The Adventures of Beth


"Oh, that's nice!" she responded, "Why don't you make your finger wet."

I moved the fingertip downwards, into her vaginal region, which was as wet as a lake. She opened her legs as wide as she could to accommodate me. I scooped up some of her juices in the pink furrow and brought my finger back to the little button. I deposited the wetness in the middle of the anus and moistened the entire surrounding area. I heard her suck in her breath through her teeth as I did. She was definitely anal-erotic. Even the slightest pressure evoked some movement or sound from her. I continued to apply circular pressure to the rosebud for a period of several minutes, but at no time did I attempt even the slightest penetration. I wanted to build up in her an intensity that would explode at the right time.

"I'm going to kiss you there," I said matter-of-factly. I don't know why I announced my intentions, but I brought my lips to the tiny circle and kissed it as gently as I could. Her entire body shuddered beneath me at the touch of my lips.

"OH!" she screamed as if in shock.

I raised my head and looked once again at the pink button, exploring its minuscule hills and valleys, before planting another soft kiss on it. It was a long, lingering kiss this time, which caused the sphincter to involuntarily contract several times beneath my lips. I could hear her hands scratching the bedspread as I pushed my pursed lips into her anal region, sucking on it gently, drawing it just a little into my mouth.

"David, that's so wonderful! OH! YES!" She clutched the cotton bedspread tightly in her hand as pleasure upon pleasure drove her wild with sexual lust. There was nothing this young girl would not do for me now; she was putty in my hands.

For the first time I brought the tip of my tongue forward just far enough to lightly dance across the tiny button between my lips. "AHHHHH!" she screamed several times in succession followed by a number of hisses and groans as my tongue became bolder and played a guitar tune on the crinkly rosebud. Her breaths came in short, quick gasps; I was afraid she would faint. Some of her breaths were snorts and grunts and squeals. She dug her pubis into the soft bed and ground it against the material, seeking relief from the tremendous surge of sexuality which fired every delicate membrane between her legs. My nose, just inches from her steaming cunt, took in the pungent, feminine odors emanating from her pussy.

"OH! I can't take it, David! I shall die if you keep it up!" she gasped.

"What a way to go!" I chided, lifting my lips away from her anus just long enough to talk before resuming my unceasing assault on the most private of her erotic zones. Despite the diminutive size of the button, it offered no resistance, surprisingly, to the tip of my tongue which forcibly penetrated the tights walls and wormed its way into sphincter itself. The slight movement unlocked the gates of hell; Beth screamed out as if she were in the greatest pain and literally beat her fists into the bed, so thrilling was the effect of my tongue's plunge into her delicate rosebud. The ease with which I penetrated her with my tongue gave me hope that my cock might be as lucky, though it was obvious the orifice was still extremely tight.

By spreading the anal area as far as I could with the fingertips of both hands, I was able to work yet more of my slippery tongue into her. The anus gripped me with a vice-like force that threatened to expel me from inside her. I kept the pressure up, however, and gained further territory; I was now inside the rectum, teasing the inner walls, as Beth cried out with uncontrollable ecstasy. She was a woman possessed, yearning to be manipulated in every way. I kept my tongue inside her for many minutes; I lost track of the time as I reveled in the pretty girl's anal delights. In time, her rear entrance was wet and slippery with my saliva. I felt it was time to try the impossible.

I pulled my mouth from her anal region, withdrawing my tongue from the tight hole. "I think you're ready, babes."

"I am, David. Please be gentle."

I decided not to take any chances; I wanted this to be a memorable moment for her. I arose from the bed and began walking away from her.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"To get some Vaseline, honey. I don't want to hurt you." Knowing my predilection for anal sex, I always kept a jar of K-Y jelly or Vaseline in my suitcase when I traveled. I rummaged through my clothes and found the small jar hidden between two shirts. I returned to the naked girl with my prick standing tall, ready for the assault, and removed the top of the jar. There was more than enough grease inside to complete the job. She still lay on her stomach, facing the foot of the bed, her legs spread wide. I stood in front of her with my hard-on near her smiling face. She was surveying the assault weapon with considerable interest.

"It will never fit," she said matter-of-factly. "It's huge! You'll split me apart!"

"As long as you relax and let me do all the work, there will be no problem. I won't take you until I'm sure it will fit. I want you to turn around and raise your behind up nice and high, using your knees to support your legs."

