The Boyfriend Pt. 37

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Liam tells Tasha about his deal with Blake.
1.5k words

Part 37 of the 63 part series

Updated 11/28/2023
Created 07/25/2023
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XXXVII: How Did Blake Convince You?


Liam let out a deep breath as he sank back into the driver's seat and Tasha got comfy on the passenger's side. He didn't start the car yet.

Kiki's car had been closer to where the movie theater and restaurant were, so he and Tasha had said goodbye at her car before going back to his. Tasha lived a bit farther away, so she'd driven to his house, parked, and then he'd driven the two of them.

Hanging out back at college is so much easier.

Liam liked being able to drive wherever instead of needing to rely on the T or a taxi or something, but he did not miss Los Angeles traffic.


Liam blinked, shaking himself, then glanced at Tasha.

She was peering at him with an eyebrow raised, sparkling eyes curious--maybe even a bit concerned.

"You alright?"

He hadn't started the car yet.

After thinking for a moment, he took another deep breath and turned toward Tasha. He knew what he was getting into, and he'd made the decision, but...

Still not entirely sure I won't regret this.

"I need your help with something kind of...private."

Tasha's eyes widened for a moment, flashing, then resumed their sparkling at she smirked, and Liam had to remember to hold her gaze and not look away. Especially not down.

Tasha had taken today as an opportunity to fuck with Kiki, and since it was in the sixties, which was warm considering the weather they'd had at school the last few months, Tasha had worn jean shorts and a low-cut, powder blue crop top with long sleeves that left her shoulders bare and had made both Liam and Kiki blush whenever they'd forgotten themselves and looked down.

As Tasha shimmied a little bit, Liam accidentally glanced down, and found himself blushing again. Worse, when he met Tasha's gaze, her eyes told him she'd caught him.

"Is it something with Blake?"

Liam's cheeks grew hotter, "Yeah."

When he said nothing else, Tasha arched an eyebrow and leaned closer, putting her arm on the console between them, "Are you going to tell me what it is?"

Liam bit his lip and sighed, nodding.

"So. Blake wanted me to...experiment with some things while we were away, so I would be more comfortable with it when we got back."

Tasha's face lit up, "Wait, is this like the being rougher thing? Does she want to tie you up?"

Liam rolled his eyes, "No. I mean--actually, probably, but that's not what I meant. And you're way too excited about that."

Tasha arched an eyebrow, "Is there something wrong about me getting excited by the thought of cute boys all tied up and helpless?"

Liam held her gaze, "Yes. Because you're insane, and evil."

Tasha gave him probably her most dramatic sigh and eyeroll combo to date.

"Ugh, you're no fun. Just tell me what you were going to say."

Liam nodded, then took another deep breath.

Any more of that, and I'll be in danger of hyperventilating.

"Okay, so I've been doing what Blake asked, and I want to go a bit further, but I kind of need help with that, and I want to surprise her, so I couldn't ask her..."


Liam sighed, closing his eyes ajd forcing it out even as his cheeks burst into flame, "I want to buy a buttplug, okay? And I don't really know how to--oh god..."

Liam had made the mistake of opening his eyes, which let him see Tasha's wide-eyed, beaming excitement.

Before he could say anything else about that, Tasha practically lunged across the console to pull him into a tight, awkward hug.

"This is a really bad place to be doing that," Liam said, hugging her back, anyway. His cheeks were still on fire, "And I'm not entirely sure if I approve this hug."

Tasha pulled back, then beamed at him, perfect white teeth shining as she wiggled in her seat, twisting from side to side.

Liam sighed again, "This was a mistake, wasn't it?"

Tasha shook her head, still beaming, "Not at all. I would honestly kiss you right now if I thought you could handle it without getting all weird or Blake murdering me."

Liam frowned, "Why?"

"Because I'm so proud of you! So many guys are way too sensitive about their butts. Boy butts are wonderful, magical things that deserve attention. I've been trying to find the best way to ease Ryker into that, but..."

"Bleh," Liam said, closing his eyes, "Don't need to know about that, okay?"

When he opened them, Tasha's excitement was gone, replaced by a glare.

"You literally just asked me to help you choose a buttplug so you could surprise your girlfriend. You don't get to say 'ew' about me sharing my relationship stuff."

