The Adventures of Beth


Laurie stood in the center of the room, naked, scared, shaking; her head was hung low, her eyes closed. She neither saw nor heard her likewise naked torturer approach her from behind. "I am going to insert an anal plug in you so you don't stain my floor, honey. You can piss all over the place while I'm training you, but we don't care to have any serious 'accidents'. Now, my dear, I want you to bend over and grab your toes. Don't move from that position until I tell you to. Now do it!"

Laurie bent over, her back arched high, her solid ass facing the interested audience behind her, and put her fingers around the toes of each foot. The effect was perfect--the position forced her to bow her legs which in turn opened her anal region to our lustful eyes. Her anus was much larger than Beth's, and brown in color rather than pink. Her melon-like breasts hung limply downwards, the fatty tissue swaying slightly as the tearful blonde struggled to maintain a delicate balance. Until Elena abruptly moved directly behind the bent-over girl, I had an eye-pleasing view of the length of Laurie's hairless cunt.

Elena pressed her left hand down on top of Laurie's back, then used the pink butt plug to press the exposed lower buttocks apart, revealing even more of the crinkly rosebud. Beth turned her head to the side and closed her eyes as Elena brought the tip of the plug to the center of the anus. I put my arm on Beth's shoulder and squeezed it to comfort her. The kid had been through a lot in one day; it didn't seem fair to force her to watch the torture of the girl she had loved only this morning.

Laurie screamed out in pain as the unlubricated tip of the butt plug painfully penetrated her sphincter. I could feel Beth shudder and wince, knowing without looking that her friend's most private part had just been violently raped. Without lubrication, the path into the dark rectum would be much more painful.

I had a perfect view of Elena's gorgeous hanging tits as well and she was bent slightly over, her head only inches from Laurie's ass, intently watching the device slowing spreading the anal entrance as the increasingly larger part of the plug moved further inside the pain-racked cavity.


"This is mild compared to what's ahead, honey-child. You are lucky I didn't give you an enema first and use this to hold the water in. We're almost there, so hold on." The last portion of the tapered plug disappeared into Laurie's rectum; the painfully enlarged anal ring quickly gripped the thin shaft, leaving the circular bottom of the device sticking obscenely out of the pretty blonde's ass. Elena stood back and admired her handiwork, leaving Laurie bent over in shame and degradation.

"David, I should like you to help me hoist her up to the ceiling. I also want her legs moved apart also with her ankles affixed to the spreader bar.

I moved from Beth's side and stood next to the still bent-over victim who was shaking in fear. Her gorgeous ass was covered with goose bumps. Elena threw me two wrist cuffs. I moved to Laurie's front; she looked beautiful in this position, so vulnerable, so weak. "Stand up!" I ordered. She did, at least happy to relieve the pressure from her aching back. I looked down at her shaved pubis; she looked like a little girl with the visible cuntal crack. Her clitoral hood was enlarged as a result of Elena's recent activities there.

"Hold your wrists in front of you," I ordered. She held them out to me, palms down, about waist high. I could sense the tremendous fear inside her as I attached the cuffs to each wrist while Elena moved to the pulley and began lowering the rope with the round metal link at the end. Elena lowered the metal ring to about chest-high, just as I finished attaching the second cuff. One by one, I held Laurie's wrists to the large link and joined the metal, link to link. I made sure that her wrists faced each other; otherwise, she would face the danger of breaking them during the hanging process. The insides of the black leather cuffs were lined with soft red acrylic fur. The fur eased the pain and prevented chafing.

"The spreader-bar is by the wrack," said Elena. I moved to it and picked it up. The long cylindrical bar, about a half-inch thick and four feet long, had leather straps and belt buckles at either end. The bar was slightly heavy. I moved in front of Laurie and knelt on one knee by her feet. I looked up at her from my kneeling position; she was looking down at me with a fearful look in her eyes. I couldn't help gawking at her hairless slit and softly swaying tits. The view from this perspective was awesome.

"Open your legs, Laurie. Be a good little girl." I looked down and watched the feet move awkwardly apart, not nearly far enough to accommodate the length of the spreader-bar. I put my hands inside her thighs, about half-way up from the knee, and forced her legs to move further apart. I looked into her cunt as I did so, watching the unbelievably gorgeous puffy lips open slightly for me to reveal some of her sweet, pink slit. Satisfied that her legs were spread far enough, I pulled the left strap around her ankle and buckled it; I then did the same with the right one.

