tagBDSMSubmissive's Journey 16

Submissive's Journey 16


Susan had certainly caught me off guard, submitting to Barbara like this. (see "Submissive's Journey 15")

"Pet," Barbara said to me, "go fetch a collar for your new sister. Also get a waist belt, and two leashes."

"Yes Mistress," I answered, and scurried off to do her bidding. I returned quickly, and knelt in front of Barbara, holding up the collar, belt, and leashes.

"Hold your head up high, bitch," Barbara said to Susan.

Apparently, I was to be referred to as "pet", and Susan referred to as "bitch", but time would tell if I was interpreting this correctly. Barbara snapped the collar into place, and I saw a shiver course through Susan's body, as she heard the lock click shut. Your world changes when you realize that you are owned.

Barbara also attached the belt snugly to Susan's waist. Taking one of the leashes, she looped the handle through the waist belt, and attached it then to my collar, hooking me to Susan at her waist. She clipped the other leash to Susan's collar and ordered both of us, "Get down on all fours."

Barbara led us, her two pets, on an ambling crawl through the house, both the downstairs and the upstairs. I don't think that Susan was used to crawling like this, and neither of us had any knee pads for protection. But it is useless to protest, when our Mistress is indulging herself in a whim.

As we moved, Barbara looked back at her two naked submissives, doing their best to follow her, shuffling along on our hands and knees. I imagine that Susan's view was primarily the floor between her hands, with an occasional look forward at Mistress' calves and feet.

My view was quite different. Having crawled around like this often, I did not need to look at the floor between my hands. The leash attached to my collar was long enough that my face was not pressed into Susan's buttocks. I was back far enough that I had a lovely view of her hips and butt as they oscillated with her movements. Her labia flashed in and out of view as she crawled, and they still exhibited some puffiness from their earlier stimulation. They also gaped apart slightly, perhaps because their opening remained slightly stretched from the earlier intrusion of Barbara's foot. Susan's anus was also on display for me, and the puckered opening showed some evidence of redness – a reaction to the entrance of my big toe earlier. Susan's crotch was emitting a heady scent, that kept wafting back into my nostrils. I truly enjoyed this journey through our house.

Ultimately, Barbara stopped us, and removed the leash that was leading me from both the waist belt around Susan, and from my collar. "Stay right where you are, pet – until I call you," she instructed me.

"Yes Mistress", I replied, and settled where I was. Barbara then led Susan, still crawling, over to the basement door and then down the basement steps. I pitied her – crawling down those steps is not easy.

At first, I thought my Mistress might be testing my new sister's ability to handle those difficult stairs. But time passed, and they did not re-emerge. So I waited, as I had been told, but my curiosity – always strong – grew and grew as time snailed by.

"Pet! Come down here now!" Barbara's voice echoed up from the basement.

I was in a momentary quandary. The command was clear, but did not state how I was to move. But I decided that if my Mistress had wanted me to crawl down the steps, she would have said so. So I got lightly to my feet, and proceeded down the steps.

I really was not prepared for the sight that greeted me. Susan was at the far wall, her nude body stretched upward, her wrists held in that manner by shackles whose chain was looped over the hook in the wall! My mouth went dry as I realized that this was almost the same scenario that had occurred when Susan discovered me in the basement so much earlier in our lives (see "Submissive's Journey 02"). But this time, our positions were reversed. Barbara had placed a chair at a good vantage point to watch us both, a huge smile on her face.

"Long ago," Barbara said, "Susan told me the story of how she discovered you, here in this basement. In fact, that revelation prompted me to begin giving Susan suggestions on how to train you, and I was always fascinated to hear her progress reports concerning your development. Since she now has submitted herself to me, and therefore placed herself on your level, as a sister, I decided that it would be fitting for you to reenact that original discovery, exchanging places. Try to remember, both of you, what occurred on that day." With that, Barbara settled back to watch.

Susan's first words to me on that day were still fairly clear in my mind, so I looked at her and I said, "Who did this to you? Are they still in the house?"

Susan got a startled look on her face, since it was obvious who had chained her like this. Then the penny dropped, and she realized I was starting a reenactment.

She stammered, and twitched, shifting her weight side to side, and clenched her thighs tightly together in an attempt to hide the intimate area between them. I tried to suppress a smile, imagining myself caught in this position, and wondering if I had stammered, twitched, and clenched like that.

Susan remembered that she was supposed to say something similar to what I had said back then. Blushing, she choked out, "I did this to myself. Please, please release me."

I recalled how her gaze had scanned my naked body so intently, so I did the same as I moved towards her. It is amazing how different it feels when you are chained helpless like this – exposed – vulnerable, subject to the whims and impulses of another person. That is probably why Susan started softly moaning, and her eyes widened as I approached closely.

I remembered that the first liberty she took with my body was with my breasts. So I reached out, and began lightly running my fingers across hers, watching her writhe and try to move away.

Being in control of Susan's body was a new experience for me, and I reveled in it.

My hands explored her breasts, learning their intimate contours. I lost myself in the sensations – the temperature, their resilience, the varying textures – the smoothness of their under curves, the pebbled surface of her areolae as her excitement grew, the rubbery firmness of her engorged nipples.