"Here goes nothing!" she said as she moved her butt into a raised position. The globes were full and creamy-white. The crease was opened far enough to reveal the tiny rosebud, still wet with my saliva. I had her open her legs wider, primarily to gain a better view of the anal button, the long pink slit between her legs, and the pretty tail feathers. It looked more virginish, even more tiny from this vantage point. It was a challenge I had to take, a mountain to be climbed and conquered. I dipped my index finger into the jar of Vaseline and loaded it with a small dab of the greasy substance. I placed the opened jar next to Beth's knee. Leaning forward, using the foot of the bed to support the weight of my body, I placed my left thumb inside her lower ass crease and pushed the fatty softness to the side, exposing her small opening completely.

"It's so beautiful, Beth," I whispered as I brought the greasy index finger next to the button and spread some gel across the puckered opening.

"Mmm. That's nice," she said softly, shifting her body slightly on the bed. I did nothing at first but coat the anus and surrounding area with a thin layer of Vaseline, applying the greasy substance in a gentle, circular motion with the tip of my finger. The anus was soft, yet bumpy. It was pliable to the touch, which she seemed to enjoy immensely.

Still spreading the lower ass crease apart, I returned my finger to the opened jar and retrieved a larger amount of lubricant. "I'm going to put my finger inside of you now, honey. Relax completely and let it happen; don't fight me." I pressed the greased-up fingertip right into the middle of the tiny rosebud, already shiny from the previous lubrication, and pushed inward. Beth drew in her breath sharply as my fingertip broke through the door. The anus quickly grabbed me as if to force me out.

"Easy now, relax," I coaxed her as I continued to apply inward pressure. I could feel the rest of my finger passing through the tight portal into the warm rectum. I looked down and watched it disappear into the hole, past the first knuckle, then the second, all the way to the very end of my finger. I gently scratched the inside of her rectal wall with the impaled finger; it was ultra-soft to the touch, warm and moist. She squealed with delight and pushed her ass back into my finger, wanting more of it inside her.

"David, you bastard! It's so fucking wonderful! I love it! OH! YES! Keep moving your finger inside me like that! AHHHHHH!" The movement of my index finger inside her drew long hisses and deep breaths from the sexy hottie. When I began to piston my finger in and out, slowly, she nearly came unglued. I looked at her face, contorted in concentrating on the effects of my anal finger-fuck. Her eyes were tightly shut; her teeth were bared in the form of a growling look. I returned my eyes to her asshole and watched my finger slide in and out of the tiny orifice. The muscles relaxed completely and my finger moved without problem through the anal tract.

"Good girl," I said. "You're nice and relaxed. Are you ready for the next step?"

"What's that?" she asked.

"Two fingers," I replied.

"Mmm. I think I'd like that," she whispered.

I withdrew my glistening finger from inside her and dipped it and my middle finger into the Vaseline jar, all the way to the bottom, providing a nice coating of the gel along both fingers. I pressed my fingers close together, the fingernail of my index finger pressing against the tip of my middle finger. Still prying the anus apart with my left thumb, I pressed the greasy fingers into the center of her anus. "Relax", I said softly as I pushed inward, breaking the plane. She breathed in deeply through her mouth as the lubricated fingers entered slowly entered her tiny, gripping anus. "Does that hurt?" I asked.

"Oh, David, it feels so nice! It doesn't hurt at all. I think I'm really going to like this!"

"Good girl, just let it happen. Take it nice and slow," I spoke reassuringly as I continued to press on with the anal assault, watching my fingers slide slowly into her, little by little, until there was no more to go. I was fully inside her now, but hesitated moving my fingers until her sphincter relaxed around them a bit more. Finally, I wiggled them slightly, simultaneously rubbing the exquisite softness of the rectal walls and spreading the anus apart even more.

"AHHHHHH! YES! YES! Oh, that's perfect, David! Keep doing that! It feels so wonderful!" To enhance her pleasure, I began moving my hand quarter turns to the right and left and spreading my impaled fingers apart inside her. My efforts were designed to widen the anal tube and accommodate the sphincter to an ever-increasing size of invasion. Not only were my efforts succeeding in this regard, the added benefit of doubling Beth's pleasure in the process, and relaxing her completely, increased the possibility of the greatest ass-fuck of my life.

