder, harder! “ Brandy chanted “Faster, harder, harder!”

Working to bury the dildo completely inside him, Randy drove her hips forward until they were firmly planted against the pale tight cheeks of Rico bottom.

“So tell me how it feels to lose your virginity, stallion!" Randy taunted

Rico moaned.

Brandy switched on the electric vibrator in her rubber impaler, waiting for Rico’s reaction.

"What was that?" Rico groaned

"Ugh... ugh... that thing is alive in my butt. This is too much,” he whimpered.

Brandy said nothing grasping for breath as Rico squirmed even more convulsively trying to evade Randy’s pursuing dildo.

"Awww. I bet you say that to all the guys." As Randy pulled the dildo out. Rico relaxed and breathed. Randy ran her finger around the rim where his ass had been stretched open by the hot rubber cock that had been humming a little tune in his bottom. " Do you like it? Sweet stuff"

Brandy started pushing in further again, Rico responded, "Aahhhhh... Damn that’s good."

"Do you still like it?" Randy continued to sink the strap-on deeper into Rico bumping against his prostate as she talked.

" Randy stopped moving. "Beg me to fuck you, Rico Beg me to fuck your ass."

” Don’t stop” Rico pleaded, “Fuck my ass, harder, harder, fuck it harder.”

And as his ass clenched repeatedly like a vise around her strap-on and he thrust deeper into Brandy’s hot cunt. “ Oh Rico baby ..fuck me , fuck me …harder, harder! “ Brandy moaned as she approached the zenith of her third orgasm.

Rico could feel the dildo sliding in and out of his ass, filling his bowels, stimulating his cock from the inside out. As Randy fucked him, the straps that ran between her legs, of the harness to the dildo, rubbed at her clit. The harder Randy fucked his ass the more she got off. As Randy reached orgasm, she thrust inward one last time, clenching at the flesh of his ass, screaming obscenities, bucking her hips like a wild stallion, Randy withdrew the cock from his ass, As her orgasm came to an end Randy clawed his back whooping like a banshee and thrust the strap-on back into Rico’s rosebud one more time.

“ I ‘m Cumming like a race horse, “ Gasped Rico as he released his white gusher into Brandy’s hot slippery cunt. Brandy was squealing with pleasure as she came for the third time. “ Oh Rico Baby, that was great. I’m all worn out. “ Brandy wheezed, her body collapsing underneath him.

“Hey Stallion, how does it feel to be bred like a mare?” Randy taunted as she popped her dildo out of his gapping bottom hole.

Rico looked over his bleeding back; looking Randy straight in her green eyes and replied, “ I can hardly wait to show you, Hot Stuff!” Randy felt her crinkly nether hole tighten as she took a swig of wine. Randy’s mind speculated. Rico was cute, he had a nice cock, But would he really fuck her bottom? Not today, she and her sister had tapped him out.

Randy just had to have the last words.

“ Promises, Promises Stud,……………..Promises, Promises!”

Rico just smiled showing his shiny white teeth.


This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.

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