tagRomanceThe Fourteenth

The Fourteenth


The taste of her tears was salty as they dribbled down Lara's cheeks and onto her lips. She closed her eyes again to try and stop them from flowing as she turned her body towards the moonlight. It was the only illumination in the pitch darkness of her room. The blankets were on the floor and she was shivering as the night air caressed her bare skin. "Come back," came the faint whisper from her lips. Just like every night, she had the same dream. The pale light shifted and changed, making flowing, supple patterns of light and shadow across her body. Clouds were passing silently overhead, through the inky sky. Getting up noiselessly from the mattress on the floor, she crossed the room to close the window. It had been a full year today since the last time she had seen him. Every night since then had been the same. Waking up in the night calling out for him not to leave her. And every day had been the same. Working at her dead end job, waiting for her heart to recover, when she knew it never would. Lara could feel her heart beating faster as she reached for the latch on the window. The cold air made her skin prickle and a shiver went down her spine.

Lara had to lean on the ancient sill to reach the top of the deep set window. The shadows on the wall shifted, and as she put her hand on the latch, his hand was there covering hers. At first she thought she was in the dream again, reliving the scenario from so long ago. She closed the window slowly, feeling his hand on hers, soothing and light as air. She let her hand rest on the latch even though the window was down now, and closed her eyes to relish in the dream. His hand turned hers over and tangled their fingers together. Lara couldn't tell how long they stood there, basking in each other's touch. It could have been days but it felt like mere moments. Slowly she opened her eyes again and turned away from the window to face him.

Tears started to fall down her cheeks again as she raised her gaze to meet his. She was tortured by how perfect he was. Eyes of ocean blue were framed by long dark lashes and arched brows. His boyish smile, so white, was outlined by bow shaped lips. Skin the color of honey defined high cheek bones and a slightly angular jaw. A lock of dark, curled hair spilled over onto his brow. His smile turned to a frown though as he saw the glistening tears on her cheeks. Taking his other hand, he dragged the pad of his thumb lightly across one cheek and then the other. "Why are you crying love? Aren't you happy? I am with you now. Everything will be fine."

Lara brought the hand that was entwined with hers up to her lips. She kissed each of his knuckles slowly, enjoying the scent of his skin. She leaned her cheek gently against his hand, sighing deeply at the feel of the warm pressure against her face. "I don't want this to be a dream" she said sadly, looking up into his eyes. "I want you to be here, with me."

His perfect smile returned as he gazed down at her. "My love, this isn't a dream. Have you forgotten what day it is? I am here. Like I will be this night and every other February the 14th until you don't want me anymore." He pulled their entwined hands from her cheek and rested them gently across his bare chest, so she could feel his heart beating softly, slowly. "I love you, and I would never abandon you. I could never abandon you." He raised her hand to his lips and copied her movements from a moment before, kissing her knuckles gently as he gazed down into her soft brown eyes.

A war was going on inside of Lara. Was this real? Was he really here and not a figment of her subconscious? She wanted to believe him so badly. Needed to believe him. It had been so long since that night that she couldn't even distinguish the difference between when she dreamed him up and when he was actually standing right in front of her.

He continued to hold her gaze as he started to kiss his way from her fingers to her wrist, moving steadily up her arm to the crook of her elbow. His mouth stayed there for what felt like hours. Placing butterfly kisses lightly on her flesh.

"Please," was all Lara could manage before she tilted her head back as she sighed in pleasure. "Always, my love." he replied as he tugged on her hand to pull her close. Lara's next sigh was one of relief as she lay her head against his strong chest. He untwined his fingers from hers to wrap his arms around her narrow shoulders. Placing soft kisses on her hair, he let his fingers wander over her shoulders as he held her, messaging her gently.

She shivered in pleasure as his hands traced small whorls in her skin. The warm pressure soothed her and made her tingle. She pressed herself tightly to his chest, absorbing the warmth he radiated. His fingers moved to explore her back as she clung to him almost desperately. Moving her arms from her sides, she responded by touching his jaw tentatively first with her index finger, then cupping his cheek with her palm. He closed his eyes and groaned deep in his throat as she stroked his cheek tenderly. A sound like faraway thunder. He nuzzled her hand with his cheek, savoring the softness and gentleness of it. With more confidence now, she pulled away from his face and moved her hand to twine into his dark hair. Lara watched him open his eyes, but this time there was a fire in them: hot and passionate. She could feel his arousal, pressing up against her bare skin. She lifted her head up to look him in the eyes once more. Lara moved her free hand with purpose now, feeling his stomach and ribs with her fingers, dragging her palm against his warm skin.