When I began the agonizingly wonderful combination of piston-like movements, finger wiggling, and finger spreading, Beth fell flat on the bed, on her stomach, gripping the sheet frantically with her hands. I followed her down, lying on top of her left leg and started lightning-fast pistoning movements with my fingers. Once again, she pounded her fists into the bed and arched her ass into my invading fingers, as her breaths come in short, quick gasps. I didn't realize it at first, but she was having an orgasm, the anal variety, the first of her life.

"I'm coming!" she screamed. "Finger my ass, yes, yes! AHHHHHHHHH!"

She exploded beneath me, screaming out in wild pleasure. I kept my fingers inside her as the orgasm subsided. "More?" I asked.

"If you stop now I'll kill you. I never came so hard in all my life, David. Rockets went off inside me!" She was still trying to catch her breath. "I want the real thing, David! I know I can take it. I know I can!"

"I could put three fingers inside you first to open you up more."

"Oh no, I want your cock inside my ass. We can do it, David. Please do me now. Please, David."

Who was I to argue? She was right. She was ready. I withdrew my slippery fingers from her shiny ass, used them to get a large glob of Vaseline from the jar, and, rising to a kneeling position, smeared the lubricant all over my erect cock, concentrating on the bulbous head.

"I need your help," I said, reaching for a pillow. "Put this pillow under your tummy so your ass is nice and high." She arched up and I pushed the pillow under her stomach. "Perfect. Now reach behind you and spread your ass apart with your fingers." Kneeling between her spread legs, I watched her hands move to her creamy ass as she opened herself up to me. The asshole looked well-greased; it glistened in the light. I moved in close to her; the upper part of my knees pressed against the insides of her spread thighs. I grabbed the base of my well-lubricated cock and pushed its bulbous head against Beth's splayed asshole and, pressing in slightly, ran it through the anal region.

"Oh, David! YES!!! It, it feels so big! I need it in my ass so bad! Fill me with it, David!" I didn't know how I could do it. The head of my cock was many times the size of her tiny rosebud.

"You need to spread yourself further, babes, as much as you possibly can. And when I get inside you, you will need to pull it apart whenever you feel it getting too tight for you. Do you understand?"

"I think so," she sighed as I gently nudged myself against the center of her anus. "But I don't care if it hurts, I just need it inside me." I leaned forward, extending my body over her raised ass with my cock still knocking at her back door. I supported myself with my arms at either side of her ribs.

Here goes!" I said as I began to push my cock harder into her anal region. I could feel the anal membranes give in slightly. She encouraged me to push harder into her and attempted to spread her anus further apart. I pushed in hard and felt the asshole give in a little more. Encouraged by the pliability of the membranes, I doubled my efforts.

"I can feel it starting to go in, David! Can you feel it, too?"

"Yes, Beth, relax, honey. Don't fight me now!" I could feel the head of my cock breaking through the small opening, aided by the fine coating of lubricants on my shaft and inside her.

"It hurts a little, David, but don't stop. We're almost there, darling. Oh, baby, I feel like I'm being split open! It's going in, David! I can feel it!" Sure enough, I felt the head of my rigid cock move all the way through the protesting sphincter. I was home free! It would be a piece of cake, now, to take her all the way home. I steadied myself and let the anal muscle accustom itself to the intruder. Beth remained perfectly steady also. I could tell she was in some amount of pain.

"Tell me when the pain goes away, honey. It's all down hill from here!" She smiled through a pained expression on her face. It was a smile of pride as well as happiness. Her anal ring was so tight around me I was afraid she would cut off the circulation to my cockhead.

"It hurts so good, David. Do you know what I mean? The pain is secondary to the act of having a big, beautiful cock up my ass! I'm not scared anymore, David. And the pain is subsiding. Can you put it in further?"

I didn't answer her verbally. I let my prick do all the talking. I pushed my hips forward as Beth pushed her ass backwards, into me. Together, we conquered the long tunnel. My cock moved silently into her bowels. The softness of the rectal walls met the softness of the head of my cock in the warmth and darkness of the tight canal. All the way in, her ring caressed my prick. The path was filled with untold pleasures; I was King of the Mountain! I even began to piston my cock back and forth as Beth screamed out in madness.

"Fuck my ass, David! Oh, your cock in my ass. I love it! Slow, nice and slow, David. Oh, yes, that's it. Easy. Easy." I moved my cock in and out of her asshole in a slow, steady motion for several moments. "Okay, David, darling, do it faster, lover. AHHHH! OHHHH! YES! YES! DAVID, I'M COMING! I'M COMING!"

