tagErotic CouplingsThe Good Morning Kiss

The Good Morning Kiss



You were standing at the sink in our bathroom getting ready for the day. Putting on your makeup. You had not dressed yet and the1st thing I saw as I awoke was your beautiful nude body thru the darkness of the bedroom, silhouetted by the bathroom light as I could see you thru the partially open door. You had some music playing softly as not to awake me and the mood was set.

As I got up from the bed to go kiss you good morning I realized that I must have been touching myself as I had been watching you, as my cock was painfully erect. I quietly slipped up behind you and grasped your waist with both hands, kissed you on the cheek and whispered "good morning sunshine”

I turned you around to face me and told you how very much I loved you and how beautiful you look this morning. You noticed how hard my cock was and as we began to kiss very passionately, very deeply, I tasted the wetness of your mouth, the warmth of your tongue against mine, the feeling of wanting to devour your mouth as well as all of you. As we kissed you slid your had down to my cock and began to stroke it softly but firmly. As our passion began to increase you kissed your way down to your knees and pushed me back against the countertop. You began kissing the head of my cock, licking up the precum that was now dripping for it, tasting all you could squeeze out with your hand which was still slowly stroking the base of my cock and the other firmly massaging my balls. As you licked the full length of the underside of my cock it would cause the muscles in my ass to tense more and more the closer your tongue got to that so very sensitive spot just under the head of my still painfully hard cock.

As you reached the head of my cock you began to slide it into your warm soft mouth covering It with a mixture of your saliva and my precum which is now flowing even more from my excitement. You take my cock into your mouth deeper and deeper with every movement of your head.

I grasp you by the hair as you take the full length of my cock deeply into your beautiful mouth it's all I can do to resist fucking your face like the animal your touch has turned me into. As you suck me harder, faster and deeper than I've ever known. You are squeezing my balls milking my Cum from them. As you feel them swell up to the point where you feel that 1st surge of Cum exploding up thru my cock you slide your mouth up until your lips are just under the head to caress that same sensitive spot as I explode into your mouth. With each explosion of Cum into your mouth you stroke my cock with your hand forcing my Cum to spurt out into your mouth even more. You suck my cock with even more desire sucking it so very hard with each explosion of Cum, sucking the Cum out of me more and more with each taste you get the more you want it. The more you feel you need all of it. Then you withdraw your mouth from my cock and let the finally burst shoot onto you face, your lips and your extended tongue. Some drips down and you feel it's warmth as it finds your beautiful breasts. You stand up to kiss me but I turn you around facing the mirror as my fingers slide into your dripping hot sweet pussy.

You tell we cannot make love, as you have to leave for work and have no time to shower again. But I do not listen as I pin you to the countertop, leaning you over so your face is very close to the mirror though you try to resist. You tell me once again that we must not as you really must leave for work. I just ignore your pleas as I am going to take you here and now whether you have time or not.

As I pin you to the countertop I reach down and slide your legs apart and slide my cock into your so very hot pussy. As you feel the full length of my cock starting to fuck you so hard, driving you into the countertop, you look in the mirror and get even more excited watching my face as I strain to fuck your sweet pussy as hard as I can. Pounding you hard into the countertop. You reach between your now wet legs and feel the wetness of your hot pussy and my cock as I fuck you as hard as I can. Wanting my cock as deep inside of you as I can get it. You feel with your fingertips the spot right where my cock enters your pussy. You feel how it is spreading your pussy open as it slides deeply into you with each stroke. You begin to feel yourself getting close to Cumming and begin to beg me to fuck you hard.

I tell you I want you to watch our faces as we both cum. I want you to see what I see in your eyes every time I fuck you and we Cum together. As you begin to cum unbelievably strong you feel my hot cum squirting deeply into your sweet hot Pussy. You cry out loudly as your orgasm is overwhelmingly strong. I grab you by the hair and tell you look at yourself watch your pleasure as I do. You feel as if you are being fucked not only be me but in some strange way also by yourself as you now see from my view while I fuck you so very hard and we both Cum together.

We both slide down to the floor exhausted, fulfilled, and content. You tell me you love me very, very much as I tell you that you are my everything and my love a desire for you is forever.

Suddenly you playfully slap me and say; "You prick, now I'm going to be late for work as you cannot go to work smelling like pussy" I tell you yes I must help you somehow since it is my fault. I lower you gently onto your back and spread your so very wet legs. I begin to lick up every little bit of wetness. You feel the roughness of my tongue as it plunges deeply into your sweet pussy cleaning up as much of our combined Cum as possible. I kiss and lick you clean completely. Finishing by rising and licking my Cum off your so very beautiful breast. Sucking every trace of my Cum from your nipples. I then lick the Cum from your face kiss you softly and tell you now to go to work and have a great day.

You laugh and say, ” I still must shower?"

I tell you”no”!

“I want you to go spend your day wondering if others can smell the result of our”,


Your hesitant but agree. You only say to me; "Yes my love, anything you desire"

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