Liam met her glare, "I said 'bleh', not 'ew'. Because I'm pretty sure the images of me trying out a buttplug do not have nearly the same effect on you as the idea of what you might do to convince someone to do that has on me."

Tasha thought for a moment, then made a pointed glance down at Liam's hips before shooting him a smug smile, "Fair enough. Pants getting a little tight?"

Liam shook his head, "Not yet. Too embarrassed at the thought of you coming with me to get a buttplug."

Tasha sighed, rolling her eyes, "Okay, fine. I'll stop. It is exciting, though. And I am proud of you."


Tasha giggled, then bit her lip, peering at him, "One condition."

Liam frowned, "What?"

Tasha grinned, "I assume this line of experimentation eventually leads to Blake eventually fucking you up the butt?"

His cheeks somehow grew even hotter, "Yeah."

"Then I get to get you drunk and get all the details out of you after."

"Why, exactly?"

"Because pegging a dude is a really fucking hot fantasy of mine, and I probably won't have done it yet unless a month away from me turns Ryker into my bitch, and I'll be looking for some pointers on easing him into it and making sure we both enjoy it."

"Blake would probably be better for that."

"Oh, she can be there, but I also want to do it to embarrass the fuck out of you. She'll probably support me on that."

Liam sighed, "Yeah, she probably will."

Tasha cackled, "Is that a deal then?"


"Hah! Awesome. You're sure Blake will be okay with this part, though? Even though it's a surprise?"

Liam shrugged, "You're just helping me pick one out. It's not like you're the one putting it in me."

Tasha's cheeks turned bright red at that, and she bit her lip.

"Wait, did I manage to be the one to tease you this time?" he asked, grinning.

"Maybe," Tasha said, "I also might have...done that to Sara once. Or twice."

Liam's eyes went wide this time, and he couldn't keep that image from his head. His pants did get tight this time.

Tasha smirked a moment later, "Did I get you back?"

"Yeah...that's probably something you should tease Kiki with."

Tasha cackled again, then stopped, eyes going wide, "Ooo. Can I call Sara bout this? She's an expert at that sort of thing. She'd be proud of you, too."

"Please don't."

"Ugh. Fine. I'm texting her to make sure I remember the right brand, though. You've gotta be careful with which ones you buy."

Liam smiled, "That is kinda why I asked you."

Tasha looked up from her phone, grinning, "And because I'm the best."

"And because you're the best."

"Just making sure."

She leaned over and kissed his cheek, then buckled herself in, "Alright, start the car."

Liam frowned, "There's actually a place here--"

He cut off as Tasha shook her head, "No there's not. That place only sells cheap shit that looks flashy or funny. None of it's actually good."

"Speaking from experience?"

"Duh. You got anything to do for the rest of the night?"

"No. Why?"

"Because we're driving into Beverly Hills."

"Ugh, that's so far."

Tasha shrugged, "It's that and get to experiment tonight, or take the chance of me going on your computer with you and possibly finding a way to distract you so I can look at your search history, and then still needing to wait a few days before your fun new toy shows up. Can you be that patient?"

Liam started the car, "I'm not answering that."

Tasha laughed to herself as he buckled himself in.

"By the way," Tasha asked once he'd finished pulling the car out of the parking spot, "How did Blake convince you to play with your booty."

Liam's face heated up again, "She said she wanted me to let her fuck me in the ass before I could fuck her, and that we could go in stages to make sure I was okay with it."

Tasha scoffed, "Well, fuck. That's out the window with Ryker."

Liam tried not to think about that.

"Wait. You haven't fucked Blake's butt? I thought you said she liked anal."

Liam groaned, cheeks growing even hotter.

This is going to be a long drive.

A/N: Liam is never going to hear the end of this, is he? Do you think Blake will like the surprise? Or be a little jealous?

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taylorstormstaylorstorms3 months agoAuthor

<3 Glad you dudes are enjoying this! Blake+Tasha scenes are going to be so fun to write going forward!

loneshotloneshot3 months ago

I think Blake is going to love the surprise, but she’s going to keep getting at least a little jealous anytime Liam hangs out with Tasha until they’ve hung out more and gotten to know each other better.

Hardrider56Hardrider563 months ago

Interesting direction this is going

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