He felt like he had been a starving man without her. Just her touch made his body light on fire. Every second he was with her was ecstacy and agony at once, and he saw the same fire in her. Not being able to hold back anymore, he placed his hands on both her cheeks. Feeling her flush underneath his gaze, he bent towards her and leaned his forehead against her own. Closing his eyes, he held his breath listening to her heart beat and feeling her pulse in his fingers. Tilting his head to the side, he brushed her lips with his.

It was like he had given her a spark. Suddenly she was on fire and only he could quench it. She leaned closer to him, pressing herself as close as she could get. Tilting her head up to meet his, she pressed her lips to his again, feeling the same fire as before. The need for him was too strong now. She urged the kisses from his lips and tasted them with her tongue. But he was just as demanding, wanting more from her lips after every kiss. Their tongues tasted each other, exploring and caressing.

His hands were faster now, moving over her body in time with the rhythm of their kisses. With a firmer grip he picked Lara up gently under her knees and back and cradled her in his strong arms. He couldn't stop kissing her now even if he had wanted to. Lowering her gently, he placed her on the bed.

Pulling away to catch her breath, Lara looked into his clear blue eyes. Her chest heaved as he perched himself on top of her. He smiled languidly, reaching a hand down to brush a stray auburn hair tenderly from her face. This time she smiled back. "I've been dreaming about that first time every night since it happened,"she whispered as he brushed her cheek with his finger tips. "I know, love." he murmured as he leaned down to place a kiss on her ear. "Don't think I haven't been watching you every chance I get." he nipped playfully at her ear and she squealed, trying to push him away. "And I don't approve of you leaving the window open in the middle of winter either, Lara." He gave her a stern look as she stopped giggling. Her face changed from playful to repentant. "I always left it open in case you would come back," she mumbled sheepishly.

"I'm here now so-"

"I need to enjoy it while it lasts." she murmured.

"Exactly." he left more kisses on her earlobe and down her neck before getting to her mouth again. Pinning her wrists gently above her head with one hand, he dropped playful kisses onto her mouth and neck. Writhing under him trying to get free, Lara sighed and lay back on the bed when she felt him start to kiss her collar bone, then the curve of her breast. He moved slowly and evenly, teasing her gently as he traced her nipple with his lips. Wanting more, Lara arched her back and closed her eyes, offering herself to him. He dipped down to catch her lips with his once more before teasing her again.

His free hand traveled down her ribs slowly and back up again, feeling the softness of her warm skin. She responded, arching her back again, wanting more. Chuckling softly he leaned down to kiss her again. This time he didn't try to control his passion, but let it wash over him. On fire once again, the need for him to be touching her skin was uncontrollable now. He lowered himself on top of her, feeling her tongue caress his own. Wrapping his arms around here felt he could not hold back anymore. Her body heat was searing now against him. Breaking the kiss he looked into her heavy lidded brown eyes and whispered, "I love you." Lara wound her fingers into his hair and pulled him down on top of her again.

She responded with a sigh as he entered her. His willpower was firmly collapsed by that point. All he needed to do was be with her, and her with him. He moved inside of her slowly, with a rhythm that matched the kisses he gave her. It had been so long since he had touched her, had felt being inside of her, that he struggled not to let it overwhelm him. Keeping the rhythm slow and gentle, they relished in the feeling of their bodies pulsing and moving together. The friction increased and Lara's body was even hotter than before. She had wanted him for so long that she couldn't stop herself now. Drawing her hips up to meet his every stroke, she increased the pace.

He moaned out loud as his hips moved faster, pumping deep inside of her, building up a sweet friction between them. He clung to her tightly, as she did to him, winding their arms tightly around one another. As the pace increased, their kisses became more frenzied. Tongues whirling together as if in a dance, their lips pressed together in time.

Her breathing was becoming ragged now, coming in gulps of air as the pleasure moved quickly through her body in waves. His pace increased again and still she was meeting every stroke with one of her own. The pressure in his body was becoming unbearable. Moving faster than he thought he could, he thrust into her over and over again, turning her ragged breathing into moans and then cries.

As she cried out for what felt like the hundredth time, she came to her climax. Waves of please washed over her until she collapsed onto the bed. As she shivered underneath him and her felt her climax, his body couldn't take it and he climaxed as well, burying himself deep inside her as a ragged groan escaped from his lips. He too collapsed, their bodies tangled together on the mattress.

He turned his head, exhausted, towards her and placed a gentle kiss on the tip of her nose. Her breath even and eyes fluttering, he chuckled softly at the irony. He pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her once more, the sweat now cooling on his body. "I do love you Lara," he paused to kiss her lightly, " but these are the rules. For as long as you want me, I will be back every year."

He hugged her tightly to him once and then lifted himself off the bed. Opening the window, he let himself out quietly into the night. In her sleep, tears rolled down her cheeks again as she whispered, "Cupid, don't leave me again."

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