tagNovels and NovellasThe Hedge Pt. 02

The Hedge Pt. 02


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"WHAT!!" Vicky and Aaron cried out together.

"Who?" Vicky asked.

"The only ones I have had sex with is you and Aaron at the end of September and not again until today, in case you were going to accuse him of cheating with me behind your back."

"Oh fuck!" Vicky shouted at no one in particular. "How could it have happened, he was so careful?"

"The only thing I can think of, is that you were on Alice's back and I came in you and went for kitchen roll, when I came back some cum had oozed out of you and dripped onto her ass and run down to her pussy." Aaron explained carefully.

"And when I wiped myself, I must have pushed some inside and I was wet enough for one to fertilise me." Alice finished in tears.

"Let's get cleaned up and dressed, go downstairs and talk about this over a coffee" he suggested.

"More like over a large G&T" Alice said.

"Or three!" snapped Vicky.

When they were ready, Vicky went to make the drinks (the coffee and not the alcohol) and he carried her mother downstairs and put her in an armchair, the drinks arrived and they talked.

"How sure are you?" daughter asked mother.

"As I said before, I have missed two periods but I have missed them before because of the medication, Aaron took me to the doctors for a test as I couldn't ask you or him to get me a pregnancy test kit, could I? Anyway that showed positive but I was so looking forward to today, I waited to own up."

"What are you going to do about it Mum, there are choices."

"I don't want to have an abortion, there's adoption or you have a new brother or sister."

"Who would look after it, I have school and then hopefully work because if we get married I don't want kids yet. Aaron needs to start looking for work soon because his finances are running out caring for you, will you give up work and how will your bills be paid, by going on social?"

"I would get maternity leave for nine months, the first six weeks at ninety percent of my average weekly salary followed by thirty three weeks of just under a hundred and fifty pounds less tax and insurance."

"But then what Mum? It seems you have already made a decision to keep it."

"I... I suppose I would have to go back to work and pay a child minder."

Aaron sat quietly listening to the two of them going through the pros and cons, surprised that Vicky was taking the news so well. Although it was not his fault but if one of them had fetched tissues before they had started, they wouldn't be in this predicament but it was a bit too late for that now.

"Look you two, we need a bit of time to think about this, I know that you Alice, must have been thinking a lot about it already but it's a bit of a shock to us. What I propose is this, Vicky and I will go for a run and think about the situation, then we'll take a break and discuss it and think again on the way back. After we have showered, we can all talk again, okay?"

"Okay Roni, I need some air anyway" Vicky said grimly and went to get changed.

"We'll work it out Alice, together" and she nodded, tears in her eyes.

He went upstairs and changed into his running gear and the two of them went out, without speaking. They ran to his house, went in and checked the place over as he hadn't been there for a few days, some of the things in the refrigerator had to be thrown out but that was all. He opened his mail and most of it went in the recycling bin, meanwhile Vicky made coffee and they sat together in the lounge.

"Okay Icky, give it to me and be honest."

"AHHHhhhhhh-AHHH SHIT!!" she screamed, surprising him. "Does somebody up there hate us, first Dad cheats on Mum and fucks off with the money and that bimbo, never to be seen again, then Mum's accident, now this... what the fuck are we going to do?"

"As you said earlier, my finances won't go on forever so I need a job and you still have your 'A' levels that you've only just started. She needs her job to pay your bills but is it fair on the child to have a minder doing everything for her, five days a week and only seeing mummy at night and weekends?

My thought on the finances was that she could sell the house, pay the mortgage off and you both move in here and pay me a nominal rent and we share the bills."

"But that doesn't solve the problem of what to do with the baby" Vicky replied.

"No it doesn't but three or four could live in one house a lot cheaper than two in two. Okay Icky, time to go back" he locked up and they ran back to her house, trying to think of any other alternatives on the way.

They sat down and Aaron told Alice about his idea, she thought about it and replied with,

"I've been online and found that the average child minder/nanny pay rate is about nine to ten pounds an hour. That would be fifty hours a week if I was on my own or with you two working, that would be four hundred and fifty to five hundred pounds a week.

