tagRomanceThe Fitting Ch. 06

The Fitting Ch. 06

bySatin and Lace©

The moon had risen high in the starry night when they both stirred awake. Robert took Rachelle's hand and pulled her to his body so tenderly. His kiss on her forehead was to allow her to feel his warmth. Had it only been this morning when he walked into Vaughn's shop? He almost didn't make the fitting. He would have lost something so precious if he had allowed his anger to stay on the surface. Rachelle moved slightly nesting her curves around his body. Neither felt like speaking, just laying in each others arms.

His anger this morning was so strong storming out of the house he almost took a wrong turn. He almost went to his cabin to escape for a few hours. Calmer heads prevailed and he went to his appointment. His mind couldn't fathom what he would have missed if he hadn't walked into Vaughn's. Another business trip more time away, it was getting easier to stay out longer.

"A penny for your thoughts?" Rachelle said lying next to Robert.

"My thoughts, well I am sure you wouldn't want to pay a whole penny for my thoughts as of now." Robert managed to sound relaxed.

Then he realized he was relaxed. He wasn't burning, his stomach churning. He wasn't feeling pushed to the wall. He was floating with this beautiful creature laying naked in his arms. He nuzzled her hair that fragrance was so delicious it made him close his eyes again. His mind drifting a little, to what he just did with this fabulously sexy older woman. What a marvelous creation older women? There should be monuments to older women, Robert smiled at the thought.

His eyes opened quickly he felt something very warm around his softened cock. Rachelle managed to slip down his body and was licking his wet sticky cock. Her mouth wrapping around the girth, he felt a deep stirring. His head raised up their eyes caught each other's. He grinned wide she was to stubborn to smile and lose his cock so she winked at his eyes. He fell back laughing she was so free caring she was pleasuring his member so fabulously. He felt his heart racing, his face feeling a little flushed. His mind went tripping on this sensation. The air in the room had made his cock a little cold and it was a lot sticky. Then this bewitching woman just slipped down and was cleaning him. Making him feel very warm from his toes to his hair on his head. Knowing she was licking their juices off him caused him to become aroused. He heard Rachelle giggled muffled, she had him in her throat.

Closing his eyes he could ride this wave of sensual eroticism. His hand went to her hair and he slowly luxuriated inside of the white blonde silken strands. They were sprayed across his thighs and stomach. His body seemed to become fragmented he always thought if it feels good once why not do it twice? His bones turned into liquid he felt like he was only one enormous nerve being satisfied. Nothing was off limits with this adorable woman.

His cock was growing by leaps and bounds inside of this deep dark, wet, hot orifice. His mind was blowing out far reaching past earthly bounds. Biting his lip he felt the building of an orgasm. He was holding off then it dawned on his one working brain cell. Why the hell was he holding back? Instantaneously his body flew off the planet. He felt himself taking flight cumming through a tight vortex. Realizing the tightness was her mouth, his crown of his regal head was wedged in her throat deeply. His spine was alerting his body to send out chills to cool him down. His mind was like a fast play recorder everything was happening to him. His body felt like it was in slow motion his brain was screaming speed. His circuits started to sky rocket through space.

"Ahhhhhh........" Robert could only manage.

Rachelle kept her squeezing on his head and shaft. As he was reacting to the wet tightness, she slipped a finger into his ass. He seemed to slam back into his body with such effortless force he totally went limp. His last few splashes of his nectar almost choked Rachelle. She had underestimated his copious amount of cum. She hadn't taken in the facts that he rarely had passionate sex. His cum seemed to come from some new erogenous zone she could only unlock. Her, and that glorious mouth.

Rachelle knew he was safe and went about cleaning him up. Tenderly taking a thirsty Turkish towel and rubbing his body down gently as he recovered. She licked his cock dry and even deigned to softly fondle him. Stopping before he became aware. She wanted him to rejoin his senses before she brought him to his knee's with another orgasm.

"Robert? Robert? Are you still with me?" Rachelle laughed with laughter sounding like a crystal wind chime.

Robert's eyes opened to find himself lightly covered with a lightweight blanket. Fresh fruit some fresh ice water. Rachelle seen his eyes make contact with hers she smiled at him leaning down and kissing his lips. He was so absolutely drained from all of his past tiredness, his body and mind were as one. Floating it seemed above life around him. This had to be nirvana. He took his hands and brought her to his lips. Slowly he kissed her lips this was real. These lips were real. He had to be awake this couldn't be some beautiful day dream. Her lips were soft and yielding, firm and full he was so taken by this woman.

"Robert welcome back darling. Is there anything I can do for you?" Rachelle whispered leaning back with a smile.

Robert took a long draw from the crystal glass of ice water. He was parched, it felt so immensely refreshing as it touched his empty stomach. That's right his stomach was empty a fruit plate earlier in the day. Had been burned up by the past few hours of sensual activity.

"Rachelle, I think I'm hungry how about you?" Robert asked squinting as though he had to visualize his words.

Rachelle smiled jumped up walking across the room. That's when he noticed she walked sexy both coming and going. She was still naked. She was walking back towards him when he felt the need to use the men's room. He got up neither cared they were naked. He remembered the directions from early in the night. Once done walking back he seen she had opened up the French doors he followed her. He didn't stop and think about being seen nude outdoors. He remembered they were twenty miles out from nowhere. She had placed a mouth watering sandwich on the table. She was eating already.

"How long have I been obviously on another planet it seems?" Laughed Robert.

Rachelle smiled and watched him take a bite of his French dipped steak sandwich. His grin showed he thought it was delicious. She finished eating her bite wiping her lips on the napkin.

"Not long, you feel relaxed Robert?" She asked earnestly.

"Never been this relaxed. Rachelle, this whole day. I mean this is just very amazing to me. To think I was this close in not coming into Vaughn's this morning." Robert spoke comfortably.

"Oh, why not?" Rachelle asked as she bit off another bite.

"Oh, tension at work." Robert said casually.

Rachelle was happy he didn't say from home. She didn't need his life to be in the pits to make her feel better about what they had just shared.

"I'm fifty-five." Rachelle dropped that out there for him to know.

"An awe inspiring fifty-five years young woman I might add." Robert said smiling at her.

Her age meant nothing to him. It wasn't an ego booster, it wasn't something he even thought or cared about. Oh, he had always wondered about older women. Sometime in a woman's life they had to be more secure in themselves. Oddly his wife crossed his mind, she would have thrown a pillow at him for that suggestion.

"So Robert, do you have time for a swim perhaps? Swimming by moonlight is very romantic." Rachelle said softly.

There she went again. She didn't assume he was going to be spending the night. She wasn't demanding anything from him. She suggested a swim in the moon light. He would be able to decide without guilt. He looked over the railing saw the pool below them and seen how tempting it was.

"Yes, Rachelle let's swim." Robert said as he stood up and took her hand.

The stars and the moon lit the way to the swimming pool. This evening was still young. They had more to discover why not bathed in water?

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