I stood up in front of her, her legs spread before me, her elbows bent in front of her. Boldly, I brought my hand between her legs, into her hairless crotch. I grabbed a good handful of the meaty flesh as Laurie's face turned a hundred shades of crimson. The pouting tissues of her cuntal lips were soft and free of stubble. I could feel the hardness of her clit on the palm of my hand. My middle finger nestled inside her slit. I didn't penetrate her at all; I had had a gnawing desire to feel her shaven cunt ever since I saw it.

"I like," I said simply, giving the fatty tissues an extra gentle squeeze before removing my hand from between her spread legs. "String her up!" I suggested. I heard the familiar squeal of the pulley. Standing a few feet in front of the stark naked blonde I watched her arms begin to rise towards the ceiling, being pulled upwards by the rope.

As her wrists slowly neared the top of her head, her bent elbows began to straighten, and with the straightening came the revealing sight of her gorgeous large-nippled and supple breasts which were swaying slightly back and forth. Her face was contorted in fear; she knew the helplessness of her situation, yet she was defenseless to prevent it. As the arms came to their fully extended position over her head, Laurie felt the first tightness of the rope slowly pulling her arms up. She let out an audible scream and a moan as her arms began to feel the dead weight of her body.

It was one of my favorite positions, from both viewing and torture standpoints. The victim's body was completely and totally exposed, from her hanging wrists to her toes. Every part of her body was accessible to just about any sized whip or strap; she could be fucked or sucked or whipped or just left hanging for torturous hours. I had often seen victims, thusly trussed and hoisted, turned in a circle and whipped mercilessly and randomly, feeling the ugly sting of the lash against whatever part of the happened to be near the merciless whip. I continued to stand in front of her, watching the leg-spreader with her ankles attached, rise slowly from the floor. Her head looked upwards at her wrists locked by the metal ring. As her entire body rose from the floor, it began to swing gently from side to side. She lowered her head and looked at me, wide-eyed, fearful.

"She is ready for you, Elena. Have fun!" I said, moving past the hanging blonde to stand behind my Beth.

"I told you it would not be pleasant," I whispered in Beth's ear.

"She's so helpless, David. I feel like I should feel more sorry for her, but I don't. She let me down by giving in to Elena; she sent me to you and now I know there is more than her tongue to keep me satisfied." She nudged her sweet, firm ass back into my lower abdomen, where my limp cock filled her ass crease once again. I wanted to fuck her ass right then and there, but decided to wait for a more propitious opportunity.

Elena moved to the whip wrack and found the cat-o-nine tails, a thin handled whip with nine strands of braided leather. I had always preferred the cat-o-nine tails when whipping someone. For the victim, it was like getting lashed nine times with one stroke. She moved to the front of the hanging blonde, brandishing the menacing whip.

"This is a cat-o-nine tails, Laurie, in case you didn't know. How hard I use it on you depends on the amount of cooperation I receive from you in answering some rather personal questions. If you are really uncooperative, you will find this part of your anatomy feeling the brunt of the lashing." She held the base of the cat-o-nine tails in the middle of Laurie's spread legs and brought it up against her shorn cunt. "Right here!" she emphasized, cruelly pushing the whip into the tender cuntal folds.

"You are charged," continued Elena, "with taking indecent liberties with a minor, namely Beth. Come here, Beth!"

Beth was taken aback by the request. "Go," I urged her, "I won't let her hurt you." The now-trembling girl moved forward, her eyes staring at the cat-o-nine tails being held in Elena's right hand.

"How old are you, Beth?" asked Elena.

"Twenty-one," she replied.

"Has this woman done anything sexually to you?" Elena pointed the cat-o-nine tails at Laurie.

"Well, y-yes. But she didn't force me to do anything."

"It does not matter. She took advantage of you and must be punished accordingly. "Come stand in front of her!" Beth moved to Laurie's front, with Elena behind her. Elena placed her hands on Beth's shoulders; the cat-o-nine tails hung limply down over the girl's back.

"What have you done with her? What kind of sexual acts have you performed on her, Laurie?"

Laurie cocked her head slightly. Her arms were beginning to hurt from the weight of her body. "I... I have only kissed her."

"Kissed her where, you whore?"

"On her sex," said the tearful blonde.

"You put your tongue in her cunt?" Elena seemed livid.

"Y-yes," cried Laurie.

"And her ass?" asked Elena.

"I, I..." Laurie's voice trailed off.