I earn about four hundred and fifty a week so that will not work even with child allowance and maintenance from Aaron" and they sat in silence for a while, then she continued,

"And just to 'throw another spanner in the works', if we move in with you and sell our house and you two break up, we will have nowhere to go" and there was more silence but furious thinking.

"What about if you drag your work out as long as possible before starting your maternity leave so you will still be paid. Sell your house a.s.a.p. but keep the profit and move in with me and we have a contract drawn up that states that you can't claim any part of my house and I can't claim any part of your money.

Also that all bills be split two ways until Vicky starts work then three ways, for a period of five years.

If we are all still together at that point then everything then becomes ours and if it doesn't work then you still have your money (less what you have used for bills etc.) to use as a deposit on a house or flat or to rent something."

"That seems like a fair plan, then I give up work to raise our child, the only problem that I can see is that your house is not wheelchair friendly."

"Then my dear Mother, you will have to get your fat ass out of it and walking again before the bump gets too big."

"Vicky! How dare you! I do not have a fat ass!"

"Over four months of sitting on it, without exercise but still eating has made it a lot bigger than it was."

"Aaron! Tell her that's not true! Aaron? Aaron! Ohh shit, all that exercising and dieting for nothing, I'm back to being a fat bitch again" she wailed, tears running down her cheeks.

Vicky sat next to her and hugged her, he got up and bent over to whisper in her ear.

"Ahhh... Thank you Aaron, that makes me feel a lot better" and she giggled a little.

"What did he say, Mum?" the girl asked, looking from one to the other.

"I said that she could easily lose it all again when she gets more mobile."

"Is that all?"

"He said that I was 'The second sexiest girlfriend he has ever had' after you" and she laughed, happily.

"He does say the nicest things at the right times, Mum" she replied, knowing that Vicky was his only girlfriend, Aaron just smiled at both of them.

They had lunch and went for a long walk with Alice propelling herself almost all of the way. When they returned to the house Alice said that she thought that his idea was the best that they could do, under the circumstances.

They had a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, Aaron had provided almost all the vegetables from his garden that had been stored or frozen for the winter. Vicky had made sage and onion stuffing that he filled the big chicken with under her supervision. There were kisses and cuddles with Alice and Vicky before bed and more in bed but that was all.

Boxing Day was an easy day after Alice's leg exercises, walking practice and massage with Vicky doing it for a change but it still got both of them a bit hot. The next day was normal for Alice who was back to work, Vicky drove her to and from the supermarket in their car, leaving Aaron doing housework. Alice's solicitor's office was closed until January the third and Aaron was quite happy to use them to draw up the contract.

The supermarket's head office had been keeping in touch with Alice, wanting to know how her recovery was progressing. On Thursday evening while Vicky and Aaron were washing up dinner things, Alice had a phone call from one of her friends who worked in the supermarket office.

"Hi Alice, how are you getting on, up and running yet?"

"Hello Shar, not quite but I'm slowly getting there and I can manage a few slow steps using a Zimmer frame."

"Uhh... I saw the CCTV footage of your fall and it did look bad, are you putting in a claim for compensation?"

"No, why? There was a wet floor sign in the corridor, I remember walking past it so it was just an accident, wasn't it?"

"Yes there was a sign there but in the corridor not on the wet stairs, you went down one step before you slipped therefore the company are guilty of negligence, you could sue them, Ali."

"Ohh... my memory is a bit sketchy about that day, I thought I slipped at the top. Thank you Sharon, I will see my lawyer to get a copy of the video and by the way, we haven't had this conversation."

"I appreciate that, get better soon Ali, bye" she hung up and smiled.

She waited until she was sure they had finished washing up and were just having a cuddle, then she rang the bell loudly and they raced into the lounge then looked confused to see her sat with a big smile on her face.

"I think that some of our problems might be solved, kiddies" and she told them of her conversation with her friend.

"We'll put the contract on hold for now, depending on the amount of compensation you get offered. It may depend on how good your recover gets compared to how you were before the incident (it was now an incident in their minds, not an accident) and that could take months and you may only get a few thousand."

"I'll ask the solicitor his opinion on how long and how much, then make a decision" Alice replied.