So engrossed was I in my study, that I was only dimly aware of the changes in Susan's sounds and breathing. Suddenly she cried out, shook, and her cunt opened to splash its contents onto her thighs. A deep red flush of embarrassment appeared on her cheeks, and spread down her neck.

I raised her chin to look at me, and smiled into her eyes saying, "It looks like I am not the only one that can cum from breast stimulation alone." I heard Barbara laugh at this comment.

"Please unhook me," Susan whispered.

I replied, "Oh no, you know we are not done yet." Continuing, I let my hands wander down her body towards her pussy.

She groaned, "Nooo – please!" But as my hands reached her mound, and traveled farther downward, Susan actually spread her thighs wider apart, rather than clenching them. She even tilted her pelvis backward, instinctively offering better access to her cunt.

I took full advantage of that access.

My hands took possession of her labia – stroking them, prodding them, teasing them! They were still somewhat swollen from her earlier orgasm, but fresh, hot blood poured into them, swelling them before my eyes to an amazing state of engorgement.

My face was in close, my warm exhalations cascading over her tender flesh. Ignoring her pleading comments, I opened her fully – almost savagely. My fingers plunged into her wetness, drawing forth the liquids being created deep within her core. I smeared these liquids over her labia, and, drawing back the hood that enshrouded her clitoris, bathed it fully.

My slippery fingers happen to touch the sensitive skin around her pee hole, and Susan jerked and shrieked when this occurred. Intrigued, I explored this skin more fully – rubbing it carefully with a fingertip, and finally poking the very tip of my smallest finger into its opening, wriggling it to try to gain entry.

Susan cried out and danced on her tip toes, trying to move away from my probing finger. But the wall behind her prevented much movement, and my free hand was pressed firmly against her mound to pin her in place. The sensations must have been electrifying, because to her mortification, Susan loss control of her bladder!

Pee hissed from her tiny hole, turned into a spraying jet by the confines of my finger. Some hit my face, and my tongue reflexively darted out to lick it away. To my surprise, the taste was not unpleasant. So when her pissing stopped, there was no deterrent to me fastening my mouth over her sex. My hands, circling around her hips, grabbed her ass cheeks, sinking firmly into them, holding her fast.

This is when I rather lost control – devouring her cunt – sucking, licking, drinking the copious fluids she began generating! My lips, my tongue, my teeth, seemed to have minds of their own, alternately spearing my tongue deeply into her vagina, or gnawing on her labia, or sucking the throbbing hardness of her clit, stripped of its hood by my pursed lips!

I grew oblivious to Susan's moans and screams, to the jangling sounds made by her chains as she thrashed her upper torso – I lost count of the number of times that she orgasmed, spurting into my mouth and all over my face, neck, and chest!

I was brought back to reality by the touch of Barbara's hand on my shoulder, and her words whispered directly into my ear: "I think she has had enough for the moment, my pet. Let go of her."

I immediately took my face back away, and sank back onto my heels with a heartfelt sigh. I looked upward, my gaze traveling up Susan's now slumped body, across her still heaving breasts coated with sweat, finally focusing my eyes on her face. She appeared to be unconscious, stunned by the succession of climaxes!

Barbara pushed something into my hands. I looked down and saw a digital camera. "Don't forget what else she did, pet."

It took me a moment or two, and then I remembered. Grinning, I staggered to my feet, getting the circulation back into my legs (I had been kneeling in front of Susan's crotch for quite some time, apparently). I began photographing her, just as she had photographed me when I was in a similar situation. I took several pictures from a distance, clearly showing her naked, slumped form dangling from her wrist restraints.

Then I move closer, getting images of the floor around her feet, drenched with her fluids. And close-ups of her cunt, looking wet and raw and used – glistening in the bursts of light created by the flash. My fingers opened her cunt to get a better view of the tissues and openings that I could still imagine feeling and tasting on my lips and tongue. As I held her open, Susan made some soft sounds and began showing signs of stirring.

I continued my picture taking, moving up her belly, and framing her gorgeous breasts in the viewfinder from several angles. Eventually I began taking pictures of her face, still roseate with her sexual flush, and the flashes in her eyes finally brought her back to consciousness.

Her first expression was a startled, puzzled look as she tried to determine what was going on. But soon I saw her expression turn to shame, probably at being so helplessly exposed, and also as she recalled being driven to one orgasm after another – unable to do anything about it. Finally her eyes focused on the camera in my hands, and they widened in surprise!

Her expression turned to shock, but after only a moment or two a smile spread across her lips, and she started laughing! Seeing my now startled look, she explained, "I remember taking pictures of you in this same situation, and how you looked! I still treasure those pictures, and I hope you and Barbara..." – at this, she quickly turned her head to look at Barbara, amending – "sorry Mistress" – turning back to me, she continued: "...and I hope that you and Mistress will treasure these pictures of me in the same way."

Barbara walked up to her, and without a word, kissed her on her lips, letting the kiss linger. She then unchained Susan from her restraints, keeping her from falling as her wobbly legs at first refused to support her. Catching my attention, my Mistress said, "Help your sister to the bathroom, my pet. Both of you could use a long soaking in a warm bath together."

"Yes Mistress," I responded joyfully, and gathered Susan into my supporting arms. Soon the two of us were floating in the soothing water, entwined in a blissful embrace.

(continued in part 17)

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