"Answer me, you bitch, or I'll whip your cunt right here and now!"

"Yes, yes!," cried Laurie, "I used my tongue there too. Please, these questions are embarrassing."

"I should think so!" shouted Elena. "This young girl is beneath the age of consent and you violated her. It does not matter that she was a willing partner or not. Did you use any dildos on her?"

"NO! NO!," replied Laurie. "We never did that, honestly."

"Is that true, young lady?" asked Elena, gripping her shoulders more tightly. Beth felt Elena's erect nipples digging into her back.

"She never put anything like that inside me, just her fingers or her tongue."

"Then your ass is virgin, young lady?" suggested Elena.

"Ah, well, ah......not exactly," she stammered, not knowing exactly how to answer the embarrassing question.

"What do you mean 'not exactly', either it is or isn't! Which is it? Speak up!"

"Well, uh, you see, uh David...uh, well he, uh...."

Elena quickly realized what Beth was trying to say. "I see," she softly replied. She had wanted the ass for herself, having seen virginish, tiny rosebud during her previous inspection of her and Laurie. She was really upset now.

Very well, go back to David, he seems to know how to take care of you." There was a strong hint of jealousy in Elena's voice. Beth walked back to me, tears streaming down her face and onto her small, girlish tits. She embraced me immediately, crying softly into my neck. I patted her back and squeezed her gently. Elena looked at us with fire in her eyes. I knew she would take her hurt out on Laurie.

Even Laurie couldn't believe her ears. Her lover had just admitted to being fucked in the ass by a stranger. She knew I had taken other liberties as well. As I continued to hug and comfort Beth, Elena moved in front of the hanging blonde and turned the cat-o-nine tails around her hand so the thin ebony- colored wooden handle was fully exposed. She moved the handle between Laurie's spread legs and brought it into the bare cunt. Laurie winced as she felt the cold wood press against her exposed pink, slit.

"So you have caused your young friend to be defiled. I am ashamed of your actions!" Elena pressed the handle of the cat-o-nine tails forcefully between the pouting pussy lips. Laurie screamed out in pain. "I am going to whip you first, young lady, before deciding what other punishments you deserve. Do you know why you are to be whipped?"

"Y-yes, OH! THAT HURTS!" cried Laurie as the whip handle dug smartly into her tender cuntal membranes.

"And well it should!" shouted Elena as she turned the handle to hold the tip perpendicular to Laurie's aching pussy. She easily found the entrance to the exposed vagina and pushed the whip handle upwards, between the delicate and sensitive folds, into Laurie's vagina. Laurie screamed out violently as she felt the handle cruelly penetrate her vaginal door. Elena shoved it in to the hilt and moved her hand away, leaving the long black strands hanging down between the spread legs. It was an odd sight, standing behind the tortured blonde, seeing the pink butt plug and leather strands as I continued to hold the still sobbing Beth in my arms. Her rock-hard nipples were digging into my hairy chest; her pubic fleece nestled softly against my right thigh.

Elena placed her hands on Laurie's hips and twisted the hanging blonde from side to side, all the while staring at the mammoth coral-nippled jugs which bounced around like jelly. She reached up with the palm of her right hand and steadied the bouncing left tit by cupping it gently in her palm. "Mmm. It's so heavy," she whispered, weighing the soft, fleshy meat in her hand. She leaned forward and sucked the huge nipple into her eager mouth, then bit down into the sensitive protuberance with her front teeth.

Laurie winced and cried out in pain. Elena bit harder. The tortured blonde tried to evade the attack on her tender nipple, but only managed to twist some more in her bonds. When Elena finally relaxed the bite and removed her teeth from the large nubbin, it appeared red and swollen.

"What is she doing," whispered Beth in my ear, "I can't bear to watch with all that screaming."

"Elena just bit her nipple real hard. Laurie's a big girl, she can take a lot pain," I said.

Beth moved her hand down my back and slipped it under my shorts, grabbing a good chunk of my ass. "Would you like me to kiss you back here sometime? All over?" She was trying to turn me on, hoping we could once again exit gracefully. She didn't want to be around while Laurie was being tortured. She pushed her hand further down and tried to find my anus with her middle finger.

"How about right now?" I whispered.

"O.K.," she said, "Let's go!"

"Uh-uh, babes. I have to stay and watch. Do it right here, don't be shy." I pulled my head back to study her face which had a quizzical, puzzled look on it.

"In front of Ricardo and Barbie?" she asked.