"How big is your mortgage and for how many more years do you have to pay it?" Aaron asked.

"We bought the house twenty years ago and borrowed a hundred and fifty thousand, we have five years to go. We did pay fifty thousand off pounds off of it that I inherited when my Mum died a few years ago."

"You should ask them for a settlement figure and compare it to the solicitor's estimate of compensation."

"I see and if there's enough to pay off the mortgage, we could keep our house."

"But there would still have to be sufficient left over to pay the bills for years, even without the mortgage, Mum" Vicky added.

"Very roughly" she replied, using the calculator on her phone, "I would need about fifty thousand."

"One of these houses down the road sold for four hundred thousand a few months ago, we could sell and buy something smaller for about two hundred and fifty thousand and have a hundred thousand in the bank."

"Assuming that your compensation covers your mortgage but if you only get ten thousand, then you're down to sixty to pay the bills and bring up a baby until you can go back to work again after maybe five years or more and you will probably have to replace your car by then."

"Okay, okay Aaron, I get it, I like my house but it's only bricks and mortar, we could move and make the new one our home."

"Just wait to see what we can find out in the New Year" he replied.

They had their own little party for New Year's Eve, which involved some alcohol and some hot loving.

"I want to ask you both a favour, it has been mentioned before but not tried, I want to try anal with Aaron, maybe if you do too Vicky, we could share again."

"What do you think Aaron, would you like to fuck her fat ass?"

"You mean slap her ass and ride the ripples."


"Hey I'm still here, you know and it's not fat! Maybe slightly plumper than before though."

"Like I do with yours" he continued, ignoring the older woman.

"Oh yeah."

"I'd love to."

"Very funny, ha, ha, ha" Alice said sarcastically.

"Ahh, we're only teasing, Mum."

"It was just as well I went to the toilet before dinner, so let's have another drink and get naked on the floor" Alice cried, laughing.

"I know, I helped you get there."

"Yes you did Aaron and stopped my wheelchair half way there and made me walk the rest, you're lucky that I didn't drop anything on the floor!"

"But you made it, sat down, dumped, wiped yourself and got up again and walked back to the wheelchair, if that doesn't deserve a treat, I don't know what does, Alice."

"I didn't know any of this, Mum!"

"You were in the bathroom at the time."

"And I was with her all the way there and back but she was determined to make it without my help."

"And I did it!"

Vicky and Alice both had G&T's, Aaron had a Whiskey Mac and they all sat on the settee cuddling until the drinks were gone, then the younger ones stripped and then undressed Alice.

"Hey Mum! You've shaved your pussy!"

"I always had it like that from when I went to college until your father left, the boys all loved it and so did my girlfriends so they all did it too."

They got down on the floor and kissed, caressed and groped whatever parts of body that were within reach for a while. Vicky brought out her vibrator and the KY gel.

"Whose is that and where did you get it?"

"It's mine Mum and Aaron bought it for me a while ago, with the KY and now I'm going to use it on you so spread 'em!"

"Oooo, what a naughty daughter I have."

She couldn't move her legs on her own because of the drag of the carpet but Aaron helped and dived in to lick her pussy, Vicky sat on her mother's face to receive the same treatment.

They swopped around then Alice sucked his cock and he slid the vibrator onto Vicky's wet pussy... they swopped again and Alice got the vibe.

"Come on Mum, it's time for the main course" Vicky said, waving the vibe and the KY.

Aaron wet a finger between the woman's lips and gently pushed it into her ass, gave her a few strokes and added a second as Alice moaned with pleasure. He pulled them out and the girl pushed her lubricated vibrator in their place and turned it on.

"Ahhhh..." she moaned and rubbed her clit.

Vicky worked it all the way in and gasped as Aaron pushed a finger into her ass.

"How can I concentrate on this when you're doing that back there, Roni?"

"I thought you girls could multi-task."

"Smart-ass!" she snapped and gasped as a second finger went in.

"Stop squabbling you two, Aaron will you fuck me now and you can get your ass over here, Missy."

