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Tentacle Touches



I'm running as fast as I can, through the woods. I feel surprised I haven't tripped over any of the many branches that cover the forest floor. Now I see why the girl always trips in the movies. It always looks stupid and phony, but that's only because the branches and twigs are very, very small. It's twilight now, getting darker by the second. I look behind me - never a good idea when you're running through the forest at full speed in the dark - nothing there. There never is.

Running is always a good feeling. I picture a mini-me riding on the tiny blood platelets. Crashing into each other like a fantastic water park. Traveling down into the legs, the tip of the toes only to be propelled back up into the body, to the hub of the heart. Mrs. Frizzle would be proud. I see waves of oxygen flow into the muscles, they breathe a relieving sigh as they absorb the life in.

What is life?

Is it blood?

Or is it air?

I'd say both. Could either 'live' without the other?

I think of such weird things sometimes.

Running up the drive way, being thankful the porch light was left on, I stand on the steps and look at the sky. Tracing the shapes of the silhouetted trees, absorbing the colors of the sunset through my eyes, down to every cell of my body. I put my hands on my hips and inhale a deep breath. One of the cats comes up and rubs herself on my legs. Letting go the breath I turn around and open the squeaky screen door.

"Have a good run, Velo?"

Dan has planted himself on the couch. He looks so relaxed, so much more relaxed than I ever saw him in the old house. Since he got this new assignment, life has finally calmed down. I would say this is the easiest time he's had in his life, but I don't want to jinx it.

"As good as usual. I need new shoes though... I've run in too many burr patches." I say grabbing some OJ from the refrigerator.


"Why don't I ever remember to wear bug repellent?" Scratch, scratch, scratch.."Oh that's right, because it smells like crap."

"I hate to tell you, but you don't exactly smell like a basket of flowers after you run."

"Har, har. I'm going to go shower."

I sit on the wooden chest at the end of our bed to take off my socks and shoes. Slipping off my damp top and stepping out of my shorts and underwear.

I always stretch in the nude after I run. It may seem vain, but seeing my muscles taut in the mirror lets me know this is well worth it. The glow of fresh blood coursing through my veins, making my cheeks and lips red.

Dan walks in, "I thought you were taking a shower?"

"I like to stretch a little while my muscles are still warm." I say glancing back into the mirror,clear skin, aqua eyes, and long reddish brown hair pulled up into a ponytail. I sit down on the floor at touch my toes.

This pose would drive any normal man wild, but not Dan. Maybe it's old cow syndrome.

"You should come running with me some time."

"You know I can't, I have knee issues."

He grabs a magazine and walks out of the room. I watch him trying to suppress the horny tingling between my legs.

Walking into the bathroom I think to myself,

"How long has it been since we made love? I wish I could transfer some of my libido to him. I feel like I could go at it for hours..."

And then the voice, I look in the mirror. A horrifying distortion of me stares back:

"It's not libido, it's compulsion. It's lust. It's manipulation. You can't make love. All you do is suck them dry. He doesn't want to make love to you because it isn't making love with you, it's you draining him. It isn't fun. You're a freak."

In a trance, I look away and turn on the shower. Wait for it to get warm.

Feel the water, it's warm now.

Hand bracing against the wall.

Lift right leg up, bend right knee, feel foot touch the bottom of the tub.

Flex stomach, suck in, lift left leg up, bend left knee, both feet touch the bottom of the tub.

I stand under the shower head, feeling the water flow over me. Feeling, at last, that something is bigger than me, something is warm and covering me. Something is loving me with every drop and there is no doubt.

I hold my face in my hands and pray, "Goddess, Divine, Universe, I need your comfort. I need strength. I need to feel not alone. I need your love."

I run my hands through my hair and feel something slip down my back - it's her again! Oh I'm so happy! She slips down to my heels and spins around to sit on the tops of my feet. Beautiful blue-green, skin soft as silk but malleable. She looks up at me with her rectangle pupils and I smile down at her. I scoop her and all of her 8 tentacles up in my hands, bringing her close to my face.

She just blinks and slithers up my arm, stretching herself across my shoulders, across my bare chest, wrapping herself around my torso.

The deeper I breathe, the more she grows. She appeared through the water, tinier than a drop, and is now almost as big as I am. It takes two hands to hold her head, I put them under her large, flexible bulb - I feel it pulse and breathe in time with it. This part is rough and warm to touch.

I lean against the side wall, feeling her tentacles run over my body. One runs gently around my neck while another holds my waist and yet another is rubbing itself against my inner thigh.

I close my eyes and give in completely to her.

She slips me down to the bottom of the tub, I feel my butt-cheeks and shoulder blades against the textured bottom. I feel her run her tentacles through my hair.

I breathe deeper. She gets bigger.

I run my hand over her large head while a tentacle wraps itself around my other wrist holding my arm above my head.

I breathe deeper. She gets bigger.

Her tentacles span the length of me now, maybe longer. Two of her tentacles manipulate my legs into bending and spreading apart. Another tentacle rubs up and down the length of my purse. I feel myself respond, the muscles contract. She goes slower, but presses harder.

I breathe deeper. She gets stronger.

A tentacle wraps around my mouth, stifling a yelp as she inserts a tentacle deep inside of me. I can't control my hips, they thrust up without warning and follow her motion of in and out.

She slows down, rubbing the outside of me again. Now I am aching, my walls hurt with desire, I'm breathing heavy. She brings in another tentacle and feels around my asshole. I feel myself open up. She's rubbing my clit and massaging my lips with two other tentacles. She inserts a tentacle into my ass - my torso bends up, she tightens her grasp on my wrist, my ankles. She holds me down while pumping her tentacle in and out of my ass while stimulating my clit and vagina.

I'm panting now. I don't know how much more I can take. I open my eyes for a moment to see her looking up at me, her eyes sparkle with fulfillment and joy and sensuality. We lock gazes - she thrusts a tentacle into my vagina. I can feel the tip of it tickling my g-spot, then rubbing my g-spot. I feel the other tentacle in my ass, pushing against the other tentacle in the other wall.

I am going to explode but she's going just slow enough to stop me.

I look at her, begging her to let me cum. She wants me to really want it. She says it's better the longer I wait.

So I pull back. I decide to wait until she says.

She is inside me, further. Her tentacles have somehow found their way into my very nervous system and is sending pulses through me. I feel her in my blood. I look down and we have become one. Her flesh and mine are the same, a transparent skin is covering us both, we are moving as one organism.

For one moment.

I'm deep breathing and panting and amazed. When she says Now! in my head and I expel liquid I didn't know I had. A slimy substance comes out of me and I convulse with the force. I try to breathe but keep convulsing. We are both convulsing. She is also contributing to the slime at the drain.

We lay there. I'm catching my breath. She's shrinking.

Soon all the slime and muck is down the drain. I breathe softly and lay there with my eyes closed in a state of ecstasy.

I open my eyes just in time to see a glimmer of light sparkle then fade away.

i close my eyes. Thank you - Until we meet again, sweet guide.

Then I hear the door open - It's Dan and he's angry!

-To be continued...

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