"You saw Ricardo fucking Barbie before, right in front of us. Shyness is not permitted around here. They won't see what you're doing anyway."

"But they'll know," she said, emphasizing the last word.

"They won't even pay attention. Besides, it will take your mind off of what's happening to Laurie."

"I, I don't care what's happening to her. Do you really want me to do that here?" she asked, this time emphasizing the next to the last word.

"More than anything else," I replied, looking deeply into her soft, blue eyes. "Do it nice for me, honey."

She began to realize I was serious and didn't know how to take it. I was asking her to do the most personal thing one can do, and do it in public! I was testing her.

"Okay," she whispered, "because I love you, David." I didn't say any more. I allowed her to settle in behind me. She scratched my back gently, looking over at Ricardo and Barbie who weren't paying the least bit of attention to us. Their eyes were fixed on the show in the center of the room.

"Shall I pull your shorts down?" she asked.

"It would help," I replied sarcastically.

I felt her thumbs inside the ribbed elastic at the top of the shorts. Her nails scratched me slightly as she pushed them over my hips and down to my thighs. My cock was half awake, no where near erect. "Take them all the way off," I said, looking back and down at the pretty strawberry blonde hair atop her head.

She pushed them down my legs and I stepped out of them, naked like everyone else in the room. Beth stood up behind me and brought her lips to my ear. "If you're not embarrassed, you bastard, then neither am I. I'm going to make you come in front of your friend."

"It won't be the first time," I said. I don't think Beth heard me; her tongue was making a trail at the time down the middle of my back, pausing when she reached the top of my ass crease, just long enough to assume a kneeling position directly behind me. I felt her fingernails move to my buttocks, scratching them softly, as she planted tiny kisses all over my rear quarters. It did not take long for my sheath to come to life; blood rushed to it and engorged it quickly. Her tender kisses were interspersed with soft sucking sounds, loud enough to be heard by Ricardo who looked over to see what was happening. I winked at him and he smiled.

I looked straight ahead at Elena and Laurie, pretending to be oblivious to the parting of my lower ass cheeks and wearing my hard-on with an air of nonchalance. I made an audible groaning noise when her quicksilver tongue sent a lightning bolt up my asshole. Elena looked over for the briefest of seconds, saw immediately what was happening, and decided to take it out on Laurie. She would have given her right arm to trade places with me, to have the that tongue up her ass, but it was not to be. Laurie would pay the price of jealousy dearly.

Elena let the huge breast fall of its own accord back into place upon Laurie's heaving chest. She watched the mammary gland bounce like jelly for a few seconds, then, using the full palm of her right hand, slapped the defenseless flesh along the side with a loud crack. The painful slap received Laurie's immediate attention--she screamed out in pain. Her breasts were extremely sensitive; the delicately soft flesh felt like it was on fire. The right side of the mammoth melon reddened immediately.

Laurie's agonizing scream must have scared Beth; her tongue shot into my asshole like a bullet. I nearly fell forward. No sooner had I steadied myself than Beth's tongue was back doing a slow, steady, excruciatingly wonderful number on my asshole.

Elena reached back down between Laurie's legs and yanked downwards on the leather braids of the cat- o-nine tails. She brought the handle, wet with Laurie's own juices, to the blonde's half-open mouth. "Suck the handle, you whore, clean it off!" She pushed the handle into Laurie's mouth. Laurie closed her lips around it; she was familiar with the taste of the sticky, wet substance on the handle, only this time it was her own nectar she was sampling. I reminded her of Beth's cunty taste. Satisfied that she had sufficiently embarrassed the hanging blonde, Elena withdrew the handle from Laurie's mouth and gripped it with her right hand.

There was a strange power that Elena felt when she confronted one of her victims thusly; it didn't matter that the particular torture device was a cat-o-nine tails or a birch rod or a strap, or whatever, it was her complete control over the situation, her total domination of the victim that gave her this power.

With a quick flick of the wrist, Elena brought the nine strands across Laurie's left hip. "THWACK!" The loud crack of leather against defenseless flesh shattered the quietness of the room. Laurie let out a short but loud scream of anguish as the braids of the cat-o-nine tails dug into her hip and lashed all the way around to the creamy, white globe of her ass. Before she could even catch her breath, another stroke fell just below the first, causing her whole body to shake as she screamed out even more loudly this time. Ugly red welts quickly appeared, at least six or seven lines where each lash had struck. It was only the beginning of what would prove to be a night of endless pain for the big-breasted blonde.

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