Vicky removed the vibe and he folded her mother's legs back and having lubricated his cock, he eased the head into her ass and she moaned,

"Oh god, I have missed this for the last ten years, ahhh it feels so good."

Alice took the vibrator and applied more KY and slid it into her daughter's ass and fucked her with it. Aaron worked deeper with each slow stroke until he was balls deep. At that point he speeded up a little, giving her long strokes for some time until Vicky demanded her go with the cock.

"Alice do you think you could stay on hands and knees if I lift you up there?"

"If you hold my hips, I could."

"Okay, roll over" and when she had rolled he lifted her hips and she braced her arms wide.

He held her in place, slid his cock back in and fucked her there.

"Now Vicky, you kneel next to her... that's it, put your arm over her to hold her there, that's good. Now..."

He pulled out and switched partners for a minute in each, working quickly, building their passions as well as his own. He used the vibe in the pussy of the vacant partner to keep them building towards their climaxes. Vicky came first and he had to concentrate on not cumming in her as this one was for Alice.

He held her steady and thrust deeply, while his girlfriend used the vibe on her Mum, who screamed when she came and gripped him tightly with her ass muscles, finishing him off. He squirted his hot sticky cum, deep into her bowels and she felt every spurt as they slowly diminished to just a twitch and he slid out. Aaron passed kitchen roll to both of them to clean up with, then he went to wash himself, ready for another round if required.


When he came back, they were hugging but stopped and smiled at him and Vicky waited for him to join them on the carpet and grabbed him and climbed on top of him.

"Well, motherfucker, how do you like the sound of that, huh?"

"I prefer the feel of it rather than the sound coming from your 'potty mouth' Victoria!" he snapped, double smacking her ass.

"Well said Aaron" added Alice.

"I don't do it to other people anymore and anyway it's true but if you are fucking my mother, does that make her your girlfriend and if it does, should I call you my boyfriend or my Daddy?" and she quickly rolled off him and scrambled to get away but he caught an ankle and dragged her back and across his lap and pinned her there.

"What do you think Alice, is she right or wrong or something in the middle?" when the woman stopped laughing she replied,

"An interesting thought but while I think about it you can spank her for swearing out of sex time."

He administered three mild slaps to each cheek and then bent over and kissed them.

"Ahem" interrupted Alice, "This is the third time we have done this and personally, I love it and you for doing it and her for allowing it and joining in too, which was new for her but not for me. If you two see yourselves as in a long term relationship, maybe marriage at some point you have to consider how I fit in into the scenario.

Do you want me to be to be a traditional mother-in-law and this was an exciting short term thing to give me the motivation to speed up my recovery, or as a long term relationship?"

Aaron and Vicky looked at her, looked at each other and she smiled first, then him.

"Mum, you have had to put up with a lot of shit in the last ten years or so, Dad cheating and the disappearing with the money and that tart. Bringing up a smart assed brat, while working full time to keep us in this house and then your accident which could have been life changing for both of us.

We are happy to continue this relationship as it is, we are now boyfriend, girlfriend and girlfriend at home but you will be my Mum to everyone else and the baby will be my sister/brother to both of us."

"Thank you, both of you, I think it would be best if I don't put the baby's father on the birth certificate as that would cause complications, one thing I did think of is do we have threesomes every time or can we split up sometimes?"

"Well I suppose that you or I might not want to make love if we are on our periods or you have morning sickness or something. It might be hard to listen to the other two going at it in the next room, at least the beds don't squeak" Vicky replied, grinning.

"Perhaps if it was me that was not well, I could go home for the night or take one or the other of you there" Aaron offered.

"Again we have to wait for a decision about the compensation which could take years" Alice said.

"DUH!! Why didn't I think about it before?" he cried, "You two move in with me and pay nominal rent and split the bills as I said before, but if you let your house as furnished, through an agency which will give you a steady income which would be a lot more than the bills, you will be able to live, save and still have your house as a standby in case we split up."

"Ohh Aaron... what a wonderful idea and we get to keep all of the compensation after the mortgage is paid off" and Alice dragged herself over to Aaron and on top and smothered him in kisses.

Vicky laughed and pulled her mother back a little and guided his now erect cock into Alice's pussy.

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