It was too much for me, also. "Me, too, baby! AHHHHHH!" We climaxed together as my sperm filled her rectum. I fell on top of her back, exhausted, my prick still inside her, deflating. She was still breathing hard, trying to catch her breath.

"David, that was the greatest! When can we do it again?"

We both laughed. I was too tired to answer her. I knew it would be soon. When I gained my strength, after my cock slipped out of her, I told her she must accompany me back to Ricardo and Elena. I explained that she would have to watch Laurie being tortured.

"It's okay, David. I understand."

Later, Beth and I moved inconspicuously into Elena's bedroom, past Ricardo and Barbie, in front of the pink satin-sheeted bed, upon which were Elena and Laurie, both completely naked, in a familiar '69' position. Elena was on top, facing the foot of the bed, her head buried between the spread legs beneath her, having her way with Barbie's hairless cunny. I searched Beth's eyes for a hint of jealousy; there was none. She stood naked and proud, in front of me. I had thrown on a pair of swim shorts; she backed her firm ass into my shorts. I turned to Ricardo who caught my eye; I winked and gave him a wry smile, letting him know without words that I had been successful with the lithe, young girl in front of me. His arms were around the front of Barbie, blocking my view of her magnificent knockers; his limp cock was obvious evidence that the fucking he had been giving her when we left the room was over. I leaned forward and whispered in Beth's ear.

"Don't be scared in here; I'll protect you."

"I know," she whispered confidently.

The room seemed filled with sex. The love-making of Elena and Laurie had been passionate and tiring. Elena lifted her head up when she heard me shuffle my feet, revealing Laurie's shaved cunt, the lips splayed, exposing the long, pink gash filled with Elena's saliva and her own love-juices. "Welcome back," said Elena with a big smile. Her eyes were feasting on Beth's pretty strawberry-blond bush. "I hope you don't mind me sharing Laurie with you. She's has a fantastic tongue! And her cunt is delicious beyond compare!" Elena licked her lips, greedily. She was trying to get the girl's goat.

"I don't mind at all," said Beth, to my surprise. "You may have her if you like." The proud air with which she spoke took Elena aback.

"Oh, dear, you have had a falling out?" as Elena.

I decided to save the youngster some grief. "Shall we say a 'falling in'," I said with a smile. Elena understood immediately.

"She is yours?" she asked of me. I nodded once.

"Mmm, too bad. I had some nice plans for the white little ass of hers. So I am left with Laurie, then." There was an obvious look of hurt on Elena's face; she had been looking forward to having some fun with Beth. "Very well, then Laurie shall receive what each of them would have gotten. She will get it double!" The was a look of fire in Elena's eyes as she moved her crotch away from Laurie's mouth and knelt doggy-style over the pretty blonde.

"Get up, you whore! You have an appointment with me in the Punish Room where your ex-girlfriend can watch how discipline is administered here on the Pain Boat. You are to be punished for having sex with an underage girl. Come with me, you cunt-sucker!"

Elena jumped off Laurie who lay back on the bed, looking dumbfounded. Elena grabbed her right wrist and pulled the blonde to a seated position. Laurie's eyes searched for and quickly found Beth's; with her eyes she was asking her lover what was going on. As Beth stared right through her, a hurt look came across Laurie's face. I put my arm on Beth's left shoulder and she leaned her back into my chest and closed her eyes.

Laurie understood immediately, turned her head, and allowed herself to be pulled off the bed by the steaming-mad Elena. Without saying a word, Elena dragged the wide-eyed blonde out the door and down the hall. The four of us followed, in procession. I felt overdressed--everyone else in the party was completely naked! Walking in front of Beth, I reached back and held her hand as we neared the room.

We entered, the six of us, into the Room of Pain. Elena left Laurie for a moment; I watched her rummage through a chest of drawers and pull out an anal plug. The plug was made of a pink-colored rubbery substance, hardened sufficiently to enable it to penetrate the tightest of anal orifices. The thin tip tapered out into a bulbous base which in turn retapered quickly back to a thin shaft which would be gripped by the anal ring. Beneath the shaft was yet another, but smaller rounded and circular piece which was designed to preclude insertion of the entire device into the rectum. Once inserted, the device could not be expelled by the victim, nor could it inadvertently be forced into the rectum and lost in the dark canyon thereof. I had often seen the devices used to prevent "accidents" during particularly severe whippings.

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